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Welcome back everyone..Today we are getting the Pedometer & Tennis Racket. The enemies you'll come across: 1 Blue Armsy, 3 Pale Skinny Cannibals, 5 Babies, 1 Virginia and 3 Big Pale Cannibals (Big Greys). The Pedometer is important if you want to get the achievement called ''Step Master''. Tennis Racket is just a weapon that you'll most likely use as a decoration, or maybe use it for sticks ? I don't know, all I can say is that you can upgrade it. Anyway, enjoy.
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The Forest | UPDATE 0.72!
Welcome back to yet another update review. Today, we are reviewing update 0.72! Finally, after 34 days, It's here. This patch brought us: 12 logs in the log sled Updated Log Textures on stuff like the Small/Big Log Cabin, Hunting Shelter, Noose Trap, etc 100 bug fixes AND COLLECTIBLE BLACKBERRY'S! mah lif is complete A full list of the patch notes can be viewed here:http://survivetheforest.com/
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Welcome to a new guide on ze channel. This is a guide on how to get the Keycard & Camcorder. The Keycard is one of the most important things in the game. You use it to get into the lab door, which leads to the endgame. About the Camcorder, is good because it reveals a bit of the story.
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Welcome back everyone! Today we are makin' an updated guide on how to get the Katana. Before you ask..No, it hasn't changed Its location, this is just a better version. The older one was very..ugh. It was very hard to use it. It was just me, beginning at the beach, and then going to the katana cave, in a very laggy video. I'm sure it was very hard to understand...But still. I can't explain tho. Overall...hope zis shit helped. Thanks for watchin'
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Welcome to my first stats video ! Today I'm gonna show you the new way of earning strength as well as the fastest way of earning athleticism. How you earn strength the new way: Eat more calories than you burn. If you burn more calories than you eat, strength is gonna go down. If your weight is going up strength is also going up. If your weight if going down your strength is going down too. Athleticism: Run on land or swim for best rewards. Swimming is much faster than running, so I'm recommending you to swim. If you have a low weight amount (e.g 190 lbs) your Athleticism is gonna raise much faster. I'm recommending you to work for both, try to keep your weight at 205 lbs and get your strength up, and do the swim trick I showed you in the video. Anyways, enjoy!
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Alright, before this video starts. I'm saying a huge sorry for not posting for almost a week. I was very bored, and I was playing 2 things: Minecraft and Warframe with friends. Again, I'm very sorry and I hope I'll be able to post daily from now on. Okay! Welcome back to another guide on the channel. This is the third guide on how to get the Katana on my channel. The first video I ever made was a Katana Guide, which was very laggy and barely understandable, the second one was a bit better explained but I had to type because my microphone was not working. So I just had to make a multiplayer game and type in the chat. Anyways, enjoy!
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Welcome back to a new video on the channel! Today I'm gonna show you a long-forgotten gamemode in The Forest. It's here from 2014 but nobody knew about it. It's The Forest's Surprise GameMode, but It's the most forgotten thing in this game. Stay Tuned, a series of this is coming!
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Welcome back everybody! Today, I'm showing you another pretty damn good base locations. I survived here 20 days with just 1 cannibal attack. It was a group of pale skinnies. Anyway. Pros: 1. Cannibals come 0.09% of the time in there. They'll most likely be jumping off the cliff (Not confirmed, they don't prefer to jump off cliffs, unless you REALLY provoke them). 2. Lots of Trees, sticks. 3. Turtle Spawns, biggest island in the game a few feet away from the actual base location 4. Main cannibal camp right next to you! I know people are gonna say It's bad because of the main camp, but trust me, you'll be untouched for a few days until you start to be a warrior and chop the whole forest down to build your longhouse. Cons: 1. At the beginning, getting logs is easy. Well, until you chop that portion of trees right in front of the cliff is gonna get harder and harder and harder. 2. Once the cannibals have built effigies around your base, It's confirmed that they'll attack almost daily. Prepare the traps! That's it. Low amount of cons, big amount of pros.
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Welcome back everyone to...A sort of guide. A guide on how to get all the toy pieces. Of course, with commentary. Pieces needed: 1) Head 2) Torso 3) Arm (x2) } 2 Arms 4) Leg (x2) } 2 Legs Locations: Head: Modern Axe Cave (Map & Compass cave, or even the Hanging cave). Found at a bloody table along with a drawing of his. Torso: Dead Cave\Katana Cave. The shorter way to the katana is where you find that torso. Leg 1 - Submerged Cave\Rusty Axe Cave/Rebreather Cave. Found in front of the pile of rocks, where there are a few suitcases. Guarded by 2 Pale Skinnies. I won't continue from here. The last leg or even the arm is just confusing. I'm sorry.
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The Forest | UPDATE 0.71!
Welcome back everybody to a brand new update! Today, update 0.71 dropped. This update came with modern arrows, duct tape, flashlight-attached weapons, AND A SLINGSHOT!
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The Forest | Multiplayer w/L4ZT E1 | MEET L4ZT! (No Commentary...)
Welcome to a new season! Today I started to play with a really old friend of mine, L4ZT. Unfortunately Lupaz doesn't want to play The Forest anymore. In that I mean not at all, but he seems to like GTA V far more than The Forest. Today I just got the Modern Axe with L4ZT and that's it. There's some more shit in the video but that's for you to watch ;P
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Welcome back everyone! Today, I'm gonna show you how to get the chainsaw, new location. This patch, the Chainsaw has moved to Cave 3 (Wet Cave), or more recognazible, Broadbent's Cave. Yeah. I'm pissed as fuck that they made the Chainsaw EVEN easier to get. Seriously. The Chainsaw is the most powerful bloody weapon in the game, and now It's even easier to get. I do understand, this location is a bit more better. The other one was kinda OP. If you spawned to close the land bridge, the chainsaw was pretty much in your hands in the first 5 minutes. However now It's harder to get it. Overall, enjoy ze video m9's.
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Minecraft | Aether 1.11.2 Mod Showcase!
Welcome to a mod review! Today I'm gonna show you the new version for the Aether Mod. The 1.11.2 version is out here for awhile. But I just found about it like 2 days ago! Mod is awesome. I don't like that the 1.11.2 version doesn't have the dungeons. The versions of like 1.10.2 have the dungeons and a bit of a different terrain. Download Link for the Mod:http://www.mc-mod.net/aether-2-mod/ I'm recommending you to also install Optifine and Forge. Optifine for better FPS and Forge is something that you need. If you don't install it Forge the mod ain't gonna work!
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Hello everyone! Today I'll show you how to get ALL THESE WEAPONS, all in ONE! Yeah, this is a 30 min video but It's worth to watch. Also, the quality between the videos are starting to get better and better. From lag, HD quality, to 480p quality but barely lag, to a little bit more better quality. Yeah, I must say, HD, Edited Videos might come soon on the channel once I have time. For now I spend all my free time into YT. Anyways, thank you so much for watching. See in the next one.
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Warning. Weird Ending. At the end of the video, for some reason the recording stopped as well as my mic. I didn't want to do a 5th bloody try on this video so I just fucked it up and edited it. One thing. The second Cassette 4 Location is in the Snowy Lake up in the Snow Biome. It's right next to a grave. That's an easier way than the cave one.
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Welcome back everyone..Today we are uploading the first gameplay video with voice! Pretty happy about dat, lol. Anyways, in this patch they've added a brand new weapon in the game called ''Modern Bow''. It's basically a much better bow which deals more damage, It's more accurate and somethin' else lol. Anyways, enjoy the video.
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The Forest | UPDATE 0.70!
Welcome to another update review! UPDATE 0.70 HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. Yep. This patch is just like 0.48. A one month patch which hasn't bringed much, but some cool bug fixes and other stuff. Full list of the patch notes can be viewed here:http://survivetheforest.com/
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The Forest - UPDATE 0.69!
Welcome back everyone to our very usual DESCRIPTION Today we are reviewing update 0.69. This patch adds a brand new weapon to the game, in fact, read for yourself, list of all the patch notes: http://survivetheforest.com/
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Welcome back to another episode of Season 4 The Forest! Today I went ahead and got the Modern Bow...Pretty much ran for it. I was thinking I can fight for it, but I couldn't. The thing is that I saved with More Enemies + enabled and that doubled the amount of enemies down the caves, so I had to fight about 6 mutants and thousands of bloody baby mutants.
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This video has been done before I got the new headset. So That means It's with no commentary. Anyways, today I showed you how to get the gun! The gun is not a good weapon against hordes but in my opinion, if you have enough ammo for it, It's really good against mutants. On Normal Mode it takes 4 bullets to kill a mutant. It doesn't matter what type, Armsy, Virginia or Cowman, they all take 4 bullets. Enjoy Snipin'!
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Minecraft | Texture Pack Review | GOLD AND DIAMOND SWAP!
Welcome to a texture pack review! This texture pack is made by me, It's a Diamond and Gold Swap. I personally really love Gold Tools. They are my favorite thing. But the durability of them sucks ! So, in this case, I made a complete swap of gold and diamond. That means, Gold Tools are Diamond Tools and Diamond Tools are Gold Tools. Diamond Ore is Gold Ore, and Gold Ore is Diamond Ore. Along with that, I also made a texture for Gold Ingots which are Diamond Ingots. There are also Diamond Apples, and Diamond Carrots. So if you'll see a lot of Diamond Ore, you just found a lot of gold. If you found a lot of Gold, you found a lot of Diamonds. Link for the texture pack:http://www.mediafire.com/file/i476d2elpvtsuv3/Gold+and+Diamond+Swap.rar Enjoy your nice-valuable resource pack.
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The Forest | Vegetarian Mode E2 | FORT HENRY!
Welcome back to yet another episode of The Forest Vegetarian Mode. I have to say a huge sorry for the 20 minute video length but I started to make very long videos...Kinda sorry ! Anyways enjoy!
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The Forest: Episode 1/Season 1 - A new beginning (HardMode)
Welcome guys! I had enough time to make one more video. I have 30 more minutes since now so I should be able to get the weapons I need off camera. Anyways, welcome to Season 1! Finally. We are starting a season. We are done with the guide stuff...I might post more in the meantime but now no....Thank you for watching. :)
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Hello! Today I'll show you how to get the Modern Axe, map & compass. As you might see, yeah boii, no more lag. There might be some lag there and there, but yeah. Hope this helped!
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Minecraft The Walls Livestream!
Playing sum Hypixel Crazy Walls! Enjoy!
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The Forest | S4E09 | ALL GUNS BLAZING! (Read description)
Read this part: So I gotta say a huge sorry and something that f*cked up my world. I played some Modded Hard Mode offcamera and saved over this world with Center of Attention, More Enemies + etc. I did fix it, but I'm saying sorry for the lag. I was wondering why are there so many cannibals after me, and why the day is so long ? Now I know why lol K you can stop reading Welcome back to Part 9 of S4. Today, I've got only 7 parts of the gun...One which I forgot. The thing is that I know where all the caches are located, and one was already blown up but I think I haven't picked up 1 part...Mainly because I have the hud off.
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The Forest: Episode 2/Season 1 - Building
Hello everyone! Today we are on the second episode of our first season. I did some off camera work as well. I got all the weapons I needed because..I didn't want to waste my time into recording practically my guides. We built a tree house and we are working on the defenses. For now, that will be our safe habit. A house is coming soon also. Also, I'm gonna try to get a new screen recorder and see if I can record HD Videos. Might Sunday. Anyways, thanks for watching :)
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Welcome back everyone to...Top 5 base locations. These locations are picked because of their resources, cannibal activity and good land to build. Enjoy!
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The Forest Co-op: Episode 1/Season 1 - 2 Idiots in a Forest
Hello everyone! Today, we are introducing a brand new series. I wanted to do this since I got my first 10 subs. But I didn't have enough time. Also, the Co-op episodes are gonna be posted in the weekends. Also, I've decided, in Sunday, we are going to be posting 2 videos a day. Anyways, enjoy the video. Lupaz's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5SDXDuHF_gKhkuedBkvYBA Please, subscribe to him. He is doing some very nice videos and he is a very trustable person.
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The Forest: How to build a house for EVERYTHING !
Hello Everybody! Today, I'll be showing you how to make a house with enough space for pretty much everything. I must say, I started to edit em' videos, as well as HD with sum lag there and there. Anyways tho. Thank you so much for watching, cheers :)
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The Forest Co-op: Episode 2/Season 1 - We're such apes
Welcome back everybody! Today, we are posting part 2 of our very idiotic adventure in a mysterious forest. We pretty much built and..yeah, etc etc. Thanks for watching. :) Lupaz's channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5SDXDuHF_gKhkuedBkvYBA Please subscribe to him. He is a very nice guy and a trustable person.
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The Forest: Showing off my Handy Dandy Cave Base
Welcome! In the meantime, yesterday and today, I've been working on this cave base on Creative Mode. It took a damn while to set up em plans, but finally. And yeah, I couldn't just build in the whole cave since this could've take 5 more hours of setting up em plans. Anyways, sorry for the lag, BUT I PLACED 1 MILLION SKULL LAMPS AND CHANDELIERS Welp, I'm always addicted with Skull Lamps
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The Forest: Episode 3/Season 1 - Future Plans
Hello everyone! Today we are back with the third episode of S1. I'm sorry for the long video but I had nothing to do about it, there was a lot I wanted to show you guys in this Episode. Anyways, enjoy the video and thank you so much for the likes and subscribers you guys have me. You are very good. 11/10
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Welcome back guys! Today, we will be getting the good ol' Rusty Axe and Rebreather. I'm very sorry for not posting for 2 days, but OBS has been on fucking drugs. It continously said ''Encoding Overloaded! Turn down your settings or set a faster encoding preset''. I've been trying THIS WHOLE TIME to fix this and today I fixed it. Damn happy. Oh yeah, HD videos. I have to use 1280x720 resolution for HD videos, as long as It's HD and doesn't have a ton of lag I'm all happy. Anyways, thanks for watching. See you next day!
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The Forest: Episode 4/Season 1 - Home Sweet Home
Hello Everyone! Today we are building our brand new home. Also I started making my own thumbnails with ''PhotoShop''. I alos have Sony Vegas Pro 15, but I have no fucking idea on how to edit. So except edited videos soon. :)
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The Forest - I HAVE TO RESTART THE SEASON !!!!! (Read Description)
Guys ! I unfortunately have to restart the season. I broke it so hard....I'm not allowed to do anything..ANYTHING ! I can move..But I can't kill anything, gather items, or use the book...Or access my inventory. I was about to begin a new episode, edit it and next day upload it. But, when I enter my world, nothing was working properly. I restarted the world OVER 13 times, and it was the same. I guess we'll be waiting for the next update, see if everything's gonna fix. Anyways..Thanks for reading this...Have a nice day..damn these bugs..
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The Forest: Fucking Around #1 - THIS IS SO FUNNY
Welcome back everyone..Today, me and Lupaz are doing some very random ballony. Let me tell you how it all begun. So, I built a dock. Then, we adventure to the invisible wall with a HouseBoat. After that..We decorated the houseboat. In the meantime, when Lupaz was decorating inside, I got a custom wall, and built it over the top of the houseboat. And then we started to make this ocean station. Man, I've never laughed so hard at this game. Lupaz's Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5SDXDuHF_gKhkuedBkvYBA/featured Please subscribe to him. He is a very fun guy, and you'd love to play with this guy.
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The Forest: Episode 1/Season 2 - New Beginning AND A RED C*NT UP THE HILL
Welcome back everyone TO CUNTLAND Today, we are making the season that I said I'm gonna post for 4 days..but overall, I didn't had time for it. Enjoy this BORENESS
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The Forest: Episode 2/Season 2 - Defended Alpine
Welcome back everyone. Today, we are making part 2 of season 2. I must say ONE thing. I'm very goddamn sorry for the lag spikes or unwatchable content lately. OBS has some HUGE problems. First off, I tried some settings which I saw on YouTube to make videos with at least HD quality. After that, I saw that it ain't working. Then..I lowered almost all my settings and still, Encoding Overloaded...I got a video bitrate of 40000, and it doesn't lag spike much often. But it still gets the Encoding Overloading Problem sometimes. Overall..Try to enjoy the video :c
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Hello! Today I'll be showing you how to get the Katana and Flare Gun.
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Announcement guys. I will not be able to post in the weeks. I might be able to tho. So except me to post and most likely DO not except me to post. Quick video, just to tell you, don't worry if I don't post it doesn't mean I gave up on YouTube.
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The Forest - Episode 1/Season 3 - RAPECORE
Welcome back everyone..As you might see THE THUMBNAILS ARE ABOUT 10 TIMES AS BETTER! I FINALLY FOUND A WAY TO MAKE EM THUMBNAILS GUD! NOW THEY LOOK SOOOO MUCH BETTER! Also a massive thank you to Lupaz, if he didn't told me, I couldn't do such thumbnails. If you're reading this Lupaz, ty bro high5 m11. A LINK TO HIS CHANNEL:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5SDXDuHF_gKhkuedBkvYBA Subscribe to him p l z Also..Why have I restarted AGAIN this shit ? Well. I've been looking in the other worlds folder and I saw a file called ''Delete_Item_Loaded_Game''. What that does, is that it removes every item you've collected once you restart your game. Yes I did test that shit. Pretty ugh...ANYWAYS. I've checked this worlds folder and I saw everything is perfect. Enjoy zis shiet..
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Betrayer - #1 - Dear Merchant
Welcome back everyone to a new game on ze handy dandy channel. Betrayer is something like Skyrim. It's a cool game and it costs about 5 USD on steam. You also have a demo of Betrayer if you want to try it out first. Overall I hope you'll enjoy the series.
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The Forest - Small Island Fort #3 - Backdoor Bridge
He llo! Today, we will make *~_Sandwich_~* Welcome back everyone. Today, we are posting part 3 of our handy dandy small island fort. Also, I have to say something, almost very..kinda sad. I won't be able to post in the week (I can post 2 videos Friday, 2 videos Saturday and 2 videos Sunday). A problem is now here and I can't post so often. However, in 3 weeks, except those Edited Videos. As well as the next 3 days, edited videos. So, in zis video I finished the Archer Tower and made a backdoor bridge. Prepare the defenses ! Dead Party, INCOMING!
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The Forest - Small Island Fort - #1
Welcome back everyone! Today, I've started a new series called ''Small Island Fort''. What we are doing is, fortifying this small piece of land, traps, defenses, towers, walls, reinforcements, and a ton more. One more thing I have to say. The rest of the week, this week I'll only be able to post Small Island Fort videos..Unfortunately, I can't do anything else. For example, this Sunday, I'll make all 7 videos (1 video Monday, 1 video Tuesday, 1 video Wednesday, 1 video Thursday and 2 videos Friday). Saturday & Sunday I'll post something else. Overall, enjoy the video :D
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The Forest - Small Island Fort - #5 - Buildin'
Welcome back everyone....Yeah very original description intro Anyways, welcome back mah cuntz. Today, we are GONNA MAKE SUM SANDWICH Today, we are buildin'...After buildin'. END OF ZE VERY ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION
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The Forest - Small Island Fort - #4 - BackDoor Bridge Finished & Side-Guard-Post
Welcome back everyone! Today, we are posting ze part 4 of our small island fort. Yeah, finally an edited video. One more thing..Don't except next week me to post videos. I can post in the weekend tho. Overall, enjoy ze video.
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The Forest - Small Island Fort - #2 - Bridge Expansion & Archer Tower
Welcome back everyone! Today, we are making ze part 2 of our Small Island Fort. As most people may know, Sunday = 2 videos. So I posted 2 unedited videos after another. The reason why I'm not editing videos in the weekends is because I don't have enough time. Most likely, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday there will be edited videos. Anyways, enjoy the video. Thanks for watchin' !
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The Forest: My little Mini Castle
Welcome back everyone. Two days ago, I had some time and I was thinking: *Why not build a mini castle because why not ?* And soon I was thinking to upload dis shit. And today I upload it. Yeah, I was thinking of something new. So: Monday - 1 video Tuesday - 1 video Wednesday - 1 video Thursday - 1 video Friday - 2 videos Saturday - 1 video Sunday - 2 videos What do you think about this ? Most likely, do not except next day (Friday in Romania) to post 2 videos. It's Thursday already so it doesn't make sense to post 2 videos 1 day after another. Anyways, thanks for watching ! :D
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Welcome back everyone! As I promised yesterday, today I'll post a new video. What I want to say. Today..at school..We played Football...One of my friends, accidently hit the ball heavily making one of those heavy and fast hits, and I kinda rejected the ball. The worst thing is, that I kinda moved my bone a little. No worries, just need a little somethin' somethin' in there and bam I'm all good. I was very lucky this morning I woke up at 5:00 AM and manage to record 3 more videos, so I'll have something I can post in the meantime while my fucking hand is healing itself. Anyways, thanks for watching. Cya next episode. Bye !
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