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level battle (2) fossil fighters
this is the fossil battle when you level up to fossil fighter level 2 which increases your fp earnings by 10 side note right now thank you for watching this...its my most watched video yet just start sending the comment request i'm waiting for fblv3(fossil battle level up 3)
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time travel instructions (only to fight the gunnash again at rank 8
well this is for people after they beat dynal a second time, beat woolybeard for a watch and... something from nevada...
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desert fox mission
my my my first completed fireteam video (PS: sorry if the music sucks i don't know how to put multiple tracks on k plz if u can help me that would be great)
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knuckle swears O.o
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SONIC HEROES - best screen shot (vs. metal overlord)
okay i found this today and i'm sharing this to the world
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animals dont like holograms apperently
:P title says all
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spore can be fucked up and sometimes not...
commands: adddna (adds dna points) also when you change a spore app title thingy... you must select the icon (use it) and then enter the creator note also works with this command (dont alter anything past the ["]) "title" -state:(enter editor name and both words arent spaced and is capitlized[i.e. CellEditor or PlantEditor]
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rare glitch i found in ssx3...
okay im gonna point out latter on and... it took 3 times to get the best fix on the glitch... so yea..
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spore secret vehicle creator... oh jesus its fucked up
title says all my freakoutness
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surviving disasters
([PLEASE FAVORITE] REPORT cole7778 PLEASE! HE TOOK MY GAMES PICTURE AND HE IS NOW MAKING MONEY OFF OF IT!) The video i have up right now was my old game called:Build to Survive Monsters...But its still the same game just updated. Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/ALL-New-Survive-The-Disasters-275-Maps-place?id=9851978 For more games visit http://www.roblox.com
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team lookout
this is a video about my current teams and when i upload more team videos i just post what team update it was before (first update)
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dia de la muertos(lycaon)
okay guys i'm celevrating the day of the dead by making this video of my wolf as a skeleton(note i couldn't spell until after i recorded so sorry) anyway have a dead day of the dead....
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wolf slide
videos are a subject to change... enjoy
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spore space (kricician creature)
sorry if it's 10 seconds or 9 this is my first video so i want to cherish it so no bad desciption oh when i posted this note i was in spore ha ha ha XD
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meele match ghost town
engoy mee killing people with a sickle
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SONIC HEROES - my fastest possible times
okay my fastest possible times in sonic heroes i did not hack on some times the game glitched or i am that skilled
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hecatronies or something like that dies in shinjuku with me and friends
i started a boss battle with a friend that excalated into a entire party joined in to kill it
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can u survive a balck hole(i nkow i didnt)
Probably not. Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/Can-you-survive-a-train-ride-through-a-black-hole-place?id=5070375 For more games visit http://www.roblox.com
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zombie assualt
I'm probably not going to make any updates on this, instead I will make a 2nd zombie game AFTER I FINISH WHAT I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON. It reached 1 million! VIP: www.roblox.com/--item?id=46487900 All Badges Shirt: www.roblox.com/--item?id=49310535 Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/Zombie-Apocalypse-Fixed-Some-Glitches-place?id=36642363 For more games visit http://www.roblox.com
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killing wilfre...
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clan vs ogami
my and friends did act 16 together and this is what i recorded
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secret/special stage to unlock finaly story mode
gey the friggin keys from the second stage of each major zone!!!
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check itz 4 epics dead by me
note the big big one in the back was killed by the smaller one sadly...
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possible unit for the next star craft expansion pack or Star Craft 3 (Terran)
okay i upload this video for my passion of star craft and yes i sue bionicle parts... got a problem? well anyway its a massive assualt strider with dual gattling guns and missile turrets, its a detector and it has a scout also i'm sorry in advance i was watching tv so i wasn't keeping on it some times...
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spy hunt very long
meh title says all youtube ur fucking happy about sending that copyright notice... its a nexon recorded video...
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watch it
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zombie assualt 2 (roblox)
I'm probably not going to make any updates on this, instead I will make a 2nd zombie game AFTER I FINISH WHAT I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON. It reached 1 million! VIP: www.roblox.com/--item?id=46487900 All Badges Shirt: www.roblox.com/--item?id=49310535 Visit this place at http://www.roblox.com/Zombie-Apocalypse-Fixed-Some-Glitches-place?id=36642363 For more games visit http://www.roblox.com
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clan runs against the alt boss of bronze
matador vs cerberus cerberus win join cerberus now at aeriagames.com
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drawnt to life tutorial final project.mov
pretty much a walkthrough with stupid funny bloopers... so enjoy stupidity(also because of stupid camera fail... i lost end photage)
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half life 2 run through: starting off
well... id figure I do a recording with fraps... to do a walk through (when I get to voice over... I will re upload)
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(7 months late...) fossil battle LV 3
finnaly after so long of waiting and suspense here youtube goes... my lv 3 startegy guide for ranking up..
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LOL! white tentacruel
due to a suckish screen my ds actualy changes the colors of some things at certain postions
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the legendary floating egg ^-^
the ultimate legend :D
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freinds can be happy on a b day in nexon's combat arms
its my freind birthday so i celebrated it in a match i record so enjoy happy b-day thermal!!!! (me) nadika (my friend) thermalgenex (clanmate)420up in smoke
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law act series (act 1) walkthrough
(btw before u move on plz feel free to read the decription or watch the entire video... ur probably gonna run of and do shiz i mean really whats wrong with u!!!!) okay this is for my character shinigamisamas...(btw only can do one per day[24 entirely]) act1. demonization... this video walthrough will help people start the law acts... i started from the residential area...
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lavender emulation part 1: trapped
well i was playing spore when and while i was emulating and my creature got stuck in an extinct animals nest
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the most wtf moments in spore...
im still wondering how that can happen o.e
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uriel battle with clan (epic battle music)
(note i dont own anything but the character thta i use to play) music: his world sonic the hedgehog 2006 game: shin megamitensie imagine online characters: xareck, babel, sorasan, and me
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what is that head crab doing!!!!
is it raping that zombie D:?
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dont belive me hear i put u on
(disclamer... there is none im not using a portal reference im just putting on my plant using floral editor)
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how to get to wilfre in drawn to life(first)
okay i have my characvter hero magmalord and he's gonna show you how to get to wilfre
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alyx's t-shirt?
hmmm black mesa
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MvM lolz coaltown: GROUND SCOUTING
something i put together and possibly a strategy guide invis scout=me but mainly lolz skip to 6:23 for the fighting to begin http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066168611
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subject 49
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(HL2) hey barney... wheres gordon?
barney's answer: IDK
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apreture VS blackmesa... slideshow?
i cant exactly explain this sighting
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compaion cube?
what is this... what ever it is... i was not meant to be seen
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