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Brutal Legend Drowning Doom Showcase
Drowning Doom showcase, showing off each unit, double-team, and guitar solo
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Penumbra: Overture #14
Made it to a frozen lake, crossed said frozen lake, obtained crowbar
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Brutal Legend Tainted Coil Showcase
Tainted Coil showcase, showing off each Tainted Coil unit, double-team, and guitar solo
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Brutal Legend #15
Sidequest-a-palooza, If You Want Blood, You Got it achievement, Deliver the Metal, Cry Me a River achievement
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Brutal Legend #26
Abomination Overdrive attempt #1 cont. (fail), Abomination Overdrive attempt #2 (fail)
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Brutal Legend Ironheade Showcase
Multiplayer tutorial and Ironheade showcase, showing off each unit and double-team.
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Brutal Legend #28
Collectible cleanup with Oculus of the Lost, Beard Beard Action Beard! achievement, Norwegian Sendoff achievement
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Dishonored #2
Escaped from prison into the sewers, met my rat brethren, played with plague-ridden corpses, and retrieved the gear left for us by our outside acquaintance.
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Brutal Legend #8
Kage the Kannonier, Pilgrimage of Screams, Sidequest-a-palooza
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Brutal Legend #29
Collectible cleanup with Oculus of the Lost
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Brutal Legend #1
Intro cinematic and gameplay sequence
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Brutal Legend #22
Sidequest-a-palooza, A Face Like a Beast achievement, Hunting
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Dishonored #1
Now we get to some fresh content, with facecam and a new mic! Just listen to that sweet new audio quality! It's a new game so the progress in this episode is pretty straightforward. Intro cinematics, tutorials, some character introductions, we get framed for the assassination of the Empress and sent to prison for six months and begin to break out rather successfully. The usual.
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Brutal Legend #13
Sanctuary of Sin, It's Raining Death, Coolest Thing Ever achievement
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Brutal Legend #2
Meet the gang, babby's first Motor Forge, Exploited in the Bowels of Hell, inception of Ironheade
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Brutal Legend #12
Sidequest-a-palooza, March to Impalement
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Brutal Legend #10
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Dishonored #5
Honestly, probably a pretty boring video unless you're super into the lore like me. A bunch of bone charms, artifacts, and books randomly appeared when we woke up from the Void. My best guess is it's all DLC stuff. Figured they'd scatter that throughout the game, not just drop it all in a pile with no explanation at the beginning. Anyway, spent almost the entirety of the episode reading those books because they seemed pertinent to the lore, then went off to experiment using the heart to read people's minds. Already getting cool revelations like Piero being a mad scientist that receives revelations from the Outsider during his dreams. And full disclosure, I'm pretty embarrassed by the crap country accent I put on for Slackjaw's book, and in hindsight am fairly certain it would have gone way better with something like an English cockney accent.
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Brutal Legend #20
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Brutal Legend #17
Sidequest-a-palooza, Regret's Infinite Mire fail
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Penumbra: Overture #9
Infuriating spider tunnel, puzzling my way through a cargo area, read a Catholic Inuit philosophical paper
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Dishonored #3
Assassinated some guards with my fancy new equipment, made it out of the sewers, took a romantic boat ride to the rebel HQ and met several of their key figures.
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Brutal Legend #24
Sea of Black Tears fail
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Brutal Legend #14
Doom's Dawn, 5,000 cubic buttloads of scaffolding
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Brutal Legend #19
Racing the Reaper, Sidequest-a-palooza
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Brutal Legend #18
Regret's Infinite Mire, collectibles, Dry Ice, Wet Graves
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Brutal Legend #16
Sidequest-a-palooza, I really hate racing, A Number of the Beasts
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Brutal Legend #6
Battle for Bladehenge, Tour of Destruction
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Brutal Legend #25
Sea of Black Tears, Abomination Overdrive attempt #1
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Brutal Legend #30
Collectible cleanup with Oculus of the Lost, work on Quill Tosser achievement
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Brutal Legend #27
Abomination Overdrive attempt #3 (SUCCESS!), Doviculus fight, ending cutscenes and credits
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Brutal Legend #21
Sidequest-a-palooza, LAST RACE! I hate racing. So much.
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Brutal Legend #4
Meeting the Killmaster, Lair of the Metal Queen
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Darksiders #44 FINAL
Probably the most straightforward video summary since the first in the series, this one is literally just getting to the end boss, fighting him, and sitting through cutscenes and the end credits. Don't worry, everyone's favorite feature is still included: Me babbling incoherently in the background! IGNORE ME!
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Penumbra: Overture #10
Got the gas, became a mining engineer, ran away from worms and spiders and made it through a timed door puzzle
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Darksiders #37
Ignore the year-and-a-half delay. Life simply caught up. I did finish the playthrough consecutively, I just never got a good chance to get back to uploading. I now find myself with some time and the drive to return to the hobby, but I'm at a new place and the upload speed isn't the greatest, so the videos will trickle in rather than flood like they did when I started. On the upside, once I finish uploading this series and start producing new content, I will be pressing a new mic and FACECAM into service. Overall the quality should go up a decent bit and the experience should be quite different. There is still so much I want to play and my collection has only grown. Not that that matters much here as I never ran out to begin with and only got through two and three-quarters series. On to the video itself, lots of cutscenes in this one folks. I finally gain my vengeance against Straga, we pay a visit to Eden and the Tree of Knowledge, I defeat my inner demon, retrieve the last shard of the Abyssal Armor and the hilt of the Armageddon Blade (and a wrath shard that took me a while to find), and we return to the mainland to begin the quest for the shards of the Armageddon Blade.
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Penumbra: Overture #13
Broke into a lab, read a lot, threw a rave
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Darksiders #41
Worked my way through Drowned Pass to Anvil's Ford. Finally found the last piece of my artifact collection, the last shard of the Armageddon Blade, several life and wrath shards, and fought the top hat zombie, Wicked K, again. Finished on a high note with a cutscene of Ulthane, the unbiased, completely scientifically factual best character in the game, reforging the Armageddon Blade. Disclaimer: Spent a while making no progress as I tried to puzzle out how to get to all the collectibles in Drowned Pass.
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Darksiders #34
Flew through the golem fight, after that it was all non-combat puzzle solving and story time with the Angel of Death.
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Dishonored #17
We break into Galvani's lab again to retrieve a message for Slackjaw, whom we promptly return said message to. Then I start working my way slowly to the golden cat, and run into Granny Rags and save a woman from the abusive city guard. She gave me a key to that art dealer's place. Lots of stuff pointing me toward there but Slackjaw said there's a code I gotta get for the safe. TO THE GOLDEN CAT!
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Dishonored #18
In this one I finish clearing out the distillery district to my liking, then proceed to the Golden Cat to pillage and loot. I actually find Emily in this one but ignore her, cause I haven't finished pillaging nor looting.
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Darksiders #3
Buying off Vulgrim, moving a gate golem
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Darksiders #25
Made it out of the caves, slayed the Stygian, took it's heart back to Samael, headed to the next location and got distracted collectible hunting in the Ashlands
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Penumbra: Overture #6
Fixed the generator, put myself through the grinder, XENOS!
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Dishonored #13
Finished in the Back Yard and mopped up the Overseers' Offices. Poisoned Campbell and saved Curnow. Intentionally let the episode run late so I could finish off with a boat ride with Samuel and a cutscene with the Resistance, but I found out I missed a couple runes along the way. In retrospect I know where at least one of them is, so I'll probably look up the location of the other and load back up at the assassination scene for the next episode and grab those before moving on.
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Penumbra: Overture #2
Dogs show up. Derped around in storage.
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Dishonored #10
After the loading bug in the last episode we pick this one up from the last autosave as I dropped the rat guts into the elixir distillery. This time I check the heart before leaving and find a bone charm! Then we go and check with Granny Rags for our rune reward before beginning the foray into Holger Square, where we rescue a supposedly cool Overseer named Martin from the stocks. The rest of the video is just exploring and looting Holger Square and exterminating the Overseers. The Outsider will be so proud!
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Darksiders #33
Black Throne progress with arena fights and puzzle solving and platforming and getting crushed at the end by an angry golem. You know, the usual.
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Dishonored #7
Finally some real actual gameplay! Spent the episode exploring and looting the distillery district. Killed a lot of people and met Granny Rags, from those lore books a couple videos back! I think she's my Dishonored waifu. Super nice, but super crazy and super evil and I love it.
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Darksiders #7
Finished arenas, made progress, got trashed by a big dude on a broken bridge
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