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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #57: Vs. ぴろしき
Doubles Battle @ Sunny Park Colosseum "The Classics" The 'title' is in reference to a specific Pokemon. This is Pokemon battle #109, video #111, but after I delete a video, we'll be on #110. *nods* Not happy with how the battles came out for KG Koma's duo, I decided to do another one. This time, the quality was FAR better than the previous two. I seem to be playing the same four Pokemon every time I battle... I think I'll have to start making use of the other two Pokemon on this pass... *pats Vapi* Yes, one of their Leads will do what you expect it to do... "KG" Koma:- Leading: Blaziken & Swampert Stand-by: Jolteon & Latios ぴろしき:- Leading: Arcanine & Breloom Stand-by: Milotic & Snorlax
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #24: Vs. @んちり
Random battle @ Sunny Park Colosseum "A Harsh Ri-turn"/"A-Listed" Title semi-relative to the battle. Apparently, the 'funky G' character wasn't quite so... 'G'-ish. I did some searching, and it turns out its the Hiragana 'ri'; where its conjoined on PBR, the lines, though still in one character, are separate on Word. So no more "Japanese trainer" text for me! */ramble* Err... anyway... This was a pretty decent battle, aside the amazing luck Ampharos had at a certain point. Looking back, Skarmory would have been pretty comfortable in this battle... But I decided to take all my 'A'-named Pokemon, anyway! Soro:- Leading: Ampharos Stand-by: Altaria & Azumaril @んちり:- Leading: Weezing Stand-by: Clefable & Persian
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #75: Vs. Nick
*NOTE: Because YouTube is acting rather... odd... you may have to wait 30-60 minutes AFTER receiving this video in your Subs box, or about 1-2 hours after its upload time. Random battle @ Waterfall Colosseum "Winter Wipeout" With Christmas over and a few battles that didn't make the grade sitting on my hard drive, I thought I'd follow octane's and Paiopa's leads and post some of those I didn't for the countdown now. Granted, these will probably be less 'entertaining' than those I actually used, though. This one in particular I was looking forward to being a great "Winter Clash", due to my opponents' team. Unfortunately not, however... and the battle went rather one-sided. Yukiko:- Leading: Mamoswine (Wyerd) & Weavile (Vili) Stand-by: Articuno & Froslass (Yuki) Nick:- Leading: Abomasnoww & Empoleon Stand-by: Glaceon & Leafeon
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #11: Vs. HYDRNOD
Random battle @ Magma Colosseum "Sheer Cold - Delivering Chilling Misery" But not for the one you think. More random WiFi-ness, but this time, Shaymin comes along for the ride. This particular Shaymin is probably better in Singles... being 'Scarfed. Five:- Leading: Shaymin Stand-by: Cloyster & Leafeon* HYDRNOD:- Leading: Lucario Stand-by: Kyogre & Sceptile
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #17: Vs. Galvin
@ Neon Colosseum Hey guys, I'm back, for now. Not sorted a new team, but I'm getting there. Jirachi, Yanmega and Jolteon are the début Pokemon, here. This Jolteon is my Rain Dance-specific, which I trained during my away time, but Jirachi and Yanmega I've had for a while... nothing else to add, other than good game. Felix Leading: Jolteon & Jirachi Stand-by: Yanmega & Kingdra Galvin Leading: Toxicroak & Scizor Stand-by: Lanturn & Floatzel Excuse any background noise, as my sister walked in, while I was recording. Opening Music: Sonic 3 - Save Select Screen
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PBR Ubers Battle #1: Vs. TamrielTerror2
6-Vs-6 Doubles @ Lagoon Colosseum "Clash at the Lagoon" WARNING: If you don't like Ubers, then DON'T watch this video and DON'T comment. 'Uber-hater' comments will not be tolerated. Anyway, this was the first recorded Ubers battle that me and Tam were going to use for the Special that was going to happen on the 21st December, but because of events out of our control, we were unable to complete all the battles. We'll hold it off until next December, eh? xD There were a few times where I made some pretty bad decisions and horrific mis-predictions... but I think it went well, for a true first-time use. Kyogre Girl Koma:- Leading: Gastrodon (Swiftrodon) & Infernape Stand-by: Latias (ラティアス), Latios, Mewtwo & Salamence Outcasts:- Leading: Kyogre (アグル) & Wailord (Caterpie) Stand-by: Darkrai, Giratina (Famine), Ho-oh (Ho-or) & Rayquaza
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #94: Vs. @あすさ
Random battle @ Waterfall Colosseum "Eeveelution Party!" Well look at that! Another Eeveelution team! I have to say, I really had fun with this battle, but it does get a little stally towards the end... This was actually the third battle I had in the margin of spare time I found; would have only been two, had the second battle not been your basic Uber Abuser against my Eeveelutions team... ahh well. (the Sinnoh Mascot Trio were what he had, with Heatran, Staraptor and Pelipper; he used the Trio and Staraptor-- overkill much?) But anyway! It put a smile on my face to see a fellow Eeveelutions Trainer. ^^ Their team would have been identical to mine, had I brought Glaceon along, too; their unused Pokemon were Espeon and Flareon. Felicia:- Leading: Espeon & Leafeon Stand-by: Flareon & Umbreon* @あすさ:- Leading: Jolteon & Vaporeon Stand-by: Glaceon & Leafeon
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PBR WiFi Battle - GS's Tourny: Round 1 Vs. Fireblaster77
This is my first battle in a Tourny formulated by a fellow YouTuber. I figured to make a change, I'd get into a Tournament and see how well I could do. The Tournament was set up by GeneralSecura and is compiling a collection of the battles people have had in the Tournament, so long as they have the means to record and upload. If you want to see them, check them out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/GeneralSecura My opponent, Fireblaster77, is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Fireblaster77 Maybe I'll get flak for my choice in Pokemon, maybe I won't. These are just the Pokemon I felt I wanted to take with me into this Tournament. (in some cases, they're Pokemon I've used once or twice or not at all, and have wanted to) They're all untested too, so this was literally the first ever battle I'd had with them. In some instances, my inexperience with them shows. One thing I'm surprised at myself for is the fact that Vaporeon is absent from my line-up. You could say I don't like getting her 'injured' in contests like this. xD I'll finish off this description by saying good game, Fireblaster77. Save for a haxy finish, it was a good battle.
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #86: Vs. ホシ@
Random battle @ Sunset Colosseum "Taking the Heat" Well, someone wanted to see Flareon in action and here we are! I was a little worried with this battle, because it is of the kind I so despise... Trick Room. You'll see how THAT hatred stands as the battle progresses. I have to admit, though... maybe Leafeon wasn't such a hot choice for this battle... heh... ^^;; Felicia:- Leading: Espeon & Vaporeon Stand-by: Flareon & Leafeon ホシ@:- Leading: Cresselia & Togekiss Stand-by: Abomasnow & Rhypherior
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #7: Vs. ななし
Random battle @ Neon Colosseum "Wonderguardless" Here we go again. This was recorded the same day as the previous battle; straight after, actually. I was pretty surprised with the battles I was getting that night, because they were all pretty much against people who obviously knew what they were doing. Also, Japanese people. Anyway, this time Luxray gets some action. (the Blaziken is the original one from my Koma pass) Five:- Leading: Blaziken Stand-by: Cloyster & Luxray* ななし:- Leading: Yanmega Stand-by: Shedinja & Shuckle
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #84: Vs. ツェイ
Random battle @ Waterfall Colosseum "Felicia's Revenge" Hey. First Doubles I've done in a while, huh? Remember the last one I had? Well, I go up against an almost-identical team here. Let's see how it goes, huh? Oh, and for those who wanted to see Umbreon, here he is. But he doesn't do much in this battle... Felicia:- Leading: Umbreon* & Vaporeon Stand-by: Jolteon & Leafeon ツェイ:- Leading: Garchomp & Tyranitar Stand-by: Bastiodon & Rampardos
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #27: Vs. 03
Random Battle @ Lagoon Colosseum "Down to One" Probably not the best battle to continue my Singles collection with, but it was about the only good one I had from the rather disappointing turnout I had on Friday night... well, there's probably some more, but this is the first I edited. This was quite possibly one of the most interesting teams I've seen on Random WiFi. Five:- Leading: Absol* Stand-by: Blaziken & Espeon 03:- Leading: Wigglytuff Stand-by: Charizard & Mismagius
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #22: Vs. さみだれ@
Random battle @ Lagoon Colosseum "Crit-Cannon" This battle was, to say the least, very painful to play. But I'll let the video speak for itself. The battle itself was actually pretty good and goes to prove some things just aren't as clear-cut as you think. Soro:- Leading: Ampharos Stand-by: Gardevoir* & Skarmory さみだれ@:- Leading: Ambipom Stand-by: Blastoise & Venusaur
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #95: Vs. Morgan
Random battle @ Waterfall Colosseum "A Storm, Denied" Before I go on, this vid may have 'action delay' in that the sound may get ahead of the video-- but only slightly. I'd have re-edited it with music, but I'm too lazy...~ Anyway, I thought I'd use my Koma pass again, for a change! I've been using Felicia so much, I kinda felt a little bad for misusing the team that essentially got me started with my uploading here. This was against what seemed to be a Rain Dance team, with Kingdra at its head, so to speak. I was a little worried about their Toxicroak, but... ...oh! More gutsy actions/switching. This was recorded before battle #94, so that night was a pretty gutsy night, lol Koma:- Leading: Jolteon & Sceptile Stand-by: Swampert & Weavile Morgan:- Leading: Kingdra & Toxicroak Stand-by: Ludicolo & Vaporeon
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #6: Vs. @テヌ
Random Singles battle @ Neon Colosseum "Out with a Bang" Hey look, the first Singles battle I've done since... ermm... Anyway. I thought I'd stick a few random Pokemon together and aside from one battle where I picked my three Pokemon like a complete idiot, its worked out well, so far. This one I wasn't sure if I should upload... because of the outcome, but I decided to, anyway. Hey, not every day I play Singles. xD Oh, and this is sort of my 'test pass', Five. Five:- Leading: Cloyster Stand-by: Butterfree & Leafeon* @テヌ:- Leading: Meganium Stand-by: Espeon & Lapras
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #13: Vs. Japanese trainer
Random battle @ Magma Colosseum "One-Touch Takedown" I fell asleep while this was uploading... lol Anyway. This is the battle I mentioned in the previous video. Its among those that I've had that make me feel there are still good people out there on Random WiFi, albeit some who are rather predictable, but with their own little surprises. This battle was an example of the latter. Of course, Protect shows its eternal usefulness once again. ...and damn those 'upside-down Gs'... The only character that has forced me to type "Japanese trainer in one other battle... (Doubles #29) Five:- Leading: Blaziken Stand-by: Cloyster & Leafeon Japanese Trainer:- Leading: Ambipom (lol) Stand-by: Mismagius & Zangoose
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #85: Vs. つゆR
Random battle @ Stargazer Colosseum "Wonder Buster" Okay, wow. You don't get much more amazing than this. Well. You probably do, but I don't... *cough* Kudos goes to my opponent for not bringing Kyogre. I guess they thought they didn't need to use him, because it'd be overkill? Who knows. Anyway, this battle was really close, with only a last-minute decision deciding the outcome of the battle. Truly, this battle was just awesome. Felicia:- Leading: Espeon & Jolteon Stand-by: Leafeon & Umbreon* つゆR:- Leading: Primape & Omastar Stand-by: Ludicolo & Shedinja
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #9: Vs. Phantom
Random battle @ Neon Colosseum "Broken Storm" Question Time: http://www.formspring.me/Mizutsune Hoy, I return to see what will happen. Maybe something fun? Incidentally, why are YouTube taking down the only method of uploading videos that works? Are they THAT scared of content? Anyway, I had this battle a few hours ago. The beginning was just what I was hoping for, but the damn thing still caused mass chaos. Also, Premier Ribbon Mew. The joys of importing from Japan~ Five:- Leading: Espeon Stand-by: Leafeon* & Mew Phantom:- Leading: Hippowdon Stand-by: Garchomp & Scizor
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #93: Vs. Marcell
Random battle @ Sunny Park Colosseum "Her Sharp Mind" Hey, while I await the first round of the Tournament to conclude, I've another battle here for you all. Amazingly, it seems I managed to get my video to remain in-sync with my sound, so you don't have to listen to random pieces of music this time! Its back to my Eeveelutions pass. No doubt it is becoming one of my most common passes to use on PBR; maybe even more so than my Koma pass, amazingly. Anyway, this battle had a lot of instances where prediction was key. A well-placed Protect can really punish an opposing team, in Doubles. Felicia:- Leading: Espeon & Vaporeon Stand-by: Jolteon & Leafeon Marcell:- Leading: Lickilicky & Luxray Stand-by: Lucario & Magmortar
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #92: Vs. Nick
Random battle @ Sunset Colosseum "" Okay. Another Eeveelutions battle. At the moment, its the only team I can be bothered to use. At least on PBR. I was admittedly a little worried when I saw Mewtwo come out; since I rarely run an Ubers team and usually never run a Pokemon that can take hits like a champ, the titanic attack strength of a Pokemon like Mewtwo just bowls me over. Thankfully however, Umbreon graces this team with its presence, but is it enough to snap me the win...? Much love for Flareon, too. Felicia:- Leading: Espeon & Vaporeon Stand-by: Flareon & Umbreon* Nick:- Leading: Froslass & Mewtwo Stand-by: Cherrim & Drifblim The music is the Semi Finals music used in Pokemon Colosseum. Out of boredom, I'm randomly running a blog with my thoughts on the information about Pokemon Black & White as its released to us. That can be found here: http://therenegadefox.blogspot.com/
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #15: Vs. @おかめ
Random singles @ Main Street Colosseum "Nap Time" Be warned; music afoot. The video got screwed up and of course, because YouTube is frigging stupid, I lost my old description... so here we go again... This is my renamed HeartGold pass called Mizutsune who uses a Generation II-specific team; my personal favourite Generation. I've not used these guys for a while, so I can't remember specifically if this Ampharos is the one I named Amphy... though I'm pretty sure it is. Interestingly enough, both teams are themed teams; a mono-Generation team up against a Mono-Steel team. Surprise surprise... Scizor is present. On both teams, but I don't use mine in this battle. xD Mizutsune:- Leading: Ampharos Stand-by: Kingdra & Typhlosion @おかめ:- Leading: Bronzong Stand-by: Lucario & Scizor Music: Sonic Rush Adventure - Deep Core (Egg Wizard Boss)
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #23: Vs. ゆのみ
Random battle @ Lagoon Colosseum "Tactical Advantage" Why do I always have to write about how uploading to YouTube sucks SO BAD... at the beginning of every description...? I thought they got over their fear of content... Anyway... AGAIN... I say: This was originally meant to be Battle 22, but I switched it. Because I felt like it. This was actually a rather challenging battle; there were times where I out-witted my opponent, but there were also times where they managed to outwit me, so the advantage was forever changing. The last turn was ultimately the deciding factor of this battle. Soro:- Leading: Altaria Stand-by: Gardevoir* & Skarmory ゆのみ:- Leading: Gliscor Stand-by: Absol & Mismaguis
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #12: Vs. はつば
Random battle @ Lagoon Colosseum "Reckless Challenge" Yay! Another battle... not uploaded for a while, so I thought I might as well actually do so for a change. This was one I had around the same time I recorded the previous battle and was definitely the better one between them-- given #11 was a trainer with no items. (I didn't notice until after I uploaded it, heh...) I actually have another pretty awesome battle that I'll probably upload at some point. But until then, enjoy this one. Something I've noticed... I seem to be using Cloyster a lot. Five:- Leading: Blaziken Stand-by: Cloyster & Luxray* はつば:- Leading: Illumise Stand-by: Kangaskhan & Typhlosion
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PBR Friend Pass Collection: Episode 1
I've been wanting to do one of these for a while, but never got around to it because a. The quality of my videos was shocking around the time I wanted to do it, and b. When I finally got the means to do one properly, I didn't have time and kept forgetting to record the footage. octaneblue's latest collection of Passes was actually what reminded me about it, so I decided to take the 30+ minutes to record the footage, find some suitable music (which I actually had to record myself for lack of a long enough file) and of course, edit it. Anyway, if you see your Pass in there, don't be shy; point yourself out! Annotations will be coming with links to the battles the passes were featured in, but a LOT of these probably weren't either recorded or uploaded. I'll add the annotations when I'm not running on Wednesday nights' sleep...
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PBR Random Ubers Battle: Featuring Flareon! (29/07/2009)
Random battle @ Lagoon Colosseum "Sacred Fire Flareon" I'd just like to note, this battle includes Ubers. If you don't like Ubers, then don't watch; you've got the option. Its that little 'x' either in the top corner of your screen or on your browser tab. You'll have to excuse the quality of this video; its one I just found from the 29th July 2009; the time when I didn't have my Dazzle and was forced to use the built-in webcam on my old laptop to record battles. Well... I guess this is a throw back, at least. To a 'simpler' time. Anyway, this battle features another random pass (much like 'Five') called Cryssi, who actually hasn't been used since this battle. Mainly because the concept of it is ridiculously difficult to pull off and this is the only successful one I managed to get recorded. Its against a pretty standard Trick Room team that includes at least one surprise guest in Charizard. I kinda break my 'guideline' about gang attacking in this video, but you'll probably see why I did. Cryssi:- Leading: Flareon & Ho-oh Stand-by: Garchomp & Porygon-Z テヌ@ルイ:- Leading: Dusknoir & Rhypherior Stand-by: Charizard & Vaporeon
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #10: Vs. Daniel
Random battle @ Waterfall Colosseum "Déjà vu" Still answering questions: http://www.formspring.me/Mizutsune This was a weird one... there are two battles here with the same guy, and they both turned out more or less exactly the same. ... You'll see what I mean... Five:- Leading: Mew Stand-by: Blaziken & Espeon Daniel:- Leading: Empoleon Stand-by: Dialga & Golbat
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GeneralSecura's Winter Tourney Group S Battle 3: Vs. Luiginator13
What'll probably be my final Group S battle, considering SabienLance is stuck without Wi-Fi at current, and there isn't long left to finish the Group stages. Luiginator13 is my third opponent in this Tourney, and he's packing what is primarily a Trick Room team-- and everyone should know I hate those... lol Anyway, with 4 points to my name in the Group stages, will I add another 2 to the tally and make it 6, or will I fall short and stand on 4... or will it be like what my battle with demise121 almost was, and give us a point each...? Guess you'll just have to watch and find out. =P I almost forgot to record this battle, which is why there's a short random piece of music in the beginning-- you win a cookie if you can guess what game its from. Anyway, good game, Luiginator-- and good luck with the rest of your battles in Group S.
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Platinum WiFi Battle #4: Kanto Klassics Battle I Vs. Paiopa
"Live from Jubilife City! It's the 'Kanto Klassics Tournament'! Having advanced to the second round of Kanto Klassics Winners' battles, Soro now has a strong opponent to battle; Riaz! One could say there is a kind of rivalry between these two! In Battle I, it will be Riaz versus Soro! Who shall rise and continue along the Winners' Bracket in this Double Elimination Tournament? Let's head to the battle arena and find out!" Those who watch Paiopa's videos will have already seen this, but with mine you'll see exactly how decisive some of the hits he dealt were. This battle was definitely one of the more intense battles I've had; in particular against a good friend in a Tournament. At that, my first ever Tournament. As those will note as the battle progresses, I actually use the same team I had in my previous Tournament battle, however it is not required that we remain with the six Pokemon we start the Tournament with. Rest assured, I'll let you all take a peek at some of the other Kanto Pokemon I have ready for this Tournament. I'll leave what Pokemon Paiopa uses as a surprise, though I'll venture to guess most of those that view this will already know which his team contained in our battle. Hope you enjoy. Music:- Rival's (Silver's) Battle Music - Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (extended version uploaded by starly396) User's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/starly396 Extended Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcjOZP5kwzQ starly396 has actually uploaded extended versions of all the HeartGold/SoulSilver music, or if not, has done so for almost all. You should check out their Channel to see what other extensive antics they've been up to.
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #68: Vs. Mugen
Random Battle @ Sunny Park Colosseum "Arceus Fever" - Christmas Countdown Battle 6 Continuing on with -today's- Countdown video, featuring Yukiko; the trainer who -loves- Ice-type Pokemon. This is surprisingly the very first battle this team has had against an Arceus! I wonder how well that'll go down... You do too? Well, you'll just have to watch, huh? XP Yukiko:- Leading: Abomasnow (Alpina) & Mamoswine (Wyerd) stand-by: Articuno & Froslass (Yuki) Mugen:- Leading: Manectric & Tyranitar Stand-by: Arceus & Rayquaza
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #52: Vs. しあん★
@ Lagoon Colosseum "The Raging Sea Serpent" The second battle I had with this person, but the third overall battle of the day. So here's a little synopsis-like thing for this battle: "Not satisfied with the defeat at the... scales...? ...of Takayuki's Milotic, しあん★ returns for another challenge. Only this time, she has a little trick up her sleeve..." This battle lasted for a little over 8 minutes, or something... so I got lazy and didn't edit it all that much. Takayuki:- Leading: Gyarados & Milotic Stand-by: Charizard & Sceptile しあん★:- Leading: Mewtwo &... Mewtwo!? Stand-by: Latias &... another Mewtwo!?! Opening Music: "Hydrocity Zone Act 1 - Brad Buxer, Jun Senoue" (From Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #26: Vs. @カクテル (2/2)
Random battle @ Gateway Colosseum "I Prefer mine Stirred..." Here's the second battle; I only picked one Pokemon different here, while my opponent brought the three Pokemon they didn't use in the last battle; including the Shedinja I mentioned in the previous video. The unfortunate thing is, this battle isn't as impressive as the last. Made a change from those who decline pass exchange too, because both times, he said "Yes" to pass exchange. Still, hope you enjoy regardless. Five:- Leading: Blaziken Stand-by: Absol* & Shaymin @カクテル:- Leading: Blastoise Stand-by: Sandslash & Shedinja
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Pokemon Platinum - Factory Head Thorton Battle
Hey guys. Thought I'd break the ice with a Platinum battle to get some use out of my Battle Recorder and since I was playing in the Battle Factory, I actually managed to get far enough to challenge the Frontier Brain. (something I never did with Emerald) I kind of really like the Battle Factory in this, but not as much as the Castle or the Hall. Anyway, sorry there's been no videos lately; I've been busy with other stuff, including completing Platinum, which I only managed to do last night, after owning the game for about a week now. Also sorry for the cruddy sound. Unlike with the TV, I can't really record sound from the DS very well. I used: Shelgon, Kingdra & Magmar Thorton used: Ninetales, Toxicroak & Golem If you want to see the Video in the GTS and can't read the Video number, its: 35-31886-27994
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PBR Friend WiFi Doubles #22: Vs. octaneblue
6-Vs.-6 Doubles @ Courtyard Colosseum Well, for those who have been keeping tabs on my Channel, you'll have noticed I've had some problems with my laptop and haven't really had any enthusiasm for PBR without the ability to record... But guess what! I sorted it all out! My laptop is back to how it was and I have the ability to record again! So in celebration, I'll upload the Double battle me and octaneblue had, way back there. In case you didn't know him, (which I doubt) you can find his Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/octaneblue An interesting little note about this battle was that I almost brought my Rain Dance-based team, but thought I'd go for the team that started it all, lol Anyway, the two battles we had were great and definitely fun. Hope to have more with you in the future, octane. ^^ Koma (RenegadeFox):- Leading: Blaziken & Weavile Stand-by: Jolteon, Shaymin, Swampert & Vaporeon Trevor (octaneblue):- Leading: Froslass (Yuki-onna) & Ludicolo (Lily) Stand-by: Jirachi, Kingdra (Maelstrom), Lickilicky (BigL) & Omastar (Spiral) Music: Highbrow - Motoi Sakuraba
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #21: Vs. @かつば.
Random battle @ Crystal Colosseum "Triple-Threat" What the-- YouTube, you piece of trash... not saving my description... -_-;; Anyway, here's another battle with Soro. As promised last time, Bellossom returns. Will this battle be more successful for her? Something I noticed in this battle, actually; all the Pokemon on this team are female. While a note for this battle; unfortunately, the player disconnected post-battle. Soro:- Leading: Altaria Stand-by: Ampharos & Bellossom @かつば:- Leading: Electrode Stand-by: Dugtrio & Rapidash
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #14: Vs. @きと
Random battle @ Lagoon Colosseum "Crunch-Time" Here we go with another Singles battle! Again with 'Five' using the same Pokemon he had on the team last time. I didn't really have time to switch any around, so... But it was a great match, to be sure. Until I went to edit it and found out the audio was all messed up... but I found a way around it! The problem? Whenever I battle in Lagoon Colosseum, I'll always be humming the Act 2 Angel Island music... Anyway, this was an awesomely close match, ultimately decided by the final turn. Enjoy! 'Five':- Leading: Cloyster (lol, poor Cloyster...) Stand-by: Blaziken & Luxray* @きと:- Leading: Ludicolo Stand-by: Espeon & Honchkrow
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #11: Vs. S a e r c
Another battle that looked like a good one, here. But still with an unfortunate end. Koma:- Leading: Weavile Jolteon Stand-by: Swampert Vaporeon S a e r c:- Leading: Tauros Hitmontop Stand-by: Ludicolo Dusknoir
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #73: Vs. Mike
Random Battle @ Neon Colosseum "He Knows When You're Sleeping..." - Christmas Countdown Battle 11 Yukiko comes back for her 11th appearance! Christmas is just around the corner, now... As you'd expect of Random WiFi, another Darkrai user. Sorry, I mean abuser. Yukiko:- Leading: Abomasnow (Alpina) & Weavile (Vili) Stand-by: Froslass (Yuki) & Glaceon (Glaci) Mike:- Leading: Darkrai & Mewtwo Stand-by: Deoxys & Latios
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #40: Vs. Jesse
Random WiFi Battle @ Waterfall Colosseum "Trouble in the Rain" I'm telling you, I don't know what's wrong with my PBR lately, but with my last battle uploaded and this one, (which was taken a few hours after Battle # 39 at around 3am) I've been astounded by the number of good battles I've been having. Thanks to octaneblue's keen eye, I've found out that my opponent here may have been Charizard215. One surprising thing about this battle was the fact that Darkrai didn't have a sleep move to spam, which is pretty strange for me, with 95% of the ones I encounter on Random WiFi having Dark Void. Anyway, other than an early Crit-Hit, double team on Jolteon AND getting out-predicted in almost all instances, I managed to pull off some moves with Kabutops! =D Really glad I brought Salamence into this one... Felix:- Leading: Jolteon & Kingdra Stand-by: Kabutops & Salamence Jesse:- Leading: Darkrai & Hitmonlee Stand-by: Shedinja & Zapdos
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #25: Vs. @カクテル (1/2)
Random battle @ Gateway Colosseum "Shaken, not Stirred" Okay, not exactly a relative name to the battle, nor to Bond's obsession with Martinis; if my attempt at translating was correct, their name; "Kakuteru", is "Cocktail" in English. But this guy was pretty awesome; his lead was pretty interesting, though at that point, I had no choice but to choose the move I did. But in general, the battle was great. Or should I say 'battles'... there's a second one with this same guy coming up next! Also, my first ever mixed-attacking Pokemon*. This is the one I've been having trouble using over the past few days or so and my insisting I include it in almost all battles hasn't helped out much. It was just a small RNG project I was working on that produced some rather favourable results... I'd gotten fed up of those darned failed chains. But anyway, hope you enjoy another 'HD' Video~ Five:- Leading: Espeon Stand-by: Absol* & Shaymin @カクテル:- Leading: Machoke Stand-by: Dragonite & Wigglytuff Also: http://therenegadefox.blogspot.com/ Come help me speculate on Pokemon Black & White. I have a poll up there at the moment, too.
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #20: Vs. @トロロ
Random battle @ Courtyard Colosseum "Stolen" Here we go! This is another battle with me using Soro. It was an awesome battle in my opinion, but there was one thing, towards the end of it, that really threw the whole battle out of the park. Also, you actually get to see Bellossom in action! (you'll see her again real soon, too!) This particular Bellossom was one of a large number I bred for an 'Event' at a place called PokeFarm. I still have a number of them left over too, so if you want one, you could always send me a PM with a request... I won't take IV-specific requests though. *shakes head* Anyway, enjoy the battle. Soro:- Leading: Ampharos Stand-by: Altaria & Bellossom @トロロ:- Leading: Scyther Stand-by: Gallade & Lanturn P.S:- Sorry if the sound messes up anywhere in the video; I noticed it being a little jumpy at the very end during editing, but being the end, I wasn't too bothered...
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #59: Vs. HUAN
Doubles Battle @ Waterfall Colosseum "Trickshow" Updated with Annotations~ Wow. Having some major trouble trying to get a good battle for Takayuki. This is one of the better ones that didn't involve me getting completely owned, which has been the case for over half the battles I've had. Also, I hate Trick Room. Anyway, this battle has one of the rarest cases of luck-stalling I've ever seen in my life. You'll know it, when it happens... and if you don't, I'll annotate it later. Takayuki:- Leading: Charizard & Sceptile Stand-by: Altaria & Salamence HUAN:- Leading: Armaldo & Gardevoir Stand-by: Gallade & Metagross
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #19: Vs. @まあさ
Random battle @ Sunny Park Colosseum "As the Bell Chimes" Ahh... I just love how relaxed this Colosseum looks... very nice... Anyway, Soro's at it again. Just like Mizutsune, she seems to like making Ampharos shine... but who would complain about that? xD Soro:- Leading: Ampharos Stand-by: Altaria & Bellossom @まあさ:- Leading: Cloyster Stand-by: Dusknoir & Houndoom * - From the Ampharos comment, Gizamaluke's Grotto is a place in Final Fantasy IX where your progress is hindered by doors that you need to ring bells near to open. Upon use, they shatter and I thought it kind of fitted... eh... xD;;
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PBR WiFi Battle - GS's Tourney Round 2 Vs. nikoproducties
Here comes my second battle of GeneralSecura's Tournament. As before, check out GeneralSecura's Channel to see how other battlers are doing. He is compiling a playlist of all the battles people have uploaded: http://www.youtube.com/user/GeneralSecura My opponent this time around is nikoproducties: http://www.youtube.com/user/nikoproducties This was a good battle, though I still feel like I'm not used to this team yet. On top of that, this video contains screwy audio that I couldn't be bothered to re-edit to fix-- though it was my editing that made it that way... ehh... the majority of the battle has music, anyway... xD;; Again, I'll end this description by saying good game, nikoproducties.
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #63: Vs. Sean
Random Battle @ Crystal Colosseum "Noble Sacrifice" - Christmas Countdown Battle 1 I've decided to try and count down to Christmas. So here's battle #1. Now when I saw the team my opponent had, I just knew which Pokemon they were going to use. Which was a little annoying; in particular for the opening of the battle. Anyway, this is my new pass; Yukiko. She's going to be the one who uses my Hail team, which I finished off last night. Yukiko:- Leading: Abomasnow (Alpina) & Weavile (Vili) Stand-by: Froslass (Yuki) & Glaceon (Glaci) Sean:- Leading: Blaziken & Charizard Stand-by: Dragonite & Palkia Opening Music: Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms (for that extra Christmas touch)
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #18: Vs. どくきなこ
Random battle @ Lagoon Colosseum "Shimmering Breakdown" Feh. Titles. Ideally, this is hopefully... going to be a HD test-like video. However, I won't be doing a whole lot of them; mainly because it almost doubles the file size and I don't always have time for YouTube to spend 220+ minutes to upload my files. The two hours+ was bad enough. Anyway, I'm using Soro again. I seem to play with my 'safe Pokemon'; Ampharos, Gardevoir and Altaria most of the time, but I'll eventually get around to using the other Pokemon that are on the pass. In this one, you get to see an old Azumarill I've had for a while. This particular Azumarill has max Attack and was the first Pokemon I'd ever gotten an IV of 31 for. Unfortunately, I don't think its other Stats are that great. But oh well. Soro;- Leading: Ampharos Stand-by: Azumarill & Gardevoir* どくきなこ:- Leading: Weavile* Stand-by: Gallade* & Magnezone*
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Platinum WiFi Battle #5: Vs. Paiopa
Late last night, I decided to ask Paiopa if he felt like having a battle. To my surprise, he accepted and what occurred was another great battle. Unfortunately, I personally don't think it was an epic battle like our Kanto Klassics clash, but we can't always have them like that, can we? Anyway, enjoy. Soro:- Leading: Salamence & Sceptile Stand-by: Huntail, Jolteon, Kabutops & Kingdra RIAZ:- Leading: Hypno & Venusaur Stand-by: Arcanine (Flamix), Banette, Feraligatr (Cruncher) & Umbreon (Evil Eyes) (yes, Evil Eyes... NOT Shadow, Paiopa... =P Music: -Hane- - KOTOKO
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #89: Vs. Jp
Random battle @ Sunny Park Colosseum "What's Yours Is Mine" Music in this one. Felicia wanted some fun. Funny thing is, 75% of the Pokemon that participated in this battle are Eeveelutions! Not exactly as awesome as a full Eeveelution clash would be, but it was close enough. In particular, I love what happened in the first turn. I couldn't stop laughing at how unlucky that turn was. Felicia:- Leading: Espeon & Vaporeon Stand-by: Jolteon & Umbreon* Jp:- Leading: Starmie & Vaporeon Stand-by: Crobat & Glaceon
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Random Video: The Amazing Pizza Bandit
Your leftover food is no longer safe... from the Amazing Pizza Bandit! Featuring: My Sister (as herself) Our female cat Phoenix (as The Amazing Pizza Bandit!) Me (as the camera guy)
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PBR Random WiFi Doubles #82: Vs. C.J.!
Random battle @ Waterfall Colosseum "Furret!" Just Koma, trying out a new Pokemon I recently trained to see how well it does. It's... Furret! Caught from one of my previous Radar Chains! I thought I might as well see how well this 'tactic' would work out for me, so I gave Blaziken a break, lol Koma:- Leading: Furret!* & Weavile (Vili) Stand-by: Swampert (Swampy) & Vaporeon (Vapi) C.J.!:- Leading: Jolteon & Sceptile Stand-by: Clefable & Salamence
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PBR Random WiFi Singles #16: Uncanny Outcomes
Random battle @ Lagoon Colosseum "Slow Blow" YouTube... why do you hate me so... *3rd upload attempt* Anyway, I'm not uploading this to brag or anything. I just couldn't believe how this battle unfolded as it did. Gimmicky music for what's really a gimmicky video~ The Jesters of the Moons - Nobuo Uematsu
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