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Emily & Naomi, The forest scene
WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A2t3y5Ao54&fmt=18 This scene is from the Skins S03E06. I think these two are maybe the cutest couple ever. I totally love this scene.
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Skins Season 3 episode 8: "The mushrooms"
From Skins Season 3 Episode 8: "Effy" IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEOS, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!
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Skins Season 3 Episode 6: Naomi & Emily "having fun" in the country
From Skins season 3 Episode 6: "Naomi" IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEOS PLEASE SUBSCRIBE
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Skins Freddie/Effy Woods Scene
Scene from episode 8
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(1) All Emily and Naomi Relationship Scenes (Skins Season 3) Part 1
part 1 of 5 all naomily relevant relationship scenes
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Skins Season 3 episode 9: "Emily & Naomi"
From Skins Season 3 Episode 9: "Katie & Emily" IF YOU LIKE MY VIDEOS, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!
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Skins Series 3 | Best Of...Sexiest Scene [Voting Closed]
- YOU MUST MESSAGE ME TO VOTE! COMMENTS DON'T COUNT! -Sexiest scene and best kiss are 2 different categories, and there will be a seperate video for that, before anyone points out scenes I've missed.Vote away! =] Skins Series 3 | Best Of...Sexiest Scene [Voting Closed]
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Skins Emily&Naomi 8 Legendado
Skins Cenas de Naomi e Emily Serie 3
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Skins | Effy & Cook Have Run Away
Watch the whole series on All 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/skins Where have they been? Where are they going? And more importantly, will they ever return?
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Skins' Katie and Emily - Season 3 Episode 1 [1/1]
A video compilation of all Katie and Emily scenes from the British show, Skins -- Enjoy! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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Bare Skin Paintball at Forest of Dean
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Skins' Katie and Emily - Season 3 Episode 6 [2/2]
A video compilation of all Katie and Emily scenes from the British show, Skins -- Enjoy! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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Skins | Emily & Naomi First Kiss
Emily makes a move on an intoxicated Naomi, but is she a willing victim? Watch the full series on All 4: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/skins
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Skins season 3 - Episode 4 "Pandora" - part five (HQ)
SEE NEW VIDEO MITCH HEWER IN PARIS 2009 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiqrqRZ5vjQ - Skins season 3 - episode 4 (Pandora);;
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Skins' Katie and Emily - Season 3 Episode 7 [2/2]
A video compilation of all Katie and Emily scenes from the British show, Skins -- Enjoy! NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED
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Skins:- Emily & Naomi's Kiss
Since the one uploaded by E4 is the small kiss and then it immediately ends, here's the full version of it. And I have termed the word "Emilomi" as their relationship! Enjoy.
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The Chameleons - Second Skin(Audio)
Script of the bridge
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House of Skins "The Forest" video lookbook 2010
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XradicalD's Hack: Moonlight Pass - Skin 2
Q:''XradicalD, don't you think it's a bit earlier for Halloween?'' A: Yeah, it is actually. Well, this level is nor available for public. Why? Why would you like to play it, it's just the same, just with red gradients. I did this to show how the forest levels are gonna be. Creepy. I did it fast, just change stuff to red, cause if i had time, there will be blood.... wait, yeah. Also, flaws on this video: - Yoshi is Green and on the over world is red (Play 2 players to see the reason) - The Goal have green gradients, doesn't fit with the red ambient. - Others Do a Halloween version of the hack? Uh... unless people want it, which would be a big no. If you want to LP something, i recommend: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/487099 Everything is from their respective owners: SMW by Nintendo Background and music are not mine. Check SMW central INTRO SONG: .sweet dreams. by VegetarianMeat: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/84899
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Naomi & Emily... hot and cute [Skins 3x06]
Scene from episode 3x06, Skins.
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Trentemøller The Forest
Watch in High Quality for more satisfaction.. Trentemøller The Forest Filmed By: James Sullivan
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skins emily & naomi
A Naomi & Emily fan-video Love can be beautiful but also hard. Song : Jaymay - Gray or blue Video material : E4's
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Skins - Emily & Naomi scenes (Series 3, Episode 4)
All Emily & Naomi scenes from the tv show Skins (e4) series 3, episode 4. VISIT THIS WEBSITE: www.e4.com
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Funky Forest  - The First Contact English Trailer
Available on DVD! http://www.newpeopleent.com Cult-favorite director Katsuhito Ishii (The Taste of Tea and Shark Skin Man & Peach Hip Girl) teams up with the talented Shunichiro Miki and ANIKI to create another visually inventive masterpiece! Funky Forest features hilariously odd characters that will take you on an unpredictable cosmic journey. For more info visit www.viz-pictures.com DVD Now Available!
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Skins - Emily & Naomi [Naomily] - "Save You"
E4 Skins - Emily/Naomi [Naomily] - "Save You" by Kelly Clarkson
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Skins - Emily & Naomi [Naomily] - "Stranded"
e4 Skins - Emily & Naomi [Naomily] - "Stranded" by Plumb
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Let's Play Assassin Blue 5: The Forest of Kobolds (and Lag)
High Quality: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ABFkCmdq39k&fmt=18 Belkar would be proud.
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Emily & Naomi  - All I need. (Skins Series 3)
A quick video showing the story that is Emily and Naomi from the awesome show Skins. Im sooo gutted its over....and we've gotta wait till 2010....wtf. HD makes it look alot more prettier ;) Actually scrap that, I dont think YT can handle it in HD mode.....muthaf**kers. :S No copyright infringement intended.
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Mirah - Bones & Skin
The Echo 04/09/09
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Skins "Emily and Katie"
Skins season 3 episode 9 "Katie and Emily." Little brother makes a funny gesture as he walks in on Katie in the nude.
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Elephant skin plant
From the Queen Elizabeth Park soundwalk project. Sound recording, Hildegard Westerkamp. Sound editing, photo and montage, Andra McCartney. Discussed in "Soundscape works, listening and the touch of sound." Aural Cultures. Edited by Jim Drobnick. Toronto, ON: YYZ: 2004: 179-185.
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Skins - Wild World
The ending from Skins Series 1, Episode 9. I always thought this was a fantastic scene, and wanted to share it. I take no credit for this video, the song was created by Cat Stevens (now Yusef) and used by E4, I only cut down an episode. If I have any requests for scenes from the first two series, I'd be happy to upload them, message me or leave a comment. Along with a 5 star rating ;)
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"Take Me There" - Naomi/Emily [Skins]
This is my first attempt at a Naomily video. It ended up being told from Naomi's POV. I don't think it turned out as well as I had hoped but I'm still fairly satisfied. This was also my first attempt at using new editing software, so if there are any glitches or terrible moments... bear with me. Please rate/comment and subscribe! Any rude comments or spam will be deleted. Enjoy! DISCLAIMER: I own nothing! This was made for fun, not for profit. All clips belong to E4 (Skins) and Rascal Flatts ("Take Me There") and their record label!
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Forest People "cuica" drums and Voices
From the comments below: "These sounds are from the original African drum now called cuica. The skin has a stick attached to the centre leading through the inside of the drum. A moist cloth is rubbed on the stick, the friction resonates the head. The pitch is changed by pressing/tightening the drum head with the fingers of the other hand - it looks like "squeezing" the drum. This is an orchestration with other drum & song. The drum was made popular in S.America by enslaved Africans." A cool effect. Images in slideshow from my Gabon trip to the Babongo people. http://www.ibogalife.com
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3.06 "naomi"
all cook/naomi clips from series 3, episode 6. (best episode ever!)
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Skins Emily & Naomi Part 2
Edited section of Skins series 3. Lesbian love story between Emily and Naomi.
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Mirah - Bones and Skin
"If you live inside the old graveyard Your skin and bones get kind of hard You blame it on all of the ones who've left you If you're in the closet with a broom Why don't you sweep around the room Make little piles of all the things you don't understand But it's in the mouth, it's in the blood It's sweet the taste, the spit of love Poor skin too thick to understand The gravity and graceful plans In the place that's made of old relations Where some got loved and some got hated How absently you move around, how listless How in the night the battle raged Under the blankets, were we brave? At least enough to recognize a storm is just a storm Shine the lights across the bridge The surface, you can't follow it The glossy night, the wind in fits Gets girders bucklin' at their bits Will I be this way when I'm dead Will I go home and go to bed, Will I wake up and wonder, did something happen here? The weatherman, well he should know The doctor too, from down below They'll call to one another cross the wild and windy night Don't forget, you've got love You've got bravery, you've got trust You've got bodies, responsibilities There's still mountains a-pushin' up from underneath You've got pain, caused plenty of It's not so strange, but now you've had enough Don't forget, your bones and skin Or where you'll go, or where you've been" Homo A Go Go - SOMA Arts SF - 16 August 2009
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Red Back Salamanders Crawling Around
These Red Back Salamanders live in the forest under logs and breath through their skin. These salamanders are the red and lead phases of the red back salamander.
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Skins - Naomi/Emily [Naomily] - All You Got
***PLEASE watch in high quality! It makes a HUGE difference!*** Ok, so I'm having trouble picking a favourite series 3 couple... and Naomi + Emily are definitely near the top! I've wanted to make a Naomily vid since the beginning, and since Naomi's episode was so amazing, I just couldn't put it off any longer. Please comment and let me know if you like this one :) Disclaimer: Music belongs to artist. Clips belong to E4. I made this purely for fun; no copyright infringement was intended. ***EDIT*** I'm sooo sorry this is blocked in the UK! I'm going to try to fix it in the next day or two and upload it again. Please let me know if you know for sure why it got blocked.
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Skins Emily&Naomi 1 Legendado
Skins Cenas de Naomi & Emily, Serie 3
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Sloth Machine - To Skin (Live @ Rock Sunday Festival) 8/2/09
Sloth Machine - To Skin live @ Rock Sunday Festival PF Factory (GO)
Views: 543 MrEyeM Loathsome
Emily and Naomi:  The Complete Story (Skins season 3)
All Emily/Naomi relevant relationship scenes played to various songs. Some parts fast forwarded to keep under 10 minutes Enjoy! As requested...the songs I used in order: Cold Shoulder - Adele Little Bit - Lykkie Li Collect Call - Metric Oh My God - Ida Maria Jump In - High Places Sea of Doubt - Azure Ray Runaway - Yeah Yeah Yeahs Help, I'm Alive - Metric Until We Bleed - Lykkie Li (ft Kleerup)
Views: 12385 rinnybrighteyes
Eminem - 3 a.m.
Music video by Eminem performing 3 a.m.. (C) 2009 Aftermath Records
Views: 54741928 EminemVEVO
Skins: Emily & Naomi - Believer
Skins: Emily & Naomi - Believer Lily Loveless Kathryn Prescott The Best Show Not On American Television. http://tinyurl.com/pbdnw3r
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Y La Bamba "Winter Skin"
Y La Bamba
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MGMT - Electric Feel
MGMT's official music video for 'Electric Feel'. Click to listen to MGMT on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/MGMTSpot?IQid=MGMTEF As Featured on Oracular Spectacular. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MGMTOSiTunes?IQid=MGMTEF Google Play: http://smarturl.it/MGMTEFPlay?IQid=MGMTEF Amazon: http://smarturl.it/MGMTOSAm?IQid=MGMTEF More From MGMT Your Life Is A Lie: https://youtu.be/Cye-1RP5jso Cool Song No. 2: https://youtu.be/Zg2IcEHWXWo Alien Days: https://youtu.be/FbK5idPn1mc Follow MGMT Website: http://whoismgmt.com/visualize#_=_ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mgmt Twitter: https://twitter.com/whoismgmt Subscribe to MGMT on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/MGMTSub?IQid=MGMTEF More great Alternative Hits here:http://smarturl.it/Alternative00?IQid=MGMTEF --------- Lyrics: I said ooh girl Shock me like an electric eel Baby girl You turn me on with your electric feel I said ooh girl Shock me like an electric eel Baby girl Turn me on with your electric feel
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phantasy star online autumn forest mod
ive modded the forest to make it as if autumn, its took a while to do but i think the ending result is good, please comment on wether or not you like this skin :)
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