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Factorio Sea Block #30 - Blowing Up the Base (0.15)

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Factorio is a game where you Confabulate Translocationaldysmorphic Hydrophloricoperatic Treciduaries through the Subsaharandialectical Tremoryfoundational Whasmospaz. Find it on Steam or at their website here: https://www.factorio.com/ This series uses a Modpack called Sea Block that can be found here: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=43759 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zisteau Stream: https://twitch.tv/Zisteau
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Text Comments (57)
kalajel (11 hours ago)
There re no mistakes. Only happy little accidents.
Steven Hall (2 days ago)
Best Factorio series on YouTube right now!
th1s0nedude (3 days ago)
Hey I wish I could press the like button a hundred million times because of all the time and hard work you put in to each episode. Keep it up. I really like this series!
Artem Kormishenko (4 days ago)
how to remove landfill if i want to place a pump in the middle of it
Latronibus (4 days ago)
As far as I can tell 0.16 Seablock actually doesn't use the nice easy waterfill mod, where waterfill is just made from water in an assembler. It uses Explosive Excavation which lets you make water using blasting charges, which are relatively expensive/high tech.
The Countess (4 days ago)
There's are a couple of mods that add a 'waterfill' that works exactly the same as landfill, but with water. he added that mod in addition to seablock (seablock for factorio 0.16 has that included by default)
Spicy 0 (5 days ago)
Would you ever do a multiplayer series with a bunch of subscribers?
The Mad Zookeeper (5 days ago)
you know, i really like the patterns the lower level substations make with the wires. i'm much less of a grid person, i guess.
Za11oy (5 days ago)
I couldn't help but hum myself some overture and other such classical tunes as you were blowing up that original set up. Good bye to some old friends, you served the projects well but it was time for a clean up! Aha. Keep up the awesome content, it's always a pleasure!
Skeeball D'Slanted (5 days ago)
... have you not heard of ceramic filter frames? They don't take any coal, you just clean them with water... Reusable... Inexpensive... only takes 3 sciences. Water is a bit easier and more efficient than coal.... doesn't require a ton of algae farms...
Skeeball D'Slanted (4 days ago)
What wha whaaaaa? Would be news to me. If so, I'd be wrong on the internet. And them books have lied before. I'd need some evidence, not just your words. Clip it or it didn't happen.
Latronibus (4 days ago)
Skeeball D'Slanted Seablock alters the return compared to regular Angel's, so that coal filtering is a positive loop. Look at the very early Zisteau videos to see.
Skeeball D'Slanted (4 days ago)
Each cycle doesn't make enough sulfur to power itself anyways. It is never a positive sulfur loop. You always have to make it from outside. Would you all like me to go into game and write down the damn conversions?
Latronibus (4 days ago)
Skeeball D'Slanted You misunderstand. The whole system goes nodules + sulfur + oxygen + purified water + filters makes sludge + sulfuric waste water + used filters. With coal filters, you get enough sulfuric waste water to replace the sulfur you used. With ceramic filters you do not, so you need to bring in sulfur from elsewhere instead of just running a loop.
Skeeball D'Slanted (5 days ago)
iamkrazy1 (5 days ago)
Can you not get rid of coke by burning it to make steam power? That way it's at least useful
iamkrazy1 (4 days ago)
you could even take it a step further and convert the coke into carbon for more energy efficiency. Or funnel all that spare coke to a designated steam engine area. Or just burn it locally I guess
Zisteau (4 days ago)
yeah I guess we could do that with it, and I'm going to need a lot of power
Ecclesiarh (5 days ago)
Why don't you use ceramic filters? Getting purified water is much easier than coal, I guess.
Empmortakaten (2 days ago)
Not a positive sulfur loop. Coal filters are a positive sulfur loop, at the cost of coal.
Ecclesiarh (3 days ago)
What do you mean? Coal filters are also not a positive loop, they need coal.
Zisteau (4 days ago)
Ceramic filters are not a positive loop.
Daniel (5 days ago)
Poor Steve and friends :( RIP
Nightwind292 (5 days ago)
If only he could build a giant radio with a blinking light HERE...
Jared Nagle (5 days ago)
must do!
Guy person (5 days ago)
Yes!!!! Finally the carnage has arrived.
PsychoLucario (5 days ago)
rip old base, you were quickly paved over and forgotten
ocelot48gaming (5 days ago)
Love your vids.
神的難言之隱 (5 days ago)
250 sulfuric acid on the belt XDDD
Planetfall (5 days ago)
This hurts to watch because of all that waste. Explosive cannon shells and rockets do a similar job but cheaper.
ThunderHammer99 (5 days ago)
Planetfall yeah, but cluster grenades look cooler.
Firenyth (5 days ago)
you gonna fix the fact you placed the giant blueprint too far right?
Firenyth (5 days ago)
ahh, i see now, using a different reference point(the bottom corners of the "new" area) good job then! that was one big blueprint xD
Zisteau (5 days ago)
It isn't. The coolant area isn't centered which makes the big blueprint look off.
Double_Switch (5 days ago)
Z, I must say, the amount of effort you put in your videos is really amazing! I hope you never get tired of producing such great content! That said, it did trigger me just a little that you didn't save all the machines/resources and recycle/reuse them where needed. Of course this is YOUR playthrough so you should always do as you wish, just thought I would chime in! Have a great day, sir!
Double_Switch (5 days ago)
Haha ok, fair enough! And it was fun to watch all the chaos! Thanks for the response! :P
Zisteau (5 days ago)
My current base can replace everything I destroyed faster than it would take me to recycle it. It was more efficient to blow it up.
_ (5 days ago)
how many hundreds of hours have you put in this map so far?
MrPatropolis55 (5 days ago)
Mk3 Substations when? I can't wait for the satisfying grid
Charlie Dobbie (4 days ago)
At this point, that might be a troll. Can never tell with Zed.
Tom Buis (5 days ago)
final episode probably
Akul (5 days ago)
you have a lot of coke ;-)
tecroach (5 days ago)
It's starting to look like a skeleton
Jordan Anodjo (5 days ago)
FoolRegnant (5 days ago)
Goodbye worm friends
Asa1Awesome (5 days ago)
Good morning Zisteau!
Motorsagmannen (5 days ago)
always super satisfactory to see the old spaghetti cobwebs melt away in purifying fire and explosions!
Slithereenn (5 days ago)
"Fire washes the skin off the bone and the sin off the soul. It cleans away the dirt. And my momma didn't raise herself no dirty boy." - Franko Tildon, widely credited as the first fighting firebat

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