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Emily & Naomi, The forest scene

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WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A2t3y5Ao54&fmt=18 This scene is from the Skins S03E06. I think these two are maybe the cutest couple ever. I totally love this scene.
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07822939204 رومانسي فووول واتساب وفايبر وتلكرام وكوكو
Lucia Ojeda (28 days ago)
Fuck being straight!
Maya Hammond (1 month ago)
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ashley roseanne (3 days ago)
practice the art of appreciation
سرويه عبدو (3 months ago)
Omg 😍 i feel am wet now ♡
Maya (5 months ago)
This is polish vodka
Oisky Poisky (5 months ago)
I really hate that the music on netflix is different.
steve wurzbacher (6 months ago)
oh fuck this is awesome
Jennifer Lveq09 (6 months ago)
Omg., I love Naomily this so fucking hot., But I'm so sad when one of them cheated on. ,haixt.. :(
Kar Viera (7 months ago)
Why is this song different then the one that plays on the Netflix Version lmfao
Ravindra Wanasinghe (8 months ago)
I have never watched lesbian movies before but this two got me hooked up to watched the whole of series 3 and 4. Series 7 is sad and don't wanna talk about it. Love Naomi and Emily
Clara Michelle Fox (8 months ago)
Getting married both of you one by one really soon
Clara Michelle Fox (8 months ago)
Aw Aw aw suck my dick cock oh yeah secret okay sweetheart honey bear
Clara Michelle Fox (8 months ago)
These two girls will have sex with me and kiss me too gorgeous sexy too i Love it
YOUTUBE MASTER (9 months ago)
Cute. I ship it if they didn't cheat on each other 😑😑
Kim Min Young (9 months ago)
Naomi passivinha
Shie na Dale (9 months ago)
I don't really care about my gender as long as I find her/him hot or attractive...
alex heldrich (10 months ago)
this scene is what turned 13 year old me gay
Tylerose Moreno (10 months ago)
I'm les and it turns me on 💕
dablu kumar (10 months ago)
, ,,
UNDERSTAND THAT! (11 months ago)
So Naomi Woods did some sort of television show in the UK before she came to America and became a pornstar? Well at least she can act:) btw Just watched one of her um scenes and that brown headed girl is luucky.
-—Saturnus—- (11 months ago)
Am i only one who is looking skins 2017?
Mini Batman2.0 (1 year ago)
HOW IS THIS NOT AGE RESTRICTED?! HOLY SHIZZLE! IM ONLY 13 AND I SAW SO MANY THINGS! Well it was really hot... Am I lesbian? Idfk. I think I just turned lesbian... God damn that was sexy. Well now I have plans for my girlfriend 😜😏 Btw I've been Bisexual for a year now and I have a gf so Y'all know what's gonna go down 😏
Xxx shit (1 year ago)
melhor cena haha ❤ #Skinsforever
Ana júlia Tv (4 months ago)
Xxx shit verdade verdadeira
Lil Rich (1 year ago)
Darcy McClain (1 year ago)
I love this video is awesome and you look pretty
Tylerose Moreno (1 year ago)
whoaaa tf that's turning me on 😍😍😋😋
Bitch Ubetternot (1 year ago)
Abbas Ali (1 year ago)
Skins Edits (1 year ago)
"fuck it, go ahead and disappoint me" Naomi wasn't disappointed XDD
Nevzat Sevim (1 year ago)
Nevzat Sevim (1 year ago)
Stina Smith (1 year ago)
Anni Vera Giebiszer (1 year ago)
This is like a love scene between a griffindor and a slitherin girl
Astera Haag (2 months ago)
Harry Potter fans are shook
Astera Haag (2 months ago)
Tylerose Moreno (1 year ago)
I love the accent lol
sarry craser (1 year ago)
i have seen this scene like too many times but still, I have NO idea what Emily says after Naomi asks her to say something :/ 2:27
SnitchSeeker (3 months ago)
I am pretty sure she says: "I am all about the experiments"
Ham Bam (1 year ago)
"I'm all about experiments, me"
Hey StrageR (1 year ago)
if i born pretty girl i was lesbi
Fernando Castro (1 year ago)
Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción del beso? Por favor
bruna chaves (1 year ago)
Believer - Susanna and the magical orchestra ( i spend a long time looking for this song, tho)
Fernando Castro (1 year ago)
+Hél O'brien Gracias! Pero creo que no es 😢
Hell Manson (1 year ago)
lilly allen The Fear
Derek Wall (1 year ago)
its pretty steamy in my opinion
IChipXP (1 year ago)
Naomi wasn't disappointed XD
counterstriving (1 year ago)
Chanel Parker (1 year ago)
Where is this forest to?
mmgarza1997 (2 years ago)
I'm touching myself tonight
Deyse Santos (2 years ago)
melhor série 😍 melhor casal 😍
Barry Scott (2 years ago)
sick nasty devish
Лина Штерн (2 years ago)
Please, someone tell me, what are Naomi & Emily saying in the time after Emily took Naomi's hand but before they kissed. Can't understand any words :c
Fatima M. Bah (1 year ago)
nutella cookie t
Kyleigh Martel (2 years ago)
They said 'ever do blow ax' if that is how u spell it
Flora (2 years ago)
+Алина Остер Well, I'm not from an englishspeaking country, so I'm am not a 100% sure, that everything is correct... but I thought I have a try... E: Do you wanna do blowbacks? N: I never got blowbacks. Why can't people just smoke the damn thing straight? E: It's fun! Have you even tried it? N: No, but being all-seeing, I already know it's shit. E: Come on, everything once. N: Oach, fuck it! Go ahead and disappoint me.
JJ (2 years ago)
Naomi looks like Draco from Harry Potter
kid blue (9 months ago)
vor luna lovegood
Flying Pizza (11 months ago)
and the other girl looks like Ginny
Howyaduing (1 year ago)
Jaden Wadsworth only hotter
Ariel Jones (2 years ago)
holy shit she does 😵
Sparky (2 years ago)
whenever i get lonely and wish i had a girlfriend I just come here... these two make me so happy
Sparky (2 years ago)
+Carlos Ramirez Too right! Labels are for clothes. And Carlos is a lovely name :D
Carlos Ramirez (2 years ago)
omg same lmao. only with a bf...I'm gay/straight/bi/pan I hate labels, I'm just Carlos...
Janet Jarris (2 years ago)
So glad I came out last year September, had it pent up for 3 years. 15 now 16 in a couple months
Annabel Li (2 years ago)
+Janet Jarris I'm 15 now, I wish I had your courage. :)
How u Doinn (2 years ago)
Just remember, there were about 40 men watching them during that.
SnitchSeeker (3 months ago)
Also they were not actually having sex, they were pretending to have sex. That's what actors do - pretend to do and be things they are not.
iceblink luck (1 year ago)
there were probably 40 men watching cook and effy's sex scenes too tho
How u Doinn (1 year ago)
+Greg boucaard no, I mean there were like 40 men in set with them
Greg boucaard (1 year ago)
Add like two zeros then you're good! 😂
Melanie Rodriguez (2 years ago)
I love the red haired girl because she is from Finding Carter
mie damie (2 years ago)
now that's a hell of a shotgun 420 forever!!!!
Madison Barkey (2 years ago)
I ship lily and kat so much
oque aconteceu com elas no final.
Momento Revolts (2 years ago)
Spoiler alert. A Naomi morre de câncer e a Emily vai embora.
TheUZUMAKIchan (2 years ago)
Does someone know the song that plays during the scene?
Jacqueline Smith (2 years ago)
+TheUZUMAKIchan Believer - Susanna & The Magical Orchestra
HazardousDreamer (2 years ago)
the end part (naomi gasping and breathing heavily) was her moment of realisation
Im Bored (1 year ago)
You realize that Emily was eating her out right that's why she was breathing heavy 😂
Now143 (1 year ago)
BBGameTroll (2 years ago)
+ITRONOS ATAIL well according to her speach in the finale she has been gay since she was 12 she just refused to accept it
Jm Palanas (2 years ago)
I like this video i hope i cn find my precious 1 here jejejeejje
SanaOsniva (2 years ago)
I could watch this non stop! They so cute together!
Nallanda Kerolayne (2 years ago)
morriiii com issooooo u.u to morta to morrida rsrsrs
jmpsaved (2 years ago)
Damn that was hot! My only complaint would have to be that the scene was way too short xD
Chani Smith (2 years ago)
That's hot and sexy!!
Jackie O'Keefe (2 years ago)
That made me really wet..
Giulianamcg (2 years ago)
I'm sooooo straight but this shit turns me on
alexis lasabac (1 year ago)
now u know,..ur interested too...hahah!!!.
san mononoke (2 years ago)
what I love about this scene is how absolutely real it feels like. I swear the first time I watched it I had a lump in my throat because it's so beautifully filmed and Naomi (Lily) is so believable, the look in her eyes at 1:50 always gets me. I will never forget this story, and I'm still bitter about the end and I don't want to believe they ruined such a beautiful story.
luci (3 years ago)
requiem2us (3 years ago)
I wonder why their kissing changed trough out season 3 to 4..
Jackie Au (3 years ago)
What does Emily say when Naomi says, "say something" ?
Arben Duraku (2 years ago)
+katie ellsweig
tabby LEE (3 years ago)
Lol it took me so long to get that in from when I first watched skins in like 2008 or 9 idek
katie ellsweig (3 years ago)
+Jackie Au I'm all about experiments me. That one took me a few replays too
keiko lee (3 years ago)
I'm a teenage lesbian (age 14) and these 2 make such a beautiful couple. After seeing my girlfriend and I made love in the woods behind my house. Great scene.
Emily Lancman (6 months ago)
And I'm 19. I may be straight, but this is just beautiful. And I'm proud of you
Sabastian Moore (1 year ago)
+Shainmeng you still play
Nothing (2 years ago)
+Dallen Booker what ever you believe that's your choice, If you like that stuff that's fine 
natalie40 (2 years ago)
lol nothing
Nothing (2 years ago)
+keiko lee I think you need to see a mental hospital
katche75 (3 years ago)
Your´re not into women? You´ll think about it after this! Wish, I would be in their age again.......Can be hot at my age, but I think it wouldn´t look the same way.....
Aaliyah Unknown (3 years ago)
I love them
wakiza33 (3 years ago)
merci pour c bon moment passé avec cette série qui pour moi c arrêter  a la saisons 4 avec un peut de regret 
Joe Lopez1407 (3 years ago)
I wish I could do this with someone! Omg its so a turned on :)
Jose Herrera (3 years ago)
I hate English accent!
tabby LEE (3 years ago)
Okay .. So why watch it dumb ass
Craig Kellam (3 years ago)
That's stupid
Michelle Beaty (3 years ago)
i think im wet now
Tobias Berstler (5 days ago)
Ich habe die
Tobias Berstler (5 days ago)
Michelle Beaty Ich habe mich mit ihnen
viciousgrande (6 months ago)
Gunjan Sharma so what
Gunjan Sharma (9 months ago)
are you nut.. this is not the way you comment
أبو وش (3 years ago)
Lora Gomez (3 years ago)
I love skins ): and I miss naomily )':
jade patynson (3 years ago)
i miss skins , especially these particular generation . why wouldn't anyone revive skins ?
Midnight Opal (2 years ago)
MTVs version was shitty I was so confused about the finale like why was his sister in that club all creepy and stuff? 😧
Brittany Ruggiero (3 years ago)
Mtv did. It didn't do well.
Lita Risk (3 years ago)
They are each others o.t.p. 
Alejandra Achury (3 years ago)
i love this cople :') ..i wanna a girlfriend ...
Samuel Garcia (3 years ago)
richard tueros moises (3 years ago)
someone tell me how the song is called
richard tueros moises (2 years ago)
djmitsaki4ever (3 years ago)
Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - Believer ;-)
Tator Tot (3 years ago)
I love Naomi accent
eliz zz (3 years ago)
I'll just pretend Skins Fire never happened
Now143 (10 months ago)
eliz zz what is the Name of the song
Nicole Lush (1 year ago)
eliz zz same
Tammy Barnes (3 years ago)
+ashley shell COOL  PICTURE  
Tammy Barnes (3 years ago)
+Imani Dominguez HELLO  MY  QUEEN  MY  NAME  IS  DYJUAN  REACH  ME  AT  620-309-0126 
Alejandra Achury (3 years ago)
+brunodk11 sorry xD
Jeilyn Bustos (4 years ago)
♡ Im lesbian and turned more lesbian for this haha
mallú Oliveira (2 years ago)
+Cevannanana thanks
Cevannanana (2 years ago)
+mallú Oliveira skins 3&4 season.
mallú Oliveira (3 years ago)
that series are they?
Dragana Djuric (4 years ago)
This scene is amazing and hoot. :)
nikster (4 years ago)
I'm a straight girl but this kind of turns me on xd Especially Kat (Emily). Damn :o
Tobias Berstler (5 days ago)
nikster Ddhdhhdhdgdggd
FitnessGoals! (3 months ago)
nikster LMAO so, are you still gay?
nikster (2 years ago)
lool *high fave gayo*
nikster (2 years ago)
Yup :p
Viv W (4 years ago)
I'm bi..but I'd go pure lesbian for this shit...
destiny medina (4 years ago)
Did any one ever notice how Naomi toke off her tank top (yellow) then it magically came back off then on again
Jack Watts (6 months ago)
destiny medina loo
Gabino Mejia (3 years ago)
I did
Angie Garcia (4 years ago)
Dodie May (5 months ago)
Dodie May (5 months ago)
mikitots tabs (4 years ago)
2:08 I feel like I wanna kiss naomi..
Elisa S. (4 years ago)
Fucking hell. I just love they relationship so much. It's incredibly hot and beautiful.
isha love (4 years ago)
i am soo officially inlove with emily's VOICE...omg.so damnn sexyyy
Chad Svetoslav (4 years ago)
Lam yuan (4 years ago)
The only September
chrissi1900 (4 years ago)
I'm all about experiments me
saintsedona (4 years ago)
I love this scene, so emotional, NAOMILY 4 EVER!!!! I have a question though,what does Emily say when Naomi said her 'Say smt"?"
Natalia Cristina (4 years ago)
Eu amo a voz da Emily <3
Samantha Colorado (4 years ago)
Zoe Zachariah (4 years ago)
Zoe Zachariah (4 years ago)
thanks for replying, now i know i'm top comment :)

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