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The Darkness Is No Place For Humans | Subnautica - Episode 8

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Text Comments (50)
Full Savage (1 month ago)
I just started playing this cause of you lol thanks it’s a great game
Jeremy (2 months ago)
So are you going to rename the sea moth Gromit?
Martyn Lawrence (2 months ago)
I could watch you play this game for hours
FEDERICO BERTO (2 months ago)
I really like this game...wish it will come out on the ps4 Good job by the way, keep it going bro
Kevin Smith (2 months ago)
Those capsules are left by people that already beat the game and you can place those toys in your actual base! Great video btw!
Marcus Y (2 months ago)
Get external planter and plant aerogel and youl never need to look for it again also kyanite will be important so save it when you can and i believe you can only place objects if you craft a table for them im pretty sure you've already learnt external planter and table blueprints
SteNic 1 (2 months ago)
could your webcam be smaller ? that small i dont see you're face. thanks
William Semple (2 months ago)
Face it, with all that radiation you'll die of cancer as soon as you return to your home planet
Dashdbz (2 months ago)
Yes i love the prawn suit! When i was playing this it became aquatic life boxing simulator once i had the prawn suit as i just made it my mission to punch every animal to death, which i accomplished back before Primary Containment Facility was added.
William Berger (2 months ago)
when you try to drop the carry on bag it causes the cyclops to glitch
Michael Murray (2 months ago)
Also btw after I saw how far you were from your base and saw depth I was able to find this so thank you very much still my favorite streamer
Tobias Lillesmed (2 months ago)
oblivion you can hach the egg in a aquarium
Tobias Lillesmed (2 months ago)
Holy fucking shit you replied
Natalie Evans (2 months ago)
Dont charge battery's in the cyclops, try and fill a locker with fully charged ones every time you go out it'll be vital Also, build an alien containment unit, the egg you have is called a Cuddlefish - just build it, put the egg in and enjoy
pj the raindeer (2 months ago)
I want to play subnatica on pc
Marshall Hyasi (2 months ago)
More vids pls ! once a week is soooo long lol !
The Truest Repairman (2 months ago)
but what killed him in the Mc Fiffy
Lex Shuffler (2 months ago)
warper lmao
Marcus Holmqvist (2 months ago)
This is not Rust
skip podra (2 months ago)
There is no point in charging power cells in your cyclops, in fact, its counter-productive. So turn your base into a power station, nuclear reactors etc, you will need a couple nuclear reactors when you start using ion batteries. But one is fine if you just have normal power cells.
Dashdbz (2 months ago)
Ya you can't charge them in the cyclops anymore, that used to work but got changed i think.
Michael Murray (2 months ago)
Don’t put the power cell chargers in the cyclops you are basically transferring energy from one in the engine to the one in the charging dock trust me just put them in your base and they won’t drain as fast
soup (2 months ago)
You should charge all of your Power Cells at your Base, Since Charging the power cells in the cyclops Drains the Power Cells Installed.
Lukas Troy (2 months ago)
Don't be too hard on him self sufficient cyclopse via charging power cells used to be a thing
Mr.Cookie (2 months ago)
Use camera while going deep with cyclop
Hemaang Sharma (2 months ago)
Your Cyclops is constantly low on power because you've put power cell chargers in your cyclops. Where do you think they draw power from to charge the power cells? that's right. From the cyclops' installed power cells. Also whatever you dock into the cyclops' vehicle bay charges by drawing power from the cyclops' installed power cells....
Luke Ellis (2 months ago)
the batteries are draining your battery in the cyclops.as in the ones charging are.
CompletelyIncredible (2 months ago)
Charges Power Cells in a vehicle that runs on Power Cells??? Okay, nice idea Oblivion :D
Dalton Visser (2 months ago)
Awesome video bruv!!!
John nicholson (2 months ago)
Just a glitch in the game still loads.. I tried to put prawn in cyclops missed first time then it disappeared and appeared 2000 meters away.like comment below said use no chargers inboard take a spare set if cells
Rdog (2 months ago)
I always keep 12 power cells when I go on long dives in the cyclops. One reason your Cyclops is running low on power is that it is charging your Prawn suit.
Radu Birlea (2 months ago)
Oblivion try to put solar panels on the Cyclops
Radu Birlea (1 month ago)
Oh ok
Edin743 (2 months ago)
Mr.Cookie It got patched? Sucks.
soup (2 months ago)
It Doesn't Work at all..
Mr.Cookie (2 months ago)
Radu Birlea cant do it
oliver barrachina (2 months ago)
the things you found in the are time capsules
Danny Crandell (2 months ago)
The battery charger lmao
ben//music (2 months ago)
14:46 top right is what was hitting mc fitty
Coder's Crux (2 months ago)
Love you Oblivion <3
Coder's Crux (2 months ago)
or 11th like
Coder's Crux (2 months ago)
I'm the first unlike
Roan Walker (2 months ago)
Coder's Crux what’s an ‘unlike’
Dean Baynon (2 months ago)
Don't charge batteries on the cyclops. They almost drain a whole battery that powers the cyclops to charge a whole battery. You are better off just charging them in a separate base then bringing a couple extra with you in the cyclops.
Eric Miller (2 months ago)
Does he know that the power cell charger is draining his power
William Silveira (2 months ago)
Your power is running off because your power cells are recharging, basically you are swapping the energy from one power cell to another, soon you will have no energy.
j0n1985 (2 months ago)
Ow my freaking ears!!!
Hugo Sa (2 months ago)
try to get the grapling arm for the suit and you can move more easy and most important you can swing also think about it you are using the energy of the cyclops(power cells) to charge power cells you dont get free energy :)
Reese Hammonds (2 months ago)
1st person to like the vid
Reese Hammonds (2 months ago)
9th person

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