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How to Craft EVERY ITEM in The Forest (Read Description)

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This video shows you how to craft every item in The Forest. This was made in update v0.68 though I have added the changes below: CHANGES: * Bombs now require 1 electrical tape to make plus all the other items * Flare gun ammo can be seen by hovering your cursor over the flare gun Items recently added that aren’t in the video: * Slingshot: 1 Stick + 1 Electrical Tape + 1 Cloth * Flashlight attachment: 1 Electrical Tape + Chainsaw OR Modern Bow OR Crafted Bow OR Flintlock Pistol * Poison Upgrade: 4 Twinberries OR 1 Amanita Mushroom OR 1 Jack Mushroom + WEAPON * Throwable Rock Bag: 1 Rabbit Skin + 1 Rope Weapons & Tools 0:11 Crafted Axe: 1 Stick + 1 Rock + 1 Rope 0:18 Crafted Club: 1 Stick + 1 Skull 0:25 Bow: 1 Stick + 1 Cloth + 1 Rope 0:32 Upgraded Stick: 1 Stick + 1 Cloth 0:39 Upgraded Rock: 1 Rock + 1 Cloth 0:45 Weak Spear: 2 Sticks 0:51 Upgraded Spear: 1 Weak Spear + 3 Bones + 2 Cloth 1:08 Repair Tool: 2 Sticks + 1 Rock + 2 Cloth + 10 Tree Sap Arrows 1:22 Arrows: 1 Stick + 5 Feathers = 5 Arrows 1:28 Bone Arrows: 5 Bones + 1 Stick + 5 Feathers = 5 Bone Arrows 1:43 Poison Arrows; = 5 Poison Arrows 4 Twinberry + 5 Arrows; 1 Amanita Mushroom + 5 Arrows; 1 Jack Mushroom + 5 Arrows 2:22 Fire Arrows: 5 Arrows + 1 Cloth + 1 Booze = 5 Fire Arrows Explosives 2:49 Molotov: 1 Cloth + 1 Booze = 1 Molotov 2:55 Bomb: 1 Booze + 1 coins + 1 Circuit Board + 1 Watch + 1 Electrical Tape 3:03 Sticky Bomb: 1 Tree Sap + 1 Bomb 3:29 Head Bomb: 1 Head + 1 Bomb 3:36 Incendiary Spear: 1 Upgraded Spear + 1 Cloth + 1 Booze 3:50 Flare Gun Ammo: 1 Flare + Flare Gun Armour & Clothing 4:08 Stealth Armor: 1 Lizard Skin + 15 Leaves 4:26 Bone Armor: 6 Bones + 3 Cloth = 1 Bone Armor 4:36 Deer Skin: Can be worn without recipe 4:50 Lizard Skin: Can be worn without recipe 4:58 Rabbit Fur Boots: 3 Rabbit Fur + 2 Rope 5:08 Snow Shoes: 5 Stick + 2 Rope Storage 5:16 Water Skin: 1 Rope + 2 Deer Skin 5:26 Berry Pouch: 2 Rabbit Fur 5:35 Stick Bag: 2 Rope + 1 Rabbit Fur + 3 Cloth 5:48 Rock Bag: 3 Rabbit Fur + 1 Cloth + 3 Rope 5:58 Quiver: 3 Rabbit Fur + 1 Rope Consumables 6:05 Herbal Medicine: 1 Aloe + 1 Marigold 6:13 Herbal Medicine+: 1 Aloe + 1 Marigold + 1 Coneflower 6:21 Energy Mix: 1 Chicory + 1 Coneflower 6:28 Energy Mix+: 1 Chicory + 1 Coneflower + 1 Aloe Other 6:37 Rope: 7 Cloth = 1 Rope 6:45 Blue Paint: 2 Blueberries + 1 Tree Sap = 1 Blue Paint 6:53 Orange Paint: 2 Marigold + 1 Tree Sap = 1 Orange Paint 6:59 Painting Weapons Weapon Upgrades 7:19 Speed Upgrade: 1 Feather + 1 Tree Sap + Weapon = 1 Speed Upgrade (+0.1 Speed, -0.05 Damage) 7:31 Damage Upgrade: 1 Tooth + 1 Tree Sap + 1 Weapon = 1 Damage Upgrade (+0.1 Damage, -0.05 Speed) 7:41 Damage+ Upgrade: 1 Booze + 1 Tree Sap + 1 Weapon = 1 Damage Upgrade (+0.2 Damage, -0.1 Speed) 7:56 Fire Upgrade: 1 Cloth + 1 Weapon = 1 Fire Upgrade 8:03 Fire+ Upgrade: Add cloth first then 1 Booze + 1 Weapon = 1 Fire+ Upgrade 8:13 Chainsaw Refill 8:20 Rebreather Refill 8:27 Flintlock Pistol This is not an achievement guide. The achievement 'Crafty' is quite bizarre and possibly bugged as in only certain items contribute to it. I am still testing it with a different steam account. My current findings are: These items contribute to achievement: 1. Upgraded Stick 2. Upgraded Rock 3. Herbal Medicine 4. Herbal Medicine+ 5. Energy Mix 6. Energy Mix+ 7. Weak Spear 8. Upgraded Spear 9. Flintlock Pistol 10. Crafted Bow 11. Bomb 12. Molotov 13. Head Bomb 14. Arrows 15. Robot Toy (Currently bugged, you might only need to attach one head, arm or leg to the toy to trigger this part of the achievement). These items don't APPEAR to contribute: 1. Crafted club 2. Poison Arrows Only 3 of these added to the achievement: 1. Water Skin 2. Berry Pouch 3. Stick Bag 4. Rock Bag 5. Quiver 6. Rabbit Fur Boots I strive to release videos daily for The Forest. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Subscribe to see these videos daily and like if you can, it helps the videos reach more people. I have a public discord server, feel free to join and chat: https://discord.gg/HuSSahh I use Imgur to post some of the pictures from my videos, you may find this helpful. https://farket8238.imgur.com/ I often use https://theforestmap.com/ for my videos. Check it out, it's amazing. All thumbnails, photo shopping, video editing, most of the music, and logo were designed/completed by me.
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Legendary Wolf (3 days ago)
niceeeee e e e ee e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e you perfect ! im limited edition :0
Digimortal (8 days ago)
You don't need a rope for crafting axe according to this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN-34JfUrHY
Farket (4 days ago)
Confirmed: Primitive technology is a better survivalist than the player character.
Suk - Asasin (11 days ago)
unde-i drujba nesimtitule?
Abdur Murati (1 month ago)
thank you so much for helping me how to craft items i love this video
GamePlayGames 99 (1 month ago)
Farket i like u ur a prooo im so a nub in the forest
Krishan Bansode (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot Bro !!! It really helped me!!! 👌👌👌👌👌
Marlen Vassallo (1 month ago)
I did something like that with the help of plans from the stodoys.
Dollis Hill (1 month ago)
This is like Jamie Oliver in the wild !
Dollis Hill (1 month ago)
No worries. You do a good job of systematically going through the variations. Good work!
Farket (1 month ago)
Haha cheers
Sean Chetty (1 month ago)
Very handy tips! Thank you very much mate! :)
Kay Moore (1 month ago)
love the video I'm a Noob to the game and it really helped me out
The Readiez (2 months ago)
Very good video for the new players !
anonymous sucker (2 months ago)
best time @07:26 shit didnt know that ...thanks bro
ks 47 (2 months ago)
*now it's a sticky bomb*
Farket (2 months ago)
Sticky icky bomb
Vlad Dutzy (2 months ago)
Man you are very fucking awesome! I find new item in the firest with your help! Keep up the good work!
Richard Clark (2 months ago)
can someone please answer this question for me. where are the recipes located in game that tell you how to make items not listed in the survival book. for example the stick bag.
Some Filo (1 month ago)
Richard Clark trial and error
Jahati General (3 months ago)
Awesome video , keep up the amazing work!
Farket (3 months ago)
+Jahati General Cheers, will do.
EvilNecroid (3 months ago)
my hand is sore from writing all these down
rocketbird 544 (3 months ago)
u cant make stick and stonebags anymore???
Farket (3 months ago)
+rocketbird 544 Yeah you can.
Caddis (3 months ago)
Bro, i recently started giving the forest ago so started looking for vids about this game and i vame across your channel, your vids a spot on. No BS, just simple and effect gameplay and tips and tricks. So, thank your for your help and keep up good videos. 👍
Farket (3 months ago)
+Caddis Cheers, glad I can help.
Killer Huhn (3 months ago)
Very very very very good Video!!!
bedgrammar (4 months ago)
you're awesome
Farket (3 months ago)
+bedgrammar Cheers
Zoomerach (4 months ago)
Nah its easy just download a cheat engine
Daniel Harbo (4 months ago)
I am new to the game and find everything useful thank you
Farket (4 months ago)
+Daniel Harbo Glad I can help
Scrote (4 months ago)
A really nice video had no choice but to subscribe.
Farket (4 months ago)
+Λ T L Λ S Cheers
雷霆 (4 months ago)
Man,I know there is sort of map plugins for this game ,so people can check their current position anytime,do u know where can I get one?thanks
oliver grofcik (5 months ago)
Brooo again :DD its stamina not stanima good work btw helped a lot
Films MC (5 months ago)
5:30 in the top "Berry Pouch: 2 Rabbit fur = 1 Rabbit pouch" WTF
Films MC (4 months ago)
no, i am just italian
Farket (5 months ago)
+Films MC Done on purpose to weed out the grammar nazis. I think I found one.
Zuzik M (5 months ago)
Finally, I have this achievements. I tried it many times of all crafting recipes. And on the finally i have to paint a stick and rock, and use both type mushrooms to poison arrow.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Zuzik M I still don’t have it haha. Buggy achievement
Leo Silva (5 months ago)
Aaa I love you
Farket (5 months ago)
+Leo Silva <3
The Diamonds (5 months ago)
Thanks Bro !
Farket (5 months ago)
+The Diamonds cheers
yabasify (5 months ago)
can you make fuel for the chainsaw?
YveeX (5 months ago)
no, you can only find it
FaZewolf09 (5 months ago)
Your voice is almost like asmr
critical gaming (4 months ago)
FaZewolf09 hahahah my favorite anime character
FaZewolf09 (4 months ago)
Aiza Belle Estrella Diones: your the first one who noticed lol
critical gaming (4 months ago)
Faze wolf your profile. Is that MIDORIYA
Farket (5 months ago)
+FaZewolf09 Haha yeah, I have been told. Not my intention.
michael buchanan (6 months ago)
michael buchanan (6 months ago)
fuck yes hahah <3
Farket (6 months ago)
+michael buchanan Yes, VB is supreme haha
michael buchanan (6 months ago)
Farket (6 months ago)
+michael buchanan Cheers
Ege Kaya (7 months ago)
fuck you bro it is so good video <3
Farket (7 months ago)
Cheers bro
Joba (7 months ago)
fackin ell ur voice is deep
Farket (7 months ago)
Mücahit Eryılmaz (7 months ago)
I dont know why but, I was reloading flare gun's ammo one by one, thank you ! :D
Farket (7 months ago)
Damn, that would of taken awhile, especially if you were near suitcases filled with flares. Glad I could help.
OllieWithACamera (7 months ago)
Love your voice so much!
Catty Cattington (7 months ago)
Could you make a video dedicated to defense maybe? (Stuff like walls, locations, strategies, what can be climbed over, etc)
Farket (7 months ago)
+Catty Cattington Currently in the works. Problem is such projects take ALOT of testing. Ill release a video this week.
Zyrex (7 months ago)
farket Can you please make Best Way To Kill every type of cannibal cuz them damn painted ones take like 30 katana hits
Zyrex (7 months ago)
yeah my main problem is my strength is 14? for some reason u havent been cutting trees down as i dont need them at the moment of my base cuz i built a stone and stick wall
Farket (7 months ago)
+Zyrex Thats in the works at the moment, I dont think people will like it as it will require a big change in the way people use combat.
Zyrex (7 months ago)
damn your channel is growing
Farket (7 months ago)
+Zyrex Yeah its going well aye
Cristian Kimura (7 months ago)
Hey, is there any key to hide all the home and construction icons on your screen, because in a late game is getting kind of annoying :(
Cristian Kimura (7 months ago)
Farket Ohh thanks
Farket (7 months ago)
+Cristián Kimura Its in the gameplay settings. I believe its called 'show icon overlay'
Farket (7 months ago)
You can't attach feathers to the chainsaw, thought I would clarify that. I added some information about the 'Crafty' achievement in the description if anyone is interested. I will do a video on it when I know more.
Pita Bread (6 days ago)
I find your videos extremely helpful and informative, Thank you!
CS:GO & R6 Clips (7 months ago)
Very useful ty
Farket (7 months ago)
+CS:GO Clips Cheers, glad it helped
Zaky Amani (7 months ago)
Im the 450th views
Farket (7 months ago)
+Muhammad Zaky Haha cheers
ADHDoug (7 months ago)
I WANT TO EAT THE PAINT IT'S BRIGHT AND COLORFUL AND MADE OF BLUEBERRIES and sap. Also, how would you rate the various arrows? I typically go with bone since most of the time bones seem far easier to come across and store than sticks, and I also had a suspicion that the upgrades reverting the model to wood wasn't just visual, but are fire and poison even worth using, at least conditionally? Never had much luck with fire as the cannibals always seem to put it out immediately, haven't had a chance to experiment with poison against mutants.
Farket (7 months ago)
+ADHDoug Its based on your playing style, from what you said, stick to bone arrows. Fire arrows take way too long to light in my opinion. I am the same as you. Bone arrows do 40% extra damage. Fire arrows add some burn damage and incapacitate for a short period of time but I dont think its worth it. The poison damage is so low that I feel that it is barely noticeable, might be good against a few mutants. Get them poisoned to help take them down, but I dunno. One good tip with fire arrows is rabbits, cooks them instantly in an emergency.
Cad (7 months ago)
Thx man, this was so fucking needed✌
Farket (7 months ago)
+Cad Cheers, glad it helps
msherwood (7 months ago)
excited to see your channel continue growing!
Farket (7 months ago)
+msherwood Thanks
Lucius Nekromanteion (7 months ago)
MVP cheers farket
Farket (7 months ago)
+Lucius Nekromanteion Thanks
Kind Kyttocks (7 months ago)
Simple but invaluable. Cheers Farket.
Farket (7 months ago)
+Kind Kyttocks Thanks
Alex Armsy (7 months ago)
Got those 1k subs. Nicely done Farket.
Alex Armsy (7 months ago)
Farket School has started...sad af.. Now I'm on my trip back home...Man I can barely play The Forest anymore :c
Farket (7 months ago)
+Alex Armsy Cheers
The Vegan Bear (7 months ago)
Didnt know you could reload the flare gun with flares thanks for the great tip
Ginny Nostram (5 months ago)
I currently have over 100 loaded in my flare gun. You can load it in by 5, and you should be able to hover over it in your inventory and it show a count of how many flares are loaded.
Farket (7 months ago)
+The Vegan Bear Yeah, its a shame you cannot see the ammo. I believe the max maybe 58 or 68 I read somewhere.
Jisung (7 months ago)
That's pretty neat.
Farket (7 months ago)
+SSG Leuser Cheers

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