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Text Comments (26)
KUNOLEO (1 month ago)
I just updated my editing software, sorry if the editing is a bit sloppy or something~~
Shatgunan shat (30 days ago)
Play more
Fx Kristian2 (1 month ago)
#ASK In last place on flower, how to hit grey button? I cant do that?
G3tR3ktM8 (1 month ago)
try to do it with the white scream like ability to get away the gas und there is a button under the middle girl
Itsuka Shidou (1 month ago)
KUNOLEO (1 month ago)
Sheryl Jones (1 month ago)
I still can't pass the Frankenstein Cus there is a wall blocking me from progressing and I pressed all the buttons I could why
G3tR3ktM8 (1 month ago)
you need to escape frankenstein by activating the button with the scream ability and the instantly switch to fast running girl and run to the exit
Sheryl Jones (1 month ago)
Thx man it worked I really appreciate it.
Carter O’Neil (1 month ago)
You need to press the button, then run as fast as you can back to the entrance, leave the room and then go back in. The door should be unlocked. I was confused for a while as well.
KUNOLEO (1 month ago)
That's weird :S
RPG迷 (1 month ago)
10:44,,,,,how to turn off the button?
RPG迷 (1 month ago)
Sean Flannery thank you😊
Sean Flannery (1 month ago)
The third-to-last flower girl is different from the others. attack her enough times for her to disappear, then the button will show up in her place.
RPG迷 (1 month ago)
yes,,,,,is updated 25th
Simon Lanthier (1 month ago)
shining bastard (1 month ago)
Glad you're playing this again 😄
Cheesehead Headcheese (1 month ago)
I've seen this before I am have nightmares about it
jishan mohiudden (1 month ago)
thanks i figured it out nice
jishan mohiudden (1 month ago)
i need this version
KUNOLEO (1 month ago)
you can find a guide with DL link in the description
jishan mohiudden (1 month ago)
where did you download this?
hopeBR br (1 month ago)
Hi Kuno .-. another ehh?....H-Game........
KUNOLEO (1 month ago)
link in description
Bdsc Rogers (1 month ago)
How do I update my fobs
KUNOLEO (1 month ago)
Old game i played on this channel and it finally had a update with new content. I'm actually striving to make less H-games videos

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