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Cyclops getting eaten again... | Hardcore Subnautica S02E02

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THE REAPER IS CHOMPING ON MY SHIP AGAIN ===================== www.danielfenner.com Twitch: www.twitch.tv/fenn3r Twitter: www.twitter.com/danielfenner Facebook: www.facebook.com/fenn3r Instagram: DanielFenner Snapchat: DanielFenner ===================== Music: TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7xai5u_tnk Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (128)
hawa yassin (6 days ago)
hawa yassin (6 days ago)
holy moly wth is da reaper doing there
TH0M4S.C - UNTURNED (20 days ago)
looks like you need some flex tape
NovelicVerbosity (1 month ago)
Fenner, Lala tip: You have multiple cameras on the Cyclops! You can use the scroll wheel to see them! I like to point the stern one to see behind me, the one on the top the direction I'm driving, and use the middle one to look around on the sides.
J0seph OW (1 month ago)
When does the reaper attack?
Fax_ Silk (2 months ago)
3:56 Its all about realism here. Has a pink ship interior lives on an alien planet and there are things trying to kill him 😂
It’s Nemo (2 months ago)
Hey fennel just letting u know there are not cameras
OnR G (2 months ago)
Fenner, you have to care not getting hit by your own seamoth while climbing out of it like @28:38. I died like that once
TheBrown Hitman (2 months ago)
bring the purple tablet to the island with the gun and go into the base and also make the modification station and get dept modules
Gagnon Anthony (2 months ago)
Thumbs up guys common :)
Gagnon Anthony (2 months ago)
Gagnon Anthony (2 months ago)
Gagnon Anthony (2 months ago)
Gagnon Anthony (2 months ago)
Noé Engel (2 months ago)
Fenner can u do torpedoes
Flurry Heart (2 months ago)
If ur gonna build more stuff in ur home u got to rethink cos from what i know u would like to move ur base , if u built more stuff in ur home THAN decide to move its gonna be very very chaotic so maybe just rethink if thats what u really want
Wilmer Säfsten (2 months ago)
It’s an lazercuter dor wher you SAD its waht nothing wher the drill arm wher
Wilmer Säfsten (2 months ago)
LOL swedish name
Wilmer Säfsten (2 months ago)
What id it then
Jonte Levin (2 months ago)
Thats not swedish
Anthony Bebbington (2 months ago)
shit name pick :)
Andeberg 3 (2 months ago)
Keep up the good work Fenner
pndkrhu (2 months ago)
At 21:39 you see the locker to the right side of the doorway? There should be a pda in there. always check those lockers in degasi habitats :)
Merijn Haeyen (2 months ago)
Your intro is so statisfying
Peter Døvle (2 months ago)
Jäger is sweedish for hunter.
Jonte Levin (2 months ago)
Peter Døvle nope jägare is hunter in swedish get your facts right
Sam Sleeper (2 months ago)
There is also a control panel opposite your colour customisation thingy in the cyclops where it shows you where the breaches are
Sam Sleeper (2 months ago)
There are holes on the outside of the cyclops for you to use your repair tool on but you can't repair the one at the front but it will disappear when all the holes have been repaired. Keep the vids up man luv ya ❤️
ulrik fonlistenstine (2 months ago)
When he said degasi habitat, i thought i heard the gasy habitat
Kirrek (2 months ago)
You can build in the cyclops
Jespa (2 months ago)
Make a flashlight dude. You will continue to miss stuff in the wrecks and anywhere dark otherwise.
Bryan Liew (2 months ago)
You're so fucking stupid, watching this is hilarious
Fennex (2 months ago)
There's a place called the void its pitch black where ghost leviathan spawns (blue creature that attack you last season) every 14 seconds one spawns in total 3 can spawn at a time in the void
alexei garbuz (2 months ago)
You can build a lot of stuff inside the cyclops, making it your moving base: 1 internal plant grower (for food) 2 lots of lockers (for space) 3 builder 4 radio ... So on you got it. I started playing the game with you (I’m still alive, a bit more cautious than you xD), now I’m leaving in my cyclops. Great series, keep on the good work 💪
Jasper (2 months ago)
British Australian with German fanbase noice one XD
Jasper (2 months ago)
Nice New Intro
Vetle Robstad Lunden (2 months ago)
Make the prawn suit
Dinky_ toys ツ (2 months ago)
German/Swiss Squad where you at ???
Simon Vanaudenhove (2 months ago)
Nice Belgium colours too ,love the vids!!!!
Dracula (2 months ago)
I love your vids and your streams! Keep it up!
Mar311tin_ (2 months ago)
I am German lol
Benjamin Hedman (2 months ago)
On the left side inside the cyclops when in the cockpit theres an icon of where the danage is !
fallenprometheus (2 months ago)
Fenner, PLEASE, start looking around more carefully. You missed a locked door on the FIRST TWO wreckages. Ps: There's always a laser cutter room in all the wreckages. lol
Maxwell Gulsvig (2 months ago)
I think in the wreckage you were in you can laser cut a door
Alfred Saad (2 months ago)
Jager is an operator in rainbow six siege 😂😂😂
ccchristian (2 months ago)
In this episode, Fenner learns how to open doors and why a laser cutter is useful. Seriously though, love that the Subnautica series continues, I'm always excited when a new episode comes out
best plays (2 months ago)
Call your locker or the ciclone the name of your cat.
BlackSlasherGaming (2 months ago)
Nice video, I subscribed!
Norbert (2 months ago)
I don't understand a word but I love his videos xD
vvcaw (2 months ago)
How U pronounced Jäger😂
CGDW2 (2 months ago)
You're going to like that modification station, it's what lets you upgrade your depth modules so you can go deeper! Also knife upgrade, with that and stasis rifle you can kill a surprising number of fish. ...not the reaper though
Jacob Badali (2 months ago)
I need to get the drill arm for the prawn suit in order to drill things! Thank me later
Vilius Shark (2 months ago)
Luv you
ישראל מנשה (2 months ago)
Repear the big ship that i cant tip her name from the out side
Justiy (2 months ago)
Eren Jager From attack on titan?
Jake Musser (2 months ago)
Fenner, in that first huge wreckage that you explored inside of, I'm pretty sure that there was a Prawn Suit arm that you missed because it was dark, and maybe a sealed door? You should go back to the previous wreckages and check that you didn't miss any sealed doors there too.
William Salaman (2 months ago)
In the "crater" there is nothing but livathins don't go
sini sorsa (2 months ago)
I think you need to do depht modules and go to lost river because u have almost everything.go to cyclops back you find there cyclops fabricator ps.love your videos
Isaac Marraffino (2 months ago)
Make some of the standing lockers. They hold a lot more. There was a door to cut through in that wreckage at 15 mins. The other drill arm piece is in there.
Trattbarn (2 months ago)
There are some larger lockers dude! And btw press f6...
Pontus Bülow (2 months ago)
Love this series, ur the best<3
MisterGMouse (2 months ago)
Fender you can use the stasis gun and a better knife to kill the leviathan
MisterGMouse (2 months ago)
THNC (2 months ago)
True Brandon (2 months ago)
It's also from pacific rim the movie Woops it's spelled differently
PrivatePengu (2 months ago)
Jæger is also danish, and pretty sure it's also some other nordic languages. Also the G isn't pronounced, it's softer like Y in Yes
mörkö (2 months ago)
You need some more depth modules, if i remember correctly the seamoth ones should be pretty easy
mörkö (2 months ago)
Also i think theres a slimmer chance of a reaper attack if you turn your engine off while its close
Dagur Atli Guðmundsson (2 months ago)
Love your vids
Leo (2 months ago)
There was a door in the wreckage you explored, you could've used the laser cutter to get it
William Salaman (2 months ago)
dont go into the dead zone!!!!!
HMR gaming (2 months ago)
fenner to upgrade the depth module u need the modification station
Ayoub P (2 months ago)
You can't repair the cyclops the same way as you repair the seamoth : you need to find the holes along the hull and repair each hole. The holes are displayed on the cyclops hologram in the control room
YouGamble (2 months ago)
Love your Videos You Even have Fans in Austria
Pr0style (2 months ago)
To repair the cyclops, you have to check the screen inside, there's a projection of the boat to the left. It shows where the holes are, and then go outside repair it
Pr0style (2 months ago)
Also, try to get a gell sack seed ASAP. So you can plant them in outdoor growbeds. You'll need them for aerogel, which you'll need for the prawn suit and more, which you'll also need ruby for
xXKrümel monsterXx (2 months ago)
Jäger means hunter
_ Seafour _ (2 months ago)
xXKrümel monsterXx Ach ne
xXKrümel monsterXx (2 months ago)
Im german too and i love your videos :)
Thijmen Geluk (2 months ago)
Thank you gor all the good vids!!
10:44 yeah u need a prawn suit
amino gaming (2 months ago)
Jager is a operator in rainbow six seige
john Tsougrianis (2 months ago)
Are you serious mate, there was a damn door you could lasercut through in the reck at 15’. Also if you look at the left in the cyclops control room you can see where the hull is breached and repair it from the outside. You’re welcome
Ryan Severn (1 month ago)
john Tsougrianis (2 months ago)
what does that have to do with anything
TheN9nth (2 months ago)
You're lucky salt is a valuable resource.
Naqqi mem (2 months ago)
U can fix the Jäger out side there's those things
Dinky_ toys ツ (2 months ago)
Nakki its ok you meant it nice 😂🤟
Naqqi mem (2 months ago)
Oh shit I wasn't watched till the end sry
[MNI] hi_54 (2 months ago)
14:50 there is stuff there fenner. you're just too blind to see it ;P oh and btw, German here
Odin T (2 months ago)
There was a door you could lasercut in the broken ship early on, the one with *nothing in it*
Royalty Simon (2 months ago)
Prawn suit with drill arm to mine it
Shal0m (2 months ago)
Fenner, love the stream and the vids. Keep it up dude
Sam Dreamsaturn (2 months ago)
Try to get the prawn suit
Edvard Fors (2 months ago)
please build a base in the Cyclops :D
Fabian Andreen (2 months ago)
At 34:28 there is the water filtration thing. Forgot to scan it :D (I love this series! And this game).
Thijmen Geluk (2 months ago)
Fenner make a radio and a fabricator in your Cyclops. Like so he is see this
Vortrex (2 months ago)
Hey, also a german here! Just Love your videos, keep em up!
mystic worlds (2 months ago)
Jäger =Hunter in Norwegian
sigurd h (1 month ago)
Jeger is hunter in norwegian
MisterMegaCraft - Gaming (2 months ago)
Also in german
Itacheyyy Uchiha (2 months ago)
yea Boy Germany! <3
You Tube (2 months ago)
I am German lol nice vid btw saved my day 😊
Antonio Hernandez (2 months ago)
Love you Fenner!
Gabriel Aspirot (2 months ago)
You have a storage unit for your seamoth
Deion OG (2 months ago)
thumbs up if you think this should be a daily series!!!
Gagnon Anthony (2 months ago)
Yes i think so
Theycallmeogy Gamer (2 months ago)
Me too
Daniel Fenner (2 months ago)
Yea I think so
Gabriel Aspirot (2 months ago)
Fenner =better than Pew die pie
_ Seafour _ (2 months ago)
Gabriel Aspirot 3rd Comment dude
Gabriel Aspirot (2 months ago)
Play overwatch mystery heroes please
Ember_19 (2 months ago)
Love ur vids I was the one that comment that I'm not German I just like the word!
SpionGrunzen8 (2 months ago)
We should have picked Eichhörnchen or something xD
M8 chill with the vehicle deaths.
Sander Strømsheim (2 months ago)
Hi fenner just love your videos and your creativity is so cool. Wish u the best in the future❤️ hope you are gonna be an even bigger youtuber!
best plays (2 months ago)
Sander Strømsheim same words
20 player fin YT (2 months ago)
Sander Strømsheim same words
Sander Strømsheim (2 months ago)
If there had been a movie about subnautica had you seen it then and what had you given it by 1-10?
Daniel Fenner (2 months ago)
Thanks bro!
Linus Johansen (2 months ago)
ay ok (2 months ago)
shady313 (2 months ago)
jäger is a cool name :)
Soma Cruz (2 months ago)
lul, that title, r.i.p Yager
Gabriel keough (2 months ago)
Warhammer Boy (2 months ago)
Hè fenner i am back

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