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Join my discord server! https://discord.gg/rPyDTzD Today we explore a bit more in the world of Subnautica and jump back into the Subnautica Backend to see what kind of stuff the devs are doing in each of these updates! These updates include 'warper voiceovers'... NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relevant Links: Backend - https://subnautica.unknownworlds.com/changes-and-checkins Subnautica Trello - https://trello.com/b/yxoJrFgP/subnautica Subnautica 3D Models - https://sketchfab.com/fox3d Subnautica Wiki - http://subnautica.wikia.com/wiki/Subnautica_Wiki --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to join our Discord Chat: https://tinyurl.com/crunchcord How To join our Steam Group: http://tinyurl.com/awesomecrunchies Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Awesomecrunch Subscribe :D - http://tinyurl.com/sub2crunch ♫ Music (If any): Subnautica OST Outro Music - Robot Disco Dance by Teknoaxe: - http://teknoaxe.com/Home.php - https://www.youtube.com/user/teknoaxe - https://www.facebook.com/Teknoaxe/ - Support them on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/teknoaxe :D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My PC Specs: Graphics Card - MSI GTX 960 2gb CPU - Intel i7 6700k (4.2GHz) RAM - 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3000MHz (RED) Motherboard - GIGABYTE Z170-GAMING K3-EU OS - Windows 8.1 SSD - 240GB SanDisk --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you enjoyed the video, subscribe to see more quality content! Thanks a bunch! Awesomecrunch 👊
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Text Comments (132)
AquaDronix (9 months ago)
the damaged fragments for the power transmitter are for scanning to obtain the blueprints ^μ^
Jack Snow (9 months ago)
Fruity1Tonix 2025 ye smth didn't add up AwesomeCrunch
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
I googled crabs and guns high and i get subnautica crap
You used to sound quite female, now you don't, huh
Awesomecrunch just thought I'd point it out
Awesomecrunch (4 months ago)
Double Matter Gaming Damaged that's good i guess
ObeliskOfficial (9 months ago)
awesomecrunch, look up gj 1214b. it is fascinating.. it may help solve some questions regarding 4546b itself
LollyGagGamer (9 months ago)
What are your plans after subnautica? Not that I'm in a rush for subnautica to finish but I'm just curious.
Sikulka Sikulka (9 months ago)
I like the new reaper but i think i am going to teleport to the aurora now
Christina Broerman (9 months ago)
At 0:02 is a thing that says *seizure*
joan brocklesby (9 months ago)
Everything in the is a girl
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Kid Gamer (9 months ago)
*watching porn* *gets notification* *explodes*
[Yuri] Stale Meme (9 months ago)
Haven't watched your recent vids but holy shit puberty hit you like a truck.
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
OCv RemixX 'Cum guzzling cunt' Ahahaha xD
Spacegamer 383 (9 months ago)
Me: atleast the reaper can't get any scarier Devs: New terrifying detailed reaper skin with no light at night
I'mANoob (9 months ago)
AwesomeCrunch:The back looks amazing now. Me:ITS TERRIBLE IM EVEN MORE TERRIFIED plus I won't be able to see it :( cause I have the Xbox and laptop version but on the laptop version it's leggy as heck
Charley Tank (9 months ago)
lots of great information you got my like.
endmasterLP (9 months ago)
The "cute fish follow - stop follow" part in the chekins sounds REALLY good, because I hate it in video games, when your pet is always following you and just ends up getting eaten or killed in other ways. And scince an adult cutefish can't be picked up anymore (as it was possible w´before you could play with it), it is good that they thought about a way to keep it out of danger! :D
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
endmasterLP True!!
Dissected Grape Studios (9 months ago)
Reaper leviathan: DIE, DIE, DIE!
I think the cutefish snack is just a fish you put in your hand and feed it but I don't know for sure
Peeble Kitty (9 months ago)
0:19 Random boomerang: WHEEEEEEEEE!
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Peeble Kitty aha
Samuel David (9 months ago)
You sound older
TheCuriousNathan (9 months ago)
Almost 26,000!😀
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
TheCuriousNathan :D
PasteurizedPika79 (9 months ago)
when you see its face without the vicious teeth and wierd claw thingies it looks cute
PasteurizedPika79 (9 months ago)
Really! Also, Imagine if they made a baby reaper leviathan... that's be awesome!
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
PasteurizedPika79 aha really?
DarthGamer (9 months ago)
I think the thing on the Reaper's head is called a crescent.
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
DarthGamer Oh nice
Captain Fearless (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch, when you click on the cutefish to play with the Cutefish, you are supposed to hold out a little brown ball with your finger and thumb, and the cutefish will swoop in and eat it from your hand. Maybe you could show that animation in your next Subnautica video if it is in yet.
Captain Fearless (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch Thank you :)
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Captain Fearless will do!
TheDarktiger81 (9 months ago)
you know what would be awesome. if they added some kind of easter egg with you. like say a character in game. or maybe your sunken ship and there's a box of Captain crunch inside. that would be awesome (*pun Intended ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*)
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Jack Snow (9 months ago)
bro help me please can you help me get rid of cutefish ? I smashed like 4 or 3 for some reason and they keep glitching and getting in the way PLEASE HELP
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Don't think you can!
Brenon1106 (9 months ago)
This game has changed so much since I last saw videos on it in late 2015
pixelking (9 months ago)
I think The reaper leviathan is secretly Peter Griffin.. It's chin gives it away. If I was a hacker I'd hack the game to change the Reaper's sounds to peters laugh xD "OH NO! A REAPER!" _"Reaper: Hehehehehehe"_
Eric Garcia (9 months ago)
pixelking jokes aside, he could use more detail
I'mANoob (9 months ago)
endmasterLP that might have been Acituanbus
endmasterLP (9 months ago)
I've seen sombody photoshop Peter Griffin'S face onto the reaper! xD
dank sunday (9 months ago)
pixelking In theory you coukd search the files for the sounds and just replace them with the same name
Musef , (9 months ago)
I dont understand anything except like and subscribe. Thats why im gonna like
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
aha thanks
Pierce Derpes (9 months ago)
Another great video m8!and yes the reaper did have glowing eyes that emitted green
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
ty :D
ANT-BOY (9 months ago)
Like your vids man!
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
thanks :D
Pause_Game (9 months ago)
Accurate! (9 months ago)
I only get lava as a drink and crimsons as burgers and lava lizards is a burrito down in the lava zone.
Accurate! (9 months ago)
And the Warper voiceovers if you do freedom or survival they appear.
Bookp L (9 months ago)
Cool video
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Are the reaper's fins supposed to glow like this? They don't fit with the rest of the texture.
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Yup I believe so!
Данила Ветринь Yup,almost every creature in subnautica glows,except for stalkers and lava lizards.
ApeX MoDs (9 months ago)
Give me a Shoutout Please 😂 😂 love ya content
Justin Heiser (9 months ago)
I remember a time when the Crash Site didn't exist, the exosuit was a blocky white model, and you had to use a Fragment Analyzer to get recipes.
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Aha me too!
Popfturtle (9 months ago)
Oh wow you actually replied wow that's awesome|crunch ha ha I'm not funny
xProlive (9 months ago)
G'day everybody my name is *KEEEH* Awesomecrunch
jgb123 (9 months ago)
Crunch your voice is hot bro
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Wireless_Phantom (9 months ago)
I'm subscribed to several overwatch channels, and when I saw the first bit of the title I clicked instantly.
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
omg aha
_TurtleGaming_ (9 months ago)
Cool beans
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Alemtay (9 months ago)
your videos are getting better and better keep it up!!
I'mANoob (9 months ago)
but I don't make sense either way so
I'mANoob (9 months ago)
Alemtay that's basically saying his old videos suck because ur saying they get better and better than the old ones so they would suck
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Thanks! :D
Sam Van Cutsem (9 months ago)
Still their water is kinda poop
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
What water?
Exotic Birds (9 months ago)
Can you reply to me awesomecrunch I'm a big fan.
Exotic Birds (9 months ago)
Thanks! Keep up your vids!
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
FN9381 (9 months ago)
markiplier will never sleep again
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Exotic Birds (9 months ago)
Last time I was this early Subnautica didn't exist.
Datowda Animates (9 months ago)
I'm just scrolling down the comments just to see who says your voice changed a lot :D (those shiny balls of reaper... LOL)
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
aha xD
Karl Tyrie (9 months ago)
thank god you said it right
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Karl Tyrie oh aha
Karl Tyrie (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch your name haha
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
said what right?
Morph Guy (9 months ago)
The damaged models for the power transmitter and gravsphere are the fragments you have to scan to unlock them.
Awesomecrunch YEE
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
ye xD
Crotic Shadow (9 months ago)
I love how your getting more videos out. Iv been here ever since you started, when your voice was higher.
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Thanks for sticking around!
Hotdogs Hotdogs (9 months ago)
Or the damaged models are for fragments
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Pretty sure they are yes xD
just_another_gamer_21 (9 months ago)
Someone needs to make an attack on titan reference where they have the reaper pop his head up over the aurora right before it explodes
adel wael (9 months ago)
One of cutefish petting animations is the character pulls a snake and then the cutefish eats it before there was no snack in his hand but now there is
adel wael (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch you don't just a cosmetic thing
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
adel wael how do you get the snack?
adel wael (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch in 50975 they hooked the stop/follow and the snack cuz it was bugged now you should see it properly
adel wael (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch yeah it's not a new animation tho there are three animations in total one for high fiving the cutefish one for tickling it's tummy and one for feeding it this snack thing maybe a piece of nutrient block?
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Precursor prowler (9 months ago)
You can see the butt chin #reaperisafended
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Kamen rider guy (9 months ago)
ah it's even creepier
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
ahaha yup
Connor Games (9 months ago)
(Reaper eats Awesomecrunch) Reaper: Mmm... Crunchy
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Aha yeh don't worry i'm working on something!
Connor Games (9 months ago)
Oh yeah, The Power transmitter broken is the thing your supposed to scan
Connor Games (9 months ago)
Btw, I would love to see you start new series on new games, (Maybe Space Engineers Season 2 :O)
Rick Sanchez (9 months ago)
Shit I was to late
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
You got here in the end!
Saber Kaouane (9 months ago)
That intro was really weird.
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
aha xD
ApeX MoDs (9 months ago)
Why Are The Reapers Balls shiner Than before???
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
He waxed them ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Dapper Alpaca (9 months ago)
Oh my god this has to be earliest I've been to a video, keep up the amazing work I love your channel!
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Thank you!
Crazy Banana! (9 months ago)
they did a really good job on the new reaper skin. it's spooky
Eileen Johnson (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch that was cute when he return home
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Popfturtle (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Noctjaw (9 months ago)
Jajajaja omg seizure xD also I found the video where I predicted the Leviathan eggs!! It's the "everything you need to know about the lost river" video!
Noctjaw (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch oh sorry I didn't know you saw I'm a bit too proud rn..
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
I know you told me already! xD
Lorenz the Furry (9 months ago)
oh I was first...I was....ohh
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)
You gonna play JC3 MP when it comes out on steam tomorrow?
Awesomecrunch (9 months ago)

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