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The Forest Update V.52 - "Creative Mode and New Suits"

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Today in the forest we take a look at update v.52 which brings creative mode and suits which is new character skins. Update V0.52 patch notes A new game mode now gets unlocked at the end of the epilogue A new clothing option is available in mp for players who complete the game Fixed snow falling into some areas it shouldn’t (multiplayer) Fix for an enemy turning invisible during transformation (multiplayer) Fixed players overlapping each other in a cutscene Lighter can no longer be equipped during a particular cutscene (multiplayer) Fixed clients seeing additional dropped bodies (multiplayer) Fixed some dropped bodies not being visible for clients Fixed water source trigger appearing to not respond if trying to interact with it before the end of the re-use delay Some texture memory optimizations Ghost wall type switch is no longer concurrent with the regular ghost interaction trigger (both can be used at the same time, regardless of holding log or not) (Multiplayer) Fixed a case of story progression getting blocked if client left the game at the wrong time New gameplay option: Regrowing Trees On/Off (replaces the regrow mode cheat) Added latest story items to notes chapter of book Optimized memory usage of some end game animations Fixed keycard doors not retaining unlocked state Made boss creature more resistant to molotov attacks (Multiplayer) Fixed restarting a new game lobby not working after finishing the story as host (multiplayer) Fixed other player weapons sometimes being held in wrong pose when first joining a game -------------------------------------------What is this game?----------------------------------- It's The Forest , you can get it here http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/242760/ -----------------------------------------------Music---------------------------------------------------- Outro "One of those days" Virtuo System https://soundcloud.com/virtuosystem ---------------------------------Our Info--------------------------------- Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/llamajobqueue Twitter : https://twitter.com/Llamajobqueue G+ : http://bit.ly/2mBW1NL
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Text Comments (25)
Mathew (1 year ago)
can you unlock creative with ending on a multiplayer?
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
Yes you can unlock creative in multiplayer, so get everyone you can to run though the lab makes life easier
cerealzMetatron (1 year ago)
spoiler?! duude
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
+cerealzMetatron haha sorry man :)
Hoplasa (1 year ago)
Hey fellow survivors, i've been wondering if theres a way or work around to take a creative game into normal mode? i really want the cannibals to raid my "fortress of doom" thanks in advance
Hoplasa (1 year ago)
haha yeah i spent all day yesterday in creative ;) THANKS FOR INFO BUD. so smazing
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
+Hoplasa good news man we can now turn cannibals on in creative :D
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
As of right now there is no way to transfer a creative world into a normal mode, but hopefully in the future there will be a way.
HOT DOG FILTER (1 year ago)
Hey do you think there is anyway to cheat (go into the game files) to easily get creative mode. Because I beat the game last update and now I have to restart. lol I don't want to do that again!
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
+Joey Dodd I have yet to find a way to do so, but I'm in the same boat. I unlocked it 5 times now and it keeps locking itself. I will let you know if I find out which file unlocks creative
Ian Baskerville (1 year ago)
One question I completed the game solo on peaceful got creative mode but whenever I go online I never seem to be wearing the tuxedo please help.
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
+Ian Baskerville I'm not sure if they patched it to where the host can wear the clothes, but I know if your playing multiplayer and you're a client you should be able to wear them. Although you just need to die a lot in order to spawn with them.
Rodney Dalton (1 year ago)
The issue where you cannot make a new server after beating the game is not fixed. It just happened to me.
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
+Random - Gaming it should work fine for a creative server, just the ending in survival mode causes the server to hang you can close it with task manager for a quick fix until the roll out a fix.
Random - Gaming (1 year ago)
+Llama Job Queue i guess im not starting solo server then.
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
+Random - Gaming Yeah I hope they patch it soon it's a really unfortunate issue
Random - Gaming (1 year ago)
yea me and my friend just beat the game and tryed making a creative server and it doesn't work i was thinking it's steam problem or something
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
+Rodney Dalton Yeah I had to go into the task manager to close the server hope they fix it soon
Ratchanon Juthathep (1 year ago)
I need enemy in Creative mode, how ?
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
+Ratchanon Juthathep As of right now there are no enemies in creative mode. Currently all it has is rapid building and your stats don't lower
The Fire God Skull (1 year ago)
but how to get the creative mode please answer mee]
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
After you beat the game you go to new world and its at the end of the list right after Hard Mode. Hope that helps :)
itz yo boy drizzy (1 year ago)
to get the suits you need to complete the game and create or join an online game
Blivnikl (1 year ago)
there is probably a file in the forest game files with a value that might determine witch clothing option you are assigned to so it might be possible to find and change it in cheat engine (this is however guess work)
Llama Job Queue (1 year ago)
yea we got them by constantly dying and re spawning, it'd be cool if we can store it in a wardrobe

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