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Subnautica #12 - Crash Site

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Once again we've crashlanded on an alien ocean planet teeming with hostile natives, and have to rummage through the sea water to make a cool base yadda yadda yadda. Support Zisteau on Patreon! -- https://www.patreon.com/Zisteau Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zisteau Stream: https://twitch.tv/Zisteau Subnautica's website: https://unknownworlds.com/subnautica/
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Text Comments (79)
Trent Light (26 days ago)
this is one of the most hair tearing LPs I've watched for you Zisteau....but then it wouldn't be blind now would it....ARGH!!!!...*sigh* keep it up Z.
Undertale Fan21 (1 month ago)
Okay I know that this is his first time playing the game, but when he doesn't pay attention to the lore... it gives me a headache
Rob Rose (1 month ago)
Did he empty his inventory at some point? Because he cut stuff out and then his inventory was less full.
FalcoGer (1 month ago)
you want... a flame thrower. on an OCEAN PLANET. you are odd.
FalcoGer (1 month ago)
you do want that radio. really.
Ok, there are some tips to make this less painful to watch: 1) If the radio beeps, it means you have a message. The sound goes away after you restart the game, so just pay attention to the light. The notification pops up only once, and you could've very well missed it. 2) NEVER RIGHT-CLICK YOUR ITEMS OUTSIDE YOUR BASE! 3) NEVER LEFT-CLICK YOUR FOOD UNLESS YOU WANT TO EAT IT! 4) When you pick up a PDA, it opens the thing you just picked up right away if you check it immediately. 5) It's always nice having your base look good from the outside. Or at least make sense. 6) Pay attention to details, anything that stands out (shiny or weirdly-shaped things) might be important, but it sometimes blends in very well (you seem to be good at it though). And never be like "I checked this corner of the room and it gave what I wanted, so why should I check the other one?" 7) Don't stop reading halfway through a PDA (unless you're going to read it later), you might misunderstand something and make wrong assumptions (like the collective mind BS that happened on a completely different planet). 8) You jump higher when you run.
et tech and games (1 month ago)
wow you found a leviathan
Oduunich Loftuer (1 month ago)
There are like 3 more Prawn Suits in the bay you can scan. You also need to clear the boxes off the conveyor belt in the Prawn Bay to get to the balcony. You really want to save old batteries to recharge them once you find that as well.
psmitty840 (1 month ago)
Hey a few quality of life things. The seaglide is a flashlight that also does other stuff. Haven't really found a reason to bother with the regular flashlight after that is built. You can keybind stuff easier than dragging the old out and the new in, just mouse over the item and press the number you want it on. You need a radio still lol. Other than that, it's humbling to see how much stuff I missed lol. With the exception of giant, gaping holes in the sides of lifepods, you've found lots of small things I've missed. And with no intention of spoilers, just explaining a misread of the logs you got, "Returned to the environment" isn't like a pod-people alien bacteria thing, he just meant his crewmates died, and they are part of the environment now... likely fish poop.
milossnet (1 month ago)
Flashlight gives a much better light then seaglide (wider and more natural), it's a lot better to use. Also doesn't block half the screen like seaglide does.
Zahlenteufel1 (1 month ago)
12:40 I'd recommend reading this.
Zahlenteufel1 (1 month ago)
10:32 That's actually not brainlag, Z is a freshwater fish.
This IsAFakeName (1 month ago)
2:51 oh my GOD you looked at it for 5 seconds....
Age the Mage (1 month ago)
Nice quick rush trough Aurora :D
RenegadeFox (1 month ago)
A fun little fact about food if you haven't found it already is you can over-eat, but you can't over-load your hydration meter. It comes with no consequence as far as I've seen, and means you can pretty much ignore your hunger for a while. It only works when you're at 99 or less though; any food after that is wasted.
OpDDay2001 (1 month ago)
For more than 5 slots, there is a mod for that. Several, in fact. The one I use also allows me to craft from containers within 100m of the used Fabricator.
LordBalkanYm (2 months ago)
Prawn suit progress seems bugged in the menu, you should go pack to the big bay with the suits and scan the other two in there
DwellerBenthos (1 month ago)
Yeah I got the entire Prawn suit just from the stuff in the Aurora, and I was no where near ready to build it yet.
OpDDay2001 (1 month ago)
It isn't bugged. There are 2 ways to get the Prawn suit. Scanning scattered arm pieces, which give you 5% per arm piece scanned, or scanning larger suit fragments, which give you 25% per piece scanned.
Michael Kreitzer (2 months ago)
You're missing part of the story because you didn't fully explore the alien facility at the sunbeam landing zone. You should go finish exploring that when you're done with the ship. :)
kyarri2 (1 month ago)
all of the spoilers lol
Michael Kreitzer (1 month ago)
Oh.. I might be getting his series confused with PyrthonGB's. Nevermind Zisteau! I hope I didn't spoil too much. :O I was trying to be vague.
Malcolm Sutcliffe (1 month ago)
the sunbeam hasn't landed for him yet
Recon.777 (2 months ago)
Please tell me you're going to take your time exploring and scanning all that stuff next time. Also, you don't have to put out that enormous fire. Just walk around the edge of it and you're fine.
Recon.777 (2 months ago)
Stares at blinking radio for several seconds. "Yep. won't be needing this." XD It has to be on purpose just to get these reactions. lol
Dustin (2 months ago)
Did you really deconstruct that radio? Okay at this point I think this guy is just trolling us.
kyarri2 (1 month ago)
he has a history of playing dumb, spent the first several hours of slay the spire trolling ppl, made it unwatchable. but he also has legit really dumb moments
The Mad Zookeeper (2 months ago)
that missed ladder in the cargo bay with all the fire... >_<
Patrick Sawyer (2 months ago)
That noisy big thing? Yeah, that was a Reaper Leviathan. AKA Death incarnate.
Thunder Person (2 months ago)
Zed you might want to get that radio back, and I'm still waiting for that classic zisteau mega base
Mere (2 months ago)
P.R.A.W.N suit for the big material deposits, with a drill arm
Mere (2 months ago)
Oh my god this is a new level of cringe. I love the videos but he just doesn't know what to do
Nefer007 (2 months ago)
6:38: That, Zisteau, is the dreaded Reaper Leviathan; eater of souls, crusher of Seamoths. And that's not even their final form! (By the way, they're totally mortal: you can hit them with a Stasis Cannon and then shank them to death.)
Undertale Fan21 (1 month ago)
...it's a stasis RIFLE not a cannon
Christopher Smith (2 months ago)
Who saw him drop the nutrient block on the ground? 29:40
Robert Brown (2 months ago)
eternal8song (2 months ago)
Z you... You really want that radio.
kyarri2 (1 month ago)
actually if you delay the radio you get a beter event, and save lives
pastyface (2 months ago)
"I stopped getting alerts a while ago" *radio beeping*
Go back to the island with the degasi, there is another pda with important info
Orxenhorf (2 months ago)
Guess the story elements don't progress without checking the radio messages. At least two things related to the ship haven't yet.
Peter Baker (2 months ago)
Orxenhorf He's doing what I did and putting it off until he feels he's ready to continue. I just hope he doesn't leapfrog important things.
GreenDan (2 months ago)
A few useful things: Bioreactor with an interior growbed with fruit or potatoes is the second best power source. Though plant pots take less room. Thermal with power transmitters is the best. Making an interior growbed or two in useful places can save you a lot of grief (on the cyclops, in your base) so you have a constant food/water supply. An exterior growbed with anything useful you find can also be a big timesaver. Plant creepvine, blood kelp, mushrooms, gel sacks in it. Most everything else is cosmetic or has a very specific use (no spoilers, but you might want to start collecting plants). Oh. Did he ever find that the lifepod had a bottom airlock? Found it sort of amusing how he'd climb the ladder every time.
A1BASE (1 month ago)
A couple of Grav traps and the thermoblade.
DwellerBenthos (1 month ago)
I just use the bulbo trees or whatever they are called. But I think melons are the best, I just haven't been back to the island to get them. But one planter of food and one for the bioreactor and you will have much more than you need. Too bad the bulbo tree stuff decays so quickly, you can't take any with you or it will spoil almost immediately.
MrTomyCJ (2 months ago)
Is there a more efficient food that planted "watermelons" or whatever are they called? You mentioned some potatoes...?
yes he did eventually.
Jerry G. (2 months ago)
Hey Z, will you possibly do a letsplay of Kingdom Come: Deliverance?
zfelix (2 months ago)
How Z has avoided being eaten by reapers this whole time is beyond me. Literally feet from one and still never saw it.
Unknown Entertainment (2 months ago)
zfelix 😂
NoirSoldats (2 months ago)
"I think we have all the messages" he says while it's BLINKING AT HIM!
Korrina Corley (2 months ago)
oh right the propulsion cannon exists. I just parkoured my way through the ship
cannaJan (2 months ago)
Lots of stuff still to find, I think its good to wait till you've done the ship before listening to the radio, I know everyones saying you should play it, but I say wait till you've explored, just dont forget it then, no more blinking light to remind you!
Richard Rahl (2 months ago)
I hav never seen anybody enter the ship through the exit before....
RedHeadGearHead (2 months ago)
31:27 "I don't need an extra fleshlight"
MW2366 (2 months ago)
"I don't need your fantasy women."
Kingwut117 (2 months ago)
hatching eggs is a great source of fish for bioreactors :3
ConeybearLeaf (2 months ago)
"I think we have all the messages" ... why on Earth would you think that, Zisteau? The radio was beeping this entire time!
kyarri2 (1 month ago)
at least it delays the sunbeam
Lord Hephaestus (2 months ago)
You need the radio. You do have a message waiting on it. You can tell from the light on the front blinking.
needamuffin (2 months ago)
"I don't need an extra fleshlight."
QuestionMan (2 months ago)
retardant, charge but - NOT FUEL - thank you. Sitting, watching is difficult in this video - you are moving and looking around so quickly it isn't a good view for the viewer (imho).
Aki San (2 months ago)
QuestionMan welcome to zed.
TheSolcier (2 months ago)
You can also build windows and wall reinforcements on the walls of the moonpool if you so choose.
Meiqur Orez (2 months ago)
:) Nice troll
Aki San (2 months ago)
Meiqur Orez sadly not :/
Marcus Gut (2 months ago)
never have butt been squeezed so tight as when the reaper chased Z xD
indy151515 (2 months ago)
Radio beeping...Deconstruct it lol
lcdude513 (2 months ago)
"When your side chick calls and you don't want her to find the message."
QuartzNova (2 months ago)
"You have 1 unread message." Yeah, I don't need my voicemail app anymore. DELETE!
Andrew Wupori (2 months ago)
Not the radioooo!!!!
Kex Finnur (2 months ago)
oh I was hoping that Reaper would catch Zed :P
kyarri2 (1 month ago)
amen, but now im banking on it getting him on the way out
ShadowTheAge (2 months ago)
That radio...
Rob Rose (1 month ago)
mrmoosex (2 months ago)
I did the same thing, thought it might advance the story before I wanted it to
Growl wn (2 months ago)
He still has a radio in the pod. But yeah, he had a message pending on it which he promptly ignored.
Aaron Caporosso (2 months ago)
ShadowTheAge it hurts so much.
Peter Baker (2 months ago)
Ah yes, who needs that radio anyway ;) Jsyk certain parts of the story don't progress without exploration, so I wouldn't be too afraid of the radio.

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