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Subnautica #27 - The Ribcage

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Once again we've crashlanded on an alien ocean planet teeming with hostile natives, and have to rummage through the sea water to make a cool base yadda yadda yadda. Support Zisteau on Patreon! -- https://www.patreon.com/Zisteau Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zisteau Stream: https://twitch.tv/Zisteau Subnautica's website: https://unknownworlds.com/subnautica/
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Text Comments (69)
Kreis Khaos (3 days ago)
those aren't crabsquids. Those are EMPbois
Sh4dowWalker96 (5 days ago)
I see you've found the Lost Titan (unofficial name, not a spoiler). Great as a landmark if not using beacons, can't miss it.
Friskie (5 days ago)
this base tho...
A1BASE (5 days ago)
With a grappling arm you can get a prawn suit out of anywhere - particularly if you put jump jets in it too. The upgraded Seamoth is great too... Grow some bollocks and git to explorin' with 'em! Exploration by swimming is by far the worst way to explore - you're always limited by batteries and oxygen, you have a limited inventory, a big chunk of which is taken up by your seedoo and tools, and you have the least health available to you.
DwellerBenthos (6 days ago)
I built my cave base on that lower shelf with a view of the ribcage, cool place and pretty easily accessible. Heat vents for power, though a lot of people build at a certain place further in the cave, which is also very cool.
Nefer007 (6 days ago)
Welcome to the Lost River proper, Z. A rather dreary place, filled with the long-dead corpses of ancient Leviathans, acidic brine pools, and the birthplace of the Ghost Leviathan. Long, long ago, there was once a research base here for the Kharaa Bacterium, but a angry Leviathan destroyed it in an attempt to retake its young...
Kreis Khaos (3 days ago)
comments like these are why he avoids comments, man... Don't spoil
kyarri2 (5 days ago)
dude why would u spoil this
Richard Rahl (6 days ago)
You can name the lockers Also...teh msuic can not be loud enough. These soundtracks are so great! The best camera is the camera under the cyclops
thorakvideos (6 days ago)
Ah, another episode of my favorite youtube series at the moment! :)
hit757 (6 days ago)
Zisteau, give a chance to AutosortLockers mod. It will help you to organize and visualize stuff in your lockers. /watch?v=eudCjv5dRv8
FireFtw (6 days ago)
You can just build lockers over top the default lockers, easily doubles your storage.
Terrub (6 days ago)
Send a camera down into the goop instead of putting on the prawn suit and risk loss of limb and property, perhaps?
JokerBrat (6 days ago)
Release next episode like NOW! :)
Griffen Knight (6 days ago)
If I remember right the bulbo tree can produce a fruit that is better than the tree samples. It my have to be grown in an indoor grow bed tho instead of the little planters.
Sh4dowWalker96 (5 days ago)
Nope, you're thinking of the lantern fruit trees.
Rabid Cupcake (6 days ago)
You have no idea what was behind you *evil chuckles*
MarkusReese (6 days ago)
Re-check the cyclops upgrade modules. Cyclops depth module. Sorry if there is something to unlock that, I think it is one of the default available. For fun. If you make another base.... amp eels... Bio-reactors? Sounds like a fun-ness
MarkusReese (6 days ago)
The trolling strikes back!
FireFtw (6 days ago)
Mk1 you have to find a blueprint for. Problem is normally a radio call brings you to where it is, without that it might be a while.
Marcis Buhholcs (6 days ago)
Cyclops CAN go deeper, depth modules you know....
TeslaReloaded (5 days ago)
Depth Module MK1 requires 1 plasteel ingot and 3 rubies. He has everything to make one except blueprint. He was too busy trolling people with the radio, but eventually trolled himself because the Depth Module MK1 can be found in one of the locations that he could find by listening to the radio.
kyarri2 (6 days ago)
he knows, he cant make them yet, hes missing an ingredient
TheOnlyAlchimous (6 days ago)
28:16 That wasn't those guys.
Kitsyfluff (6 days ago)
The fast speed should only be used when running away from leviathans. it's not something you want to need
Agora2021 (6 days ago)
I absolutely love the spooky, eerie music in that especially green area.
GreenDan (6 days ago)
How did Z there miss the cyclops depth upgrade? Can't he make it in the fabricator on the cyclops itself, or did he miss the BP somewhere? (I forget)
GreenDan (5 days ago)
I love that. Oh well. Pretty sure that one lifepod is the only place you can get it.
TeslaReloaded (5 days ago)
Depth Module MK1 requires 1 plasteel ingot and 3 rubies. He has everything to make one except blueprint. He was too busy trolling people with the radio, but eventually trolled himself because the Depth Module MK1 can be found in one of the locations that he could find by listening to the radio.
Richard Rahl (5 days ago)
I think he needs the yellow sulfur, which eh can find in his new region
PsychoLucario (6 days ago)
he hasn't learned to fab one of the ingredients, though it does seem like it would be a good idea given how large that cave is
bluev1121 (6 days ago)
GreenDan I'm pretty sure you get it by following main story stuff, but refuses to listen to his radio though so his loss. Edit: yeah, you get it from one of the lifepod wrecks.
Barbara Harlow (6 days ago)
Loving this series. Thanks for the fun adventures you take us on. Great way to pass the time while waiting for the next Long Dark.
Nightwind292 (6 days ago)
Maybe a tiny base for docking the Cyclops at the ravine, with relayed power, food, water, and a seamoth. That way you can ride to ribcage base in style?
Wheels518 (6 days ago)
Really enjoying the series Zisteau!
Mark Robison (6 days ago)
At 12:05 when did Z scan a Warper? o_O
Mike C (6 days ago)
If you place the locker perpendicular to the wall you can get more storage in a smaller space. It just requires you to access the narrow end of the locker.
Lyllith Rose (6 days ago)
*area spoilers* I keep expecting z to say he cant find heat vents and then cut to the lava area and say he found them
SilverContrail (6 days ago)
"The Ribcage" is definitely one of the cooler places to build. It's very useful too! Lots of great materials to be found there.
Joel Hudson (6 days ago)
I see NOTHING! ( thanks for chocolate ), Sgt. Schultz
ThePinoin (6 days ago)
QuestionMan (6 days ago)
I bet its super dangerous but I don't realize it yet! <lmbo> Zisteau, it seems a bit darker than normal, yah?
omeganoconfictos (6 days ago)
28:47 Yes, yes you can. And once you get the hang of it, you will never climb one of those little ladders again.
use the seaglide for extra speed
TheDarknessKing (6 days ago)
Zisteau that scream you heard is the spawn location of a young Ghost Leviathan (Juvenile) im pretty sure it's a rare chance for one to spawn in the Lost River not 100% sure and if im correct they do 80% of you're health if you get hit and that's only one of the spawn location's there is 2 more one in the grand reef and one somewhere else for the Juvenile Ghost Leviathan and there is 3 Adult's that spawn in the void Aka the end of the map
Kreis Khaos (3 days ago)
can we report spoilers? no? damn
Please delete this comment, you know Z doesn't want spoilers.
Arbitrated Shan (6 days ago)
Spoilers aside, the leviathans are placed in specific locations and always exist. For whatever reason Z hasn't managed to find more than one.
Fish in a Barrel (6 days ago)
Nice spoiler, cockweasel.
AlexCrimson (6 days ago)
Why even spoil it? Let him find it on his own.
Nitrodus (6 days ago)
I have been looking forward to another episode since I watched the last one. Thanks for choosing this game, Zisteau.
Rob Rose (6 days ago)
The radar to the right of you on the cyclops shows what will attack you. Things in yellow could attack you if you get too loud. Things that are red have heard you and are coming.
MW2366 (6 days ago)
It's a Personality Radar, heh.
HulkingUnicorn (6 days ago)
It's "obviously" a representation of the collective intelligence gathered by a multitude of sensor arrays and not a measly *Radar*.
Vaughan Ware (6 days ago)
How does a radar know: 1) That something's hostile, and 2) Whether or not they've heard you?
Ben Tingey (6 days ago)
Zisteau you are really underestimating the maneuverability and usefulness of the PRAWN suit for exploration.
lazymaximus1 (6 days ago)
HOW. How has Z still not run into any of the leviathans???
kyarri2 (3 days ago)
hes sure to run afowl of another type, not much room to avoid there
Charlie Dobbie (6 days ago)
He's probably encountering them and deliberately not showing or mentioning it because he's making this an exploration/building series, not a plot-following one.
Nefer007 (6 days ago)
He did see the tail end of a Reaper he aggroed once, but wisely got the hell away when he saw it coming. He also saw a Ghost Leviathan, but quickly backpedaled away in confusion.
lazymaximus1 (6 days ago)
Dude, same. I heard the Reaper and I was like oh man, here comes a good ass part, but he never even SAW the Reaper. With my luck I would explore the backside of the aurora and INSTANTLY run into one. I can't wait until his reaction of the Dragon Leviathan, seems like he is nearing that stage since he's moving to thermal power.
SilverContrail (6 days ago)
In an earlier episode he showed a Ghost Leviathan he ran into during a streaming session (Grand Reef). But yeah, it's crazy how he just hasn't seen them. I thought he was done for when he went to the Aurora and a Reaper was roaring at him.
Dana Jensen (6 days ago)
First... like anyone cares...
Cassy Berry (6 days ago)
Motorsagmannen and coffee!
Motorsagmannen (6 days ago)
i dont care either, but at least we got Z

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