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http://theforestmap.com/ Did you enjoy the video? Leave a like to show your support for the channel! :) Follow me on Twitter to keep up-to-date! - https://twitter.com/Broadbent45 Subscribe to never miss a video! - https://goo.gl/DSy1nm Hi there I'm Broadbent and I upload videos about a game called The Forest. The Forest is an open world survival horror game where you can craft, build and hunt in the fight for survival. The Forest Series Playlist - https://goo.gl/dXn2ZV Social Media/Other Services: • Twitter - https://twitter.com/Broadbent45 • Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/oliverbroadbent • Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+oab • Instagram - https://instagram.com/o.broadbent/ My PC Specifications: • CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4.0GHz Quad-Core Processor • GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB SSC • Ram: G.Skill Ripjaws Series 8GB DDR3-1600 Full Specs: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/BR3Djc Outro Music by Sappheiros • YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxLKyBhC6igFhLEb0gxvQNg • Twitter - https://twitter.com/SappheirosMusic • Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic Background Music by TeknoAXE • YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/teknoaxe • Twitter - https://twitter.com/teknoaxe • Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/teknoaxe
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Text Comments (87)
Khajiit Trader (13 days ago)
(i know that i am late but i hope that this helps someone) Best place is in the fertile lands or near it. So much trees, berries, mushrooms and animals. Not that far away from caves and Cannibal villages so not too isolated. On my save games (difficulty on normal) there were almost no cannibals on my base spot but outside of my base areas vicinity there are a lot of cannibals and there is an mutant spawn near the location. It is near the empty cannibal camp near the fertile lands
Latvian _Fallen_Angel (19 days ago)
You can transport logs on island with zip line.
wirowmaker (2 months ago)
Accidentaly build my base on boat location ... :P Idk it's save are one time canibals 2 comes from right side I killed them all and they never come again... 68 day of surviving and making now expansion on all land building lots of bases making plans if need evacuate if big ugly mutants come ... in real life nobody want fight with this things and canibals :D it's good style to avoid them hehe full of fun if hidding in bush like comando :D with flame arrows and bow...
Huskys channel (2 months ago)
i did mine on the chain of islands by the largest in the game
Rone Newitt (2 months ago)
When I first started playing the game my friend told me he found a cool place. It was the island. We then built a zipline to get the logs to the island.
Bull SM (3 months ago)
the last location, i actualy made a base with a friend in the village.. we walled it off with defensive walls... but left the lake side clear, with a house by the water... its an escape route.. this is an amazing location.. very few attacks, constant cloth and rope spawns, drinks, snacks etc..
Guilherme Anonymous (3 months ago)
algum brasileiro
Tristan Vautour (3 months ago)
For the island you can actually put a zip line connecting the island to the cliff for transporting logs. This also gets rid of the need to connect the island to the main land, thus making it impossible for the cannibals to get you.
Zurch 123 (4 months ago)
I get logs to the island by my large raft or my house boat
That's what he said (1 month ago)
Just let them slide down a zipline from the cliff..
tyranny (4 months ago)
I always have been a big fan of Goose/Geese lake.
Rodrigo Bondesan (4 months ago)
Gracias Bro!!!! Awesome video.
Timothy Riches (4 months ago)
The zipline made the large island much more friendly to build on.
AKE josh74 (4 months ago)
My preferred build spot is at the cockpit. On the map from the cockpit if you go east there as a huge cliff and if you build at the bottom of it you barely get attacked but there is a mutant spawn point right on the ramp which goes down to you're camp but if you build not to close to it the mutant wanders round the cannibal camp and then leaves and despawns it's a great spot with loads of trees it has a small pond for hunting fish and there is an abundance of animals running round 👍
Ethan Zeh (6 months ago)
i am making a base on the beach and i have had 0 cannibals attack and i am on day 7
Kevin Mitchell (6 months ago)
The problem now is all structures , rock or wood can easily be destroyed by the locals, all traps ,benches so on all destroyed , so the more you build the more they teardown. I think this has taken a lot out of the game. whats the point of spending hours building too have it all gone in minutes.
liquididentity101 (25 days ago)
Because the game isn't about building the biggest base and living there forever? Most people seem to play that way, but there is a story and it's meant to be finished. If you want to build massive structures without worrying about destruction, play Peaceful mode. Or do you feel like you're less of a man that way?
Seth Winter (3 months ago)
You also have the ability to turn off building destruction in option menu.
Frank (8 months ago)
How do you get these camera angles? How are you flying in the air?
magne sjøberg (8 months ago)
oh yiss
Alxouff (9 months ago)
I think 4 is the best
Supersotamies (9 months ago)
im using location 2 with 2 friends so getting wood isint a proplem :D
Zembers (9 months ago)
i made my base on cannibals main village (same village where you spawn when you die) just like TheouterMiddleShow did just i have fully upgraded it and it ALOT more bigger and you ask why?! this is stupid!!! no, i like fighting with those bastards and il ike hardcore. my Purpose is to make WHOLE map to a one giant base so it doesn't matter where i am, i'm always at my base.
little bro (9 months ago)
Vupsic your welcome
Zembers (9 months ago)
little bro (9 months ago)
I wish you luck with that
ᆣZ (10 months ago)
I set up my bases at the beach near the yacht and a base near the shipping containers.
Opi Waran (10 months ago)
http://prntscr.com/fcualt It says "also from Broadbent", not sure if that's correct
Alexander Rain (10 months ago)
Thank you for this! :D Subbed!
Geoff G (11 months ago)
Anyone prefer geese lake?
Belcebuble (11 months ago)
The first location is not bad but there are even at night many cannibals. You would have to make a wall to be completely protected
R34P3R 1231 (11 months ago)
0:33 Not to mention you can make a cliff base just hanging from the side of the cliff. Also a good way for transporting logs down a more reliable slope.
ItzSInon (1 year ago)
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Kitten Nation (1 year ago)
i live on the beach by the yacht (the boat)
Zya (5 months ago)
kitten nation same
Kitten Nation (1 year ago)
this whas a great and very helpful video... i love those video's please make more of those top 6 or 10 video's there really helpful! i learned somethimg today!
Hisoka2012 (1 year ago)
My favorite location so far is the upper left-hand side of the map, there's a cliff that separates the swampy lower area from a snowy upper area between two small lakes. I have a co-op game where my buddy and I have built a fortress that goes up the cliff, and it's incredible. Plenty of food, a good amount of logs, no real issues, and turtles for days a little ways away. Just saying, having nature and the map be your defenses makes life a lot easier, especially for newer players.
jaxta86 (1 year ago)
Main cannibal camp my fave. Build rockwall joining all tents gives alot of space in the middle to make a base, alot of trees around small pond, sticks, deer, dynamite , soda rope cloth
Frenzy (1 year ago)
and lots of cannibal leaders fire cannibals flashlight cannibals naked cannibals
ToxicGlove21 (1 year ago)
my fav spot to build is the first spot mentioned
Billy Hanna (1 year ago)
Thxs man
Miguel Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Well put together, nice explanation and good locations. Love the video dude!
Sergii (1 year ago)
My base is the first one on the beach and it's true not yet have i had any encounters with canibols (however you spell it). None go down there and I have turtles and birds to kill, and of course the forest.
Seth (1 year ago)
Top five worst places to build
b Killer (9 months ago)
Kitten Nation (1 year ago)
Scottie Gamer yeah awesome idea
Frenzy (1 year ago)
Christoffer Kjorholt (1 year ago)
gotta say my personal faves are crater/sinkhole and the island with the gun part :) Island gives no cannibals or armsy/vags/cows. while the sinkhole got enemies above you, and underneath you. (pretty easy to kill)
BluezConcepts (1 year ago)
How did you make the cinematic shots?
Sam ter Wal (1 year ago)
mods, mods everywhere
Unknowns Official (1 year ago)
you gave the outro link the their channel ? oh cmon please why not the name song ? click on the channel and how the hell can find that song in all their video ? lol
The Viceroy (1 year ago)
If you go a short distance west of that last location, there's a good spot. There's a small lake with heaps of fish, plenty of small game, lots of trees, all the herbs spawn around the same area, and it's only a short dash south right to the coastline where the yacht is if you need to flee. It's where my first base was in my first game, and it was really good. Barely got any cannibal attention for weeks, and loads of all resources.
Vucko (1 year ago)
Lol location 1# is my base
Infinite Sentient (1 year ago)
The cliff that is shown in your video north of number 5 has been the safest location I have found.
Nica P (1 year ago)
does anybody know the rock near of the sinkhole (not in it) theres a very small pond and in it is actually a tree.It looks like a rock at first but when you get closer you can see its a small pond
Nerdy Girly Gamer (1 year ago)
Me and my friend always live on the first one :D
OlivierTheGamer (1 year ago)
Nice vid +1sub and nice places
FreeDa Green (1 year ago)
you ripped this off someone else... youre not original, thumbs down
FreeDa Green (1 year ago)
I don't have the middle finger moji....but I'm giving it to you :)
Alex Armsy (1 year ago)
+Special Forces Productions Boys* Lmao
FreeDa Green (1 year ago)
hey fuck you goof.a bus is what you need to walk in front of. tell your boyfriend im sorry i offended you. come knock on my door and i bet you wont be such a mouthy fuck. im going to steal your identity.
Alex Armsy (1 year ago)
+FreeDa Green Little triggered kid?Go and get a life son,grow up,make friends,you have no social life,you don't even know what bus means dummy.
FreeDa Green (1 year ago)
Fuck you goof. Get hit by a bus today and the world will be better off.
Ibnul Anan (1 year ago)
the last one, on the lake, don't the cannibals attack constantly because of their base being close?
Ibnul Anan (1 year ago)
+SuperYgge nice, thanks
Yeti (1 year ago)
Ibnul Anan no
Agrhonak (1 year ago)
im starting to play again after over a year and u are the best info channel so far :)
Michael Tessensohn (1 year ago)
Hey Broadbent not sure how often you read comments on older videos, but some where near that boar area along the shore left of the twin rivers there's a bunch of cannibal homes that have a long ramp into each one even has red paint, do you think a port base would be nice? In an emergency the cannibal homes are nice indestructible shelters.
Game Smile (1 year ago)
I live on 3 of 6 lol
Riku Soma (1 year ago)
I love that profile picture
Broadbent (1 year ago)
Wow :)
Jérémie Iseppi (1 year ago)
Nice video man !
lucaz TheForest (1 year ago)
nice vid =D
Lucas García Bouchot (1 year ago)
I did my base in the middle of the sinkhole!
Legendary Roblox (2 months ago)
Lucas García Bouchot ø
PAX Twisted Fate (8 months ago)
ye it is i had a base there too... the problem was you cant get wood down there cuz it will stuck on the invisible wall, so a player has to jump into the hole so the wood renders and it keeps falling, pretty annoying^^ But it was ok with 7 players
Frenzy (1 year ago)
like floating bulding or in the bottom ? if on the bottom you are pretty stupid
michael shumaker (1 year ago)
Broadbent (1 year ago)
You're welcome :)
Max Bernt (1 year ago)
Broadbent (1 year ago)
Cheers! :D
MrCrilliver (1 year ago)
Great info, thanks
Broadbent (1 year ago)
No problem :)

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