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Quick Tips - Turn Polluted Water into CLEAN Water using RAIN | The Forest

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This quick tip video will show you how to turn polluted water you collect from ponds, lakes etc into fresh water. It also goes over where to find pots, maps, and other helpful tips. This does not require a water collector I strive to release videos daily for The Forest. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Subscribe to see these videos daily and like if you can, it helps the videos reach more people. I use Imgur to post some of the pictures from my videos, you may find this helpful. https://farket8238.imgur.com/ I often use https://theforestmap.com/ for my videos. Check it out, it's amazing. All thumbnails, photo shopping, video editing, most of the music, and logo were designed/completed by me.
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Text Comments (45)
Eric Lopez (11 days ago)
Is the map randomized though every new game?
spiader sp (21 days ago)
You can it with fire claening
SchwarzerEde (3 months ago)
I find it weird how they put the clean/poluted water system in but you can't take water from small rivers, wich should give you relatively clean water
Farket (3 months ago)
+SchwarzerEde It is odd isn’t it. A shame it is that way
Dahni Uru (4 months ago)
In v70, Normal Mode I found that I could get clean water by holding the pot out in the rain for about 30 s. Maybe the bug was fixed.
Farket (4 months ago)
+Dahni Uru You might be right. Is the water content 0% though?
wow, great work on this vid m8!
The Fallen Genesis (5 months ago)
fill up your waterskin with polluted water, drink 25% of it, fill it up from a water collector, and wallah. 100% clean water.
Farket (5 months ago)
The water collector will fill it up to 100% of clean water. Doesnt matter how much is in the water collector either. Its not an accurate system lol
[OFON]Mowvy (6 months ago)
Nice video! I gave the tips to fetid bobo Sometimes ago, not sure if u found it ur self or not but good explenation. :D
Farket (6 months ago)
+[OFON]Mowvy On this one, yeah found it myself when I was testing game mechanics? I haven't seen much of fetid bobo's stuff. Cheers
Спасибо, бро! +
Farket (7 months ago)
+Пафа Эсперанто Cheers
Takas Barista (7 months ago)
Farket (7 months ago)
Fray The Ranter (7 months ago)
Love ya content :)
Farket (7 months ago)
Ramit Inmah Ashol (7 months ago)
your contents are getting better and better, please keep it up.
Farket (7 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback, lets me know how I am doing. Cheers
Nate The Great (7 months ago)
You should be able to craft a water filter or at least find one in game verses a silly chainsaw
Farket (7 months ago)
That would be a good idea. I always wondered if they will add electronics into the game. Would be cool to see.
Matt Hurlburt (7 months ago)
Nice work on the outro. Looks really nice
Farket (7 months ago)
Keven Jon (7 months ago)
Lol that's a good one brother keep up the great work cheers!
Farket (7 months ago)
Thanks and cheers :)
MiNNuS (7 months ago)
Cool tip!
Farket (7 months ago)
Lois Minato (7 months ago)
nice editting on the end! keep using it! cheers.
Farket (7 months ago)
Cheers :)
Alex Armsy (7 months ago)
Get your pot out when it rains, wait until it fills up at the that 0%, and then you can boil that water. You see, it says 0% and It's indeed 0%, but you can boil that 0% and it will turn into..of course, 100%.
Farket (7 months ago)
Haha, thats a cool tip. I will take a note of that one.
Khubilai Ikhbileg (7 months ago)
I see, that you got an idea on what to put here. :)
Farket (7 months ago)
Yeah, over use of branding lol
84singularity (7 months ago)
GG bro I was telling to live streamers to hold the old pot in hands when it's raining to collect clear water all the time ...2 bad it's not working the way it should be though. Happy to see another pro gamer like me who jump into details with full power. Check my vids I have only 2 cuz I stop playing the game after the last update fu***d up my save and all my rock walls get cheese holes. I'm sure the devs will fix the old pod bug in the next update. Also I find another bug, when I make crafted rock and I put it in the catapult the next rocks to upgrade didn't need to color paint them again also if you have put on them some glasses will automatically ad the same set up like the first rock. Pls experiment with upgraded rocks and sticks put them in the catapult and make a vid with the results. You can play with upgraded weapons inside the catapult too. I was filling my with head bombs full upgraded rocks painted in orange sap and molotovs (best combo ;} now will go in game to check if I can put super upgraded spear that have attached booze inside catapult (idea sounds insane lol) see you in the next vid my brother ;}
Farket (7 months ago)
Yeah its a shame it doesn't work properly but at least there is this work around. I noticed that too about the cheese holes. It looks alright because its even but the enemy can see you through the wall and even jump through them. Yeah about the painted rocks, its the same with upgrades. If you upgrade a weak spear and throw it, when you make a new one it will have the upgrades again. I havent tested much to do with the catapult, I might do that. Those sound like some lethal combos there. The repair tool in side the catapult is good for storage but its also the only way to share it in multiplayer, it won't go on the sharing tray. Meat also stays fresh inside it haha. Cheers, and good luck with your channel!
84singularity (7 months ago)
I just check it, u can't put mele weapons inside catapult only repair tool ...you can put meat though lol
AlEaToRiAmEnTe (7 months ago)
Ty for study this game :)
Farket (7 months ago)
Cheers, the game needs it doesn't it.
The Screeching Berry (7 months ago)
This is so awesome, thanks for this!! :D
Farket (7 months ago)
Cheers, thanks for the feedback :)
The Screeching Berry (7 months ago)
Also a really nice end card btw👌
Shadic (7 months ago)
Wow, I'm gonna be doing this so much now.
Farket (7 months ago)
Haha, yeah it is a good one. Water collectors were the only way before I knew this. I do wonder if there are more ways though.
Stan Ford (7 months ago)
you best!
Farket (7 months ago)

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