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Subnautica #13 - Radiation Leak

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Once again we've crashlanded on an alien ocean planet teeming with hostile natives, and have to rummage through the sea water to make a cool base yadda yadda yadda. Support Zisteau on Patreon! -- https://www.patreon.com/Zisteau Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zisteau Stream: https://twitch.tv/Zisteau Subnautica's website: https://unknownworlds.com/subnautica/
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Chris Woodend (27 days ago)
Well known that Youtube makes video darker but holy shit I never realized how much until he walked into the reactor room.
Mere (1 month ago)
i literally had to take almost a week to rest and prepare for the cringe that is Zisteau and Sunautica. Here we go then... ready to watch
Mere (1 month ago)
Only 5 minutes in and i already need another week
imamage (1 month ago)
Natural Selection 2 is a game by the same developer for Subnautica...
Zisteau! you need to go back to the island with the survivors, you missed a pda with an important location in it.
FalcoGer (1 month ago)
you missed 3 scans at least: the double bed in cabin 1, the shelf in cabin 1 and the little shelves in the bar or in one of the larger cabins.
ivo215 (1 month ago)
You'll get the Captain's quarters code in a radio message from HQ. The carry-alls are useless, unless you drag them around with the propulsion cannon. Also: use the propulsion cannon on the Snurglies, ehm ... cave crawlers.
AlexCrimson (1 month ago)
No spoilers: The VR log is actually kinda funny if you read all of it. I can understand not wanting to read it, and thats totally fine. Just felt like commenting.
I was expecting you to use the carry-all's to save room in your inventory. I mean, I'm happy that you didn't get disappointed because you can't, but it's kind of a logical thing to do.
Spencer (1 month ago)
Natural Selection is a game series made by Unknown Worlds. It's not a movie, you can play it right now if you wanted.
Spencer (1 month ago)
SCAN YOUR SHIT. Keep missing so much...
boozer69n (1 month ago)
lol, there needs to be an option or some sort of mod to make that scanner icon in the bottom right that constantly flashes about 10x larger for him. =P
ampinstein (1 month ago)
Folks, record yourselves playing a game. Play back the recording and then see all the things you geniuses missed. Also, given the amount of items in the game that are ornamental and not actually useful (like the microscope) it's easy to think that the bags were too. P.s Z, loving the series, you and Coe made me go back in and I am looooving it !
weile (1 month ago)
You called it "Natural Selection The Movie" but it's the devs of subnautica's other game Natural Selection, and they take place in the same universe!
Zisteau suffers from severe youtuber blindness.
jorix3 (1 month ago)
Finds bags. Doesn't considering using said bags as bags. Zisteau you silly head :D
Liekki (1 month ago)
Subnautica, more like Zisteau doesn't read anything the game tells him :D
Whicker493 (1 month ago)
Z, you gotta scan more stuff. It'll make your base more fabulous.
MCMCaveman (1 month ago)
You miss soooo many of the scan tool icons that pop-up
Nefer007 (1 month ago)
A bit of lore: the virus you are currently suffering from is a modified version of the one from Natural Selection 2 (the game displayed on the poster shown in the inventory at 9:17.)
eternal8song (1 month ago)
dude, spoilers
RobLPMG02 (1 month ago)
Z, you get the captain's quarters code from one of the radio broadcasts on the radio...which you looked at the blinking light on, ignored said blinking light, and then destroyed...saying that "you don't need the radio". You've got A LOT more radio messages to receive...so you kinda need to put that back up, heh. -=x You also missed the scannable double bed and wall shelf in Cabin #1, as well. Think you MIGHT have missed a counter or something in the canteen/dining room/kitchen area that you got the vending machine at. I know you missed SOMETHING you could scan there. ^^
Patrick Crespo (1 month ago)
Zisteau should probably experiment with the propulsion cannon. I think the most fun I had with it was picking up the little crabby guys, and shooting them at each other.
Marcis Buhholcs (30 days ago)
I love to shoot them into fire, serve's em right since PDA said their intestines contains people DNA. They ate my friends!!!
init100 (1 month ago)
Patrick Crespo Or shoot them at a wall, or into the ocean.
Recon.777 (1 month ago)
Yeah! He read the "Press F to let go" instructions and just thought that was all it could do.
Cobalt (1 month ago)
Based on the scanner icon in the bottom right of the video, there were a few things left to scan in the crew cabin. There was the double bed, the shelf in cabin one, and something in the cafeteria.
DwellerBenthos (1 month ago)
The round table in the cafe I think he never scanned. Plus, yes, you can get snacks from the vending machine, and there is a coffee maker somewhere too, that gives you coffee so watered down it's just water lol.
Exemus (1 month ago)
No spoiler: You can use the seaglide to sorta dolphin jump onto ledges and stuff. Start in the water and shoot out to get to high areas. Not really necessary, but comes in handy occasionally.
zennou11 (1 month ago)
I'm surprised Zisteau hasn't gotten into the habit of always paying attention to the bottom right corner of the screen with his peripheral vision. Missed scanning the Double Bed and the wall shelf thingy; possibly other stuff, too.
grapeslush (1 month ago)
Be more AWARE YOU miss so much things to scan bottom right corner he can see what you can scan with out pulling the scanner out
Shake'N'Bake (1 month ago)
Didn't all the beds have storage at the end of them?
Did they?
Richard Rahl (1 month ago)
Z: if it does not have an orange handle or a scorch mark in the middle, you cannot open it. Also no, you didn;t miss the captain code. It will come to you And at 21:40. Did you forgot to scan some items in that room?
Syn~ (1 month ago)
Richard Rahl he needs the radio... but he thinks that he has all the messages already
Jacob Palomarez (1 month ago)
You missed some scanables in Cabin 1, and it looked like there was a PDA message “Notes to Self” under codes and clues that we never read. Might have a code for the locked door. Definitely want to go back if you like having furniture and decor.
Tomnar (1 month ago)
Nope, the code for the captain's quarters is from the radio and not available right now (and will never be if he never rebuilds that radio)
crosschris55 (1 month ago)
If you move the mouse over an item in your inventory and press 1-5, you can add that item to your quickbar without having to drag them onto it.
Trygve Aasjord (1 month ago)
After 13 episodes, still ignoring the scanner icon that pops up on the screen when something is scannable.
Jared Nagle (24 days ago)
I'm almost quiting this series because the blindness is real.
einfachgaer2 (1 month ago)
This is just painful to watch...
Gizmoo247 (1 month ago)
You're talking about a person who tried using a plasma cutter as a repair tool.
Ultracity6060 (1 month ago)
He specifically mentioned it once. Might have just been long enough that he forgot about it.
Fabian (1 month ago)
Natural Selection 2 is a game <.<
Draegon4 (1 month ago)
Don't forget to rebuild your radio. You had a message.
Catherine Valois (1 month ago)
Z, Just in case you didnt notice, the double bed and the shelf on the wall in cabin 1 were scanable!
Wintercreation (1 month ago)
Also shelf in the cantine.
Stan Minkov (1 month ago)
You have a cod in PDA
CreativePathoz (1 month ago)
zisteau you can mine the large minerals with the prawn suit mining arm
DwarfyAssassin (1 month ago)
hke77 (1 month ago)
If you put the carry all in your quick bar you can open it and get 9 slots, I was getting frustrated watching. Though easy thing to overlook, also did Z scan the double bed?
TommezCats (1 month ago)
That reminds to Factorio Recursion. :) I'm not sure, but I think, it didn't work here.
Calrexus (1 month ago)
hke77 so that’s how you use those
Recon.777 (1 month ago)
I remember the carry alls taking up nine inventory slots, which gains you nothing. They must have changed it at some point. Gaining four slots per bag is pretty good. Especially when you put a bag inside another bag. Definitely useful for getting all the Aurora goodies in one trip.
DwellerBenthos (1 month ago)
Seriously? When I saw you couldn't pick them up with stuff in them, I left most of them there. So you have to have them on the bar empty, then you can use them to fill them up? That is good to know, and completely non-intuitive. Yeah, Z missed scanning a lot of stuff there.
llearch n'n'daCorna (1 month ago)
Fascinating. I've been playing the pre-release, and the release, for hours, and I had no idea the carry-alls had this capability. *yoink* Am so very much going to be using this. Edit: I tested this. I sat there clicking on every button I had, I can see no way to open the carryall while it is on the hotbar; the only thing you can do with one of them is put it down. I'll go back to the aurora and pick one up for playing with later, though, and see if there's something I missed when I'm back at my base with food.
Mike C (1 month ago)
Do you have items in those carry alls? We haven't seen you interact with the inventory.
Putting it onto you hotbar just lets you put it on the ground. And, if you put items in it, you're no longer allowed to pick it up.
Joff (1 month ago)
From what people have said, if you pull it onto your hotbar, you can open it and it will have 9 internal slots. You can fill these with items, close and put back into your inventory I think. Therefore it holds 9 items in the space of 4. I do not have the game but have seen it used like this.
Loff How does it work? Does it actually increase your inventory space? In this case I would expect you to be able to wear it instead of the oxygen tank.
Joff (1 month ago)
Syn~ Just seen that if they are in the hotbar they can carry extra 9 slots
Syn~ (1 month ago)
Can’t carry items in carry-all’s... I’ve tried... you can put stuff in them, but you can’t pick them back up
MCPhssthpok (1 month ago)
Can you not put stuff in the carryalls to increase your inventory space?
How does it work then? Does it just store items you pick up until you place it somewhere?
Wintercreation (1 month ago)
Game never tells you, but you, in fact, can. Found it out by accident myself.
Wintercreation I don't think the game tells you anything about hotbarring it. I mean, you can, but, as far as I know, it's only to put it on the ground.
Wintercreation (1 month ago)
You can, from the hotbar. Game never tells you about that:(
Trygve Aasjord (1 month ago)
You can, but you have to leave the bags behind (and collect them later).
Heolyy (1 month ago)

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