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Megalodon Week Special(GTA IV Mod) Shark Week

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So I have been working on this mod for a few weeks now and then Taltigolt told me it was "Shark Week" so I decided to make a video of it. For those of you who didn't know a Megalodon is a prehistoric shark. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megalodon You will be able to download it from my blog soon - http://brutalgamesinc.blogspot.com.au/. Also please Subscribe for more gameplays, alpha model testing and all that good gaming stuff, mostly GTA. Music - "The End of Mankind" and "Ephemeral Reign" by https://machinimasound.com/
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Text Comments (90)
Murat Çetinkaya (1 year ago)
A.M Clash (1 year ago)
teaches how to install pls
Malagulo 530 (2 years ago)
1:34 - 1:45 wat
megalodon mod ???
Rob Cox (3 years ago)
Why does the shark sound like a car?
Hamilton (3 years ago)
I don't like this shit
Adonis Limes (3 years ago)
Lets all just wait for GTA V PC in march....... Swimming and seeing this thing hunting you lol
Isaiah Dennis (3 years ago)
How gay its fake
DutchGamezzify (2 years ago)
yeah all games are kinda not real?
DiamantVis (2 years ago)
+Isaiah Dennis "Megalodon Week Special(GTA IV Mod) Shark Week". Can you find the part where it says its not real?
gaming or knowledge (3 years ago)
its a boat but good editing
UberTrojan (3 years ago)
actually Megalodon is Triple times much bigger than a giant Great White Shark .. probably about 100+ feet long 
Mitch Craig (3 years ago)
Actually, they're estimated to be roughly 60ft long. Blue whales are the only creature in this world to be at least 100ft. The truth is - nobody knows just how big the Megalodon was. All experts have to go off of is the teeth and that doesn't always give an accurate estimation on size. It depends on what tooth they find, they could find one of the larger ones at the front of the mouth, or at the side, where the teeth are smaller. Nobody knows just how large the Megalodon was.  Based on you saying the Megalodon is 3x bigger than the GW is just wrong based on your measurements or whatever you want to call it, that would mean you're thinking the common max size of a great white is at least 30ft or so when really, researchers believe the common maximum size for a great white is 20ft at the most and that is extremely rare. They recently just found a pregnant great white around Guadalupe Island and if I remember correctly, it was 19 feet, so it was one of the largest record GW's in history. 
Bjørn Pedersen (3 years ago)
About 22meters
eres una farsa no es el mod del tiburon es una lancha
Lenny Is A Carrot (3 years ago)
Actually you no one knows what megalodon looked like except the jaw size.. So you can't be sure it looks like a great White...
Tài ACE (3 years ago)
it white shark not megalodon
Abbadoo02 (3 years ago)
but its cool
Abbadoo02 (3 years ago)
haha taking that to the ocean to see other sharks and see what happens. probably nothen  cause it's not a real shark its a...boat but it would be really cool if it wasn't a boat and it can kill other sharks
Proffessor Genki (3 years ago)
Today was the most boring fucking day of my entire life! No one knows a fucking megalodons size no one knows the truth and the fact is! THERE 59-40 FEET SO SHUT THE FUCK UP OF COURSE ITS BIGGER THIS IS A BOAT RETEXTURES CAN'T MAKE IT BIGGER THAN ITS OWN NORMAL TEXTURE
TJenius (3 years ago)
Also alot of fucking people know the size of megladons, using cartilage a term of bones, they know the size of megladons using cartilage with carbon dating.
Proffessor Genki (3 years ago)
You guys suck cock motors in a megalodon its a fucking game get over its a retexture of a goddamn boat dumbasses
carl johnson (4 years ago)
u replace that with a boat.
mitchell davis (4 years ago)
How do u do that
ImBenWhatsYourName (4 years ago)
weird...the megalodon sounds like it has a motor in it...
carol haak (4 years ago)
nice air
ReefTheWeirdBoy (4 years ago)
Cant you call it jaws mod? Megalodons are bigger
ReefTheWeirdBoy (3 years ago)
TJenius (3 years ago)
+Proffessor Genki Thy stupid bitch, I have been learning about sharks my whole life and if you even saw the movie jaws or read it, you would hear them say great white at least 90 times in 30 minutes into the movie, Megladons are actually 36ft - 58ft. Now shut the fuck up and learn your shit smartie cunt.
Proffessor Genki (3 years ago)
+MashSomeBacon Jaws is a megalodon and that's that I told you already so shut the fuck up.
TJenius (3 years ago)
+Proffessor Genki Erm dumbfuck, Jaws is not a megladon.... He is the biggest great white size ever discovered (but he is not real) Megladons measure up to 56ft max. Jaws measures up to 26ft.....
Proffessor Genki (3 years ago)
Dumbfuck Jaws is a megalodon he's just the only one left in the ocean faggot.
AntiVirus3rd (4 years ago)
encase anyone was wondering. Megladons were about 60-65 ft long. So they are way bigger than this....
Bjørn Pedersen (3 years ago)
Say it kvick its about 22 meters
AntiVirus3rd (3 years ago)
No I'm not exactly wrong. There were definitely ones over 60 ft long. You're not wrong either though most of them were up to 40 or a little bit more. But some Megalodons did grow to 60 ft or longer. I did my research. You might want to recheck yours
Proffessor Genki (3 years ago)
They were 59-40 Dumbass You guys know nothing about a megalodon.
5577Luke (4 years ago)
+Omit Rahman  Description Dumb-ass
The OPED Hitman (4 years ago)
Of course the Megalodon is bigger but it's GTA
Butcherbird (4 years ago)
Megladon are like infanity long
estoyvendiendo (4 years ago)
Megalodon are bigger than that
CLAU FERNANDEZ (4 years ago)
wow Shark gigant
Victor Guerra (4 years ago)
ガッツAkira (4 years ago)
How did u get tis
Nathan Neal (4 years ago)
i didnt know megaladon had.... motors....
A B (4 years ago)
the audio ruins it
Kubson99 (4 years ago)
its a speed boat isnt it?
elijah merritt (4 years ago)
outcast1298 (4 years ago)
hey great job, one cool feature could be if it could open its mouth, like instead of headlights, that button could be used to control its mouth. really great mod, good job.
Vinicius Xavier (4 years ago)
q paia
do sharks even do anything?
LawVader (4 years ago)
Cool music
VLOGER 2945 (4 years ago)
Andrey Davis (4 years ago)
u can doit for ps3 but u have to get a usb and hook up to ur laptop youtube it it really works and add me on ps3 badpanda12345
Tunnel Rat (4 years ago)
dude, it's a boat XD
bobasthebob (4 years ago)
you can mod for consoles but its hard
Bernardo Gusmão (4 years ago)
ei cara esse mod funciona pra ps3?
Faisal Mohsen (4 years ago)
Its a boat but with a shark skin its more faster and stronger than the other boat's
PortxCityxDizzle (4 years ago)
Just a boat no biting or nothin just shark cover so basically a farrari with a fiat engine lol
JulietHasAGun89 (4 years ago)
Badass music, vid, and mod ^o^
huntre3444 (4 years ago)
the 360 can also be modded
Alejandro Ruiz (4 years ago)
A Megalodon is bigger than this simple fish
candycabngfl (4 years ago)
Great job on this ! Very cool !
Tio Aditya (4 years ago)
cool! even the walker screamed kekekekeke~
Tommygeegee88 (4 years ago)
wtf man how u make that you are a legend can you bite with it but anyway ur pure legend
cool!!! mod
Wealthy Blackman (4 years ago)
you can jailbreak a ps3 and put gta mods on it so....
Swedish Maniac (4 years ago)
This is the worst
Summer (4 years ago)
BlackHawkAO (4 years ago)
pc ftw!
VideoFan4896 (4 years ago)
I was hoping it could eat people and destroy boats. Also it sounds too much like a boat.
Matheus Moreira (4 years ago)
Leo Huynh (4 years ago)
well so maybe there are many coders on PC more than console.
Mardi Versteegh (4 years ago)
o yeah. tell me why do i have other mods on my xbox for gta then
Mardi Versteegh (4 years ago)
but you can mod on xbox 360 too is it possible to get the mod on xbox 360
Leo Huynh (4 years ago)
PC ONLY. Consoles game cannot be mod by players.
Dj Mckenzie (4 years ago)
awsome mod does it work on xbox
Static Tonality (4 years ago)
Does it just replace the boat skin?
Roderick Bailey (4 years ago)
I swear u can do anything in grand thief
Porky Productions (4 years ago)
are you driving it ?
MoreGlitchGaming (5 years ago)
Great video jmoorfoot4
Zogged Gaming (5 years ago)
"What the fuck is going on!?"
Synthetic Narm (5 years ago)
smashdudez (5 years ago)
make it more in the water :)
Kelton Plant (5 years ago)
It's just a retectred boat
jmoorfoot4 (5 years ago)
Thanks :)
jmoorfoot4 (5 years ago)
Sorry but with all modding it's PC only.
jmoorfoot4 (5 years ago)
Thanks, This mod only took about a day and a half to make once I had the model and textures.
perese1 (5 years ago)
Dude what an awesome mod...Keep up the good work..How long does it take to make something like the Megalodon shark? anyways awesome skills and talent man
ΙΒRAxΚnight ᴴᴰ (5 years ago)
Thx Man , I want the download link :)

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