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Tree House/Guard Tower (READ DESCRIPTION) | The Forest

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IMPORTANT: Update v0.67 has made rock walls destructible by enemies. To prevent this from being destroy, you will need to turn off building destruction mode. This build is still viable as normal tree houses can be knocked down whether you have building damage on or off. SAVE BEFORE DESTROYING THE PILLARS - IT MAY BE BUGGED! Learn how to build a invulnerable tree house and guard tower. This structure has many uses and purposes, plus it looks cool. Rock walls cannot be destroyed by the enemy, tree can be destroyed by the enemy. Cannibals can climb tress and the Armsy can cut the trees down. This is why I never liked the idea of a tree house base. Though this build WILL overcome that. This is build can be built how ever you want. It can be as big or small as you want. TIP: If you are struggling to reach and need more than the log cart with logs on it. You can build a crane or a custom stairs to reach the area. I strive to release videos daily for The Forest. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Subscribe to see these videos daily and like if you can, it helps the videos reach more people. I use Imgur to post some of the pictures from my videos, you may find this helpful. https://farket8238.imgur.com/ I often use https://theforestmap.com/ for my videos. Check it out, it's amazing. All thumbnails, photo shopping, video editing, most of the music, and logo were designed/completed by me.
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Text Comments (177)
Eric Lopez (11 days ago)
When I was playing my first play through I saw enemies climbing trees lol
Why not do 4 big tall pillars? Im not Trolling just asking
So from point 3:04 I started the custom platform in the center then I chopped the other 4 down, the 4th one was the one I ended my points on and the whole thing crashed down. :(
OK I figured out my error, Start from the center go to the four outer point then go back to the center point and end there again, that is how you make the center the main post.
How do you get the logs up there?
Steven Stone (17 days ago)
Thats awesome :D but kinda boring when they cant get you
Steven Stone (11 days ago)
Nice :)
Farket (17 days ago)
They might bring back the dynamite cannibal yet...
Does this build still work? How can I make it as big as I want?
Farket (16 days ago)
It still works though rock walls can be killed by mutants now. Yeah you can make it as big as you want for sure.
memodump (29 days ago)
I always hear "Hello everyone it's fucketty". Is it intended? Anyway thanks for your vids on The Forest, great job man.
Farket (29 days ago)
Probably not, lazy accent I have picked up. Cheers
Chris Bellinger (1 month ago)
Hey Farket, I love your video's. I actually watch them with my morning coffee. I find them very informative. They have lead to a lot of Inspiration in the game for me in regards to building structures, and survival tactics. This brings me to why I'm commenting - on this particular video no less - I've recently built this model of Tree-house in my single player save; I would love to turn it into a series of towers connected by bridges. Do you have an effective method, or any pointers on how to easily line up a second tower for this?
Farket (1 month ago)
Cheers. Nice work. Would love to see a picture of it. Discord is good for that, I have a link for mine in the description of videos. I would suggest using a custom foundation blueprint as a guide. Lining things up can be very difficult in this game.
James Hetfield (1 month ago)
how did u get that blue color for your blueprint?
Ossie Dunstan (1 month ago)
can you still build this
Farket (1 month ago)
Yeah, I’d recommend check out the video I made mentioning the FARC method. It shows how to build it floating instead so its 100% safe.
DMR Media (2 months ago)
crazypolite (2 months ago)
Great idea.. unless they patch it to allow them to break rock walls.. anyhow lets face it, the easiest way to build a safe base is by building a house boat and/or large raft.. Almost unfair to the cannibals at how safe you are being only feet from the shore
crazypolite (2 months ago)
Farket lol! I just mean like.. fighting the cannibals is part of the fun.. unless they become ridiculous in volume. Anyway thanks for your videos man, you've helped me immensely
Farket (2 months ago)
I really appreciate your views on equality and fairness on the cannibals. Its good to see such a progressive mind whilst viewing the comments.
I'm Here to Say (2 months ago)
There is a cannibal that throws molotov's.
Farket (2 months ago)
+I'm Here to Say Molotovs cant hurt buildings
Fresh Creative (3 months ago)
Wow, I really like ur videos, and I think you should deserve definitely more subs :) succes to your channel, YOU'RE AWESOME
Utopian Gaming (3 months ago)
Mutants can destroy rock walls including that wood. Its been that way for ages. You could have used the plane wreck itself
Farket (3 months ago)
+Utopian Gaming Yeah I made this way before they were made destructible.
Codeine and me (3 months ago)
is this still viable? ive seen couple comments reffering that the armsies can destory rock walls
Th3N3ll (3 months ago)
if you not in the crativ mode how get you up the 15 logs on the top x_X
Eric Bridge (3 months ago)
Any1 else had this video recommended for no reason?
LukaHD (3 months ago)
i think he is 500000 years old your voice dude :D amazing
LukaHD (3 months ago)
Farket (3 months ago)
+LukaHD Hehe cheers
PNX (4 months ago)
i found your channel yesterday and i LOVE it😂
The Raptor (4 months ago)
All I did to protect my house was, I put my treehouse up and then at the bottom, I built a little ""home" to guard the tree and the rope. I put rock walls around the house below. home"
Shirorin (4 months ago)
watched it 3 times and I still have no idea what you did
Shirorin (4 months ago)
Farket I know you did your best explaining its probably because im new to this series ty tho (。•́︿•̀。)
Farket (4 months ago)
+Shirorin Yeah it's a tricky build. I can't give anything else that would help. Can't think of anything.
jotri (4 months ago)
So satisfying.
SHENZI :33 (4 months ago)
warching u is so relaxing :)
Konstx7 LP (4 months ago)
very good video! :D your awesome!
Rok Adamlje (4 months ago)
4 corners, wide, and a hole in the middle of the floor. Easier to throw motolows direcly on the buggers below.
Farket (4 months ago)
+Rok Adamlje haha that's an awesome idea
That_One_Gamer99 (4 months ago)
You would be a perfect narrator for a certain thing......
Snake Doctor (5 months ago)
Why'd they go and make rock walls destructible? I get that the game's not supposed to be about building awesome structures, but there needs to be somewhere you can go to feel safe. I swear, if they make it so cannibals can attack you in water, then base building will become pointless. It would make the game more challenging/terrifying, I suppose.
BloodyNoSeProduction (5 months ago)
Please host a server I would like to play with you.
Farket (5 months ago)
+BloodyNoSeProduction Will so soon.
rraannddoomm (5 months ago)
How many rocks do you need?
rraannddoomm (5 months ago)
sure :D let's just use your example. How many rocks did you need?
Farket (5 months ago)
+rraannddoomm depends how high you go.
Mübarek Geymır (5 months ago)
Or just change the ''allow building destruction'' to off :D
Farket (5 months ago)
Haha thank you! someone who gets it!
NikoMiko FurryDragon (5 months ago)
How u have unlimited resources
NikoMiko FurryDragon (5 months ago)
Farket ok now i saw i must update my game ITS still on v61
Farket (5 months ago)
+NotMedicine Creative mode
Joseph Taggart (6 months ago)
Fantastic video, id love to see a bigger build.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Joseph Taggart Cheers, yeah it can be done much bigger. Would take longer though.
Kev. (6 months ago)
The archer tower lol
Farket (6 months ago)
+Kev. Thats a good use for it
steemit pakistan (6 months ago)
i really like the way u explain everything in detail , i really love watching your videos and i look forward seeing u playing other games too, i hope your youtube channel grows bigger
Farket (6 months ago)
Cheers, glad you like it. Yeah might play other games one day. Thanks for the feedback
SadisticStang (6 months ago)
How can you suggest this in 2017 when cannibals have been throwing molotovs since 2015?
Farket (6 months ago)
Fire doesn't damage structures.
MoonshineCole (6 months ago)
just build stone walls around a tree that you have your tree on...
Farket (6 months ago)
+Moonshine Cole armsy and Virginia attacks can reach nearly 3 meters. And tree houses aren't custom. And I want to try moonshine now, never have.
OlivierTheGamer (6 months ago)
Can you make the base bigger by placing the rocks father?
King Reload (6 months ago)
Unless they brought out a new update in which armsies and legsies can damage rock walls, which they just did, so this video is already invalid ✌
Xeno Gaming (3 months ago)
THen we build it on the plane~ WEEEE
Alex Armsy (5 months ago)
Farket Legsies used to be the original name of the Virginias lol
DrakeZealot (5 months ago)
You'll float down here... We all float down here... Yes we do
Alberto Zanetti (6 months ago)
Turbo999be sharks. Ahhahah
Turbo999be (6 months ago)
Yep just did it and just been destoyed by arm/legsies (it was tough anyway)... but it did "float" that's right !... well until it hit the ground ! ^^ It was logic that nothing could be invulnerable in the game... I'm pretty sure they will come up with something that render buildings in water vulnerable too !
Z/T Gaming (6 months ago)
I could listen to your voice for hours
Farket (6 months ago)
+Z/T Gaming I cant, my videos put me to sleep lol
aloneBG (6 months ago)
"Rock walls cannot be destroyed" - Do you actually believe in yourself? I build rock walls every day in The Forest - and when they hit it - they broke it
Farket (6 months ago)
+aloneBG Read the description, there was an update that changed it. Also, this will most likely float if the pillar is destroyed.
Frankie Turner (6 months ago)
Your videos are so detailed thanks so much.
Louis Bryant (6 months ago)
does this still work in the latest update also does the happy birthday trap break when attacked
Farket (6 months ago)
+Louis Bryant Not anymore, I placed a bit in the description outlining it. I recommend you watch my video from yesterday. They have changed heaps with this patch, even stuff they haven't mentioned in the patch notes
Cherlindrea Aurora (6 months ago)
What a beautiful calm voice!
partychicken king (6 months ago)
Cannibals are actually able to destroy rock walls right?
Farket (6 months ago)
+partychicken king Nah, they are immune providing they aren't built on structures that can be destroy, such as custom platforms or custom floors.
pyricexhoarder (6 months ago)
good video, good build. keep at it
Farket (6 months ago)
+pyricexhoarder Cheers
Saracen1974 (7 months ago)
I subscribed by the way so keep The Forest content coming.
Farket (6 months ago)
+Saracen1974 Cheers, dont worry. There's heaps more to come!
Saracen1974 (7 months ago)
That is REALLY clever, however you can encase a tree in a rock wall and make sure that it goes all the way up, however your idea is really cool. Nice job.
Farket (6 months ago)
+Saracen1974 Cheers. I am not too keen on the idea as armsys can reach a fair distance through walls. On my building damage videos, they can reach over two meters so that would be a lot of rock walls
Owain (7 months ago)
Really nice video dude! Keep doing the good work! :D
Farket (7 months ago)
maxerious brooks (7 months ago)
i built this tonight I got it on the first go but my first Foundation wasn't perfect and my first platform was too far in even though I thought I had it on the edge I had to make another one doesn't quite look as pretty but I went 5 tiers up but it does work it's effective excellent work figuring this out
Farket (7 months ago)
+maxerious brooks Yeah this is a bit of a complex build. I test built it 6 times before I managed to get it right enough to make a video about it. It gets easier the more you build it.
moose (7 months ago)
Very nice,very professional totally enjoyed it and I will try this.Just subscribed.Thank you
Farket (7 months ago)
+moose Cheers, thanks for the feedback
mskamilor (7 months ago)
your voice is so annoying jesus
Farket (7 months ago)
sergio manzano (7 months ago)
I tried ur method and when i go to try to put the custom floor it just does like the middle piller as if it can't connect with the other pillers
sergio manzano (7 months ago)
Farket thank u so much bro ,u r correct lol keep up the good videos
Farket (7 months ago)
+sergio manzano Do you have it in auto mode? You need to press C to activate manual mode
Any Garcia (7 months ago)
great! new sub ;)
Farket (7 months ago)
+Any Garcia Cheers
Kind Kyttocks (7 months ago)
I've just finished my 'Farket's column' on the Fertile Lands. It worked perfectly after a few failed attempts - due to my own incompetence. I'm using my first one to store my meat racks out of the reach of thieving cannibals. Going to try a bigger one next as a guard tower with arrow baskets etc.
Farket (7 months ago)
+Kind Kyttocks Thats a really good idea keeping your food racks in their, cannibals and food racks aye. So frustrating.
bselaru (7 months ago)
Great, now you can starve to death.
Farket (7 months ago)
+bselaru Save and exit, return and they are gone
Sahaniii Plays (7 months ago)
You deserve more subscribers!
Farket (7 months ago)
+Sahaniii Plays Cheers
Chris Dunfield (7 months ago)
once youre building the rocks ontop of the custom platform near the end, right before u add the roof and platform itself, how are you getting logs up that high? cant carry them up the rope right..
Farket (7 months ago)
+Chris Dunfield I worked out a new method. I made a video yesterday about scaffolding using roofs. Very cheap, 8 logs will have you 4 stories in the air. Cheers
﴾Λ͟rtificial﴿ (7 months ago)
You can utilize the empty space between the floors by placing a garden down (easy manageable food)
ooglepants (7 months ago)
excellent build. i would think you could build 2 and connect them and really have quite the base. (or more, but 2 is enough)
CrizzBizz (7 months ago)
I tried this out today and it worked perfectly. Was a bit of trial and error at first but turned out awesome. ,👍
Farket (7 months ago)
+CrizzBizz Yeah, this one can be a bit tricky but it does turn really good. I really want to see how big they can get before they start looking funny. How big was yours?
Max (7 months ago)
lets go 1000 subs
Farket (7 months ago)
+Max Haha soon hopefully.
MyReactions (7 months ago)
Why wasting so much time doing that when you can make a tree house and surround that tree with 3 4 layers of rock walls for protection against mutants and canibals. Takes you at least 30 40 rocks to do it besides the house. Nice guide though.
Alex Armsy (5 months ago)
MyReactions You know that firemen can straight up burn the tree through walls?
Jenzz (6 months ago)
They could wreck the tree through the stone walls if i'm not mistaken, i've had armsys destroy my wooden structures behind a rock wall
Kind Kyttocks (7 months ago)
I would say this gives you increased flexibility - you are not restricted by only being able to build where there is a suitable tree. You could build an indestructible guard tower anywhere. I'm going to give it a go.
Farket (7 months ago)
Yeah thats true too. I am not sure how far they can jump. But I believe it is pretty far.
Omar R (7 months ago)
MyReactions CrossFire Europe and remove trees around since they can jump from one another and if you have regrow trees will be around you.
LukeStar (7 months ago)
dude u have grown so much please a a 1000 sub special
Farket (7 months ago)
+LukeStar Cheers, I might do that
Neruru Mello (7 months ago)
Tried and it's perfect. Thanks Farket!!
Farket (7 months ago)
+Neruru Mello Cheers, glad it worked. I am curious to see what other ideas people could get out of this. I think it has a lot of potential.
Alex Armsy (7 months ago)
Wow. I wanted to build such a thing for a very long time but....I had no idea how to make it.. Thank you so much Farket! <3
Phoenix Coates (6 months ago)
Really, Alex? Did I not show you my save file?
Alex Armsy (7 months ago)
Farket Just imagine, you can use the crane and extend it a few more floors..That'd be awesome.
Farket (7 months ago)
+Alex Armsy No worries, honestly... Me too! The tree houses looked cool but I was too scared of losing them. Plus this can be customized. Glad it helped, cheers.
Levi Black (7 months ago)
But, how high does it have to be to be tree fall proof?
Phoenix Coates (6 months ago)
Or you could just use my save, I happen to have had this kind of thing for quite awhile :)
Farket (7 months ago)
+Levi Black I think that's a question for the gods... It would have to be tested. I didn't save the game with this one so I would have to make it again :(
Badja (7 months ago)
that gave me an idea... would it be possible to build own cannibal villages? (with the custom floors and roof)
Farket (7 months ago)
+Badja Thats an awesome idea. Yeah you can, just need to attach the floor to something, one row of rock walls would do. I haven't tested it with custom platforms. I might try this idea out, if I make a video Ill give you credit. Cheers
Moldovan Nicolae (7 months ago)
What about the canibals with molotovs,i know that they can burn your tree house but what about other structures like this one.Nice video tho,love your clips
Moldovan Nicolae (7 months ago)
Farket (7 months ago)
+Snițăl Gaming I actually recorded myself talking about that, I cant remember why I cut it out. They cannot damage buildings. No fire damage can. For example, molotov traps wont damage buildings etc.
Boris Vujičić (7 months ago)
Snițăl Gaming yea can they burn your house?
Eknim (7 months ago)
that outro jumpscared me lmao
Farket (7 months ago)
+Eknim Haha, yeah I like to have fun with the outro. Makes it look like I am obsessed with death.
Variara (7 months ago)
another great vid! thanks again for this idea. i have a question though, if i place like a stone wall around the area im building, will the cannibals/mutants be able to cross/jumpover it? because i've seen some cannibals jump when they attack me.
Kind Kyttocks (7 months ago)
Mico Raymond you'll be safe with a crouch entrance. They can't get in through those. Virginia can't jump three high stone walls.
Ramit Inmah Ashol (7 months ago)
what if I build a 3-high wall with a hole underneath for my crouching entrance, will those little cannibals be able to get in that 1-high hole? and will a virginia be able to jump the 3-high wall?
Farket (7 months ago)
+Variara Yeah they can jump over it, they leap over fences and other small structures with ease. Two high and they can climb it. Three high is too high for them. Cowmen cannot get past single row stone walls.
msherwood (7 months ago)
damn farket, you stay delivering the best content about the forest...
Farket (7 months ago)
+msherwood Cheers, thanks for the feedback. Keeps me going :)
Conson SaW (7 months ago)
When I broke the 4th pillar, the wooden platform exploded? any ideas of what might've went wrong?
Farket (7 months ago)
+Conson SaW Yeah I am not sure. Hard to tell without it being seen built if you know what I mean. A lot of these tutorials I do manipulate the game mechanics so there's going to be times its not going to work, though I tested this one quite a bit. I can only advise to try it again but save before you do it in case something goes wrong. Let me know though. If there's a bug you have found that I haven't, I want people to know. Cheers
Conson SaW (7 months ago)
I decided to try to rebuild it somwehere else, (after some attempts at reconstructing it without using ur method) and the floor seems to be floating now? (I used dynamite to destroy the middle rock pillars)
Conson SaW (7 months ago)
I destroyed it with a modern axe, I tried plane axe too, but as I swing at the stone walls on the side, I can see the floor seeming to take damage, it looks very damaged at this point, and I can't seem to repair it from below (tried building a couple platforms to get right under it and still no option)
Farket (7 months ago)
+Conson SaW Did you use instant destruction mode to destroy it? I have a feeling this might be bugged. I would suggest saving before destroying it. It doesnt need to be destroyed but it does take away from the look.
Keven Jon (7 months ago)
Dude.....this is pure genius!! I'm always a fans of tree house this is really helpful indeed stay awesome mate!!
Farket (7 months ago)
+Keven Jon Thanks, Me too. The concept of a tree house is good. I just didn't want to lose it. Cheers
Trent Arnold (7 months ago)
Great find, good work Farket. Nice to finally have a little safe haven
Farket (7 months ago)
+Trent Arnold Thanks, yeah it will be. I will be building this on my next play through haha. Cheers
Lois Minato (7 months ago)
wow this is good!
Farket (7 months ago)
+Lois Minato Cheers
Farket (7 months ago)
I couldn't think of a proper name for this structure build, anyone have any better ideas for a name?
your mom (2 months ago)
Rock Pillar Fort
Xeno Gaming (3 months ago)
The Heaven Mushroom~
Hans Meyerholz (6 months ago)
Farket nice video, which mod do u use for fast building??
ooglepants (7 months ago)
rockie no touchie.
Farket (7 months ago)
+Kerem Kaya Thats actually a very accurate name for it. Looks a lot like the alpine one. I should look up what alpine means.... haha cheers
Mirusai (7 months ago)
Oh nice outro
Farket (7 months ago)
+Baum M Cheers
Mirusai (7 months ago)
Nice idea farket
Farket (7 months ago)
+Baum M Thanks :)
Jonas Schnecke (7 months ago)
Could be bootcamps you Could build around the Island to have some nice Safe Zones! Nice work
Farket (7 months ago)
+Farket Homes away from home*
Farket (7 months ago)
+Jonas Schnecke Yeah that's a good idea. Little safe houses and homes always home. Cheers

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