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Top Moments of Jump Scares | Subnautica

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Watch Twitch streamers react to the top moments of jump scares while playing Subnautica Compilation of the top funny moments of Twitch streamer jumpscare clips of the game Subnautica Check out my channel and hit subscribe for more Twitch jump scares, funny moments, rages, and glitches
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Text Comments (1125)
And this my friends is why we watch youtube. We get to see full grown people scream like little girls.
Murillo Silva (20 hours ago)
Tiến Zhou LQ (1 day ago)
Ian Morris (2 days ago)
Great game ruined by bad actors hamming it up for views. Fucking cunts.
It’s to funny 😆
Adonis (2 days ago)
5:22 That was epic
Marc Dupuis (3 days ago)
this is so funny im not joking
-Peebs - (3 days ago)
This game can pretty much qualify as a horror game.
Ekmoeun Men (4 days ago)
2 months ago I watch it it scared the fuck outta me now it seem normal =/
Stas Gun (4 days ago)
Мдаа.. какие же ничтожные пидарасы-истерички
Who had their first encounter as a grab from behind while exploring in a sea moth.
DeAnte Lee (4 days ago)
5:23 he like you coming down here with us
This is try not to laugh challenge xd
KiNGмАРеLFФЖ (5 days ago)
*_2:54_**_ that was to damn funny XD_*
Canadian Cookie (5 days ago)
Imagine a warper levithan
Of course most of these are because of the reapers. I've never played the game and those fuckers scare me.
Voldemort (6 days ago)
i don't know why, but i am just too terrified to look ghost leviathan's face
TheMuddyMudkip 360 (6 days ago)
1:27 get up on outta here with my eyeholes
Deimic (7 days ago)
Feels Like Most of them are Fake
Michal (7 days ago)
ска... какие мы нежные :)
ieuan hurford (7 days ago)
5:38 is that Frankie Boyle? 😂
Gabriel Martinez (7 days ago)
3:22 aaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa hehehehe
Blizzard TheFangirl (7 days ago)
That Reaper Leviathan can fuck your Seamoth up :o (I knew that already... one broke my seamoth... rip seamoth 2018-2018
hunterhunter 773 (8 days ago)
2:53 road kill or sea kill
Hello xd (8 days ago)
7:56 R.I.P Seamoth :''c
Spacy Platypus18 (8 days ago)
You can instanly tell by the title that most of them will be to do with the reaper (it is the scariest monster in the game when first encounted, especially when silent and it just grabs you out of no where)
ATOMIC LEGEND (9 days ago)
Im 13 and not even scared or flintched
J.A.C 3 (9 days ago)
TauridBorn (10 days ago)
3:28 I like how she snaps back from sheer terror to perfectly calm again
Bankichi (10 days ago)
https://youtu.be/zkXzjDk-49o Go 4:17 ;p
Mark Ford (11 days ago)
These people are a bunch of drama queens!!!
L U X (11 days ago)
I play subnautica for the jump scares lool
Aviation Monster (12 days ago)
2:31. Yeah srsly,. WTF is that
Logan Wolfbane (13 days ago)
5:54 deadpan fake scream. Really?
Ayla James (13 days ago)
5:21 Oh, having a fun time playing sub- AHHHHHHHHHAHA ;-; T-T
WOLFI THE GHOST (13 days ago)
3:23 souds like a voy XD
Orophlacious (14 days ago)
8:15 is fucking cute and hilarious
VELH0 CÃ0 (14 days ago)
Violet Citrus (14 days ago)
3:47 “fUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK” Also 3:43 for the start of the clip
Gamez (14 days ago)
The reason the people get so scared is because they have there headphones ULTRA High it should only be near medium.Unless its a horror game.
TVT TVT (15 days ago)
mike brown (16 days ago)
The Reaper Leviathan master of the jump scare lol
Chum the Fish (16 days ago)
That happens too me before
Pauline S das Einhorn (16 days ago)
Your screams were delicious...
Mohammed Hammami (18 days ago)
2:15 jesus christ on a bike
Imagination._.Artist (18 days ago)
3:08 and 2:35 have me WEAK
john paul fraley (18 days ago)
the moment with the prawn mech, i'm a godzilla fan, and if i saw that thing and if it bit me and i kneenocked its face, here's my line: I'VE FOUGHT LIZARDS BIGGER THAN YOU!!!!!!
ImRaven (19 days ago)
I really want to play this game but this makes think twice about it xd
ImRaven (14 days ago)
I have my problems with underwater monsters in games xd Especially when you cant kill them xd But i will still try the game :D
black manta (14 days ago)
#DeathToRivenMains just play it its not scary 😐😑
XxHazingGamingxX (19 days ago)
02:35 cracked me up LMAO
XxHazingGamingxX (19 days ago)
01:40 lowkey looks like a Crackhead
Kidiv (19 days ago)
I really need Your opinion on my latest Subnautica video) If you like this video, you're gonna like mine as well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCXHubLn4Rk
RemixPlayz (20 days ago)
"Jesus Christ on a bike"
Ya girl Gamerz (21 days ago)
Most of this is sodapoppin
Alex C (21 days ago)
8:33 lol that thing couldn’t have approached him any better xD
Ospreii (21 days ago)
Anthomnia: To a sandshark (Ibthink I don't play) : "oh you're gonna hurt me? No are not" *sees a reaper* "OH SHIT PLEASE DON'T HURT ME!"
Brantley Collins (21 days ago)
5:23 it came outta the water to snatch her lmao
Aaron Ward (21 days ago)
2:56 hahaha
sofiadino :3 (21 days ago)
8:21 get the fuck out i sleeping you dumbass
IvanFnaf Games (21 days ago)
im scared of gamers,no monsters!!
WOW DOGE (21 days ago)
I've had worse I sailed on the moth in front of me suddenly appeared a coral tube similar situation was on 3:06
Ace Boye (21 days ago)
5:08 I thought the USSR anthem came on for a second I was about to laugh my ass off.
This thing Reapers Reapers and Reapers
chardace sayco (22 days ago)
5:55 And in here you will see the natural habitat of the chimpanzee's OH! there he goes again he's always happy when people come to him.
salo mon (23 days ago)
and i am just trying to scan the reaper, but he is so dam fast :-/ always swimming away from me. or kills me, while scanning... anyone here, who succeeded in scanning the reaper? is there a trick you can use?
Every one calls them reapers well I’m gonna call him my friend Steve
The ghost leviathan scared the shot out of me well I’m gonna need some new under ware
Heltta22 (24 days ago)
2:53 hahahahahhahahahah
Ninjashyper 3 (24 days ago)
The jump scares were not the creatures but the screams
kirwi kirwinson (24 days ago)
This Sodapoppin guy is the worst fake reactions streamer of them all.
Kuro Nyra (26 days ago)
3:24 *two whole second of screaming* *think about what just happened for 3 second* *resume nothing like if nothing happened.*
The Gaming Family (26 days ago)
*Twitch Guy* Where am i? *me* Sand Dunes *Twitch guy* OH GOD *Me* OK THAT WAS IDIOTIC FOR YOU TO GET UP ITS JUST A LEVIATHAN DUDE! MAN UP 2nd Jumpscare on list: Me: ok, a warper. Eh... *Sees Orange thing and what looks like emperor* GAME GLITCH?! 3rd Jumpscare on list:COME. ON DUDE IT WAS A FISH.
Javier Ganzarain (27 days ago)
03:23 is she pulling off a Home Alone impression???
christopher reyes (27 days ago)
The first one scared the shit out of me XD
muzaki dian (28 days ago)
2:55 best
Exterminator (28 days ago)
Did criken throw something cause it sounds like he threw something.
wolf tube2 (28 days ago)
Jesus christ on a bike thats a new one
KillStraighty (29 days ago)
Why do no streamers at this game in VR? Would be way scarier.
Nicola Smith (29 days ago)
This made me laugh like hell
Cold Cafe (30 days ago)
ToxicNinja (30 days ago)
Danilo Losada (30 days ago)
por lo menos no llegaron a encarar con un leviathan emperador >v y salieron ilesos en su partidas de supervivencias.
fleesch (1 month ago)
what a bunch of pussies, seriously ... those "monsters" dont even look creepy
Joshua Gehle (1 month ago)
The freakn whole game is scary af
Tannu (1 month ago)
There would be one jumpscare in Twitch channel "Laeppastream" xD
Fallen King (1 month ago)
Ебать они сикуни
Ari Cohen (1 month ago)
I am dying of laughter only 2 minutes in. Good luck everyone else.
jasio777 S (1 month ago)
Every Reaper Leviathan Jumpscare = Cute Kitten Meowing Into Your Face (In my opinion Ofc.)
Quantim (1 month ago)
korktum amk
Frosty Lime :3 (1 month ago)
TKD 303 (1 month ago)
3:43 l love it when people know where they are and what happens there but before they rember *OOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF*
Sun_power8793 (1 month ago)
This was entertaining
5:17 *Best fucking leviathan kill ever omfg that is a fucking classic gold right there*
The Mega Nidoking (1 month ago)
reaper leviathan best jumpscare
Gino (1 month ago)
oh jesus christ on a bike
Padpaw22 (1 month ago)
aversion therapy for those of us terrified of deep water
Dr. Rain the Husky boi (1 month ago)
9:14 ɴᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏᴏ ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ ᴘʟᴇᴀsᴇ
Korogator (1 month ago)
2:56 well, at least now I know I'm not the only one getting scared by accidental fish splatter.

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