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XBOX AXE GIRL (Level 3) | State of Decay: Breakdown Gameplay Part 4

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Text Comments (6)
ZumaArcade (3 days ago)
Another great episode probably my fav one yet! Thanks for all the support on this series guys <3 Don't forget to join my Discord community here ► https://discord.gg/UGcRavf
CastCrown (14 hours ago)
When you get to like level 5-6 you cant see zombies on the mini map anymore
Dicky Pratama (1 day ago)
hey i watch this
Allenman Jr (2 days ago)
Hey Zuma love you zombie gameplay. I guess it is time to bring to people to watch your back.#RIPBigDick
Canton Gregory (3 days ago)
Oof I'm never this early

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