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Subnautica - FINDING THE MARKIPLIER DOLL, EXOSUIT UPGRADES & MAJOR EMPEROR UPDATE - Gameplay Join me on Discord! https://discord.gg/py8trsA
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Text Comments (98)
Jeff Allen (4 months ago)
Have you've seen the new monster
Aizen Sowers (5 months ago)
the warper is IS NOT A FISH it is a robot being controlled by the disease research facility somehow still functioning...
Aizen Sowers (5 months ago)
Aizen Sowers (5 months ago)
you should go back to the gun and open the force field then go get the ion cube so yeah and you will need 3 because there is a moon pool
vincent zhu (6 months ago)
Hi hello hello hi hello
vincent zhu (6 months ago)
Jeffery Banks (9 months ago)
thats whats up
Jeffery Banks (9 months ago)
your awsome man
Demolition AMF (10 months ago)
Markiplier would be proud
Jessica Jones (10 months ago)
More like go homarang fish
plague doctor (10 months ago)
y u die?
the eye of Distruction (10 months ago)
Austin G Hudson (10 months ago)
The lost river you find them
Nate Mullins (10 months ago)
anthomnia has the ghost leviathan been added I'm getting the game and want to know
The redstone Miner (10 months ago)
Stage fright
Alador the Dragon (10 months ago)
Nuu I missed it.
Ronnie Hall vlogs! (10 months ago)
I'm the 100 comment
TBC (10 months ago)
nice 200TB of porn xD
DoomedGearHunter (10 months ago)
Loll XD at the end was funny
scar :-D (10 months ago)
my gender is microwave-toaster
King of Shadows (10 months ago)
omfg when I seen this there was an ad for subnautica
Hanysek 04 (10 months ago)
damn this channel has grown
Aden Rondeau (10 months ago)
Sheev (10 months ago)
the seaemporer is shemale
doomsday5635 (10 months ago)
VizulBlood WolfGaming (10 months ago)
please do drunk gameplay again!!
Glimple Bort (10 months ago)
You are a fucking stupid idiot the infection animation happens at the disease reasearch facility
Ant your dogs name isn't ruffles it's snuffles and it wants to be called snowball (Rick and Morty joke)
Marshall Sharkousky (10 months ago)
I find it rather irritating when they hatch the eggs first before activating the portal. The devs should really somehow prevent you from messing that up.
YaboiDestroyer (10 months ago)
the Sea Emperor is a girl and the last of her kind
HulkDetroit07 (10 months ago)
Kayl is awesome
HulkDetroit07 (10 months ago)
Kayl is awesome
HulkDetroit07 (10 months ago)
Girl or a woman because it late it's eggs in the mail one XKE
HulkDetroit07 (10 months ago)
You missed something because that thing in there that was for the moon pool in there to upgrade your stuff next-door that you could have upgraded everything you're stupid idiot audit dude
HulkDetroit07 (10 months ago)
Are you friends with Matt Shea
HulkDetroit07 (10 months ago)
Kayl is awesome
Alex Gonzales (10 months ago)
in the Adora their is a room with exo suits/prawn suits and they might be there
Bahena Family (10 months ago)
the giant monster is a girl
SSJ Mitchell (10 months ago)
I would not be surprised if they made a peeper leviathan as a holiday thing like how ark has the dodorex
Alex Gamer (10 months ago)
hi I'm new
King BLUE911 (10 months ago)
😭😢 no
Alex Ander (10 months ago)
THE SEA EMPEROR is not male OR female
BEHEMOTH (10 months ago)
Alex Ander yeah it's a shemale
Alex Ander (10 months ago)
Sorry is both male and female
Adrian Morell (10 months ago)
Adrian Morell (10 months ago)
The smashing markiplier doll was me LAMO can't stop laughing right now!
3dwrecker (10 months ago)
drunk stream please
Corey McCraw (10 months ago)
I think that the sea emperor is a girl I just do
Dracorex (10 months ago)
I can't find the mod table rip
The Demon Behind Glasses (10 months ago)
Christian Roberts (10 months ago)
Anthomnia I think it can be both as in male And female so it's an "it" but the sea emperor is an female for that factor
friskstillplays (8 months ago)
dino dude nu
Oynx Megalovania (10 months ago)
I remember the devs once called it a female back in the early days of subnautica
bonereal gaster (10 months ago)
dino dude (10 months ago)
the sea empror is genderless
Dracorex (10 months ago)
It is usually used to describe an inanimate object they would be better
That Grim Guy (10 months ago)
What part dose he find the markiplier doll?
That Grim Guy (9 months ago)
Billy Bob Jones THX MAN
Billy Bob Jones (9 months ago)
Red Hood 1:34:03
Noah Gabriel Garcia (10 months ago)
What time did you find the markiplier doll and show the upgrades in the video? Give me the time please!
Sebastien Damon Travlos (10 months ago)
Noah Gabriel Garcia 1:34:03 is when he finds it
Sebastien Damon Travlos (10 months ago)
Noah Gabriel Garcia the mark doll is in lifepod seven
Melissa Hebert (10 months ago)
do the isle realism plz.
Nicholas E. White (10 months ago)
wheres the toys
Reaven Teh Derg (10 months ago)
then idk
Nicholas E. White (10 months ago)
the life pod isn't there. I'm in experimental
Reaven Teh Derg (10 months ago)
in experimental beta only
Sebastien Damon Travlos (10 months ago)
Nicholas E. White lifepod seven
Nothing in Particular (10 months ago)
I'm gonna watch this tomorrow since it's like 10:16 PM. I know it's not that late, but this stream is long. (Kinda)
Nothing in Particular (10 months ago)
Dammit I started watching... No going back now ;.;
Solja Thompson (10 months ago)
Yo Anthomnia did you know you are invincible to dicksnouts and sandskarks in the prawn suit and you can kill them as well?
Tooker Looker (10 months ago)
My Name Jeff
BEHEMOTH (10 months ago)
Tooker Looker ok,so what?
Benjamin Huynh (10 months ago)
The Stale Meme God (10 months ago)
Love your videos man! Keep up the good work.
TCK53 (10 months ago)
My phone died while watching this RIP
smoky milk (5 months ago)
Then how can you coment
dino dude (10 months ago)
dam,I missed it !!!
Banana Man (10 months ago)
I got a lot of it
Anthomnia (10 months ago)
This is just the stream from earlier! ;D Leave a like for more yo!
friskstillplays (8 months ago)
Anthomnia no not A TOASTER
plague doctor (10 months ago)
lol that's funny
Joverlord (10 months ago)
Anthomnia How do you always get lost so Freaking easy you go in a cave and pretty much get lost right away. I don't get. Do you hate small place or being trap in them.
Kazato Kazuma (10 months ago)
you sound a lot like everythingRIOT
braylen04 gamer (10 months ago)
Anthomnia cool vid man
Yea Okay (10 months ago)
im sorry i missed it
LegendaryGamerYT z (10 months ago)
alex oliverifatass I did too

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