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Double Sniper! NO SCOPE ENDING! Fortnite New Mode Snipers Only ! #1 Victory Royale

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Text Comments (10)
Slaydra (20 days ago)
1:52 when your girl tries to do yoga but she a th0t
Abdalla Mohamed (9 days ago)
Slaydra who were u talking to not including us
Abdalla Mohamed (9 days ago)
I saw him bush camping lol
Abdalla Mohamed (9 days ago)
Abdalla Mohamed (9 days ago)
Who was he talking to not including
HMS Triumph (18 days ago)
Imagine being so empty as to enjoy Slaydra...
Ovwatch 4life (20 days ago)
That was easy? My bro took u like 5 million shots to finally hit the shot, congrats on the win but, don't with that "that was easy" crap
Xx PROxX (20 days ago)
I won that mode with 12 kills
Corey Jones (20 days ago)
dope ending!! the hunting rifle does 86/90 for green/blue
yamikazekage (20 days ago)
FaZe Slaydra? lol 360 no scopes for everyone!

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