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How To Build Bridges The Easy & Cheap Way | The Forest Tutorial

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This video will show you how to build bridges effortlessly using rock walls, custom walls and custom floors. These bridges can be great to get carts onto an island. They are the flattest and smoothest bridges you can build. They do have their downfalls, they are really weak and cannibals can cross them. However, if you build fortifications around them, then they will be easy to defend. I try to release videos daily for The Forest. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Subscribe to see these videos daily. I often use https://theforestmap.com/ for my videos. Check it out, it's amazing. All music/remixes, thumbnails, photo shopping, editing, and logo were designed/completed by me.
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Text Comments (48)
Tom Araya (1 month ago)
amazing vids!  great sound affects
Samwhell (2 months ago)
Most underrated gaming YouTuber on the internet.
hostagekilller5 (2 months ago)
2:26 omg xDDDD
Farket (2 months ago)
tehenrik (3 months ago)
can you build another bridge but not at the easiest spot in the game? what i mean is how do you line them up with custom foundation or something like that. your videos have helped me alot, thanks
Mud bonezzz (3 months ago)
luv the sound effects
Farket (3 months ago)
+Mud bonezzz Cheers
Shoothemdown (4 months ago)
Damn, in my world I just spent a bunch of resources and time making an above ground bridge with tree bridges. And it doesn’t look that good.
Farket (4 months ago)
+Shoothemdown Yeah it's tricky. Not always the best though because cannibals love to use bridges.
Mark Klem (4 months ago)
Your sound effects, LMAO
Leorhit (4 months ago)
Wow the Stunts!!! xD 02:28 Took me by surprise but it worked even more!
Rok Adamlje (4 months ago)
Actually, cart goes along ANY custom stairs, no matter how steep they are
HardcoreType (5 months ago)
That one dislike was a mutant... XD This is great and so is the bridge on the sinkhole of death
HardcoreType (5 months ago)
They decided to put good use to those white laptops. The internet? well,about that i do not know :)
Farket (5 months ago)
Haha, mutants have evolved to use youtube now :p
Thomas S (6 months ago)
Seems it dosent work anymore ?
Farket (6 months ago)
+Thomas S It should work, what issue are you having?
Faltergeist (6 months ago)
... And bom
Farket (6 months ago)
+Faltergeist goes the bridge!
TheGodElectricCherry (6 months ago)
love the relaxed vibe
Kind Kyttocks (7 months ago)
I absolutely admire how thorough your videos are Fark. Your depth of research completely outshines anyone else making Forest vids (With the exception of Broadbent - he also makes excellent content) And you make your own music! One in a million my good man.
Farket (7 months ago)
+Kind Kyttocks Cheers man. Its a shame broadbent has taken a break. He's stopped making videos.
ComputerPro75 (7 months ago)
If been Struggling to do this for Ages!!!! Thanks allot. You just got a sub ;) XD
Farket (7 months ago)
+ComputerPro75 Yeah its quite tricky without know they snap and become automatic. Glad I can help
Joseph Draper (7 months ago)
Probably the best forest content on YouTube. Thank you
Farket (7 months ago)
+Joseph Draper cheers
Dustin Johnsen (7 months ago)
Lol...love the slow mo sound when you jumped off the bridge with the cart
msherwood (7 months ago)
great vid! super helpful as always!
Vokurka (8 months ago)
awesome ++sub :)
Farket (8 months ago)
Cheers :)
Johan Ziegler Herold (8 months ago)
Do you create your own music? It sounds really great!
burningreach (2 months ago)
So you created the song in the video? ....You mean 'Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)' By John Murphy?
Farket (8 months ago)
Yeah, its been hard to make videos and music at the same time though. Cheers
Thomas Kingdom TK (8 months ago)
surprised you don't have more subscribers so i subscribed
Dominykas Derenčius (8 months ago)
Thomas Kingdom TK Same here
Farket (8 months ago)
Thomas Kingdom TK cheers. I've only been doing this for 2 months. Hard to grow at the start. Also I don't do click bait lol.
Paul Williams (9 months ago)
Just wanted to let you know I love your channel. Keep up the good work! Thanks man.
Farket (9 months ago)
Paul Williams Cheers. I appreciate the feedback. Keeps me going.
Shihansilky Tsuyoi (9 months ago)
another great video, cheers
Farket (9 months ago)
Shihansilky Tsuyoi thanks
Eknim (9 months ago)
this doesnt just replace bridges, this also potentially replaces custom foundations, because floors are way cheaper. good find.
Farket (9 months ago)
Holy crap I didn't even think of that haha. I mean it will be a bit more difficult to line up but the savings in the long run would be huge. One of the perks to the custom platform is that they are strong, but if you have good defenses or have damage off, then there isn't an issue. Good observation!
aNdReI (9 months ago)
how you play with god?
Farket (9 months ago)
Its a cheat menu that you can access during the game by pressing F1. http://www.modapi.cc/cms/index.php/downloads/ http://www.modapi.cc/mods/index.php/Entry/60-Ultimate-Cheatmenu/ Heres the links you will need. Don't join multiplayer games that have VAC.
aNdReI (9 months ago)
Farket need to instal cheet? or you game menu?
Farket (9 months ago)
Ultimate cheat menu and modapi
Matthew (9 months ago)
Good Video. Nice edits. :)
Farket (9 months ago)

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