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Back To School with Prof. Fenner | Hardcore Subnautica #6

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Hey kids it's time to learn about your favourite sea creatures and aliens in subnautica with your favourite professor, Fenner. ===================== www.danielfenner.com Twitch: www.twitch.tv/fenn3r Twitter: www.twitter.com/danielfenner Facebook: www.facebook.com/fenn3r Instagram: DanielFenner Snapchat: DanielFenner ===================== Music: TheFatRat - Monody (feat. Laura Brehm) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7xai5u_tnk Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (121)
NovelicVerbosity (1 month ago)
P.S. It kills me that you're reading your PDA with the GIANT RED LIGHT flashing on the radio behind the PDA... and you don't listen to the message, lmao. The Sunbeam wants to rescue you! Listen to the radiooooooooooo lol. (And yes I'm sure you figure this out later, I'm only on ep 6 of however many there are, heee heee. I love these though, Fenner. I've never actually watched any of your Let's Play stuff - just the Overwatch tips videos you've done. These are for SURE so much fun!.
NovelicVerbosity (1 month ago)
Ohh no! Please don't tell me I need to go find silver! Fenner - you need to go find Silver lmao. Always silver... soooooooo much silver. :D This is hilarious watching you get so distracted by every shiny thing. Just like Lala! But I die inside every time you go right by a Data PADD and don't see it lmao. Gotta look for that blue glow :) The lore is pretty cool in the game - big part of the story.
Ryan Severn (2 months ago)
"All I need is lead and lube," -Daniel Fenner, 2018
McHauge (2 months ago)
You can right click with the seaglide to get lights
Sacha Diels (2 months ago)
Hey fen wen is the next vidio coming and i love your vidio's
Kent Mullinax (2 months ago)
Royalty Simon (2 months ago)
I just hit plat in ow!
IceLatte (2 months ago)
I miss Slinky Jim fenner
Oscar Dahlin (2 months ago)
Fenner you can use the sea glide as a light
john Tsougrianis (2 months ago)
There is lots of diamond in the caves on the island with the gun
john Tsougrianis (2 months ago)
On the one hand I feel extremely irritated cause you have no idea what you’re doing, but on the other hand I’m so jealous of all the things you get the chance to experience for the first time
Patotoez Fruit (2 months ago)
Make a standard O2 tank
Samy Bedard (2 months ago)
Samu K (2 months ago)
If you want stalker tooth they drop tooth wen they eat metal
Samu K (2 months ago)
You got Prawn suit in the Aurora
Samu K (2 months ago)
You got diamond the island in to cave
Iji Oj (2 months ago)
Love the vids mayn, Keep it up!! I was having a sad day, but after watching this vid, it made my day. Thanks man!!
Swigglecheeks games (2 months ago)
This man missed so many good materials on the wall *sigh*😐😑😂
Jackson Washburn (2 months ago)
You need to fabricate a high capacity O2 tank first. Then in your Multi-purpose room, you can build a Mod station and upgrade your O2 tank
henri warmink (2 months ago)
You can get stuff from the nest if the exploding fish is gone
Ryan Leong (2 months ago)
Fenner you should get the high capacity oxygen tank to increase your oxygen capacity
Diego Meraz (2 months ago)
Y ou can build a base without a multipurpose room
Nona //gaming (2 months ago)
fenner to get stalker tooth you swim up to a stalker and drop metals salvege and every time the stalker picks it up it has a chanse to drop a tooth. and to get the ultra tank you need to get to the mushrom biom so you stand on your pood and look at the front then swim down and look aroud for the fragments. you can alsow find fragments for you cyclops if you go ferther then that biom. you will see some nastys so watch out for that.
verts_tv (2 months ago)
I love this. I want to get it but with Battalion 1944 coming out tomorrow I don't see my self having time for atleast a month.
Zack Thomas (2 months ago)
Fenner, you have tilted me enough to warrant my first ever youtube comment, congrats lol. First, you should create a bunch of lockers and empty your inventory as much as possible. There is no reason to carry all the materials around with you, just keep your tools. Second, if you right click with the seaglide out it will turn on the built in light. Third, press 'C' to swim/move down (it's not actually always towards the ground in the seamoth, it's towards the bottom of the craft) Fourth, you can look at the ingredients required to build anything in your pda on the blueprints tab by hovering over it. Fifth, listen to your radio messages! I love this series even more than I loved your Binding of Isaac series, and that's saying something. Cheers!
Eli Thompson (2 months ago)
Hey, if you get on the aora you can get a bed and skip the night!!
Quasar Guardian (2 months ago)
You still have a standard O2 tank. You should first make a high capacity tank before a ultra high capacity tank. And you have all the parts for the past 2 episodes just build it! :P
Josh Santos (2 months ago)
I feel like it's better to wait and explore during the day (if you're near the surface) especially because you don't know what could be lurking in the dark, watching, waiting (The big fish thing that you were on about while exploring and scanning is called a reaper leviathan. One thing to remember is, if you can hear them, they can hear you)
Quasar Guardian (2 months ago)
You missed a PDA in the 300m down lifepod, one in the degassi base on the island with the multipurpose room, and one on the top of the mountain next to the storage container. Next to the same base with the multipurpose room you missed all the food. DON'T eat it all, slice it open to get the seeds and plant them in your own base. also you can get into that same base on top and find some more stuff.
chris whittington (2 months ago)
Pssst... get the laser cutter and go to the aurora it's so worth it 🤐 that's all I'm going to say.
Samy Bedard (2 months ago)
chris whittington v he needs a propulsion cannon
Ryan Gallagher (2 months ago)
I've always wanted to play this game so watching you play is so great! I'm really loving this series Fenn3r and i hope you keep it going! I've been unable to make your Overwatch streams cause they are early in the morning so this is my daily dose of Daddy Fenpai XD. Keep up the great work!
martin robinson (2 months ago)
dont throw batteries xD u can find a recharging stationnn :P
Pan zhou (2 months ago)
Tingyan Zhang (2 months ago)
I highly recommend to read the information on PDA or listen to them, some of them have the code you need in order to enter some rooms. You also can find Prawn Suits in Prawn Suits Bay. It's better to bring some fire extinguishers. Be careful when you are near Aurora, there is a creature that destroyed your Seamoth nearby, also known as The Reaper Leviathan. I've already experienced these trouble and terrors, hopefully you would be prepared when you're going to face them. Love your videos!
Alex s (2 months ago)
CGDW2 (2 months ago)
I laughed when I saw it's totally the same island. It's just that the first time you happened upon it from a really weird angle.
Luis Macias (2 months ago)
If you just listen to the radio the story will naturally lead you to where you need to go (The island, lore bits, etc)
Luis Macias (2 months ago)
You missed the pda in the life pod and the observatory room. you're missing all the lore fenner. Also you can use your laser cutter to cut open burnt looking doors so you can go inside wreckage, cant be used to get inside the aurora. and you can get stalker teeth by looking on the ground near them when they pick up scrap their teeth fall out
Drygdordradgvork (2 months ago)
Panda Expresso I know, it's triggering me a little
TB (2 months ago)
upload another one right now, don't stop playing until you finish the game please :)
DrkFr (2 months ago)
There's a flashlight on your sea glide if you press right click with it out
sky's the limit (2 months ago)
Jamal Hassan (2 months ago)
where are the Overwatch deathmatch every hero
Krelle143 (2 months ago)
Fenner i Think that u need to go to the Island so u Can scan the room and Build a big base
Jaiden Striker (2 months ago)
You can pick up the grav trap.
Mainio Vainio (2 months ago)
Can you build some base
Niko Hytönen (2 months ago)
Go explore the aurora
Gatts2112 (2 months ago)
Best series :) although i'm missing my slinky Jim fix.... btw gotta make the extended oxygen tank by unequiping your current tank :D
PayJ (2 months ago)
oh you missed the pda in the observatory
sini sorsa (2 months ago)
If you want make updates to the seamoth you need to go to Aurora.and you can change seamoth's color
Dude i have a tip for u in overwatch with mys 1v1 dva if u still with the mech just do the matrix then wait for he reloading and u finish him
Scheffert 05 (2 months ago)
I love this series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ccchristian (2 months ago)
You still haven't got a high capacity o2 tank. TRIGGERED
PayJ (2 months ago)
You don't die instantly when you run out oxygen
Scarman23 (2 months ago)
Dood fenner the leviathan you encountered is the smallest one lol
Erik Tysklind MIDe (2 months ago)
love this series keep upp the good work:)
هكسر/hxr (2 months ago)
في عرب💔💔
Who here before 1K views = like
Thomas van Aalst (2 months ago)
Nice vid! You should scan the area round the wreckage, lifepods and old buildings better though. There should be more interesting stuff!
I_Scu-Fix (2 months ago)
would like to see more like you have as always and wish you nice greetings from Germany ^^
Swedo :D (2 months ago)
these episodes are soo good, I enjoy them a lot
Ol, Roto (2 months ago)
A crashfish comes against you, what to do Nicol - Swim away Sam - Swim away Fenner - GRAB IT
Swedo :D (2 months ago)
Bryan Liew (2 months ago)
2 am and fenner uploads a 50 minute video? School can be sacrificed.
Ol, Roto (2 months ago)
1969 - first man ever is sent to the moon 2018 - Fenner swims through a coral tube in a video game and calls it fun
Valen Román (2 months ago)
Love this long chapters. Oh, and have you seen the door in the minute 44: 03 ? Well, it is broken so you can use the laser cutter on it in order to make a hole and make your way through it!!
youtubesnubbarna (2 months ago)
It’s so fun to see you play subnatica
pndkrhu (2 months ago)
You still haven't made the high capacity O2 tank and also, check the radio! Loving these videos btw!
Rabadash (2 months ago)
Fenner you are missing so many cool audio in those lifepod missions.
Scott Kulaga (2 months ago)
Just knife the stalkers man, also the sand shark. Might take some dmg but you have auto generated first aid kits, and if they do a lot of dmg you can just sea glide away since it's faster than them
master gamer2 (2 months ago)
Turmio1 (2 months ago)
Amazing thumbnail! And a great video too. :D
Josef Attard (2 months ago)
Upload more subnautica PLS :)
Shal0m (2 months ago)
great vid, love the series ;)
celery (2 months ago)
Not professor Fenner, but Profenner ;)
fallenprometheus (2 months ago)
Fenner you're getting distracted so easily and all the time you're missing a lot of PDAs and blueprints. They're right in front of your face and you just don't see it cuz you're always running fast. Also, I think you need the extended o2 tank before you can make the superior.
Jackson Washburn (2 months ago)
Fen this guy is right. You missed a lot of stuff in the wreckage, escape pods, & on the island
fallenprometheus (2 months ago)
Also you need to do some better inventory management. Don't forget you keep stuff inside the life pod box to! You've went hunting for materials many times when you've had all you needed inside them. Lolol
fallenprometheus (2 months ago)
You forgot two PDAs on the island and a bunch of blueprints along the way.
Theo Kremer (2 months ago)
I love you
Anyone know where to find moonpool fragments? I already have one and I need it to upgrade everything and advance.
Krelle143 (2 months ago)
Mrshneeblie - Minecraft & More! Look where u found the first one the should be more there
RotoBoss 05 well I’ve been to every wreck different forums said to go to. And none. So I went ahead and used the console commands to get it. Thanks anyway.
Ol, Roto (2 months ago)
Go look in the mushroom forest there should be some fragments if you dont know where the mushroom forest is then google "mushroom forest subnautica"
Soma Cruz (2 months ago)
ingot is pronounced In - get
ישראל מנשה (2 months ago)
You can get the big deposet with the prawnsuit and the hand upgrade for it its a late game thing
jacks films (2 months ago)
U released this on the day I went back to school
Link (2 months ago)
Is it new video to moro
TijnNootNoot (2 months ago)
YAAAY A NEW VIDEO!!! I love your subnautica series! :D <3
Mar Mar (2 months ago)
pls overwatch
Mar Mar (2 months ago)
Link (2 months ago)
Mar Mar wew dud just go to his strem
Hampus Ståhl (2 months ago)
There is a flashlight on the seglid
Link (2 months ago)
Finally a new sub video !!!!
TiMe PaRaDoX (2 months ago)
I can’t wait for every episode fenner it’s great thank you😆😆😆😆😆👍
KarMa PlaYzz (2 months ago)
Episode #6 not #7 :O (I was like did I skip an episode?)
Aplha (2 months ago)
KarMa PlaYzz me too
Howdi (2 months ago)
can u livestream Subnatica so we can give u tips and tricks
Guus Timmerman (2 months ago)
Can you do a overwatch episode you are so good at overwatch
Guus Timmerman (2 months ago)
RotoBoss 05 i hav e all watch them they are great!!😉
Ol, Roto (2 months ago)
97% of Fenners vids are still overwatch why dont you watch them?
ow muzunu ps4 (2 months ago)
Luv you
Ietie Kanaal (2 months ago)
Ietie Kanaal (2 months ago)
Aub on my channel
ScythePuppet (2 months ago)
5 minutes ago? It's 11 PM. What kinda upload schedule is this lol
ScythePuppet (2 months ago)
Finished the vid. Mate, you still haven't upgraded your O2 tank to high capacity. You gotta unequip your standard one in order to upgrade it. Also it might be better if you read database logs as you get them - especially if you've just scanned something weird. Feels like less of a slog than sitting down and reading like 30 in a row lol
Warhammer Boy (2 months ago)
I like subnatica a play es well is a great game Can't u make a cyclops that is a great to move an 👍
Anyone else who likes the video before they have started it?
DatDeaf Dude I already know it is a good vedeo before i watch it! It's sub with Fenner?? Duuh
DatDeaf Dude (2 months ago)
Nikolai Valentin Jørgensen 9C Paarup Skole Not me, i liked it after i watched it. How is he supposed to know if he did a good video if you like it before you even watch it lol
Ol, Roto (2 months ago)
Nope, your still lonley by now😢🙇
Tobias sejer lind (2 months ago)
Hvorfor bruger du din aaks email
ישראל מנשה (2 months ago)
Nikolai Valentin Jørgensen 9C Paarup Skole gilty as charge
Warhammer Boy (2 months ago)
Like als je Nederlands bent
Sacha Diels (2 months ago)
Ik vind zijn video's echt fucking leuk
Ids Lubbers (2 months ago)
xAeztrax (2 months ago)
christian baan (2 months ago)
💪💪 Nederland
DRAGONSLAYER 6059 (2 months ago)
Ninjas are not Hyper (2 months ago)
jelle speelt games (2 months ago)
Robot40tow Tower (2 months ago)

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