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Skins Rise - Cook (The End)

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A video with scenes from Skins Rise (episodes 1 and 2). Hope you like it. Song: The 1975 - Me.
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Issak Kay (2 months ago)
Probs one of the most memorable & life like shows
Esteban Davila (3 months ago)
Long hair, coats and leaving neck exercises, can apparently make Jack less of a Cook.
This was amazing!
Reamusray (1 year ago)
Good crafted music video
Cyrunix (1 year ago)
sadly but my lows are related to this charracter, and its fucking tragic, even to admit it
Kate Lattey (1 year ago)
In series 3 Cook was a total extrovert, always with something to say and reacting before he thinks; by series 7 he is so introspective and doesn't do (almost) anything without thinking it through first. Yet both versions of him make sense, great character evolution even though the storyline is just fucking bleak
TheJaay (1 year ago)
Kate Lattey I'm curious of how the storyline is bleak. Please explain :)
sft9139 (2 years ago)
What's the name of the song?
17randomgirl (2 years ago)
+edforrest18 Me by The 1975 :)
cal (2 years ago)
Great video. How do you make these?
Reamusray (2 years ago)
Damn this is good.
Mason Kelleher (2 years ago)
The only person Cook should blame for his failure to impress Effy is himself.
meriam ameray (2 years ago)
megik (2 years ago)
Why you do this with this song jesus you're a genius and I'm crying bye
ZoeSomething (2 years ago)
This is such a good song for Cook, especially in Rise. I love the 1975.
Faye Harrod (3 years ago)
This was such a good end to skins I wish they would make another series

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