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Dirty Bomb | CMM With Friends #1

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Dirty Bomb | Playing some CMM with friends and having a blast! Sorry for not uploading for a while... Checkout: m1dnight_muff1n • https://www.twitch.tv/m1dnight_muff1n #DirtyBomb • https://discord.gg/q9guzcC • http://dirtybomb.com (FREE TO PLAY!) • https://www.twitch.tv/cadgamings • https://twitter.com/CadGamings Please rate, comment, share and subscribe for more Dirty Bomb! Outro Music: Check Out Chuki Hip-Hop: • https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic (Instrumental produced by Chuki)
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Text Comments (58)
Kakadu CZ123 (7 days ago)
Little bit late but anyway--> wanna ideas for videos ? Record challenges from DB, u also can ask communitx
Tringle Tf2 (24 days ago)
Dude how do you aim so good?
Lem Lićina mrak (24 days ago)
Its nice
ramos ramos (25 days ago)
why dirty bomb players don't use voice chat the game is boring without voice chat
NuRr4x POWNY (25 days ago)
What about a "Kill the devs series" where you play with some of the devs ? :D
Ghost Walker (25 days ago)
Where do you focus most with your eyes when you aim .. enemy or crosshair ?
Ghost Walker (22 days ago)
CadGamings but which one the most ?
CadGamings (22 days ago)
Both just switch focus between both
Макс Чернов (27 days ago)
Dude,please say me your mouse sensitivity in this game.THANKS ✓
Макс Чернов (22 days ago)
CadGamings Ohh,Thanks You Very Much!You save my life , and give me skill)))
CadGamings (22 days ago)
25 In-game and 1,000 mouse DPI
Mika Teschers (27 days ago)
More sniping
Joey Boehm (27 days ago)
Omg cad I do love those vids and who the fuck thinks of African penis doctor 😂😂😂😂
gamer unknown (27 days ago)
lol this game is so dead
KeepCalm (28 days ago)
You tell your Timik hating friend the he is wrong and he needs to start loving the Timik.
moritz wackerle (21 days ago)
KeepCalm i can see it's a insanely good weapon but.........Idk personal non-preference :)
Harshit Sharma (28 days ago)
everainse (28 days ago)
Honestly you should try some other games, maybe even do a let's play. DB is in such a crappy state right now and the future isn't exactly looking bright.
Feint Gaming (28 days ago)
lol the beginning of this video reminds me of a db video on Kroney's channel.
xderbusfahrer (28 days ago)
RIP In Nürnberg someone from my friendlists get destroyed by a YTer lel
Devower (28 days ago)
yeah content has slowed down a LOTTTTTTTTTTTT... havent had a grind event since christmas, so almost 4 months? (nuclear winter)
Bastian_K_ (28 days ago)
Can i play with you?
CadGamings (27 days ago)
Join my discord (link in the description) when I play CMM or Ranked I sometimes aks for people. Depending if I've time to wait or not :|
mahmod wazero (28 days ago)
Bro maybe you can make videos about what the best ludout for mercs that will be very good for New players like me 😘😘😘
Naonna Pryderi (28 days ago)
Have you tried Fraps to record?
CadGamings (27 days ago)
I normally I use OBS but because I didn't have that running, I used Nvidea Shadowplay instead.
xderbusfahrer (28 days ago)
Naonna Pryderi Fraps is not the best.....
Adderall (28 days ago)
*RAGE going strong.*
Nicht Katja (28 days ago)
Dislike cuz shitgun
Tristan Platon (28 days ago)
I sound like an autistic child LMAO. Great video tho! Make more of those! @midnightmuffin :)
Fry Szopen (28 days ago)
Yeah, DB is unique but unfortunately is run by a bunch of chimps. DB with a better Dev team it would have explode in popularity a long time ago. I guess they just like to play the "small team" to justify every irresponsible decision they make, like realising a broken phantom and hunter.
Fry Szopen (27 days ago)
CadGamings Hopefully. I really think this game has a lot of potential
CadGamings (27 days ago)
I don't they're "chimps" but this is their first time running a game without a publisher, soo it's a new experience for them as well. Though I do think now that their is 70+ people, that they can't use the "we're a small team" excuss card anymore. But maybe (I really hope) they're going to supprise us with the 1.0 release.
Fry Szopen (27 days ago)
Kendrick Warframe devs actually care about the game. I even heard that they pulled off a microtransaction cuz a player was spending too much on it. Now of that's not caring about your game and community, i dunno what it is
Kendrick (28 days ago)
Just gotta hope one day this becomes a hit like warframe, just gotta believe
Naonna Pryderi (28 days ago)
phantom was fine. all he needed was a sound fix. once again, people like you who complain have caused him to be nerfed. if it continues, he'll become useless once more.
[boo] TODOROKI (28 days ago)
I love this kind of videos 🐴
SIL/ Dirty Bomb (28 days ago)
Gek nederlans accent😉
Ki Bo (28 days ago)
I love you assassin
XsnipergirlX (28 days ago)
Copying my video titles. "CMM" with friends I do dat all the time >_<
Ki Bo (28 days ago)
Can I get a shout out
Ki Bo (28 days ago)
XsnipergirlX luv tour vids btw
Ki Bo (28 days ago)
XsnipergirlX can you play with assassin
Ki Bo (28 days ago)
Dirty plays
Nucleenix (28 days ago)
"friends" Good one
Nucleenix (28 days ago)
Strider Official no u²
Strider Official (28 days ago)
Nucleenix scrub
Nucleenix (28 days ago)
Still, it's kinda odd
Strider Official (28 days ago)
Nucleenix its just a joke xd
Nucleenix (28 days ago)
Strider Official based on your comment: why would you be interested? besides i do play it rather often
Strider Official (28 days ago)
Honestly dirty bomb is really unbalanced every and i mean every single match its so annoying that i stopped playing cause of it switching to cs until the devs do something about it btw ranked leavers and lvl 7s in ranked are unaceptable
Strider Official (28 days ago)
Calisharp dont know i played yesterday just a single match on trainyard
Calisharp (28 days ago)
Strider Official Were we playing in the same stopwatch server earlier today? Your username seem familiar...
Strider Official (28 days ago)
CadGamings I just wasted my 7 day ranked booster only to play 1 close game of ranked when suddenly our medic leaves the game for good about 3 minutes till the end we could have won it upseted me so much i just said i aint going to put myself trough this its so stressfull id rather stick to other games until dirty bomb is playable
CadGamings (28 days ago)
Totally agree. Though when going as a 5-6 man per made it's almost impossible to balance. But yes ranked travers are really annoying
FDY cvc (28 days ago)

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