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FarSky Part 5: SHARK ATTACK!

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FarSky is essentially underwater Minecraft. I enjoy it. Here's part 5 of my gameplay! LIKES are much appreciated! SUBSCRIBE for more great videos! ►http://bit.ly/SubsRUL◄ FOLLOW me on Twitter! ►http://twitter.com/Greenskull◄ GET a cool RUL t-shirt! ►http://bit.ly/RULMerch◄ FarSky is a bit like Minecraft in an underwater setting. Developed by FarSky Interactive, the game puts you in a Big Daddy-like suit at the bottom of the ocean. You need to eat and build to survive. Enjoy my FarSky gameplay part 5 and be sure to like and subscribe for more FarSky Let's Play videos! http://www.farskygame.com/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/286340/?featured_app=1 Join the forums: ►http://www.ReadyUpLive.com◄ RUL on Facebook: ►http://facebook.com/ReadyUpLive◄ RUL on Twitter: ►http://twitter.com/ReadyUpLive◄ Greenskull on Twitter: ►http://twitter.com/Greenskull◄ Greenskull on Facebook: ►http://facebook.com/Greenskull.RUL◄ Greenskull on Instagram: ►http://instagram.com/RULDan/◄
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Text Comments (24)
caleb bustamante (3 years ago)
Hooray!!! You earned a new sub and congrats on no dislikes
Ready Up Live (3 years ago)
Welcome! :)
Jarred Pacheco (3 years ago)
Can you also please try to fix up the new base the bigger one. I love the new base. It's really cool also do you have a PlayStation 4
Björn (3 years ago)
He's a HALO fan so he owns a Xbox. I don't know if he also has a ps4. Hope that helped :)
queen richard (3 years ago)
2:30 stressful!
Sandra Vazquez (3 years ago)
+triskit2004 I am in my mums account may i enter ur new show
MonkeyxMoo (3 years ago)
Why did Soterios attack you?
Ve1ociraptor112 (3 years ago)
You found Soterios! YAY!!!! Will he be a recurring character, though?
kalvin. (3 years ago)
Im really liking this series! 
Jarred Pacheco (3 years ago)
Please make more they are really interesting and your the only person I watch when I'm bored and I really love this series. Also can you at least try to make them longer I like long episodes. Please at least try these ideas. Thank you greenskull.
Ready Up Live (3 years ago)
They likely won't often go longer than 10 minutes, but I DO release them every single day!
Game Seeker (3 years ago)
Do more
FoundationAfro (3 years ago)
Too bad you're not playing with Soterios, he could have used his shark powers to have the shark take you home so you wouldn't drown.
Donutgames00 (3 years ago)
Use ur hammer to fix the big place
HVC FOGEY34 (3 years ago)
Are these pre-recorded? 
HVC FOGEY34 (3 years ago)
I was wondering if i could even help you.
Ready Up Live (3 years ago)
I usually do around 3 or 4 at a time
nicolae moraru (3 years ago)
You will still run out of oxygen
Ratleg 19 (3 years ago)
Love it, that shark tho!! Haha
FilkiePlays (3 years ago)
I would like to see you livestream this!
TheSuperBitGamer (3 years ago)
Also, congrats on 100,000 subscribers bro!
TheSuperBitGamer (3 years ago)
Green Skull, you're a pretty fly guy.
Rikas (3 years ago)
Hey did you notice that there is written max depth near your health?

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