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Subnautica - GIANT SEA MONSTER ATTACK, RAGE INDUCED COMA, BUGS, LOST RIVER CHANGES & GHOST LEVIATHAN 😃 𝗦𝗨𝗕𝗦𝗖𝗥𝗜𝗕𝗘 ► http://bit.ly/SUB2ANTHOMNIA | ★ PREVIOUS EP! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tjl4eU0Z-5s TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS BY CLICKING THE “BELL” BUTTON AFTER SUBSCRIBING! — MORE ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED VIDEOS! — ARK 500 Giganotosaurus VS 100 Indominus Rex - https://youtu.be/U6lyqcEh2Xk Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - https://youtu.be/xHUW8a5g2zw ARK Survival Evolved 80 Badass Spinosaurus - https://youtu.be/sfmE69cR-HU 20 TITANOSAUR VS 100 GIGANOTOSAURUS - https://youtu.be/bpb5dASXwx0 500 T REX VS TITANOSAUR, ALPHA REX VS TITANOSAUR - https://youtu.be/7d1JbcCL8qM GENESIS GOD OBLIVION VS LEVEL 30M DRAGON GOD & INDOMINUS - https://youtu.be/G2CILRT1vrU — FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA — » Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/AnthomniaGAME » Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/Anthomnia Outro music: http://londonabove.bandcamp.com
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Anthomnia (8 months ago)
Giant sea monsters and jump scares with a bugged version of subnautica = hell xD It was still fun though! Leave a like for more and join me on DISCORD! https://discord.gg/crV6R95
Also the torpedo upgrades stack you can have 4 if you wanted to and then there would be 4 different torpedo canons on it that could be your leviathan destroyer! XD
Also to make it so you can still make modules you could make a moon pool that you won't doc things in but use it to make upgrades
The doc glitch is fixable start to deconstruct the upgrade terminal and then re-build it or just get rid of it or don't use the doc anymore I hope I helped!
mr zomboss! (8 months ago)
Anthomnia, if you scan the giant tree, now he has NEW INFORMATION!!!!
mr zomboss! (8 months ago)
best jump scare :DDD
Luke West (21 days ago)
get the cyclopse shield jenarater
Beth Miller (25 days ago)
Manuela Doro (5 months ago)
can daniela be o the locker
Sharkie Goodnight (5 months ago)
YOU KILL A KID 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿
Sharkie Goodnight (5 months ago)
I killed a staker with the torpeto and he dead
soren switzer (6 months ago)
Will you ever get a facecam?
If you get the rocket you can go live in space again
Blake rory (7 months ago)
me me put me on locker im Blake
RyyGuyy16 (7 months ago)
14:43 cliffhanger at the intro there ya go
The Look-See (8 months ago)
I think You already know this but when the reaper leviathan roars It knows your there you find that out by SCANNING THE THING
A_Ghost (8 months ago)
screw ideas
AkamaNo Kage (8 months ago)
To make it unstuck try deconstructing it and reconstructing it or rest your save file like jacksepticeye did when his game was glitching out
JimmyD (8 months ago)
If u deconstruct your vehicle modification slightly and reconstruct it it fixes it with the bug
Isakrivo (8 months ago)
this, uuhhh.... This is clickbait.
Elvino303 Gaming (8 months ago)
no offence but this is kinda clickbait in a way coz the "sea monster attack" is just a sea treader and its you ramming into it so ya
Bros_in_Arms XD (8 months ago)
You can actually see the sea treader on the left side of the screen at 14:44
Ghastly342 (8 months ago)
try moving the moonpool maybe its because of the sand put it more deeper
pedro henrique gazon (8 months ago)
The sea treaders don't attack,that attack was just a digging for food animation,it dosen't do damage.
Ramonfire ` (8 months ago)
you better put my name on that locker or i ll take you to the ghost leviathan
mitre (8 months ago)
if you deconstruct a bit that station in the back of a moon pool it should fix the prawn suit
Peepus Christ (8 months ago)
the tripods are called sea treaders
deaths scythe (8 months ago)
Anthomnia plz put me on the locker😊 death's scythe
Wells Valliant (8 months ago)
to get your prawn undocked press deconstruct the vehicle modification station the construct it again I saw it in IGP's video
Wells Valliant (8 months ago)
read that comment that tells you to read that comment
Wells Valliant (8 months ago)
read that comment
TehLegoMastah (8 months ago)
The docking glitch happened to igp too. Just deconstruct the moon pool thingy (don't completely deconstruct) then fix it and it will be fixed for a bit
Starkill4 Sw (8 months ago)
Nevraldi (8 months ago)
The issue with the PRAWN is the Moonpool and where you have it . If you begin disassembling the modification station in the moonpool it will release it, if you are stuck, but I have seen another player who has a youtube Let's Play have to move his moonpool to correct the issue.
WalnutBreak - (8 months ago)
At first I thought their mouthed were there privates
Enderboygaming 24699 (8 months ago)
Btw the sea treaders' paths or the spots they stomp on become the sources of copper and silver
DerpTrooper4000 (8 months ago)
lol I thought they had added in a brand new monster but NO it's just a dumb sea treader.... I got hyped
Gules Bouwer (8 months ago)
Yo dude love your vids man to fix your mool pool you need to deconstruct the thing what you can use to change the the color of your seamoth or prawn
Brodie Ludlow (8 months ago)
they are sea walkers
Brodie Ludlow (8 months ago)
Brodie Ludlow (8 months ago)
oppssea treder
Brodie Ludlow (8 months ago)
dos anyone know that if you go past the first abandoned  life pod in the blood kelp forest there will be a peeper pipe thing
Cody Skaggs (8 months ago)
Deconstruct the docking bay for 1 sec and reconstruct its will fix seen on IGP
Kalem Churton (8 months ago)
Im sorry dont have anything useful but Hi anthomnia love all your subnuatica videos your so cool :D
Duck Lord (8 months ago)
Don't die
DeadlyKiller676 (8 months ago)
If you deconstruct the moonpool vehicle Bay upgrader if you deconstruct that and reconstruct that it will un glitch the bug.
Birb Man (8 months ago)
0:9 Was like a rex steping over you XD
Auston Morton (8 months ago)
Helpful tip.... don't die
unstopable gamers (8 months ago)
sea theraders
Veronica Lewis (8 months ago)
The gamers rage you can find it here on the channel welcome to sleepless channel we are the #anthominomiens like if you agree on that name so Anthony can see it
Memes (8 months ago)
Anthomia. To fix the docking thing, act like you are going to deconstruct the vehicle mod station and the. Reconstruct it. It works for ya boi IGP.
The Predator (8 months ago)
Destroy the moonpool but don't destroy it completely then it will fix ur seamoth/prawn suit
DeadzombiesO5 (8 months ago)
They fixed the cyclops and moon pool parking thing
Spitfire - Boss (8 months ago)
sea treders
Slayer Cyan (8 months ago)
Anthomnia the creatures are sea treaders
Alpha Omega (8 months ago)
The leviathen will rape you
Jack Snow (8 months ago)
The cyclops but is clearly caused by it being above the water level , try jogging it deeper, you can use the prawn with it's grappling arm to do so , I recommend dual wielding it. While you cant really book one arm to a surface and the other one to an object and pull it (at least not the cyclops ) but you can ram your cyclops by double grappling it and jetting up a bit , it will move it but to get it deeper , you'd have to work a bit . You can try jumping on top of it like fucking Mario or doing that thing I told you doesn't work because you never know Good luck
Jack Snow (8 months ago)
Something you might find useful: reapers use their roar as an echolocation tool which means that if you can hear them , he can see you and youre fucked It is said in the pda entry you get when you scan it . The same entry says they don't have brain as well which is funny considering that they use echolocation
Jack Snow (8 months ago)
Where your storage is depends on which slot you put the upgrade in
Jack Snow (8 months ago)
Docking bug solution and explanation : if you have your modification station on one of the short sides of the moonpool it will bug out, but as soon as you press q on the station while holding a habitat builder it gets fixed , you can build it back up again though I would recommend moving it to one of the longer sides of the moonpool preferably the one where your subs havs their upgrades to have less walking to do
Justin Hadley (8 months ago)
I've never tried it but I've heard you can put the sea threaded poop in the bioreactor and it's the best fuel for it
sideswipe E (8 months ago)
did you try going to a different game mode.
Gabriel Charvat (8 months ago)
Igp had this docking problem if you have a modification station Deconstruct it and construct it and that dhoyld temporarily fix it
Blaze10523 (8 months ago)
Move the moon pool that should help with the bug.
Minimatt 750 (8 months ago)
If you start to kill you the naming thing in the moon pool it will do things to the vehicle and then you can rebuild it and it will work but you will half to do that every time that you want to charge any thing but for the cyclops I have no clue about what to do for that
Swek (8 months ago)
Looks like that Ghost Leviathan was ghosting xD I will stand for my bad joke xD
Pootis Bird (8 months ago)
Wolfkann (8 months ago)
Tip: Build a tiny Sea-base Inside the Lost river with one thermal generator as a pit-stop when exploring, you can also take your cyclops and prawn into the I.L.Z And the A.L.Z, Setup beacons on the tunnel entrance you came through though, or you might get lost! (This is wolfkann from your discord sending you this P.S.A survival Guide)
Phonix from Stix (8 months ago)
The way to get the pronsout is to deconstruct the upgrade station
neruxo (8 months ago)
Team Tube (8 months ago)
If you ever have trouble with the moon pool, than try deconstruct the vehicle modification station a little bit, than reconstruct it
The amazing Pumpkin (8 months ago)
I love your vids
Patrick Palmer (8 months ago)
Grey Harris
Raegen Waage (8 months ago)
Here's a helpful Hint: LIVE
Thomas Quine (8 months ago)
Hi guys how is it going
dissident atheist (8 months ago)
Pro Subnautican :)
Morgan McCormick (8 months ago)
destroy the modfication station and build it again igp had to do it
Clorox Bleach (8 months ago)
One of the lockers should be called Open Me Daddy
Mesfa abjoo (8 months ago)
anthomnia deconstruct the thing in the moonpool that customizes the seamoth and construct it again than you can enter gay garry
Trevor Niddrie (8 months ago)
Hey! If you go to scan a hostile creature, use the stasis rifle, also. The ghost leviathan spawns in the lost river and in the void, but the void one is alot larger than the one in the lost river! Best of luck!
master 6000 unlimited (8 months ago)
dont be a idoeat
KrazyGaming (8 months ago)
Anthomnia the ladder glitch might have been caused by having things in seamoth storage. There was a glitch with jse with the storage causing the game to just consistently bug out not sure they ever fixed. To fix moon pool just slightly deconstruct it (not all the way to destruction) but about 90% then re-construct it
Ethan Plays (8 months ago)
by looking at the thumbnail of the video the sea monster was a sea treader
Soul of Destiny (8 months ago)
tame a/some stalkers(dicksnout) get some peepers and hold it in your hands and swim around the stalker(s) (don't drop the peeper cause they eat it from your hands) and that's how to tame a/some stalker(s) so they don't hit you anymore and you get a tooth(cuz why not) and also i love stalkers there my fav.
Apple Jack (8 months ago)
anthomnia meyby u need to delete all the stuff under the moonpool meyby it gets stuck on that or replace the pool
Apple Jack (8 months ago)
or restart the game and start a new world i guess or reinstall it
Apple Jack (8 months ago)
btw if i get on the locket name me The Medic
DarkCerberus (8 months ago)
I knew it was a sea treader, saw it in the thumbnail :p
Jesse Silas (8 months ago)
Are you and IGP brothers?!? Your voice tho
john jones (8 months ago)
well....that was click baity on a whole other level...
SlimyTuber (8 months ago)
Do not be a dumb ass
T3Games (8 months ago)
Anthomnia heres something helpful if there is a creature with teeth stay away because it might wanna molest you. :b
Jeremiah Paiste (8 months ago)
Hey athomia I think your gonna have to unbuild your docking bay to get the prawn suit unstuck Soooo yeah do it
mine boy 117 (8 months ago)
how many times do u say dick??
margarine (8 months ago)
So the whole moonpool docking bug... it's the vehicle modification station. I took it down, and didn't have an issue with prawn/seamoth getting stuck.
Kallie Haney (8 months ago)
Igp has the same problem,if you deconstruct the thing in between the locker it may fix it.
Elizabeth Tabeling (8 months ago)
Something helpful
Matthew Cp (8 months ago)
I'm not helpful
Charmander68 (8 months ago)
Anthomnia, you placed your moonpool to close to the ground so the game keeps bugging out
Andrew Hutter (8 months ago)
Something helpful: don't screw a girl with an STD
Eli Poteet (8 months ago)
He sounds like IGP
Totally Nothing (8 months ago)
Looks like the 2 gigabyte patch was 90% bug material
ApeX MoDs (8 months ago)
kfg nation (8 months ago)
Some YouTubers made there's black and red and lost them
kfg nation (8 months ago)
Make all modes of transport brightly colored so u see it when diving into deep water
USA Ball (8 months ago)
For you moon pool problem: When your vehicle gets stuck tap Q on the modification station with the fabricator and the vehicle will reset into the moon pool. After that put back your modification station and then you should be able to undock your vehicle. IGP had this same problem and that's how he fixed it.
Zero1010 Jimmy (8 months ago)
You kill a baby crab squid haha
Fire Wolf1205 (8 months ago)
Hey athomnia I don't know if someone already posted this but if you go to deconstruct the moon pool the prawn suit will be picked up and then if you reconstruct it you should be able to move in the prawn suit.
Mr. Rager (8 months ago)
Tip: if your battling the sea Dragon -which don't cause you will be fucked- get in the nearest vehicle and or hide -but wtf do I know- Oh and the loker name for me -uf it gets though- shall be "sneaky morther fucker" XD
DannySpain (8 months ago)
you can fix it if you remove the moon pool and rebuild it. like this for him to see this

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