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Factorio Sea Block #29 - Seven Science Setup (0.15)

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Factorio is a game where you Confabulate Translocationaldysmorphic Hydrophloricoperatic Treciduaries through the Subsaharandialectical Tremoryfoundational Whasmospaz. Find it on Steam or at their website here: https://www.factorio.com/ This series uses a Modpack called Sea Block that can be found here: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=43759 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zisteau Stream: https://twitch.tv/Zisteau
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azerez (3 days ago)
You can place a Robot from anywhere to add it to the network. By clicking like you would for any item; The placed robot will fly to the closest available roboport. If you click and hold and move the mouse, you can place 1 robot per frame, which is pretty cool :)
artman40 (6 days ago)
Fix your mods, angel and Bob. A good Factorio mod won't let materials to go to waste.
Chris Woodend (7 days ago)
I feel like there should be a way to have a turret fire on the warehouses based on a given circuit condition to allow for automated destruction of overflowing resources.
zaproid (7 days ago)
Next Episode: *_Pasta la Vista_*
Reknot (7 days ago)
Hey Zisteau I noticed at 16:58 that the inserters on the left side were not inserting ingots into the machine. Why was that? Or did you already have enough in there to make the Electrum?
benjhabert (7 days ago)
I think you should not destroy the geodes. Instead stockpile them in a "cemetery" of storage that would be a counter of how much was produced by the base over time. Maybe this is too much to store I have a hard time estimating how much is actually produced
kishoba (7 days ago)
Oh, man, Zisteau! I have been waiting for this for so long! Science is here! I can't wait until you have the additional power production and full on science utilization so we can see this beast of a base at full capacity.
NACH0 CHEE5E (8 days ago)
Top 2 labs can't reach inner belts
BiBaBeluBaB (8 days ago)
32:40 2 labs not functional. need longer belt
Cyrikyty (8 days ago)
You can technically set up a disposal for the geodes by melting them down with sulfuric acid which creates crystal slurry (I think), which you can put into a clarifier. If you want to invest your sulfuric acid in that is the question, but at least you would'nt ever have to worry about shooting down warehouses.
BiBaBeluBaB (8 days ago)
true. u could also build lots of warehouses over the place xd
Victor Codesseira (8 days ago)
Hey Z, for all that stuff that you're thinking of blowing up on the future(the geodes and the gems), you could set up a programmable speaker, so that you get a little notification on the lower part of your screen even before production stops.
TheMrTact (8 days ago)
My opinion of geodes was similar to what you express in this video. ie.. remove the unneeded ones, but later I found that was a bad plan. It will be interesting to see if you come to the same conclusion later...
kyarri2 (8 days ago)
guess were not seeing any alien weapons x.x
I.M. Err0r (8 days ago)
Ah, feels good to hear that "research complete" sound again...
Grimmie XII (8 days ago)
1:09 Still missing that underground pipe on the right side of the inside of the top plastic ring. :(
Mark Robison (8 days ago)
Thank you Z, for not calling cyan "blue" like everyone I know does.
Kingwut117 (8 days ago)
the termination points on your science belts are not being inserted into the end labs because the belt ends too early
Za11oy (8 days ago)
Let the SCIENCE! Begins! Mwuahahaha!
Austin Stasiuk (8 days ago)
Omg it's like it over just after it begins, I love your Factorio stuff
Collin Bruce (8 days ago)
Z you kinda need all of those geodes especially if you want to get into the high teir modules. But almost always end up with way to much.
Total Blazing (8 days ago)
On seeing the drones, all I can think about is "FLY, MY PRETTIES! FLY! AAAHAHAHAHA!"
Dalphus (8 days ago)
please never upgrade your substation grid, its perfect the way it is :)
lomion jones (8 days ago)
There should be a way to turn all your extra gems into landfill, so that your base can be literally built on diamonds.
Alaura (8 days ago)
May we have the map before you blow stuff up?
Peter Pimmelmann (8 days ago)
dont forget to put productivity modules in the labs
BiBaBeluBaB (8 days ago)
only works with mk2 labs i think. and the sience assemblers as well as the ore sorting. not much, but better than nothing
BiBaBeluBaB (8 days ago)
If you copy a recipe to a req chest it request the amount. if you copy it more times it will add together (hard to explain xd)
ColtaineCrows (7 days ago)
Picker Extended is so gooood.
BiBaBeluBaB (8 days ago)
Oh, good to know. i like to move buildings by one if missplaced and sort inventories. so i have picker extended. never noticed before that this does not work normally
Bilka Noviad (8 days ago)
That only works if you have Picker Extended installed.
Kasper Bjerby (8 days ago)
10:24 - You set it to 520 instead of 50 :)
Max Hammick (8 days ago)
If you mouseover a roboport, the text on the right side of the screen will tell you how many robots are in the network and how many of them are idle
Planetfall (8 days ago)
That double row of beacons between labs makes my soul bleed.
Crey Plays (8 days ago)
Luv ur vids
Crey Plays (8 days ago)
Crey Plays (8 days ago)

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