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ED THE HERO (Level 2) | State of Decay: Breakdown Gameplay Part 3

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ZumaArcade (13 days ago)
Amazing how in 1 episode we changed everything around, thanks for the support on the series so far guys and don't forget to join my Discord community link is in the description <3
Plum Fun (12 days ago)
Ok Zuma, hopefully you read this before your next play. :) 1) When "moving on" you go to your base. Open the tab with all your characters on it. Highlighting will show an option to "Get on RV". If you don't, well, you know what happens...nobody goes with you. 2) You need to increase your "Fame". It is related to a bunch of things, Influence, having a base, how upgraded your base is, how well stocked it is, etc. The more help you give people, the better chance you have of getting folks to join you when you ask Lily to "Check for survivors". 3) Just because you help someone, doesn't mean they will automatically be friendly to you...that guy in the cemetary? He needed help. You did. Your "Fame" increased with him/his group. Keep helping and eventually you will get a radio call about "Hey, we're not doing so good. You have room for a few more?". Then check your map IMMEDIATELY to see where they are. Go get them ASAP. 4) Your "packrat/hoarding" thing? You need to get out of that. Eventually your locker will fill up. You will NOT be able to get influence because you wont be able to put anything in the locker to redeem it. 5) Before you "head to the next level", make sure you have a LOT of Influence! At least 500. Go and use it to take the most expensive things from your locker (sniper rifle, good two-handed weapons, etc). Don't worry about how low it gets...it should be ZERO after this. Then move on. Then just put back all the expensive stuff you took. This will give you a lot of Influence to start building new outposts and stuff. 6) As you increase level, it will get tougher. You wont notice a lot until you hit about 5th or so. Then weapons, ammo, and vehicles become more and more scarce. You will search three or four boxes/desks/etc before you find something. And one last time, just to reiterate...just because you help someone who requests it DOES NOT MEAN THEY WILL GO WITH YOU. Try and think of the NPC's in the game world as actual 'people'; they want stuff and they want to trust you. Do stuff that helps them do that. PRO TIP: Screamers - Wait until they scream, run up and double-kick them to knock them down. Then lop off their head. ADDENDUM: You can only build Bases in a few locations. You can only build an Outpost in a 'big enough' building (a shed isn't big enough, or a camp out in the bush, for example). AND ONE MORE THING...: When searching a building...after you clear it of zombies...turn your light off. You have missed some searchable areas in some houses because your light was on and it was too hard to find. Oh, and 5 people minimum. The Church and the Alamo (Mexican restaurant). !!!OH! Looks like you finally found that one little desk in the bedroom! Yay! :) AND ONE ONE MORE THING: (1.5, actually...) It's hard to "sneak" when you have your flashlight on. It does make a difference. Also, "Trust" is what you want. Without it, NOBODY is going to join you.
Eric Chen (4 days ago)
When did you get the killer?
Allenman Jr (8 days ago)
Good job. For a second it looked like you forget how to play. Bring back up with you, and use a car that is what they are there for. Can't wait to see you play State of Decay 2
Razvion (9 days ago)
More of State of Decay Zuma, this game is very very awesome, I always relax when you play it <3
Xfact0_r (10 days ago)
Idk if you know it but if you raze your trust with your nabors they will join you. Cool series btw :)
Baby Pancham (10 days ago)
Zuma do a colab with Farket pls :)
Nina Sch (13 days ago)
Just finished watching your last FarCry5 Video und now this is online, YAY! :D I love watching your videos, but I also just listen to them while I'm working on some modelling^^ You just have an awesome smooth and calming voice :D <3
Relja XD (13 days ago)
watched all of it and enjoyed after the live stream !!! keep up the great work my dude zumba
james sampson (13 days ago)
Watched all vids man love your content, good luck on being a dad man....

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