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Crazy Custom Wall Building Part 1 - S3 EP19 | The Forest v0.73

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In this video I discover a cool way to build with custom walls. It is really easy to do and it offers very cheap building. The tips and tricks here will help. Its mostly a watch a learn situation here. I haven't named it, I don't know if it has been discovered. Give it a name! I play survival, horror, open world games such as The Forest and Subnautica. I strive to release videos 3 to 4 for these games. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Make sure you like a subscribe, cheers. Farkets Discord: https://discord.gg/HuSSahh Farkets Imgur: https://farket8238.imgur.com/ The Forest Map: https://theforestmap.com/ Wiki Guardian on The Forest Wiki: https://theforest.gamepedia.com/The_Forest_Wiki Music: Intro by PassarinoT - https://goo.gl/tmBH3A Had he Stayed - Puddle of Infinity https://youtu.be/MHJLKczmP9Q Grass - Silent Partner https://youtu.be/VlohuOGWzG8 Kevin MacLeod - Perspectives https://youtu.be/vmXX3fesP6Y Kevin MacLeod - Crossing the Divide https://youtu.be/ra2Z_3rn3ag Farket - Adagio In D Minor (Farket Remix) My computers specs: MOBO: Asus Rampage V Extreme RAM: Corsair DDR4 3000MHz Vengence 4GBx8 = 32GB Video Card: Asus GTX-1080ti STRIX ROG OC Edition CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K 6-Core LGA 2011-3 3.3GHz Storage: ADATA M.2 SX7000NP 1TB + 24gb additional assorted drive space Monitor: Samsung LU28E85KRS/XY E85 28" WIDE (16:9) Keyboard & Mouse: Logitech G910 & Logitech G900 Audio Recording: Scarlett 2i2 + SM58 Microphone Editing Software: Adobe Premeire Pro, Auditions, After Effects, & Photoshop Recording Software: Adobe Auditions & NVIDIA Shadowplay
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Text Comments (160)
Farket (7 days ago)
I couldn't think of a name for the video. The building method needs a name and I couldn't think of one. Though let me know what you think, do you have a good name for it? I am going to try out different designs on each side. Leave a like if you enjoyed the awesome title of this video.
Dildo Swaggins (3 days ago)
i just randomly came up with a genius name since you like german, i thought you could call it Balk, which derives from the german word Balken which means beam/timber.
Pierre-Arthur Laloge (6 days ago)
smashrhythm (6 days ago)
How about the “FDH method” fuckin dick head. Lol
Dildo Swaggins (6 days ago)
Criss Cross Swagger Stretch Triple-Crossed-Double Crossing Crosses Far-Log Farket
Bagoly Vagymi (6 days ago)
I think you should name it Cross Stitch os just simply Stitch
RAVENSNFLIES (2 days ago)
yo man youre great! with a smooth voice which is very nice to listen to. the eastern leg of the snowcap that runs down the eastern map is just east of the fertile lands. i built a zipline jungle gym in the cliff pass there that the river almost connects to the beach. its like day 23 and nothing has come at me. when im out and about and the cannibals come i simply zip away from them and they run away. far away. ive zipped directly back and theyre just gone. ive tested this numerous times and they just forget about you. a friend made a vid about zipline town. id like to discuss how this works the longer the time goes on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qW9wbZ2rI7Q&t=60s
TheNinjaload (3 days ago)
Congrats on your first kid, my first one was born FEB 25th this year, about the same time!
Jahim Uddin (4 days ago)
Congratulations on the kid
BagoFit Reborn (5 days ago)
Yer da king of the forest mate
Diamond Music & Trap (5 days ago)
how to download ? last version
Miguel Arnaud (5 days ago)
24k Man ur channel grown since the last time i watched yah ;p
Yaman Darwesh (5 days ago)
congrats from Germany on your kid :D
Mad Max (6 days ago)
Thanks for putting the music in the description!
Farket (5 days ago)
No worries
Geese Central Station (6 days ago)
please uploaaaad morreee. i jus wana watch ur videooooos (musical tone)
History Buff 101 (6 days ago)
You should do a face reveal at 25,000...
Farket (5 days ago)
Soon, not 25k
Tyrone Evans (6 days ago)
Definitely the one on the left side, 90 degree rotated, bit more interesting. the inline one looks like a row of tents
Stuff (6 days ago)
Buy a pop shield for your mic dude. : )
smashrhythm (6 days ago)
I’m glad to hear you are keen to do a colab with Vladd and Broadbent. I will Splooge my jocks when that vid gets uploaded.
Dalleh (6 days ago)
Use the whole cutter, join all of them and make balconies! Would look insane.
Axis (6 days ago)
I call it Phoenix style;)
Dennis Ch (6 days ago)
hey farket, i dont rember how i text in chat on multiplayer. Whic button is it, but keep the good work on mate love your videos :D
CosmicVoid (6 days ago)
Congrats on the kid. Cheers!
Leonardo Sousa (6 days ago)
Do a single roof going from the front to the back, throught the middle roof
Marcus (6 days ago)
The tittle is good.
H (6 days ago)
My fav youtuber, congrats for the little kid!
BaileyVLOGS (6 days ago)
Left hand side!
Gurdit Singh (6 days ago)
Play or try ark survival
aaronmcphee (6 days ago)
Well done on the sprog Fark, I can remember how amazing I felt when mine came along....13 years ago! you will have to change your intro "hello everyone, its father here", I used that slanted wall technique on a few things but the collision can be very troublesome, your design looks amazing & menacing at the same time! I finish off the open ends of roofs by placing another custom roof just a few logs wide at the ends, then layer them one upon another & setting the apex lower every time, it doesn't block them off completely but it does look great. cant wait to see the next episode.
aaronmcphee (6 days ago)
Take a look at the tour these guys did of my church build, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrzBtBafJSA&t=13s straight away you will see where I stole your original scaffold idea to build the floating triangle arches on the approach to the Coliseum, as they pan out from the palace type building you should be able to see the way I have finished off the end of the roof with method I mentioned.
Farket (6 days ago)
Cheers, yeah its a wonderful experience. Haha father here, I like that.Thats a fairly good idea doing the custom roof bits at a time. Might give it a go.
Lizz Plays (6 days ago)
Congratulations Farket! Now you really are Big Daddy :)
Farket (6 days ago)
Cheers haha
Char Bandraoi (6 days ago)
Has anyone ever told you, you sound like Martin (The emperors son) from Oblivion?!. :) Love your videos BTW just discovered you.
Farket (6 days ago)
I think that was Sean Bean. Nah I haven’t bee told that before. Cheers
Whiteboiwhite (6 days ago)
Farket + The Outer Middle Show = PURE FUCKING CARNAGE! Can't wait for that episode man
Lizz Plays (6 days ago)
thats quite interesting.. I thought you're not into battle, Farket!
Whiteboiwhite (6 days ago)
Well yeah of course, just got too excited to think lol
Farket (6 days ago)
Hopefully carnage
Lizz Plays (6 days ago)
episode? not season? :P
Eagle Mods (6 days ago)
call it 'triple alps'
Andre Redeker (7 days ago)
yeah a farkid :) congrats man! <3
Farket (6 days ago)
Farket (6 days ago)
Iordan Sorin Titus (7 days ago)
You're a dad? Wow! Congratulations, man!
Farket (6 days ago)
OptionalBoss (7 days ago)
Grats on the kid mate :)
Farket (6 days ago)
Daniel. (7 days ago)
Alpha827361 Bg (7 days ago)
Congrats Farket
Farket (6 days ago)
[AG] AnkGrooger (7 days ago)
to the answer of one of the questions. yes it has been done before but i think this method is cheaper as instead of rock walls they used custom walls with 3 logs each. so custom rock walls is the way to go. and u could make long look out posts around you base with the gazebo and probably if you have nothing to do. start doing the story line of the game and find all the plain passengers and all Timmy's toys and drawings.
Farket (6 days ago)
Rock walls tend to go up in price when used this way, up to 50+ rocks, plus they have gaps. I will have to try it out but yeah they can do this. Cheers
Daniel Fylling (7 days ago)
Congrats man!
Haunter Neko wizard (7 days ago)
Im pretty new to the game but im watching your videos and i love them , makes me whant to build so much things thnx for making really good videos
Anubuis01 (7 days ago)
Congrats. I'm a father myself. My little girl is not so little anymore. She is in college now.
Skyhijinx (7 days ago)
I can't wait till I watch the video to tell you how much I LOVE the thumbnail! EDIT: Amazing looking build! I think the roofs on either side would look better being shorter than the 'main' one. Also, congrats on Fatherhood. I have 3 little ones myself (well, they aren't so little anymore) and it's the most rewarding thing a man can do. I'm truly happy for you.
DiggityDice (7 days ago)
Whom ever mentioned "FarKid" in the comments, good job mate LOL. Congrats to you Farket, hope for all the best going forward mate XD
Takum (7 days ago)
2:42 what is that for a sound
Lizz Plays (6 days ago)
that's the sound Eric does when he lands after he jumped.
Takum (6 days ago)
Lizz Plays (6 days ago)
when he jumped and landed on the floor you mean?^^
Dark Dominion (7 days ago)
Congrats on the newborn! Job well done mate😊 I can concur the rewarding feeling as a dad too. Enjoy life man, you’re awesome! -=DD=-
James Straus (7 days ago)
O.Tobb24 (7 days ago)
8:15 Do you have a pop filter?
ThatOneEngie (7 days ago)
Subnautica used to be better, building wise, as the buildings could deform terrain to fit. Then they took it out because people with shit PCs would complain about load times.
O.Tobb24 (7 days ago)
Great video as always Farket!
Michael Brown (7 days ago)
Hey.... you know whats better than having a bird? Having a child! :P Congratulations mate have fun!!
Benjamin Miller (7 days ago)
join all three roofs up it will look cool
Sleepy .Time (7 days ago)
Did you name him Timmy?
FigdetTNT TNT (7 days ago)
Congrats on the baby
andreea andreea (7 days ago)
Agr0N (7 days ago)
Wall design: Ziggety zaggy, please give it to me, daddy. You're welcome.
__WolfFang__ (7 days ago)
That base is definitely in my top 5 best bases in The Forest oh and the edit job you do on your videos are phenomenal
Geese Central Station (7 days ago)
congrats on farkchild. upload more often
Lizz Plays (6 days ago)
lol. find the discrepancy in this :D
OkaOscar (7 days ago)
TheOuterMiddleShow said he would keep his language down a lot. Congratulations on the new baby
Zurch 123 (7 days ago)
Big congrats on your kid farket
Lucas Barroca (7 days ago)
you wont need to be that near to build, just hit "E" even if you can't see the option. Voila, you can build withou this "ramps" you create.
Clark Clements (7 days ago)
Congratulations on your new child!!!
Pencil (7 days ago)
i like the gameplay and the comentary, but bruh, you editing has something that really entertains me. Cheers mate.
Clark Clements (7 days ago)
I love your channel and all but I still have one major criticism. The music that you put on in the background is REALLY annoying.
Kradius (7 days ago)
Congratulations 🎉
Clark Clements (7 days ago)
I agree with what you said about Broadbent. He has a great channel by the way. Not as good as yours though. :)
Xenbiotic (7 days ago)
When you place those invisible blocks to destroy stuff doesn't that count as a asset? I have a strong feeling it does. But I don't actually know if it does.
Tr|cks (7 days ago)
Well that’s creative :)
Kyle Letke (7 days ago)
Congrats on your kid!
Ross Dershem (7 days ago)
I just tried this building technique, And I think I broke my game
queenannsrevenge100 (7 days ago)
Ah, so THAT’s why you’ve been so tired and sleepless! Congratulations!!!
Nayan 629 (7 days ago)
Congratulations you have a child
No Star Reviews (7 days ago)
Congrats on the new child
I think you should call it "WallHack" XD
Alteric Jeske (7 days ago)
Have you ever tried out 7 Days to Die?
Daniel 2771 (7 days ago)
Farket por que no quieres aceptar mi solicitud en steam
Wesuwius (7 days ago)
Congratulations on Farket Junior!
Aurora Orzo (7 days ago)
Congrats on the baby! I'm so happy for you :D
acfangaming (7 days ago)
Sounds good
Samwhell (7 days ago)
I think you should go with the one on the left (counter to the direction the middle roof is) Non-uniform symmetry FTW!
Mad Max (6 days ago)
I agree
Samwhell (7 days ago)
Congratulations Sir!
84singularity (7 days ago)
Dude... Congratulations! So happy that you have a kid! The greatest miracle in life. Тhis is the best time in your life man the blooming period and I can see that in the big creativity you show! ...Happy for you brother that you became father! Whats the kid name? If you plan to play with Vlad tell him that the conditions are that he have to watch your videos so can get at the same lvl cuz he's a bit noob even for so many hours in THE... ...FOREST! ;} This video... quality stuff! <3
Dominic Portolese (7 days ago)
Is that the kid crying at 14:55? Congrats man
Lizz Plays (6 days ago)
lol I just wondered what that weird noise was xD but with headphones and now that you mention it..
Yenthe Dietens (7 days ago)
Bruh how did you even notice that😂
Farket (7 days ago)
Hahaha it is too! Cheers
_ Harbinjer (7 days ago)
Congratulations on fatherhood!
Don Stratton (7 days ago)
Your editing skills are awesome, Farket! Very few people have a decent sense of pacing while doing numerous cuts, and your nigh-invisible voice-over insert cuts to fill and patch information is equally impressive. Also, damn nice trick with the wall clipping!
Gangrel Aussie (7 days ago)
Will you bother filling in the kinda gap between the two halves of the custom roof at it's apex? This series also makes me wonder about methods to potentially create more rounded rooftops - not truly rounded, just appearing so.
luxxy (7 days ago)
Wait you already have a baby? Thats great! Cz! But I really didnt expect you being that mature I guess, to me you were much more like a 25 y/o fresh out of uni type of guy 😇
psychobartus (7 days ago)
Go alps/parallel roof
Gangrel Aussie (7 days ago)
Very cool build design, if I don't have more to say currently, it's just because I'm still processing.
Kanashi (7 days ago)
Hey farket congrats about the kid from Brazil!! Love your vids bro.
Kanashi (7 days ago)
Gabriel Vinicius kkk eae man
Gabriel Vinicius (7 days ago)
E eu achando q era o único br aqui kkk
psychobartus (7 days ago)
Congratulations on the baby man, I have a 23 month old and another one due next month. And yes gaming time is severely restricted but its definatley worth it!
Flamed (7 days ago)
Papa fark
Tizona Amanthia (7 days ago)
I'd say take the flanking roofs about half the peak height of the middle one, pretty nifty tricks with those zag-stripes.
The Artist (7 days ago)
I'd go for the roofs in the same way the first one is but a lil bit shorter like this vVv (except upside down lel) I'm really happy to hear about your kid man, glad to know you're happy hope you enjoy ever single moment with this lil piece of light :)
Jess smith (7 days ago)
congrats on being a father :) amazing video you build some amazing stuff i think itd look cool with the pointed walls with rock walls in the gaps
Gangrel Aussie (7 days ago)
You had a kid?! Congrats man! Also, totally understand you on the burn out concerns. I have the talent of no holds barred OCD and was manic on this game for 2 months, getting close to three hundred hours since purchase back in February, and I could not be forced with a gun to play this for the last few days. I'm actually restarting in Hard Survival (from Normal) and I look forward to that now, but two days ago, even yesterday? Not a chance.
Azhar Prawira Sani (7 days ago)
i love playing the game, and i love watching your videos. your creativity are amazing!
Nate The Great (7 days ago)
Kids are great, Mine is 13 and she is a gamer!
Gangrel Aussie (7 days ago)
For the design, something pulling off of Tron and those cycles they used, what with the walls that followed behind them.
MysticVolt (7 days ago)
nice video! cheers on the newborn!
xb0xm4n14c 97 (7 days ago)
Will you ever do a face reveal?
BLK retro3 (7 days ago)
Congrats on your Farkid!
Hailey Marie (7 days ago)
The mic sounds way better this time! Also congratulations on the baby farket! You've got this!!
Michael East (7 days ago)
congrats on the newborn !! It's been amazing watching you take the mechanics of this game and make it your canvas. I love this game and watching you and Broadbent. But sir you are the King of the Forest. Cant wait for launch, everyone should enjoy this game. Hats off to these Devs...amazing work. Keep on keeping on, don't change a thing. <cheer's>
Gage (7 days ago)
I'd call the custom wall thing the crux method. because crux is latin for cross

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