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[CS 1.6] 4K - El commandante. vs EYEZ TEAM

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What's up everyone again, we are back with another CS 1.6 edit, my good friend El commandante. gets another sick clutch round, this time it was for the win, final round of the match, he rushes into B and simply DESTROYS the EYEZ team with the Famas, 4 beautiful kills and a victory for his clan :) I hope you like the video, as always rate, comment, SUBSCRIBE and ENJOY ! :D PLEASE PRESS THE i (INFO) button in the top right corner and VOTE
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Text Comments (8)
Potato Gaming (14 days ago)
Nice xD
Dimi MEMEto (15 days ago)
Multi-PC Gaming Videos (15 days ago)
Alright, thanks for the answer, first live stream will be available in a couple of days :D
Dimi MEMEto (15 days ago)
Multi-PC Gaming Videos of course why not it will be so much fun and of course i will be your first viewer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)so I say do it we can maybe play sometime :)
Multi-PC Gaming Videos (15 days ago)
Thanks for stopping by :D As one of my viewers I have a question for you. I was thinking to live stream some games, cs 1.6, csgo, GTA maybe and so on, do you think that is a good idea in your opinion ?
Dimi MEMEto (15 days ago)
Multi-PC Gaming Videos haven't been here in a long time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Multi-PC Gaming Videos (15 days ago)
Welcome :D

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