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Subnautica - NEW CYCLOPS SHIELDING & SUBS CAN BE RIPPED IN HALF? DISABLING THE ARRAY? ( Gameplay ) 😃 𝗦𝗨𝗕𝗦𝗖𝗥𝗜𝗕𝗘 ► http://bit.ly/SUB2ANTHOMNIA | ★ PREVIOUS EP! ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kko1N6uSsU TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS BY CLICKING THE “BELL” BUTTON AFTER SUBSCRIBING! — MORE ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED VIDEOS! — ARK 500 Giganotosaurus VS 100 Indominus Rex - https://youtu.be/U6lyqcEh2Xk Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - https://youtu.be/xHUW8a5g2zw ARK Survival Evolved 80 Badass Spinosaurus - https://youtu.be/sfmE69cR-HU 20 TITANOSAUR VS 100 GIGANOTOSAURUS - https://youtu.be/bpb5dASXwx0 500 T REX VS TITANOSAUR, ALPHA REX VS TITANOSAUR - https://youtu.be/7d1JbcCL8qM GENESIS GOD OBLIVION VS LEVEL 30M DRAGON GOD & INDOMINUS - https://youtu.be/G2CILRT1vrU — FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA — » Twitter ➜ https://twitter.com/AnthomniaGAME » Facebook ➜ https://www.facebook.com/Anthomnia Outro music: http://londonabove.bandcamp.com Video Credits ♥ ○ [CHANNEL HERE] ○ [CHANNEL HERE] Join the same network I’m with and earn money! - http://my.powertv.net/apply?referral=105366 For brand deals / business inquiries, email my agent: [email protected]
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Text Comments (230)
Ilikepotatoes :3 (16 hours ago)
And then the update comes on and you realize the arrows are just the speed. And the shielding is an extension
SirBashley (22 days ago)
I have the 230th comment
Monkey Spencer (25 days ago)
Wait 8bitreyn ???
ege TV (1 month ago)
Fakyu biç
Vault Zinc (2 months ago)
Those bars aren't showing how effective the shields are, it shows the Cyclops engine heat
Ryka plays (3 months ago)
you have to destroy it
anonimouse puppy (3 months ago)
The arrows are different speeds
Red Sorblox (4 months ago)
Lel don’t you know the power source is the base in the lave zone lel
Kasen Lairmore (5 months ago)
your rite
Oni Aqualixx Official (6 months ago)
yep , a sub can be bitten in half , mmmmmmmm taste like lettuce , cheese and tomato
SCP Containment (6 months ago)
Wrong those arrows are for speed
HooseBinPharteen (7 months ago)
Actually, the arrows on the left side of your HUD  are your choices of engine speed... slow, normal and flank speed.
Shanna Semenza (9 months ago)
please stop calling this planet an island... your on an alien planet that has a couple of islands but other wise it's a water world so far.
You are wrong arrows are for stealth
Orang Tea (1 year ago)
What if there was a module that would send out those builder bots for the mobile vehicle bay to fix the Cyclops
gameshark 999999 (1 year ago)
the planet is a giant vermudas triangle
Joel Brenchley (1 year ago)
the arrows are the speed of cyclops
mooncrafter 2017 wow (1 year ago)
well get your seamoth in the dock because of the sea Dragon did that I would just say fuck this shit I'm out get into the seamoth and bolt it
The stitch of gaming (1 year ago)
The arrows are speed the one arrow that is fading is stealth mode
Inevitable Truth (1 year ago)
This game needs storms and waves!
Fishy brie (1 year ago)
just a theory but I think your in the bramuta triangle and that gun is the thing that's been knocking ships and planes down and you and your team thought you could get in from space but that went down hill fast...
Fishy brie (1 year ago)
yeah true
D money6278 (1 year ago)
no country on earth will waste trillions of dollars on a ship like that to only go to the Bermuda triangle
OngakuKitsune (1 year ago)
Left hand speed control sub health and energy, right hand Cam Shield and scanner
WalnutBreak - (1 year ago)
I think precursors look like green robed men or men in green robes
GoldenChampsterGaming (1 year ago)
oh my god theres a way to ah ah ah ah thingy!
Daniel Krumnow (1 year ago)
arrows speed
Fvcking Deathwish (1 year ago)
I swear I thought your name was anathema
Kotaro, Shinra Agent (1 year ago)
...What's weird is that Reaper Leviathans don't even give two shits about my Cyclops...they just look at it and then go about their business...so if it becomes a thing where they DO start attacking the Cyclops then that's gonna be interesting...
Nicholas T Stoltz (1 year ago)
This guy is fucking stupid he needs to do his research
Semirotta (1 year ago)
Great, the only safety in the depths of the ocean and now it can be completely destroyed :S P.S Batteries won't last "forever" they actually drain quite fast if you ask me, same with everything else that uses energy of any kind. They just simply drain too fast.
Oceanic Aviation (1 year ago)
The arrows aren't for shields, that's for speed.
Uncle Sam (1 year ago)
0:20 no, you have space bubos now you are going to die soon
GoldSkull (1 year ago)
im sorry but you need to keep up with the updates
Áron Sós (1 year ago)
edu edu wha what
Hafelord (1 year ago)
The Precursors would likely be similar to the Warpers, as they designed and made them. Plus, they're both water dwellers. 9(but evolve or use technology to get on land and breath air with lungs or whatever they use to store air)
Winter Rose (1 year ago)
dude it's a nuclear sub they don't have to come up for 2 months and they have oxygen generators so no power loss is a no-go
Sean Parko (1 year ago)
The bottom doors in the cyclops is for when the smaller sub docks to it, i doesn't flood and sink. Also, those bar's you saw that you thought were for a shield, are instead for movement, flank speed, normal, and silent running (source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19btfZ2rckmoBTgJaFipqxKZ0CcTr2fI6SFsOP21TLtA/edit)
Snapped Pixel (1 year ago)
the other ship was salvaged by the surviving crew
Brian Steele (1 year ago)
Metal Madness (1 year ago)
Brian Steele yes because a cyclops which is like a cockroach to the Sea Emperor can easily hold one
TheNetherDiamond (1 year ago)
the doors are because ur ship can flood already, its not new the entire time u could flood the cyclops
Ashton Mitchell (1 year ago)
Bile is dead
LaPatate (1 year ago)
The flashing devil 23 (1 year ago)
It's different speed
Bálint Jani (1 year ago)
Co-op would be soooooooooo good in this game!
Bálint Jani (1 year ago)
yeah i know that its a really unstable engine,but hey! We got tons of time don't we?
Metal Madness (1 year ago)
Bálint Jani it was considered but the developers current engine cannot hold it right now, they might re-release it but way into the future for multiplayer
DictatorPutski (1 year ago)
I think even when they eventually release those massive-arse, battleship sized subs, the cyclops will still be the iconic flagship of this game
Anthomnia : Did You Know The Front Of The Cyclops Will Be Changed
Lightning Shifter (1 year ago)
Neboola (1 year ago)
Best part
Orel Kirshner (1 year ago)
the left is speed and the bottom line is noise
Sam Van Cutsem (1 year ago)
Sigh.... okay your a good youtuber but what you say is old and do some more research if you are gonna do update reviews please
The Messenger (1 year ago)
I'm no Scientist... but where gonna need a bigger sub
Sentlee (1 year ago)
You need to be able to repair the Cyclops when it gets destroyed with the habitat builder.
Sentlee (1 year ago)
Aren't the arrows on the new Cyclops ui the speed???
ddog boi (3 months ago)
Sentlee yep
the one eyed gamer (1 year ago)
the arrows on the left are for speeds i believe
The Darter (1 year ago)
The Degasi ( the other ship) was scrapped by the survivors for titanium and such, so it is just gone. you will not find it.
Rizalina Sosa (1 year ago)
You also have to go to the other at at 800m
Luke Haave (1 year ago)
Sub bit in half? I sense a bigger fish approaching
Raxnm (1 year ago)
So you'r friends with someone who has a VAC ban on their account? RIP Velocity.
Alterran Longbow (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure those arrows on the left were for different speeds and I heard something about mechanical noise based off your speed.
I'mClever! (1 year ago)
Just a Russian mod...
mohammad sarajulhaq (1 year ago)
play More sudnautica
Tomas Salvo (1 year ago)
Probably the arrows are different speeds and the thing under the health is sound maybe? Like how loud you're being?
Collin Rotton (1 year ago)
Are you fockin new to this game m8
Redgum TCGs (1 year ago)
Call the ai Friday frome age of ultron
It will be destroyed By huge huge creatures such as the mysterious skeleton in the swamp
Aeonix (1 year ago)
did you just call the engine speed speed menu the shield strength menu?
Acid Shot (1 year ago)
*cyclop should use fuel not batteries*
Tara Lambert (1 year ago)
the arrows are the speed of the ship dumbass
Anthony Jordan (1 year ago)
11 isnt better its worse
Tara Lambert (1 year ago)
Sans Skeliboi 11... oh is my voice to high for you? -_-
Table Lamp (1 year ago)
Tara Lambert what are you, five? I'm sure your parents wouldn't like to see this
Nathan Lawson (1 year ago)
The arrows on the side that's speed
the crazy gamer (1 year ago)
the arrows are speed not protecting
no it exploded
Jake Tripp (1 year ago)
for some reason i feel like Ant should be in The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sheev (1 year ago)
so u have never tried to disable the array..... wow that's been around forever
Jake0205 (1 year ago)
Isn't the game releasing in May?
King Lewis (1 year ago)
When's the new dinosaurs out in the isle I can't wait to see them
Its_Me_Romano _ (1 year ago)
those > >> >>> where obviously different speed buttons
Pivoteer UK (1 year ago)
4:03 That doesn't look like a cyclops interior...
Phantom Flows (1 year ago)
it's awesome but I still want a cyclops dock...
welp the cyclops has Hp now... thats sucks
Zerada (1 year ago)
On the left them are most likely going to be speed or something. And it's going to be your Cyclpos what is going to explode so it could stay in the world after it's destroyed so you could go get your stuff what you had in it.
Eli Lavoie (1 year ago)
the poky thing that you showed as intro of vid cures the carar when used
SilverGaming (1 year ago)
Eli Lavoie it disables the gun and you can't use it UNTIL you're cured
Logan G (1 year ago)
Those arrows aren't shielding their speed
Supah Moelleux (1 year ago)
actually it's an easy one since i could just learn it from YouTube videos like this one and games ._.
Pinoytankbuster (1 year ago)
tizoro3 learn to stop being an ass and know that English is one of the hardest languages for non-English speakers. Nobody's perfect.
tizoro3 (1 year ago)
logan gonzales they're* learn to use English.
Spotlizard 03 (1 year ago)
Does anyone else have a problem where the sun is just a huge black box in the shy?
daniel kuhn (1 year ago)
ahahah no Anth, the shield has only an option, (it's the one on the right), the 4 on the left are different speeds
Mon trainer ash D (1 year ago)
I think the Precursors look kinda like Warpers. Like if you agree
NewAgeDerpDerp (1 year ago)
Other ship got disassembled.
you know the thing you found in pieces that would be it
fritchuk (1 year ago)
Do it first time when your not infected
Orest Kapsta (1 year ago)
They...uhhh.... Used the parts of the degasi to build the bases on the island, grandreef, jelly shroom caverns and.... ugggg.... Wait... Is there a fourth base???
de laughing GOAT LORD (1 year ago)
The other ship might be UNDER the one you crash landed in (how it is spelled I don't know). Cause the ships are always trying to be as efficient as possible so they might have taken the same route to the planet.
Vita Speed (1 year ago)
The real question is WHO did the damage.
dead bed (1 year ago)
go to all three precursor caches
Alberto Gutierrez (1 year ago)
The batteries are not long, going to the island and back uses 400 power, doing that 3 times and its done lol
dead bed (1 year ago)
it is verified that yes it will be your subs p.s. precursors come from seeds
Masie Orya (1 year ago)
there is going to be more subs.Also you didn't check the teleportation room. near or around (don't remember something like that)
Krypnotic (1 year ago)
You did get pregnant when it injected the roofies in you a bunch of little eggs with dicks started humping you until they went completely inside you now you're gonna be a mom or dad idfk
Glimple Bort (1 year ago)
Anthomia the arrows men how fast you can go
Connor Games (1 year ago)
No the reactor exploads and leaves the wreck
dealegoman (1 year ago)
i think that it shold be able to be broke, but its REALLY, REALLY hard to do
Conrad express (1 year ago)
Samm Wolf (1 year ago)
I have a theory that the broken sub is a wreck like the escape pods
TheShadowNinja1 (1 year ago)
the broken sub is there so when the cyclops dies you can get your stuff also the back of the cyclops is missing because there is an effect that shows the cyclops exploding from back to front so the engine detonates
Brandon Tracey (1 year ago)
I can't wait for this and I really want a multiplayer option
Joovid (2 months ago)
there is a mod team that is getting close to a alpha realease of a mod for subnautica that is coop. ( only two players ) google sunrunner subnautica mod
David Ball (1 year ago)
Sadly they had addressed multiplayer as an option and have said that the current engine cannot handle it. They have said sometime in the future they may create a separate game release with a new engine, but that would be a far ways down the road. Basically the same thing that happened with Don't Starve.

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