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STUNTS IN THE SEAMOTH! - Subnautica - Episode 5

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Text Comments (53)
Joao Rosa (2 months ago)
oblivion. you build the worst bases :D
TJRiss (2 months ago)
Where is Getting over it you schmuck. You need to finish it. You may have everybody else fooled but i remember! You didn't finish it!
Will (2 months ago)
Good to see your getting the base started but it's a bit spastic lol so maybe deconstruct the scanner room and moon pool. Use the connectors and have the different rooms branch off so they are all connected. I thought I saw that you have the bio reactor build that for your power needs runs off fish and shit
Cubeyy Gaming (2 months ago)
Wait this isn’t a RUST video
Nuxze (2 months ago)
Ive watched allot of subnautica, and with allot i mean over 21 hours. so what i know is that you have to get the GROWBED thing, that way you have infinite food. you get the growbed at the island you was at in this episode, just go there and SCAN THE GROWBED PLEASE IM DYING ON THE INSIDE HERE!! the seeds are handy, thats how you "plant" things, but you need the DARN INDOOR GROWBED. the place where it is sand is called "the Sand Dunes", that is where the Reaper Levaiaton thing is, well where most of em are, there can be more than one, so i just recomand to dont be close to the Aurora or the sand dunes. Sometime you have to go there to get spesific fragments. Before you go to the island again, get the "Propultion cannon" that way you can get rid of the crawler things wery easy, and maybe get the PDA that you could not get. Edit: You have to read the PDA's, thats how you get the story, and then you know whats going on. There is a infetion, the green "poison" things are more agressive and will make you more "infected", recomand to keep safe distanse.
אופק מליח (2 months ago)
Amanda Rogers (2 months ago)
Please answer your radio on the wall
Tadej Lenart (2 months ago)
Dude you need to slow down.. scan stuff.. read the info the game is giving you, slow the feck down..
Voiced Hyperion (2 months ago)
The thing about building in Subnautica is that when you deconstruct things you get 100% of your stuff back. So if you feel like restructuring your base there is no downside. I recommend moving your moon pool and scanner room so they are actually connected to the multipurpose room.
Daniel LeClair (2 months ago)
Actually look man i get the whole finding things out yourself but how about when you don't know you to do something just look it up Seriously for everyone just look up how to play the game..
Daniel LeClair (2 months ago)
Listen m8 you need to scan everything I'm not kidding every time you see something new even a new floor try to scan it you can't scan everything but there's alot of shit you need to scan
Dashdbz (2 months ago)
Use the hallways to connect rooms
JimKurosaki (2 months ago)
You need to scan the ladders and basically everythi g else still on that island
Ozfiz Rox (2 months ago)
This is fucking sick! I would live there
Shown Phillips (2 months ago)
You need a solar panel to have energy in the base read it good advice
LazyEyedLeader (2 months ago)
propoltion cannon to move the crab
Jack Savage (2 months ago)
Nice progress this episode
FurBall13 (2 months ago)
Great video but your building is absolute shit please organize your rooms and make them one level
DubstepMaster29 (2 months ago)
REEEEEEEE where's my fortnite content REEEEE
MyName Jeff (2 months ago)
You do need the Chinese Potato, I have a whole room of them, with that and Bulbo Trees, your food and water will be sorted forever
Mitchel Upton (2 months ago)
When u went on the island in the bases up there there are doors and i think they are called bulk heads u should scan them u can also scan the crop plot that the fruit tree was on and put it in your base and plant the tree by picking it and placing it in the crop plot at your base😊
Pluto Equals Planet (2 months ago)
Died laughing at that pipe sketch. Surely he was just trolling! :P
Tactical Ace (2 months ago)
Fuck me. I have orgasms when you post your vids mate
Niels Zwinselman (2 months ago)
Connect all your parts together
Azken (2 months ago)
When do you ever do subnautica? You really should do it more often, im just saying it would be benifitial.
Eric Miller (2 months ago)
The pump is to pump air out of the base
bluepanda02 (2 months ago)
You should play Ark
Hemaang Sharma (2 months ago)
The islands look like large clouds floating on the sea. One on either side of the aurora. The island with the massive alien building has a teleportation gate that will get you to the other island where you'll find multipurpose rooms, exterior growbeds and saplings to make your base self-sufficient. The island with the big alien building has a lot of tunnels packed with resources like diamond, lithium, lead & ion cubes. Underwater, growing along the island's sides, you'll find magnatite, lead, lithium (and the teleporting beastie)....
Mr . Caucasian Moon (2 months ago)
Man U deserve way more than 101k subs
Willemar (2 months ago)
If you dont need the first thing you made them deconstruct it
paul southall (2 months ago)
Solar panels !!!!!!!
Edin743 (2 months ago)
Please , look up a building tutorial and a farming tutorial for this game...
Dashdbz (2 months ago)
Ya use the pipe looking hall ways to connect rooms. You get back everything when you deconstruct stuff so you can fix it pretty easily. You can also use the vertical pipes with ladders to connect different levels but you need to leave a gap between the rooms, pretty much none of the bigger rooms should be directly touching each other. The building system takes some getting used to in this game but once you figure it out you can make some really cool structures
Edin743 (2 months ago)
Oblivion you know, ones you get at the start of the game
Edin743 (2 months ago)
Oblivion well... You need those hallways to connect rooms
Must-i (2 months ago)
FIRST (after watching the whole video and ads :P)
Edin743 (2 months ago)
Plants are better for hydration, make a farming room
Water Flood (2 months ago)
Love this series.
Ashleyann23 ashleyann23 (2 months ago)
Wait Is this a old video
Ashleyann23 ashleyann23 (2 months ago)
Oh for some reason I thought you were more advanced in the game
George Stewart (2 months ago)
Loving this and the fortnite series keep up the good work man 💙
Ashleyann23 ashleyann23 (2 months ago)
Yeses.... thank you I love subnautica 💙💙💙
Edin743 (2 months ago)
You idiot! You didn't scan pots. Plants are for seeds so you can plant them in your base growing beds as well, you are stupid, I'm supposed you scanned a living wall. You didn't even scan observation deck! Edit: oh you did scan some. Not all tho, I was a bit angry that you missed so much :/
Hugo Sa (2 months ago)
your content is awasome but god your bad at building in subnautica holy :) keep it up edit: the scanner need to be on the side
IFinessedYou (2 months ago)
I love your fortnite video's
Crossonix (2 months ago)
Love your vids, absolute legend!
nils west (2 months ago)
andrew gregg (2 months ago)
Chap it takes you soon long to upload
j0n1985 (2 months ago)
Seasoned Placenta (2 months ago)
Those were pretty dank...im sorry i will never say dank again.
autism in my dick hole (2 months ago)
fully dank
NA (2 months ago)
autism in my dick hole (2 months ago)
ep 4...

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