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Emma's Disappearance - Skins Rise

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When he comes back to the shelter, Cook soon realises that Emma has disappeared and something's wrong... For classic Skins moments and exclusive YouTube content make sure you subscribe to our Official YouTube Channel - http://bit.ly/OhaqqS Follow Skins on Twitter: https://twitter.com/skins and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/skins
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Text Comments (13)
we die too quickly (2 months ago)
Can someone explain to me how exactly Emma died?
Sasa Kstn (2 months ago)
Nah I think she hung herself, didn't she?
dreamergirl247 (2 months ago)
we die too quickly If I remember correctly, the guy that was after them hung her from a tree.
chiara s (2 months ago)
i just loved when he pushed charlie to the ground <3333
mimiofthemalfoys (2 months ago)
It's what happens when you leave your lovely lady for a hoe like Charlie.
JuankAA music (2 months ago)
WTF Cook?
Lola Paulmier (2 months ago)
that music at the end always makes me so nostalgic
GamerSam99 (2 months ago)
If not a full new generation, at least make another short season with return characters like season 7. Preferably one with Tony or Sid :)
Good Boy Points (2 months ago)
GamerSam99 Mike bailey doesn't act any more and tonys actor has gone on the better things, also I'm pretty sure that there's no more skins crew left or any money I hate to say it but no more new skins. At least I have all episodes (with original soundtrack of course) downloaded on 10 separate thumbdrives so it won't be forgotten by the friends I show this great show to.
زهرة الألم (2 months ago)
فيديو كتير حلوووووو فيك تشترك في قناتي انا مشترك في قناتك ازة فيك
Hobo (2 months ago)
you really are milking the show arnt you
aythatsme (2 months ago)
and that's why you're a hobo
klara White (2 months ago)
First view and like xxxx

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