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In this video, I will show you how to build a drawbridge that also works as a trap in The Forest. The trap side of it works very well. I go through 5 ways to build a drawbridge, using the crane and the small raft. The crane does look better as a drawbridge though its functionality suffers at this stage because you can't push log sleds across it. The small raft works better though it isn't as realistic or appealing. I strive to release videos 3 to 4 times a week for The Forest. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Subscribe to see these videos daily and like if you can, it helps me out a lot. Farkets Discord: https://discord.gg/HuSSahh Farkets Imgur: https://farket8238.imgur.com/ The Forest Map: https://theforestmap.com/ Wiki Guardian on The Forest Wiki: https://theforest.gamepedia.com/The_Forest_Wiki Music: Intro by PassarinoT - https://goo.gl/tmBH3A Had he Stayed - Puddle of Infinity https://youtu.be/MHJLKczmP9Q Grass - Silent Partner https://youtu.be/VlohuOGWzG8 Kevin MacLeod - Perspectives https://youtu.be/vmXX3fesP6Y Kevin MacLeod - Crossing the Divide https://youtu.be/ra2Z_3rn3ag Farket - Adagio In D Minor (Farket Remix) My computers specs: MOBO: Asus Rampage V Extreme RAM: Corsair DDR4 3000MHz Vengence 4GBx8 = 32GB Video Card: Asus GTX-1080ti STRIX ROG OC Edition CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K 6-Core LGA 2011-3 3.3GHz Storage: ADATA M.2 SX7000NP 1TB + 24gb additional assorted drive space Monitor: Samsung LU28E85KRS/XY E85 28" WIDE (16:9) Keyboard & Mouse: Logitech G910 & Logitech G900 Audio Recording: Scarlett 2i2 + SM58 Microphone Editing Software: Adobe Premeire Pro, Auditions, After Effects, & Photoshop Recording Software: Adobe Auditions & NVIDIA Shadowplay
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Text Comments (116)
Farket (3 months ago)
If you want to get the bodies underwater, its often too difficult to collect them as you cannot carry bodies while swimming. Instead you should do one of these very 'logical' methods: 1. Shoot the body with a lit fire arrow, they will burn under water and turn into bones. 2. If there a lot of bodies, place a leaf pile trap where the bodies are. Then use a lit fire arrow to shoot the leaf trap.
Predator v2 (3 months ago)
The most important thing I've learned is water is wet. Cheers Mate, great video.
Jude Groomes (1 month ago)
How did he make it so his blue prints were blue instead of white? What setting is that? Edit: never mind i got it haha ;)
Fusion (2 months ago)
Idea : maybe you could put a bridge in the entire length by putting it about a foot underwater - you should still be able to run across, but maybe they cannibals will not follow since they don't like getting into water
Fusion (2 months ago)
is your name in any part inspired by Farkas, in Skyrim? Similar voice, too.
Alkrepi Games (7 days ago)
Bandita 7 (2 months ago)
Lol one dislike. 😂
BUTTercup0 (3 months ago)
1 dislike is a mutant
Bookworm 0027 (3 months ago)
What are you using to spawn materials and enemies?
Farket (3 months ago)
+aaron case ModAPI and the ultimate cheat menu
Mr. Krabs Felt It (3 months ago)
I remember when you had 2k subs, seems like yesterday
texaslonghorns2222 (3 months ago)
I'm pretty new to the game. Which mod are you using for this video?
Pavel Choc (3 months ago)
12:00 - Thank you for this video. Now I know WATER IS WET :D
Anne_Frank The_Dank (3 months ago)
Can sombody tell me why me and my friend can't put skinracks on boats,??
Zabasu (3 months ago)
hello ^^ i Have a Question ! i search for a Achivment "Brown Puff Mushrooms" and Mushrooms have some a Idea where i can find it ?
Cripter DK (3 months ago)
s2 e16 coming soon ? XD PS. love your vids man! thx for learning me everything.
Cripter DK (3 months ago)
+ Happy 2018 :3
Adonis (3 months ago)
Hey Farket, can you do a video on how the new Strenght/Weight system works? Im gaining strenght, but im also gaining A LOT of weight too...
razzorice (3 months ago)
In my multiplayer game my rock walls always visible in the water so it's pretty hard to make anything. Your blueprint partially not visible in the water how you do that? Its a setting?
Masterpisop ArtZ (3 months ago)
Happy new years 😆🤘😀😀😂💥🔥🎊🎉🎈🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎋🎉🎈🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆
Masterpisop ArtZ (2 months ago)
Jaxson Hester nice
Jaxson Hester (2 months ago)
Fraid Fred (3 months ago)
Hey love your vids they provide so much help.Just wanted to ask what is the best way to lose weight and if possible not lose strengh in the proces, cuz my strengh goes up the same time my weight does.(curent weight-231 strenght-56.4)
TracersBooty (3 months ago)
Can someone answer this question: is there unlimited ammo for the flintlock pistol? Does the bullets respawn?
Atheism Forever (3 months ago)
'' Hello everyone it's fuckit here '', good job subtitiles.
Farket (3 months ago)
+Atheism Forever Brilliant subtitles
SnowMythos (3 months ago)
Very intersting video Best regards from Germany
Farket (3 months ago)
+SnowMythos Cheers
Mateo_ Pervan (3 months ago)
Zenno (3 months ago)
"water is wet" lol
Ionut Bajan (3 months ago)
farket how did you have blue blueprint when you want to make a platform is blue how?
Farket (3 months ago)
+Ionut Bajan Game options, blue print color, theres a few to pick from
Sillu1O1 (3 months ago)
Whats up guys it fack it here! XD
SnowMythos (3 months ago)
How do you get so many cannibals to this Place?
Farket (3 months ago)
+SnowMythos Spawned them in using mods.
Dirty Cloud (3 months ago)
You're king on this island!
Haytham (3 months ago)
Is it correct, that a fire under the drying rack makes the meat faster edible?
Alex Armsy (3 months ago)
Haytham Nope. I do the fire thingy at the drying racks too but It's mainly for a decoration
CuBe Da DuDe (3 months ago)
a few requests: which weapon is better: the arm or the leg? can you hit cannibals with ziplining logs? can you hit each other in multiplayer while ziplining (crossed ziplines)? how many cowmen, armsys, virginias, crocs, boars (...) does it take to obliterate megan? can you build outside the mountain-artifact-room to make the plane crash into a gazebo first (via out of bounds)? can you trap the megan-boss? is it possible to push a dead mutant onto a catapult and shoot with the ragdoll? sorry for the terrible english and greetz from germany! gr8 vids - keep on!
Alex Armsy (3 months ago)
CuBe Da DuDe I think arms and legs do the same damage. Zip lining logs don't do damage. From what I know, mutants or hostile animals cannot attack Artophedia (Made-Up Boss Name) because they think It's an ally. The gazebo thingy idk. Again from what I know you can't trap Megan. Needs sum testing. About the catapult don't think It's possible. Once you pick up the catapult, since you can move it It's a Dynamic Object so everything should go through it.
Dennis (3 months ago)
This Bridge is very Nice xD
Dennis (3 months ago)
Farket xD you are my favourite youtuber
Farket (3 months ago)
+Dennis Cheers
RetroDec (3 months ago)
12:16 Water is wet No shit sherlock Nice vid
Farket (3 months ago)
+RetroDec Haha I hope thats sarcasm. Cheers
smashrhythm (3 months ago)
Love your work as always
Farket (3 months ago)
+smashrhythm Cheers
Nipple Collector (3 months ago)
does anyone know if stranded deep is worth the buy if i dont have friends with the game, it has kinda mixed reviews and it sounds like the devs gave up on it
Tde (3 months ago)
Not very good
Nipple Collector (3 months ago)
3:23 wtf lol
Alkrepi Games (7 days ago)
Marcin Michalski (3 months ago)
verry interesting guide, i need to rebuild my bridge now ^^, You suprised me again with usefull knowledge, thanks Farket Wow, and btw congrats for 10k! You achieved it very quick. Good Job! Have a good day! :)
Farket (3 months ago)
+Marcin Michalski Cheers, glad I can help. Good luck with the bridge!
RB Studios (3 months ago)
Great video
Curtis Drew (3 months ago)
"*Water is Wet" LOL
Curtis Drew (3 months ago)
+Farket Worth, caught your attention. Hello Farket!
Farket (3 months ago)
+Curtis Drew Lol I lost my shit reading all this. All over water is wet hahahaha
Curtis Drew (3 months ago)
Game, Set & Match
Curtis Drew (3 months ago)
Nipple Collector go cry more.
Curtis Drew (3 months ago)
Nipple Collector sorry you suck at English. I told you a quick Google would help. Your mental instability shows.
Acentrix Gaming (3 months ago)
Amazing as always
ArrohFFXI (3 months ago)
Yea actually had that happen to me with a friend. We built a bridge to that island via the dock blueprint and my friend got aggro from a patrol route. When they headed back to the bridge area, I was on it and instead of attacking my friend or coming after me they attacked the bridge and destroyed it almost instantly lol.
Han Nyctihawk (3 months ago)
Great idea! Thanks as always, Farket!
Laurbærret (3 months ago)
What was it with the tip saying *water is wet
Farket (3 months ago)
+Laurbærret Scientific analyst
Mr Smith (3 months ago)
Yay 10k subs!
Farket (3 months ago)
+Top hat and monocle Cheers
Matthew Thompson (3 months ago)
Such helpful tips!! Didn’t realise water is wet!!
Farket (3 months ago)
+Matthew Thompson The more you know!
BLK retro3 (3 months ago)
This was amazing info. Fun to watch them all plunder.
Farket (3 months ago)
+BLK retro3 ‘Tis fun
EmptyWalletSyndrome (3 months ago)
great video. Will try this one I think. Thanks. And congrats on 10k subs!
Farket (3 months ago)
+EmptyWalletSyndrome Cheers, yeah its a good one.
Bruellbart (3 months ago)
I don't know if you're aware of this, but when using the ModAPI and enhancing the action radius (I always set it to ~100), you can instantly complete every building within the radius by pressing "F". It's much easier than constantly pressing "E" and running around for every blueprint.
Farket (3 months ago)
+Bruellbart Yeah, I often forget to use it. Though I avoid it a lot because I clear a lot of what I build, like the sides. I dont want to pick accidentally build it. Its a good tip though
queenannsrevenge100 (3 months ago)
I just started a new game with a mid-river platform base - I was using a zip line to get logs across, I may give this a try instead! Thanks for the pro tips!
Farket (3 months ago)
+queenannsrevenge100 Zipline is probably better still. Though zip lines cant bring in sticks, bridges are better for that. Plus rabbits and animal head and a whole bunch of other items.
krischperl (3 months ago)
its 2:13 am in germany and i cant fucking sleep because im watching every single video again
krischperl (3 months ago)
Farket yes, because your voice is so relaxing, but i dont want to miss an episode xD
Farket (3 months ago)
+krischperl I find my videos are good for putting me to sleep lol
kukzu (3 months ago)
krischperl Bei mir auch haha
RB Studios (3 months ago)
İts 9:19
RB Studios (3 months ago)
Flaffi78 (3 months ago)
Congrats to 10k subs ;D Your vids are great like the way that they are. In my opinion some short tutorials videos would be quiet interessting. Maybe you could think about some short vids that are more or less long like 5 minutes. Im from Germany btw ;)
Flaffi78 (3 months ago)
Farket hallo :D Ok thanks for the Information. Maybe you could Start a short survey about that topic. Have a nice day and I would say guten rutsch ins neue Jahr ;)
Farket (3 months ago)
+Flaffi78 Cheers. I use to do short videos but people kept asking for longer videos. I just try to find the right balance. Get the information across without rushing but at a watchable pace. Hallo!
Like, 67th, i think.
Niwoplays (3 months ago)
Wait what? Water is wet?
Allan Perry (3 months ago)
Thanks. Almost like a pit fall utilizing water and game machines. I was working on something similar. As always, very helpful.
Farket (3 months ago)
+Allan Perry Yeah its something I noticed awhile a go, just had to weaponize it. There’s probably other ways that this can be used. Just have to find them out.
Noble Fluff (3 months ago)
Noble Fluff (3 months ago)
loves the vida farket your the best
Farket (3 months ago)
+Panda Gaming Cheers
LuzZ (3 months ago)
12:00 Easteregg :D
Slokoki (3 months ago)
Water is not wet. Being wet means it's covered or saturated and water can't do that to itself.
Cnccnc (3 months ago)
adjective, wetter, wettest. 1. moistened, covered, or soaked with water or some other liquid: wet hands. 2. in a liquid form or state: wet paint. 3. characterized by the presence or use of water or other liquid.
OkaOscar (3 months ago)
Curtis Drew (3 months ago)
thats simply not true.
Danger Is Sweet (3 months ago)
Can't wait to try building one
engrtiocs (3 months ago)
Can you retrieve bodies underwater? It would be a waste of bodies if not. Cheers from the philippines!
Farket (3 months ago)
+engrtiocs Shoot them with fire arrows or a leaf trap under water. Burns them under water.
engrtiocs (3 months ago)
Nice idea on the draw bridge farket! I might use the same idea using the crane drawbridge thing but on land for my forest castle. I suppose i could make a makeshift gate that goes opens and closes vertically like in medieval style castles.
Farket (3 months ago)
+engrtiocs That would be cool to see.
Tech Media (3 months ago)
This is perfect, definitely will impliment it into one of my builds.
Farket (3 months ago)
+Tech Media Cheers, ‘tis a good build idea. Could be decorated too.
logical window (3 months ago)
keep up the great work bro love the videos
Farket (3 months ago)
+logical window Cheers.

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