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Factorio Sea Block #27 - Moderately Technical (0.15)

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Factorio is a game where you Confabulate Translocationaldysmorphic Hydrophloricoperatic Treciduaries through the Subsaharandialectical Tremoryfoundational Whasmospaz. Find it on Steam or at their website here: https://www.factorio.com/ This series uses a Modpack called Sea Block that can be found here: https://forums.factorio.com/viewtopic.php?f=95&t=43759 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Zisteau Stream: https://twitch.tv/Zisteau
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biketaco (12 days ago)
you could wire up a roboport to an inserter to add more robots when AVAILABLE robots are below a threshold (i like to use 10)
Eagle6 (12 days ago)
Most of the petrochemical byproducts can be turned into solid fuel and either burned in steam engines or used to make rocket fuel, so gas venting should mostly disappear from your base as you develop (if efficiency is a concern at least)
Melon Boi (12 days ago)
hey are you going to play v0.16?
tom ehlhardt (12 days ago)
Why doesnt everbody watch this because this is the best game ever and zisteau plz I beg You keep going On with factorio
Cyrikyty (13 days ago)
18:43 ah yes, I ran into that when I played through regular bobs angels, alltough I had it on regular oil separation. I had every product barreled, and built a set of splitters going out of each storage area and into a clarifier. They were all set up the same, first the belt splits once into 2 splitters, those 2 only activated if the storage capacity for that particular product was nearly full. Then I had 3 separate belts after that, each with a condition that only allows the product to go through if another product is nearly empty. In my case, I used this on the oil separation, so I had naphta, fuel oil, base mineral oil and residual gas. On the naphta storage, it only allowed naphta to go into a clarifier if the naphta storage was nearly full, and either of the fuel oil, base mineral oil OR residual gas storages were nearly empty. And so on for the other products. This way you dont unnecessarily burn off anything, while still making sure everything is being produced if needed. Also didnt require any combinators. I'm pretty sure you can hook it up to pumps aswell.
Cyrikyty (13 days ago)
You can sort of check if you have enough Robots by hovering your cursor over a roboport and reading the number of logistic robots there. In your case, it said "0/458". This means you got 458 total, of which 0 are idle. That's a pretty good indicator that you need more.
Cyrikyty (13 days ago)
Just put a buffer chest for the empty frames next to the assembler for the catalysts. It doesnt require much effort and makes your life so much easier. At that point I usually put several hundred frames in there and never worry about it again.
Juke (14 days ago)
this game really needs sea-monsters and boats. There's probably mod for that?
edinborogh (14 days ago)
Awesome episode Z!
Toasted Synapse Gaming (14 days ago)
Isn't there a mod that allows you to change the default value for requester chests? I.e. Request x5 times the assembly machine need, or x10, etc. So in the future you don't have to add a 0 to every request
Charlie Dobbie (14 days ago)
I hope priority for science will be working towards a perfect power grid! :-D
Saberus Terras (14 days ago)
When it comes time to increase the robot population, you should totally make the final factory offload into a roboport next to it. Automate your increase in automation!
Ultracity6060 (14 days ago)
April 6th, 2018: Zisteau begins stockpiling carbon monoxide. April 7th, 2018: Zisteau's house is raided by SWAT officers.
Charlie Dobbie (14 days ago)
Also boiler repair men
Collin Bruce (14 days ago)
I highly value plastic pipes over pretty much everything else due to their cheapness, i also use copper pipes for fluids that have a low put put and are used 1 to 1. I would only use Tungsten for long distance pipes and only in the extreme late game.
NACH0 CHEE5E (14 days ago)
set the threshhold to 15000 as the tanks will never get far above 16000 because of the overflow valves
Brutakalaka (14 days ago)
Can someone explain to me why the Petroleum -> Methane process is bad? One ingredient in, one out.
Zacman0510 (14 days ago)
I'm pretty sure it's because the petroleum is a pain to produce.
Chris Hinton (12 days ago)
It will be interesting to see what you decide on with the pipes in your late game setups (where you don't use bots!). I didn't get far enough into seablock for it to matter much, but I saw some people saying that the low capacity pipes are better. I didn't do the math, but with low capacity pipes, less fluid is required to get high pressure and it might be easier to get medium/high throughput. On the other hand, low capacity pipes have a smaller maximum throughput. It seems like the larger capacity pipes would be better if and only if you carefully maintain high pressure with pumps (I have not tested the specifics).
Cyrikyty (13 days ago)
If you want to really maximize fluid transportation, use barrels. Pipes are good for the most part, but not over long distances or when it gets to massive amounts. I had a playthrough of nonseablock bobs angels with spaceX, and almost went insane trying to fix my fluid throughput in a base making 40-ish barrels worth of sulfuric acid per SECOND. I ended up barreling just about everything, unless I can have it transfer directly between machines or connect it directly with only pumps.
MW2366 (14 days ago)
Why not have the belts in the center, the splitter off to the left, and undies to the right? Then you don't need a passive. In this mod pack, pipes are tiered: You have low capacity, high distance pipes. And high capacity, low distance pipes. Steel is high distance. Stone is high capacity.
Taras Datsiuk (14 days ago)
the bigger the size of pipe - the faster pressure drops - the worse is throughput the bigger underground length - the longer you can save same pressure, the better throughput so, plastic is worse then steal.
Grimmie XII (14 days ago)
Your top plastic producing ring had the same missing underground pipe problem. 8:30
DrSnap23 (14 days ago)
"It's black, which is super sexy" - Zisteau, 2018
Paul Denisenko (14 days ago)
So Zisteau takes so much of his own time to create these episodes. That in itself is amazing. I just wonder, what does he listen to when he plays the game for so long? Is it music or podcasts? I'd love to have a playlist.
Elbrasch (14 days ago)
you can use your carbon monxide with hydrogene to make synth gas, which can be turned in a lot of usefull stuff, but ends up in plastic, resine or methanol. Basically you can design your chemical system to use everything important you need without destroying anything usefull.
Latronibus (12 days ago)
You know, I just noticed that Fischer Tropsch is basically worthless. For CO+H2, 0.4 coal makes 100 syngas, with the addition of 90 H2 and 60 purified water. For Fischer Tropsch, 5 coal makes 100 syngas, with the addition of 50 oxygen and 50 steam. You get CO2 and H2S as well, but you could get that much CO2 from 0.4 coal, and you could get that much H2S from gasifying 3 coal. So for a given amount of coal, you could get all the products of Fischer Tropsch in larger quantity, plus some other products, by using CO+H2, coal -> CO2, and coal gasification. You might expect Fischer Tropsch is cheaper on power...but it isn't, because it takes steam, which is incredibly expensive (50 steam = 3 MJ of burner fuel or 1.8 MJ of electricity).
TuEpic (14 days ago)
About the catalyst, they are indeed hardly ever used up. However catalysts usually consist of activated complexes of metal oxides. The use of the catalyst will over time degrade the catalysts. In large processes, catalysts can be replaced every week or so (like in Fischer Tropsch plants using Co or Fe)
Jorgen223 (12 days ago)
all true :v you can literally recover platinum from the dust on the highway, watch Cody's Lab he did it
Tuxfanturnip (14 days ago)
The catalyst literally is not supposed to be chemically consumed, but physical wear and tear break it down as reactants pass over it, and it ends up as trace particles in the outputs.... I think.
TechNick94 (14 days ago)
TuEpic also recovery of catalyst isn't always fully possible
Cerugon (14 days ago)
you can avoid the frame thing by just putting a chest in between. either before or after the crafter.
SuperNerdGamer007 (14 days ago)

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