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Get Good At Fortnite Series : Why They Died (Fortnite Battle Royale Tips, Tricks, Play Smart Guide)

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Text Comments (9)
social3ngin33rin (2 days ago)
Chug > 2 large shield
Dan Iassundo (3 days ago)
Why didnt he take the golden scar at 8:40
Andrew (3 days ago)
Love this!! Would love to see more and what else you cover next. A suggestion I could think of is the use of diversions. Building to confuse your opponent of where you are, what you're going to do, etc.
Avery Daggers (3 days ago)
Good series bro
Andrew Frost (3 days ago)
I suck at fortnite 😂 yo who excited for the Fortnite Movie?
Kevin O'campo (3 days ago)
RIP Fornite
Kevin Thao (3 days ago)
Second. Wassup my asian ninja

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