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Dirty Bomb | The Hunter Update & Cobalt Hunter Crafting

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Dirty Bomb | Hunter has been out for a week now, Phantom has been terrorising the streets of London & Terminal Redux...looking very sexy! • https://discord.gg/q9guzcC • http://dirtybomb.com (FREE TO PLAY!) • https://www.twitch.tv/cadgamings • https://twitter.com/CadGamings Please rate, comment, share and subscribe for more Dirty Bomb! Music: Check Out Chuki Hip-Hop: • https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic (Instrumental produced by Chuki)
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Text Comments (80)
ocBTyga (20 days ago)
Good aiming in this video man
GerMinaThor Gonzales (30 days ago)
I feel the same whit Félix snipe! When you try to reload and switch weapons is super weird!
5hawn (1 month ago)
Bruh you dont have to lead shots with sparks? No wonder I suck with her. The animation of the spark laser thing makes me think i should lead it
Airwipe (1 month ago)
It legit takes ages to find a ranked game
mahmod wazero (1 month ago)
Bro what is better obsidian or Cobalt card?
mahmod wazero (1 month ago)
CadGamings i bought fragger m62 obsidian
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Obsidian is more rare and imo better looking. But all Loadoutcards in DirtyBomb are equally good.
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
out of curiosity, how many hours do you have in the game?
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Steam say 1450 but in-game around 950
dilan awo (1 month ago)
Will you do streams? btw absolutely loved this video honestly my favourite
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Thanks, I'm not sure at this point....
mstep89 (1 month ago)
I have a question which might be silly. How come when i shoot the arrow it doesnt leave a green trail behind it? Also how do you shoot so it tracks the enemy?
mstep89 (1 month ago)
i thought the arrow can follow the enemy while watching it on my phone. kinda like Jav's rocket.
CadGamings (1 month ago)
It's the same colour as your crosshair. I don't know what you mean with "tracks the enemy", if you mean the smoke trail when you hit a enemy....it does that automatically
PΛPΣRBONSΛI (1 month ago)
Btw with nowadays Phantom i am able to get twice more kills than with Fragger xD
PΛPΣRBONSΛI (1 month ago)
That thing youre not able to switch for secondy or knife after firing a shot with fel-ix is extremly stupid... I feels like frozen idiot in that kind of situation :/
CadGamings (1 month ago)
I really can't believe that would be by design, feels so bad.
Santos Ugalde (1 month ago)
I still think that if splash damage had more time to make brink it would be like this and this dirty bomb would probably be brink 2 that's how I see it
CadGamings (1 month ago)
I freaking loved Brink. Hope to see more Brink aspects in DB :)
HadronInc (1 month ago)
If arty is 30k now, i want my 5k back >:C
Sinsanatis (1 month ago)
I honestly think hunter is a tiny bit too strong. Not op, but kills tend to be easy, especially in the right hands And phantom....its literally release all over again.
Danish Raza (1 month ago)
That's why i stopped playing even causal bcz i hate phantom a lot as well as my all other teammates
inbar simana (1 month ago)
phantom is really easy to hear and see, they promised us a completely invisible phantom, i see one (several times) every game...
Just Gaming (1 month ago)
Skill merc ? ahahahahahaa fucking cancer merc
Marvin (1 month ago)
I'm new to Dirty Boob how do you use the cloaking/invisible any help be greatful>> nice Info thanks Marvin
Ben Casey GRID (1 month ago)
wow, you are good using hunter.
Quinten Saija (1 month ago)
Snipers are terrible to play with atm. Very annoying.
Viktor Svanström (1 month ago)
What are your quality settings on? :)
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Maxed out, without motionblur
Nano Fernández (1 month ago)
You are really good with the crossbow man ;) BTW why is your arrow smoke green?
Leon Lai (1 month ago)
Nano Fernández depends on the crosshair's colour
alex whitten (1 month ago)
78 hours in phantom, 30 minutes in past week lol I feel like his near invisible cloak is now the most overpowered thing in the game
Shut da hell up (1 month ago)
That intro made me dizzy😰
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Press "L" once at the start ;)
Random - Gaming (1 month ago)
hunter is high skill level merc xd anyone can play him ez merc
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Probably the reason why everyone is playing him....oh wait
Zeke Bluhm (1 month ago)
Great videos but hunter is OP
Ohsnapkline (1 month ago)
love to see you doing DB vids agian man. Respect!
Brian Smith (1 month ago)
anyone else think that if you shoot a downed enemy with the crossbow, it shouldn't spot?
Deni Ytb (1 month ago)
the emp change makes sense but all I really wanted was for phantom to be fast, as fast as kira, it really bugs me that kira has a katana and is faster than him, the cloak could have stayed as it is, if you didn't move and positioned yourself correctly you usually wouldn't get found out, maybe improve the invisibility a tiny bit, removing the armor made sense too but just improve his movement speed man, he's supposed to be a ninja - sincerely, random phantom main
ReXender TzAr (1 month ago)
I love Phantom aces and godlikes are common now.
YEET (1 month ago)
uhm why my crossbow arrow trail is pink and yours is green?
YEET (1 month ago)
oh cool :D
CadGamings (1 month ago)
It's the same colour as your crosshair
KeepCalm (1 month ago)
I have trouble shooting people who are on the EV mg with the bolts. Bolts should be hitting but are not...
I MagnumMemes I Kys (1 month ago)
The Talking Penguin (1 month ago)
Leon Lai (1 month ago)
KeepCalm yes for some reason you have to be pretty close to the ev mg to kill
Fry Szopen (1 month ago)
I think they need to tone down a bit the crossbow dmg. 80 dmg for an infinite ammo, little recoil quick carging gun.... that's a lot
Frosty Espresso (1 month ago)
Really nice gameplay and review on the update!
Soldado Max 7 (1 month ago)
Hello Brother Cadgamings.
Michiel (1 month ago)
I do miss playing dirtybomb but I find csgo more interesting atm, Is DB still worth playing?
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Probably, or just wait for 1.0 and hope it will have some more content.
Adderall (1 month ago)
Dope video, you really covered everything. It just hurts me to see you hip firing the crossbow :(
Hawk_CZE (1 month ago)
Green arows?
Davi Tube (1 month ago)
It depends on your crosshair's color
Luke Rogers (1 month ago)
Fuck phantom
Nucleenix (1 month ago)
i even tried to convince my teammate to switch off of phantom...
Rajesh Kumar Bhoi (1 month ago)
I hate when killed by phantom...Phantom now is so frustrating.😬
Side Winder (1 month ago)
It was always frustating imo.
FDY cvc (1 month ago)
u are mazy man pls teach me how to play like this
Burek sa Sirom (1 month ago)
1:43 into the vid, look at that bs hit on rhino, clearly a miss yet he got a kill. Very nice
Burek sa Sirom (1 month ago)
Shut da hell up https://youtu.be/vr8ru2EQ4Pk
Burek sa Sirom (1 month ago)
Shut da hell up they did, but the 2nd shot should not have. Put it on 0,5 speed and hit the timestamp. Lets count, the first one, it goes to the left of him and misses, the second one, it is clearly going to the right, but as it comes closer it "sticks" to rhino. The third is actually aimed well and hits. You will find many videos highlighting this bs
Burek sa Sirom (1 month ago)
Shut da hell up he takes 3 shots, the game registers the 2nd and 3rd and only the 3rd should have hit
Burek sa Sirom (1 month ago)
Shut da hell up yes the second one was way off to the right, watch it close on half speed if you cant see it this way
Shut da hell up (1 month ago)
Burek sa Sirom wut do u mean, he did get 2 shots on him... The second and third arrow did hit him
Tristan Platon (1 month ago)
Great Video Man, Keep these going -midnightmuffin <3
FDY cvc (1 month ago)
wtf man u like play with hunter for one yeas its so eazy to play with it
Nucleenix (1 month ago)
at least you need skill
Silver Light (1 month ago)
Those headshots, just amazing....
SoBadAndrew (1 month ago)
If Hunter is a sniper , Guardian is a medic
Davi Tube (1 month ago)
I actually feel like his crossbow is better than the bolt rifles.... At least, for me that I'm not that accurate with heads, he he's a beast! Though he isn't that hard to counter... soo, definitively a great merc... I just still wonder why SD doesn't do anything to make recons "more useful"... they don't fit that well with the speed of the game and they annoy people trying to win a ranked match...
Nucleenix (1 month ago)
he is a marksman.
[DvWr] Sandman (1 month ago)
they just gotta tone phantom down and put a cooldown on hunter's bolts to make everything perfect. or a bolt cap, cuz they're the only ability in game that doesnt have an active cooldown aside from defibs
Wizard (1 month ago)
In my opinion the update was bad but some things were better. Armory is awesome and easy to use, phantom is too op, Hunter is little bit weak, but by time you plat him you get better with him and he is powerful. Ranked Season Weapon skins are not so special, kinda boring skins. There were few more good things too like Terminal Redux....
Nitin Dogra (1 month ago)
Dude give me only 1 card from ur collection....!!!😍😍😍😍😍 😂
Luos (1 month ago)
lol you cant even trade...
Nitin Dogra (1 month ago)
Awesome as usual!!
milos trajkovik (1 month ago)
first !

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