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Dynamite Thrower returning to The Forest?

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In this video, I explore the possibility of the dynamite thrower cannibal / mutant returning to The Forest in v1.0 or when the full game releases. It my opinion, it is highly likely he will return. I want to explore the possibilities of the dynamite cannibal returning. Music used at the beginning of this video: The Hidden - JM Scherf Music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxXE4LhmFmg&t=7s I play survival, horror, open world games such as The Forest and Subnautica. I strive to release videos 3 to 4 for these games. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Make sure you like a subscribe, cheers. Farkets Discord: https://discord.gg/HuSSahh Farkets Imgur: https://farket8238.imgur.com/ The Forest Map: https://theforestmap.com/ Wiki Guardian on The Forest Wiki: https://theforest.gamepedia.com/The_Forest_Wiki Music: Intro by PassarinoT - https://goo.gl/tmBH3A Had he Stayed - Puddle of Infinity https://youtu.be/MHJLKczmP9Q Grass - Silent Partner https://youtu.be/VlohuOGWzG8 Kevin MacLeod - Perspectives https://youtu.be/vmXX3fesP6Y Kevin MacLeod - Crossing the Divide https://youtu.be/ra2Z_3rn3ag Farket - Adagio In D Minor (Farket Remix) My computers specs: MOBO: Asus Rampage V Extreme RAM: Corsair DDR4 3000MHz Vengence 4GBx8 = 32GB Video Card: Asus GTX-1080ti STRIX ROG OC Edition CPU: Intel Core i7 5820K 6-Core LGA 2011-3 3.3GHz Storage: ADATA M.2 SX7000NP 1TB + 24gb additional assorted drive space Monitor: Samsung LU28E85KRS/XY E85 28" WIDE (16:9) Keyboard & Mouse: Logitech G910 & Logitech G900 Audio Recording: Scarlett 2i2 + SM58 Microphone Editing Software: Adobe Premeire Pro, Auditions, After Effects, & Photoshop Recording Software: Adobe Auditions & NVIDIA Shadowplay
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Farket (3 days ago)
Let me know if the dynamite cannibal should be brought back to the game? Also leave a like if you enjoyed the video. I really hope the final release has some interesting additions, without the bugs.
eclipse (21 hours ago)
yes he should be with a total rework but He cant be added because of all the whiny little P's that play this game cannot handle anything hardcore. They would flood every forum possible until he was removed (toggle option would be best to avoid all that)
ali chipmunk (1 day ago)
maybe the dynamite throwercannibal should be brought back but only having 2 or 3 dynamites at stock and only throws dynamites when player is near structures or at base that many cannibals died there and it's out of reach for cannibals to enter your base...like the cannibals used armsy's or virginia's for their battle to reach the player.... or else the whole forest is full of cut trees and he would be just to much annoying... maybe also make a BOOM scream sound before throwing the dynamites that mean he threw it just now and you should probably run XD
ClutchEastwood (2 days ago)
So it makes sense possibly that a very few of the cannibals would possess the rare intelligence to work out dynamite. I'm not excited but the devs are pretty consistent regarding fixes, they'll balance it. In other news thanks for the posts. I look forward to watching every one.
Gangrel Aussie (2 days ago)
Having had some time to think about it now, I honestly say "No!" He's only going to be a challenge to those that have building destruction On/allowed or whatever, and there are still players that have been playing this game for years that keep that off. They'll either gimp him to where he might as well just be the fire throwing cannibal with some knockdown ability, or he'll be a major turn off to the majority of the player base.
EnNzY (2 days ago)
I just have a question... Will you continue with subnautica?
eclipse (21 hours ago)
Yes Hardmodes only Needs to be balanced Unable to spam throw, will need to have a decent delay Very limited ammo - 1-3 Needs a new look, im tired of all the cannibals looking the same.
the wise one (1 day ago)
ive been playing this game since it came out when the dynamite thrower was added he was to hard way to hard.if you were to put him in the big open rooms in the caves it would work much better because when he would destroy your compound you cant grab those logs and rebuild itso if hes cave only it would work maybe
WLgummybear (1 day ago)
I’d like to see him come back, but maybe as a cave-only enemy, or with a weaker version of the dynamite ( a cannibal would perhaps have a harder time being as effective with an explosive as you). The idea of cannibals being smart enough to figure out how to use the dynamite they found around them gives me the chills (much like the fire thrower). Just another reminder that they ARE intelligent, and this is their turf
auzzbozz (1 day ago)
I know i am a little late but great video as always Farket :).
Kobalt3 (1 day ago)
When does the »How to let the TNT Cannibal bring down all the trees and enemys in the Forest«- vid comes out? Less Dynamite, easy to kill but has to be spotted fast, blows up when set on fire, player can turn his dead body into a big A** bomb, maybe something like that.
TomWebsterGaming (1 day ago)
Does farket read hes comments??
The Blue Droid (4 hours ago)
Emerald Wolf (1 day ago)
I think having him spawn in the higher difficulties would be a good idea. In fact if you think about it he could be the reason for them making many more difficulties. However even at the higher difficulties limiting the amount of dynamite he has would also be a good idea.
ali chipmunk (1 day ago)
how about swimming cannibals???? you can always save your base from dynamites when your base is on the small island... but you can't stop the swimming ones(fish looking cannibals) coming for you... might as well build a defensive structure around water too in future updates maybe...
Thomas Roedoe (2 days ago)
He should be added but only if there’s an option in the game settings to turn him on or off
Spindelweb (2 days ago)
Make him spawn max 5 times in the game, then you have a chance to kill this bastard, after 5 kill his nor spawn any more. 😊
Dennis Mcdonnell (2 days ago)
Great video, I think they should bring him back
Miguel (2 days ago)
If he's added, the devs should let us bounce back the dynamite with a tennis racket or leave enough time for us to grab the dynamite and toss it back to the bastard
Shawn Withrow (2 days ago)
If he was limited to one or two sticks and was as rare as the fire thrower it would still be devastating.
Sazzy Fish (2 days ago)
If he only spawned in caves he cant really take down your base but he would definitely need to be in one of the larger caves because i dont think itd be alot of fun trying to fight him in a tiny tube like cave. Maybe at the bottom of the hole?
HeroNerd (2 days ago)
The dynamite thrower cannibal does not like this video.
Whiteboiwhite (2 days ago)
Yeah this dude was fucking hardcore man, I think you're right that he should be added into hard/hard survival mode but definitely needs his ammo or damage capped. Also, I think if he was to spawn, I think that it would be a lot better if the Dynamite guy didn't spawn with mutants cause you would have no chance against them all at once. So maybe the dynamite guy should replace a couple of the mutant spawns.
Sphinx (2 days ago)
They should make it so that he doesn’t do structure damage but the rest should be the same.
Neville Azzopardi (2 days ago)
When is the game coming on ps4 ? Ughhh
DrumbasS (2 days ago)
He will run to your base and scream alahu Akbar and will blow up everything
jonathan jennings (2 days ago)
I think they should put him back into the game but make it so that the fuse on his dynamite is longer and give you the chance to pick it up and throw it back at him or away from you buildings that’s what I think anyway
Skyle Escobar (2 days ago)
Maybe they could limit the amount of dynamite he has every time he spawns. I think this could make him more fair, same as molotov trhowers, its insane that they have infinite ammo of explosives. Maybe they could have a second weapon once they run out of explosives.
Domnu’ Fasole (2 days ago)
if u make creepypasta u will make me poop on myself just at the intro !!
MR HND (2 days ago)
hey you are at my home in the forest 5:57
MasterZeroRus (2 days ago)
Thanks to your clearly english speaking, I discovered many new words. well done, keep do it! Your videos is one of best methods for english learing :) tip: pls, make subtitles. Many peoples doesnt have native english. Subtitles will help to understand video completely. C:
Gökhan Küçük (2 days ago)
i dont want that cheeky b*stard in the game. building takes time and he can easily destroy everything, if they add him back i think many players will quit playing tho they can add him into the caves
Luboslav Mehandziyski (2 days ago)
Back in! :D
Amducyas (2 days ago)
Oh hell yeah.. would make the game actually interesting. I mean once your base is set you are pretty much safe from anything. you just breed rabits for food. get a bit of wood here and there but all in all the game turns to shit once your base is done.... now if this SOB came around and actually led the other mutants and canibals to assault you while he's wrecking your base to shit. That would mean you might have to start over and be actually vigilant and also take a different approach in your base building. Because we know that large structures attract enemies in the game so no OP big ass base for you. no no. just a small hut here and ther maybe even a few decoy/ potemkin villages to divert the attacks from your main base.
pascal (2 days ago)
i know another orange guy that throws explosives
[AG] AnkGrooger (2 days ago)
ive played the forest since version 0.14 and when he was relieced i stopped. then when he was removed i joined back. but that was in update 0.52 it has been fun seeing the progression in the forest but him being added in again would destroy the game and people would build on islands and wouldn't want to play again.
Hack Different! (2 days ago)
I think he will only spawn in caves!
CuBe Da DuDe (2 days ago)
they could add this guy, but with a few nerves. some suggestions: limited ammo, chance that he f*cks up and blows up himself or even throws unlit dynamite, he could explode when lit and so generally being scared of fire, other cannibals attack him when he 'chops down' trees or he is not patrolling at all, he is only a village-defender. maybe wild squirrels will constantly attack him (because of reasons)... more ideas? let us know below :) keep up those gr8 vids! i'll sub and leave a like. grz from germany!
Bloody Hydra (2 days ago)
I believe if they add him they should : make him throw them slower as you said Make him weak example 3 hits with modern axe and only hard mode
Haslund-Denmark (2 days ago)
add him in the Hard Survival part, that would be awesome, so them there sek a challenge would get it
Vilhelm Stedt (2 days ago)
It should be funny if he only can explode himself and in the explosion damage the struktures nearby
Vilhelm Stedt (2 days ago)
It should not be replaced in the game and if, they should nerf the damage alot
Zeldo363 (2 days ago)
id like him to be back in every diffculty but the dynamite should be much weaker. they should make another weapon for him, something weaker instead of dynamite
TFC games (2 days ago)
He should kamikaze instead
Kanashi (2 days ago)
Great vid farket! i've been playing more because of your videos
StampyLv (2 days ago)
It would be good to have another challenge in the game, because if you have played the game for a while it gets boring ,+ the mutants and canibals dont destroy as much. It would be harder, but more fun. They just have to make it so its not frustrating. Thats all.
MrLovaLova (2 days ago)
Now Im 100% sure You are the one who luaghs in the intro !
Buzz Man (13 hours ago)
Would not even log in with that dude in the game. I play The Forest to relax and chill out. That dude is a real chill kill.
Jolez _ (2 days ago)
404 ERROR (2 days ago)
I think he should be added to the Hard Survival Mode
Tizona Amanthia (2 days ago)
I kinda feel like he should be. they've got dynamite in their base...and he's got a means of using it, that flaming stick of his. [a tizona] he's hardcore for sure...but I feel like omitting him because he's hard...isn't in the spirit of this game, which IS hard. and rejecting it is kinda a pansy attitude. should everything in a game be balanced, and fair? the world isn't...and this game is trying for realism in a believable sense. so I guess NOT putting in the dynomite cannibal makes less sense, than if he were there. albeit with only limited ammo, or some other "balance" rules.
Tizona Amanthia (2 days ago)
I hope they make it where he only has like...at most 4 sticks of dynamite. he'd still be tough as balls though, especially if for what ever reason, he targets bases less than player. so you run off, and come back to your base obliterated. that'd make me want to play like...island hermit for sure! mushrooms for eternity.
antwan helm (2 days ago)
I havent played against him. But fro. What i just saw he loooks very OP. and yes building would out of the question unless you alwayd build on the island or on water. I think maybe in hard mode yes but not as a regular canibal.
RhyxMormarteno (2 days ago)
Add him back and place him only in caves ?
XD Gamer (3 days ago)
No for sure not he will destroy my structures!
MrSchrander (3 days ago)
Dynamite Thrower? Hmmm, will the tennis racket finally come in play? :)
MR HND (3 days ago)
omg the forest will be hard to play
Alqo (3 days ago)
They should make that he has like 5-10 dynamites (random every time) and when he throws all his dynamites he leaves
Marcin Michalski (3 days ago)
Farket - the Forest Doctor ! - i remember those times when dynamite throwing ones was messing arround but i almost forgot - it was loooong ago nice video bro! :)
Yamaitsukami (3 days ago)
Dynamite Cannibal should be a breacher and only throw dynamites when they can't reach you because of walls or you are hiding in a building. So when he breaches your wall, you are forced to go out and beat them outside unless you want your base gone and he will not throw dynamite if he has a line of sight and a path to get to the player
J Tay (3 days ago)
make him suicide bomber style so that he blows himself up with his dynamite
HoroboyReal (3 days ago)
They should ad binocilars
HoroboyReal (3 days ago)
Good video
Niloc The Minarchist (3 days ago)
Eh... not sure about this one. I think he'll be fine though if his TNT isn't an instant destruction machine.
Jesse Sisolack (3 days ago)
Well I like the idea of having him in the game again, he was just WAY insane back in the day. He could throw dynamite like he had an automatic 40mm launcher. If he was in hard mode, or a late day spawn, with limited ammo, and gave dynamite as a reward for dealing with him, and maybe he did not throw dynamite all that often, he could work.
Mark Botirius (3 days ago)
If they give the cannibal dynamite, give the player a high powered sniper rifle.
Jolez _ (2 days ago)
Yea and while we're at it, lets add an assault rifle and rename the game to playerunknownsforest.
Xenbiotic (3 days ago)
This intro is everything. I agree with everything you mentioned about this Legend. Only on hard modes he can spawn and has super low ammo. And if on normal I say only in caves or other places where cannibals can't respawn. For example guarding the chainsaw or the pathway to the modern axe & dominate stash.
Avengersoul (3 days ago)
Shame you can't grab dynamite and throw it back. I wouldn't mind him being in the hardest of hard difficulty. And maybe a toggle for him in lower difficulty as well as a "nerfed" version of him for the lower difficulties. I vaguely recall him way back then and you're right, if you can take him out pretty quick it's not too bad but still a pain. Especially for me because I only build small bases, maybe a 2 story log cabin only about 4 logs long and 3-4 deep, another small building for storage. He could devastate my entire base in a couple of throws.
Leorhit (3 days ago)
I think they should add him back and if done right he could improve the game. With a special and very recognisable yell or noise (+effigy?) to warn you he is coming and force you out of your base. Fire arrows on the dynamite he wears make him blow up. That kind of stuff!
Russell Kirk (3 days ago)
bey me a copy
holoandwolf (3 days ago)
I would like him not to be in the game unless I could be very balanced one way this could be achieved is depending on a difficulty is how intense he is. what I mean is let's say on easy mode his dynamite is only has 1/3 the rate of damage as the main character's and the radius is of the Blast Zone in hardmode slight speed increase in and the rate would be 1/3 and a pretty good damage boost the sound of it going off to attract more cannibals props a custom Dynamite then it's a weird whistle for him to pull in more cannibals just a idea or as soon as he sees you he tries to blow a whistle to alert others
JackalGB (3 days ago)
I think an on/off switch in the menu screen for the dynamite cannibals would be the best way to go. I don't mind if they are added to the game, as long as I can turn them off if they get too annoying. When switched on, they could be added to whichever difficulty level is being played, which I think would be cool.
ShortCircuiit (3 days ago)
Put him back in as a suicide bomber. He leads the pack to take down the wall quickly and then the rest rush in.
__WolfFang__ (3 days ago)
Hahaha I loved the beginning man, dont get me wrong the rest was good too but the beginning...
cbs whisper (3 days ago)
I want to see him added back in the game
to0aw3s0m3 (3 days ago)
Make it so he has dynamite strapped to him and he rushes you while screaming. Similar to Lord of the rings. When he reaches you or the structure he self detonates. But I would make him weak to ranged attacks so you have to engage him with range.
Jaesung (3 days ago)
That would be a literal nightmare coz it's physically impossible to outrun the cannibals in this game. They run like cheetahs.
Anarcho Foxx (3 days ago)
Make him a suicider
Lava (3 days ago)
I think putting him only in caves and making it VERY obvious that you're going to encounter one then he'd be balanced in my quick 5 second thought
queenannsrevenge100 (3 days ago)
Thanks for the video! I started in the .50 builds, so I never even heard of this guy before now... Damn! 😫
Stephen Mcallister (3 days ago)
Bring it on in hard + mode so you have the option or day 25+. Once you are established there needs to be a way to keep it interesting and challenging.
Z.EXE (3 days ago)
only in the hardest difficulty should they add him back
Goldfish (3 days ago)
Might be ok if they acted like a borderlands 2 psycho; Lit the explosives then just run towards you until it blows, gives you time to run away from your base and there is only 1 explosion and creates those "oh shit" moments when your trying to run away
Jamie T (3 days ago)
Maybe have him spawn on farther days like 30 and maybe he throws a handmade dynamite and killing him quickly you could get his dynamite
No Star Reviews (3 days ago)
I would like to see him in, either in hardcore or having the ability to switch him on or off just because I could see newer players giving up quickly if he was in standard or unable to be turned off. Also being able to reinforce outerwalls even more than the rock upgrade would make it more balanced with him in
Austin Goard (3 days ago)
Time for my cave builds
_ Harbinjer (3 days ago)
the creeper of the forest. i didn't find poll so will answer in comment and say yes reintroduce with the nerf's you mentioned- limited dynamite, slower throw rate, clear dynamite sounds, possibly acquire remaining dynamite etc.
X-Terminator (3 days ago)
He should spawn in a specific spot and guard a new tool or weapon and a box of dynamite
moons 1706 (3 days ago)
I could've sworn a dynamite thrower spawned in my game not too long ago, but after going through my captures, nothing. I guess my nightmare is turning into reality. Shit
kevin lopez (3 days ago)
Taura (3 days ago)
As he was, he was a total pita lol, completely negates the point of building (unless on an island). Personally I don't want him back, unless he is seriously modified in an interesting way - if you're not much for building, then I guess he could be fun.
Timothy Riches (3 days ago)
I was one of those arguing on the Reddit group and Steam page against the dynamite cannibal on the basis that building was arguably one of the most interesting pursuits in the game, and that this enemy ruined that completely.
Evilbear15 (3 days ago)
What's the point of three houses anymore if they blow up on day 10
Bass (3 days ago)
Hahaha, I remember when those guys were in the game. Kept destroying my f*cking tree platforms. Honestly, I think they should add him back, (I like a good challenge) BUT, he should only be able to have the ability like you said. He should only be in the game on hard+ modes. Also like you said, I think he should only be able to have 1-3 dynamite sticks available at a time. Seriously though, those things were insane, and they would be crazy to see back in the game.
jason liebhart (3 days ago)
I def think they should add him but more like a new cave mini boss. What loot would he be guarding you ask? Maybe a upgraded version of his dynamite belt ? I also think they should be more creative with the cave system maybe add a hive where you could find maybe 10 or 20 of them? With some well worth gear/items for finding a way to kill them all. I really wish you could go find more blue prints i dont want or need anything crazy at day one but after adventure for awhile id like some bigger buildings without all the hassle making them is fine but the small cabin is way to small for personal affects along with the tree house and they limit a lot in custom building on tree house bases and the size of trees, it would be nice to see a difference in size along with trees aging cycle i want to see the trees grow from saplings to stick trees to 3 log trees and so on.
John Pearce (3 days ago)
Most games always have a counter to every enemy or weapon. E.g. Heat Seek Rockets, countered by flares Tank, countered by AT Missile, which is countered by smoke etc. etc. As long as they introduce a counter, or a base structure that is dynamite proof, then bring him on If not, then thats the end of the Forest for me. No point grinding for hours/days so that some OP NPC can destroy it all in seconds.
Wesuwius (3 days ago)
Old boom boom Mcnopants would be fun endgame mob IF they reduce the power of dynamite against structures and reduce the amount of dynamite to couple. Op bastard with unlimited ammo is not fun.
zxshortyxz (3 days ago)
They could always add in the game settings which npc's you want activated in your game, then everyone is happy lol
I’ve been playing since early 2016, so I want this guy back in!
Dave YT (3 days ago)
ALAUAKBAR Idk How to spel it XD good vid m8
Jhinger Kid (3 days ago)
This would be a great way to make me go from "This is enjoyable" to "This isn't enjoyable".
WatfordJC (3 days ago)
Watching this, it seems unfinished walls are immune to explosions. Could a layer of unfinished walls outside a layer of finished walls mitigate attacks? I'm not sure how much dynamite bounces off walls, though.
Aaron 'Profit' Coe (3 days ago)
Maybe instead of a dynamite cannibal, maybe some kind of explosive mutant that kind of explodes to damage structures. So if he gets to ur base wall he will just detinate and deal a huge amount of damage (probably not enough to destroy anything on it's own but comboed with an armsy and then you have a problem). It becomes easy to deal with as u just kill it from range before he gets to ur base. But if he does get there ur dead. Would also mean your Fark method of building would be viable as he may technically not reach his Target and just sit under your base like a time bomb
Tr|cks (3 days ago)
They definitely would have to nerf the dynamite, I’m not too keen about him throwing one stick and destroying buildings protected by water in one hit, but we definitely need stronger enemies
P Mason (3 days ago)
would be cool is if you hit him with an arrow or rock you can get him to drop the dynamite where he is.
halfbakedoreo (3 days ago)
I remember this dude. He was the reason I stopped playing for awhile. He would show up and wreck everything you owned in a matter of a few minutes. You would have to start completely over. He single-handedly made the game 10x harder than everything else in the game combined.
halfbakedoreo (3 days ago)
If they add him he would have to be severely nerfed. Low health might help a lot, this way he is very dangerous but easy to take down with an arrow if you notice him quick enough. Limited ammo, or make him go through the lighting animation so that it takes him awhile to throw the dynamite. Could make him a 100 or 150 day spawn. This would give you enough time to build up before he shows up to wreck your face. This enemy made this game nearly impossible if you wanted to have a base. You had to become a roamer and have small camps all around the map. I had just hunting shelters, a fire, and food at each place.
Rapsha100 (3 days ago)

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