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Dirty Bomb | Fletcher A31 Obsidian Operative

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Dirty Bomb | Quick video, playing with the 'new' A31 Obsidian Loadoutcard for Fletcher on Castle. Please let me know what types of videos you want to see :) • https://discord.gg/q9guzcC • http://dirtybomb.com (FREE TO PLAY!) • https://www.twitch.tv/cadgamings • https://twitter.com/CadGamings Please rate, comment, share and subscribe for more Dirty Bomb! Music: Check Out Chuki Hip-Hop: • https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic (Instrumental produced by Chuki)
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Text Comments (56)
ADVtony MLT (2 months ago)
Is this the new black panther movie trailer?
DrIvanRadosivic (2 months ago)
I like your content, and I think Battalion should be supported. Plus Raid ww2 is a COOP ww2 horde mode game that is on on 50% off, which is 10 dollars/euros now. And worth your dosh. as is Battleborn and Lawbreakers and Secret Ponchos. good games need to be supported.
Thatshow ED (2 months ago)
I'd love to see battalion videos.
Jarvis Rosales (2 months ago)
Hey, CadGamings! I’ve been keeping up with your DB vids and I really love your work. I’ve been wanting to ask, is it normal for a player to gravitate to only one type of merc? I am a lvl 10 DB player and I only ever top the scoreboards if I am a medic. I dont quite have the hang of mercs like thunder or stoker.
Jarvis Rosales (2 months ago)
Thanks, man. :) It is fun to play medics. My squad has Sparks, Aura (or Sawbones), and Guardian, and I only swap them out when missions come around or when I feel like practicing a different merc class. I play assault and fire supports every now and then but they really aren't my cup of tea.
CadGamings (2 months ago)
Play what ever you like to most. I also like to play medic (aura) most of the time.
Dat boi Jr (2 months ago)
Obsiadians are cool but severely overpriced
OXO (2 months ago)
Those kind of videos are the best, I stopped playing dB a few month ago but I might start again because of your videos
MuddyGrenade (2 months ago)
Wait I thought the only Obsidian Operative Fletcher was the one with the Blishlok? I already have the A31 in Cobalt, but I didn't know you could get it in Obsidian.
CadGamings (2 months ago)
They released 5 'new' Obsidians last week.
Zero LB (2 months ago)
1:29 3-2-1 *dead*
Ben Casey GRID (2 months ago)
pls make video longer.. your videos quality are superb.
Jeremy (2 months ago)
You should try csgo or Fortnite
DrIvanRadosivic (2 months ago)
and Battalion, plus some underrated games like Raid ww2(which is on a sale for 50% aka 10 dolalrs euros now) and Battleborn.
PΛPΣRBONSΛI (2 months ago)
O shit man, you planted like lvl 5 @ 4:22 :D WTF? Never plant behind that small wall, never...
CadGamings (2 months ago)
+PΛPΣRBONSΛI Oh yes, my settings with facecam it takes about 2 hours per 10 minutes of video. But it's looks good. I also can only render with a CPU and my i7 5820k isn't that great in todays market.
PΛPΣRBONSΛI (2 months ago)
10 min videos tooks like one hour of rendering with CUDA GTX 970 xD
PΛPΣRBONSΛI (2 months ago)
This is best quality i can achieve ► https://youtu.be/4wErieaot4s 1080 / 60fps two pass 20M bitrate etc :/
CadGamings (2 months ago)
I use Movie Studio 13, I render at 1440p, I also use a little bit of sharpen effect and turn of 'Smart resmapling' that will make footage look very bad.
PΛPΣRBONSΛI (2 months ago)
I just want to know you rendering settings and soft - i got Vegas 14, settings are ok, but the result is kinda crappy, not sharp as yours videos :)
Magenta Mage (2 months ago)
If they're gonna give credits in increments of 20, 50 and 165, I wish they'd just drop the fragments themselves randomly after a match. Cut out the middleman, stop giving us these silly crates. It'd make a lot more sense.
xaechireon (18 days ago)
At the very least I wish they would give us an option to remove the spinning animation.
i know what you were trying to say....in batallion 1944 its like call of duty so the killing is really fast and in DB its more slow paced but fast at the same time....and headshots are important in batallion but in DB its REALLY important
DrIvanRadosivic (2 months ago)
Actually, Battalion has a shorter time to kill, and Call of duty is not a good reference, for it has participation awards to compensate for the lack of skill. Battalion is at least skill based.
Funky Chunk (2 months ago)
I'd definitely prefer it without a facecam
JaronJ (2 months ago)
Do some fortnite
Infectedbait (2 months ago)
A31 Fletcher is Best Fletcher
Infectedbait (2 months ago)
I quad your level and you had a months head-start. And I have worse frames soooooooo
JameszimDB (2 months ago)
+Infectedbait boi I've started using my laptop with the 720 res with texturepoolsize1 and spamming blish aura do you want a screenshot
Infectedbait (2 months ago)
JamesFX | Leader Of Blendcity bullshit with your frames
JameszimDB (2 months ago)
What's your accuracy with it? im 35. something
Infectedbait (2 months ago)
JamesFX | Leader Of Blendcity I know you're trash with the blish tho
Spyro Kai (2 months ago)
Glad your not sick anymore
XsnipergirlX (2 months ago)
Yeah the chat. "Are you the real CadGamings?"
CadGamings (2 months ago)
Like anyone would make a fake account...lol
Nucleenix (2 months ago)
don't notice me D:
JameszimDB (2 months ago)
like that wasnt your plan lol
Nucleenix (2 months ago)
CadGamings (2 months ago)
Too late...
NuRr4x POWNY (2 months ago)
What do you think of the "new" case system ?
DrIvanRadosivic (2 months ago)
you are aware that up to bronze is good card loadout, and the rest are peacocking?
NuRr4x POWNY (2 months ago)
I think it's shit, the only chance now to get Silver or better is crafting and crafting is also shit. I mean with the old system you always had a chance of getting something really good even when it was very unlikely
Silvereq (2 months ago)
Fragment case sucks
JÄGER (2 months ago)
luv ur content
Goran Kukic (2 months ago)
You are best DB player everrr!!!!
CadGamings (2 months ago)
Thanks, but this was pretty mediocre gameplay. Only got decent at the end :S
Strider Official (2 months ago)
Ahaha yeah i saw you were playing alot of battalion 1944
Angel Sierra (2 months ago)
I want the phoenix obsidian but with the crotzni, do you know when is on store again?
Infectedbait (2 months ago)
Angel Sierra I think you missed the chance with that. As they aren't re-releasing the old obsid ops
CadGamings (2 months ago)
I don't know...maybe never. They might make a different variant though.

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