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S2 EP3 - I Stopped The Constant Attacks + Tips & Tricks for Hard Survival Mode (v0.69) | The Forest

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In this video, I 'accidentally' stop almost all attacks on my base. Wasn't my plan but that's how it works apparently. I will show you how to stop the attacks as well. I provide some tips and tricks for surviving on Hard Survival Mode, suprisingly this mode is that difficult. You just have to adjust your play style. Lastly I built a boat at my spawn location, and I show how to get over 20 generic meats while you are doing it. I strive to release videos daily for The Forest. My focus is give the information you need as quick as possible so you can get back to playing. Subscribe to see these videos daily and like if you can, it helps me out a lot. I have a public discord server, feel free to join and chat: https://discord.gg/HuSSahh I use Imgur to post some of the pictures from my videos, you may find this helpful. https://farket8238.imgur.com/ I often use https://theforestmap.com/ for my videos. Check it out, it's amazing. Intro music was created by PassarinoT: Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/passarinot or Youtube: https://goo.gl/tmBH3A All thumbnails, photo shops, video editing, most of the music, logo, and intro were designed, created and completed by me.
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Text Comments (142)
Eric Lopez (9 days ago)
How do you make a door when you are using the log wall?
Yamaitsukami (18 days ago)
a mobile phone can't use 4k because their screen is not 4k, I once had a Galaxy Mega 5.8 that has a resolution of 480p despite the large size. Now I switched to Xiaomi Note 3 with 1080p resolution and I can watch at 1080p but not higher, I don't know if this is the case now since phone thesedays comes in 1080p resolution
Farket (18 days ago)
Yeh it downscales for mobiles. Not many people have 4K monitors, or ever TVs for that matter. It will be some time before it is I believe
Flamingwolfie (1 month ago)
This guy deserves more subs, he is really good at his videos and puts a lot of effort in
did anyone else see that cannibal in the background at 6:34 ?
plus i was on my ipad so it was closer to me
i honestly dont know, maybe i was just focused on that spot lol
Recuerdos de Ian (1 month ago)
Pass the bepis i saw it because of this comment, how did you see that?
Jan (1 month ago)
I thought you were going to remove the boat instead of the water catcher at 13:07
papito7757 (2 months ago)
How far out to sea can you take a boat?
Farket (2 months ago)
Not far, if you look at the forest map it shows the borders of the ocean.
Adam Němec (2 months ago)
I heard when you dont build base and dont chop trees they are less spawned and more friendly
Farket (2 months ago)
Somewhat, better to have a defense setup just Incase. Big bases brings the enemies as well
Adam Němec (2 months ago)
Stealth armor for the win
Player8Gaming (2 months ago)
Whats ur favourite band 4:03
Gibbay Gibber (3 months ago)
What mods do you use?
Farket (3 months ago)
+Gibbay Gibber Don’t use mods in the playthrough, video editing for the brightness and color
ThedrivingDew (3 months ago)
they actually spawn inside of my protected base :/
ThedrivingDew (3 months ago)
Off-topic question. How can I pick up some berry or mushrooms?
Farket (3 months ago)
+ThedrivingDew Yeah, Ive experienced this too. Unfortunately its spawn spots. Theres so many that its near impossible to work out.
EvilNecroid (3 months ago)
ahahaa just found ur channel and OMG FARKET is such an awesome name LOL i used to say farket at school
Farket (3 months ago)
+EvilNecroid Haha cheers. Its a good word
Noobz Entertainment (3 months ago)
Well I had a big fortress with walls on 4 sides but the cannibals where getting in somehow some player's said that they were spawning inside the fortress is that true ? or they can jump over the wooden defensive walls ?
Harry Eden (4 months ago)
hello mate just wondering where is the best place to build a base in your opinion ???
Eros Elisio (4 months ago)
but don't they break the wall?
Skyler Tesar (3 months ago)
If they realize you're there. Otherwise they won't bother.
Sebastian Brzozowski (4 months ago)
Best weapon to kill a deer is spear.
smashrhythm (4 months ago)
Great vids mate, keep it up!
Farket (4 months ago)
+smashrhythm cheers
Ashleigh Adams (4 months ago)
2K = 1080p, 4K = 2160p
Ashleigh Adams (4 months ago)
No, the 𝑥K comes from marketing buzzwords, where the horizontal resolution is roughly around that figure. 1080p has a horizontal resolution of 1920, hence 2K (or in DCI's 2K, 2048x1080). 1440p has a horizontal resolution of 2560, so it'd be best described as 2.5K. 3K is commonly 1620p (2880x1620). Honestly though, it's mostly marketing garbage, and they're hoping people conflate 1080p as being 1K, so 4K looks like 4 times the resolution, when it is in fact only 2 times the resolution, 4K is literally just 1080p * 2. If possible tho, try to stick to the vertical resolution form as that is usually what relates best for pixel density; i.e. some ultrawide monitor could boast a really high 𝑥K number, but it's still only 1080p, e.g. 3840x1080 could be called 4K, even tho it is no higher definition than a regular 1080p monitor, just wider.
Farket (4 months ago)
+Ashleigh Adams Isn't 2k = 1440p?
Indcraft (4 months ago)
So, a very fast weapon or a very strong weapon. Isn't there some kind of a balanced build aka got some fair amount of speed and damage?
Farket (4 months ago)
Modern axe with 29 feathers, dont go 30. Or tennis racket with 15 teeth/15 glass
JR H (4 months ago)
Love ur vids, keep em commin !
Farket (4 months ago)
+JR H Cheers
MOLTEN_ WOOF (5 months ago)
are you Australian
Farket (5 months ago)
Barnacle Films (5 months ago)
Do you still find this game scary despite rendering the cannibals' attacks almost useless? I find the game terrifying which sometimes affects my combat abilities.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Barnacle Films Not scary, sometimes there are jump scares when I am not expecting it. You do get desensitized to it, just takes time.
Justin Venevongsoth (5 months ago)
Farket (5 months ago)
+Justin Venevongsoth Sticks
Galejro (5 months ago)
Personally I just choose to build a base on the rightmost isle on the map. That place is an isolated plain from where you can't even see or hear any cannibals. But it's also hard to build there unless you get yourself a bridge first and it's far away from pretty much anything except a limitless supply of rocks. For more challenging fare I just choose to build on the sacred trees, but high enough even I got problem to build the platforms so even mutants can't reach them.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Galejro Its good to try new places. I honestly don’t think there’s a best place in the game to build. It depends on what you want. The island build is good for peace and quiet. The tree is a good for a challenge and as a good prop. Its to change it up aye
ADHDoug (5 months ago)
Compared to the way I play this is like watching the evolution of industrialization.
Farket (5 months ago)
+ADHDoug Hahaha.
UnskilledGamer (5 months ago)
Hey Farket, just wanted to let you know I’m a huge fan. If you’ve ever wanted to play some multiplayer, let me know.
Farket (5 months ago)
+UnskilledGamer Cheers, Yeah eventually I’ll start playing multiplayer.
Swosels (5 months ago)
I call armsy "Galoppelheinz" The vagina monster "Muschiklaus" and the cow thing "Fatty Boom Boom".
Farket (5 months ago)
+Swosels Hahaha epic names
dmbjt (5 months ago)
hey Farket, have you figured out any stew recipes yet?
Farket (5 months ago)
+dmbjt nah I haven’t. I think the next update will make it clearer
biggepac (5 months ago)
hello farket, i'm a new subscriber, i found your channel from the wikia for the forest. i love your voice and gameplay!!
Farket (5 months ago)
+biggepac Cheers, glad I can provide the goods.
Laurence Carrington (5 months ago)
Would love it if they added a cannibal/mutant kill counter in your survival book
Farket (5 months ago)
+Laurence Carrington yeah that would be awesome. I’m collecting clubs as trophies but that isn’t accurate as much.
Pumpkin Hater (5 months ago)
I have one request, could you please make a video on how to improve your bow and arrow aim?
Farket (5 months ago)
+Pumpkin Hater Honestly, it’s practice. Try using animals and just keep trying. Targets are okay but animals and enemies move.
ASMR TUTS (5 months ago)
Farket should do ASMR
Farket (5 months ago)
+ASMR TUTS I wouldn’t know where to start
\///\//\\ (5 months ago)
0 Dislikes nice
Farket (5 months ago)
+Lord Gaming hehe
CosmicVoid (5 months ago)
5000? Hell yes! Congratulations.
Farket (5 months ago)
+CosmicVoid Cheers :)
Aidan Yu (5 months ago)
A very creepy thing about this game is when you don’t expect anything something bad happens like when I opened a new game I played for about 25 mins and when I said that I have not seen any cannibals I look behind me and there are three guys staring at me
Farket (5 months ago)
+Aidan Yu haha that’s happened to me many times as well. Like in this video. Never too safe.
Forcedminer (5 months ago)
EIRE MadHatter: Farket8238 well fuck me someone's been busy deleting all my images on the forest wiki. about 40 of them i counted. I hope for the wikis sake all 40 of those deleted images at the very least have a nicer replacements. because it'd be pretty shitty to delete an only image.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Forcedminer Were they yours or EIRE MadHatters? All of the images that were deleted were unused, meaning they weren’t on any pages at all. All images were sorted through and checked whether they were current. The game does get updated a lot. There was over 520 unused images. I deleted 120 of mine because they were outdated and unused, so it isn’t personal. If images are going to be uploaded, they need to be used. I did place over 50 of the images on pages, ones that were current. In essence, people have to make sure their images are up to date and being used. Otherwise they serve no purpose. Cheers.
petar radosavljevic (5 months ago)
Farket...thanks for tips man.....keep up man....i survived 20 days on hard man....its really hare...i made 5-7 small bases around whole map cuz armzies and virginias keep destroying my big bases....i just need tu buy a new pc because im struggling with forest...im playin on 640x480 resolution.. :D...keep up man..wish u all best
Farket (5 months ago)
+petar radosavljevic Cheers. Yeah it sounds like that would be making the game a lot harder. This game is resource heavy. Build on an island, less assets means the game will run better.
[TB] Karl (5 months ago)
GG man, Can't wait for the build, see ya on the next one. :-)
Farket (5 months ago)
+[TB] Karl cheers
BLK retro3 (5 months ago)
Most of the time you have no need to go eat poison and unless they throw fire at you you will be fine. They should add a way enhance the lighter for this mode or just in general. Jump awkwardly or climb with it and you catch on fire. Maybe add snakes for poison
Farket (5 months ago)
+BLK retro3 yeah that’s it aye. I was in the game files, they actually have to code for spider poison. It’s not implemented though.
BSmith (5 months ago)
Another great video my friend! Your consistency is amazing and the videos just keep rolling out lol :) Quick question though, What is the best spot, in Hard Survival, to build a nice base without having to build 5 patrol route blockage systems? I am currently stuck on to where to build. So far ive seen beaches seem viable but the cannies like to come through them like crazy. Cheers Mate!
BSmith (5 months ago)
Awesome thanks, man! I will give it a try when I get on :) Cheers!
Farket (5 months ago)
+BSmith Cheers. A good spot is where I built my boat in the first season. Block where the red paint is, a long that hill. And that small cliff ramp near the beach. They can’t get you at all. Everyone resource is in abundance. You can build a house that extends from the river to the sea. That’s a challenge!
VehO (5 months ago)
Really enjoying watching your videos keep up with the good work and HMU if you need help testing. By the way could you maybe release a video showing how you make those dope overviews of the map?
Farket (5 months ago)
+VehO Cheers. I’m actually looking to find out about these poison upgrades. Do they stack with fire upgrades and how many hits before they wear off with each weapon. I might do. Had a few people asking. It’s 100% video editing.
FaZewolf09 (5 months ago)
VehO: I’ve been wondering the same thing
Telmo Silva (5 months ago)
Great vid, can't wait to see you building. You are building your base very close to where i currently get wood for my base. Noticed the game sends more cannibals if i cut too much around the base and patrols see further if the trees aren't there so am farming furter away. Also did a barge to carry some of the wood i cut along the river the first two days but will have issues returning it since patrols are very active along the river and sinkhole area. Need to figure a good spot to place some traps and do a harbour since i might get most of my wood fro the other side of the river. Btw do you know if there's any relation with Timmy's drawing and dying? Fell off a cliff yesterday, was taken to the cave but when i returned the drawing was all covered with red crayons.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Telmo Silva that’s true about the trees blocking their view. Good thing to keep in mind. Yeah they patrol all the way around the sinkhole. Not sure about the drawing. Might be a different one. There is heaps.
RIPPER0NI (5 months ago)
Nice video mate.
Farket (5 months ago)
+RIPPER0NI Cheers m8
FaZewolf09 (5 months ago)
Kekeplayzz (5 months ago)
yay i got the 100 like. I love you vidoes Farket
Farket (5 months ago)
+Kekeplayzz haha cheers
Robin Šimek (5 months ago)
I have a base with my friends where you blocked it (next to the big hole) and we were wondering why the hell are there always canibals at our doorstep
Farket (5 months ago)
+Robin Šimek yeah, it’s on 4 patrol routes lol
Cody M (5 months ago)
Just curious. Do you find The Forrest to still be fun and enjoyable to keep playing daily? Or is it like work now? Do you play anything else for fun? After i explored all the caves, found all the weapons and clues and all that jazz and beat the end game and everything, i for some reason quickly grew tired of it and stopped adding to my pretty impressive build simply because it started feeling pointless since i've already completed everything. It was an amazing game though.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Cody M still find it fun. I maintain a healthy balance. It’s why I stop posting daily. Focus on quality because quantity was making it feel like work. I think it’s individualistic thing. Some games have drawn me in for years like doom 2, Starcraft 2, red alert 2. I still play them. I’m sure you’ve had games that have a special place in your heart. The Forest is that for me I think.
Xayca (5 months ago)
Why u doesnt use red paint ?
Bryce (1 month ago)
Same reason with your grammer
Farket (5 months ago)
+Xayca won’t work anymore. Hostility level is too high.
Priderice Rice (5 months ago)
arent you german?
5 9 (5 months ago)
Are you really Madagascan? Thats cool
Farket (5 months ago)
I think he’s Madagascan
Chris Garvin (5 months ago)
Priderice Rice I think he is Australian or Austrian. Idk though.
5 9 (5 months ago)
He sounds british
Fray The Ranter (5 months ago)
Wish I could make fan art for you, but you don't have any logo :|
Fray The Ranter (5 months ago)
Farket yeah but depends on what you want :/
Farket (5 months ago)
+Fray The Ranter Lol I’m trying to get a logo. Art isn’t my thing so a design won’t come to me. If you have something in mind I would love to see it. I’m lost.
Cbria (5 months ago)
Just a question: how did you make your Intro? Looks awesome
Farket (5 months ago)
+Cbria Cheers. Using after effects and s fair bit of tweaking. Didn’t want to pay someone to do some generic intro, this one I can change with every episode, it’s awesome.
Joseph burger (5 months ago)
God intro cringe
Farket (5 months ago)
+Joseph burger cheers
umite kalh (5 months ago)
Joseph burger dont watch
Flouzemaker (5 months ago)
Clearly, they'll have to come up with the Farket Survival Mode so you can face a challenge at some point! xD
Farket (5 months ago)
+Flouzemaker Haha they’ll never stop me. I hope they make a harder difficulty. Though hopefully more rewarding.
Fray The Ranter (5 months ago)
Flouzemaker yeah that would be dope
matheus (5 months ago)
instead of walling yourself off I really think you should try to funnel the cannibals into booby traps imagine making a funnel into a corridor made of stone walls and have multiple deadfall traps along the way it would basically turn the patrol routes into a meat grinder, add fires on the floor and you have a bone factory
Farket (5 months ago)
+m Stortz might work something out. I’ve done it before. Want to be highly creative with this one. Cheers
Farket (5 months ago)
+Cody M yeah I’ve done it too. It’s a massacre of cannibals and sticks
Cody M (5 months ago)
I've done stuff like this. But let me tell you, be careful not to put too many traps down. Because its a real chore keeping them reset and keeping enough sticks nearby to set them. And having to keep running up to each trap after its triggered to reset it will be a job on its own. Once they know your location, if you have enough traps down, you could spend hours just burning their bodies and resetting the traps until you run out of sticks. I'd have 2-3 sleds full in the area behind my traps.
Justin Seamus (5 months ago)
thats an awesome idea, cannibal torture
Holyhallie (5 months ago)
I caught a lizard and a squirrel but no rabbits yet, thanks for the tip on how to wait and watch them go in. cheers!
Farket (5 months ago)
+Holyhallie No worries. Yeah just wait. A good tip is to do straight after you reload, there’s always one rabbit around.
GlacialDew (5 months ago)
When I do hard mode I always have a house boat with water collectors, drying racks, and a bed so whenever any mutants come and attack I can travel far away and sleep :) sure most of the time my base gets rekt but I’m alright!
Farket (5 months ago)
+GlacialDew Lol, just need to sail away further until your structures despawn.
A Gummy Worm (5 months ago)
I can't leave my base without being swarmed by cannibals. I think I just need to make a new world at this point
Farket (5 months ago)
+A Gummy Worm try spending some time away from your base. Or save N exit when they show up. Resets the enemies.
Nate The Great (5 months ago)
Hard survival after the first couple of days feels no different than the regular hard mode. You really appreciate the stealth gameplay
Farket (5 months ago)
+Nate The Great I don’t think birds have been affect at all. Maybe because of feathers. I think meats the big thing, must have for strength.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Erazer 13 yeah they’ll definitely hit turtles. Birds are still spawning fully I noticed. Small generic meat is practically useless.
Nate The Great (5 months ago)
There are actually a good amount of birds still. As long as you put meat on drying racks you are pretty set. Plus there is the same amount of blueberries/blackberries and herbs to munch on.
Erazer 13 (5 months ago)
i think they have to reduce the animal spawn rate even more to make it really hard. Especially on the Birds and Turtles.
Dean (5 months ago)
i "mine" the turtles on the north-west island, make a ton of meat racks, and water containers, and no cannibals! then when i have an abundance of meat n water, i get to building n exploring.
Farket (5 months ago)
+Dean that’s an awesome idea. I have a feeling they’ll nerf it because it’s so good right now.
brotherbrandon (5 months ago)
idk what i love about you, but i guess its all
Farket (5 months ago)
+failure is human <3
Anna (5 months ago)
also am I the only one who could only watch this video 360p? only on this one, any other video I can watch 1080p
Farket (5 months ago)
+Anna happens when videos are posted straight away. Takes about 30 minutes to process up to 1080p. It’s annoying.
Anna (5 months ago)
So close lol, great video Farket!
Farket (5 months ago)
I just realized I forgot to change the zoom location lol. Video was late today, wasn't worth encoding for another hour just to change 1.5 seconds of footage. Let me know if you have any other tips and tricks for Hard Survival Mode, Cheers.
Tom3gamer1214 2 (3 months ago)
Dude i have a base without any walls because they dont attack my base spot they never spwan there and i have my peace but you did something complete useless basebuilding stuff you loser
DarkLion 61413 (5 months ago)
Hi, I am new to this game and I want to know how I can update I have version 0.64. If so, give me a video
Chris Garvin (5 months ago)
Farket what do you think about character customization? Like the suit cases give you 1 random clothing item or something that you can use for either cloth or a vanity item. It might help separate factions in multiplayer pvp event things. Just wondering what you think of that idea. And putting a shark head on your head would be a little Easter egg or something.
ItsTotem (5 months ago)
bro do like a custom house designs, like luxury kind of look, old, modern, epic... like just different typres of houses cheers bro
Kristtian War (5 months ago)
Farket looks fine
FaZewolf09 (5 months ago)
First view also
Farket (5 months ago)
+FaZewolf09 before I even placed my comment lol
FaZewolf09 (5 months ago)
First like first comment

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