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Overwatch: BEST Brigitte Playstyle - Everything You NEED to Know!

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In this guide we cover where, when and with what heroes to play Brigitte in Overwatch. We also go a bit deeper in our analysis of her kit to try and identify her best and most effective playstyle. Suffice to say, Brigitte likes to fight and fight at close quarters. This makes her the Queen of brawling as far as the support slot goes. Incredibly fun and satisfying to play, she can be absolutely devastating when used in the right way, at the right time. We hope you like the video and it contains everything you need to know to get to grips with her. Subscribe here - http://bit.ly/2aN1OuO Razer makes the best equipment, check out here! http://rzr.to/lnvvm We are YOUR OVERWATCH: Destiny Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4Jomiox07xosU843EYTiw Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/YourOverwatch Twitter - https://twitter.com/youroverwatchyt Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/youroverwatch Discord Server: https://discordapp.com/invite/youroverwatch FREEDO's personal channel for Overwatch esports talk and more! https://www.youtube.com/user/xfreeedo
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Text Comments (714)
Your Overwatch (1 month ago)
Hope you guys enjoy thew video and find it useful. TLDR, Brigitte likes to get stuck in, so what are you waiting for... -E
Kondorf (27 days ago)
i disagree with the orisa briggette team comp she can just flank while orisa pulls them to her
John Ventshop (29 days ago)
Was able to stun the enemy rein while in a charge today coming right for me. Timing was tough but made it happen. I see the new meta being a Brigitte for close quarters maps right now if she isn't tuned down a bit.
Robert Leyshon (30 days ago)
You say her name incorrectly, google the name and see how it is pronounced.
Tyler Robblee (1 month ago)
You never went over running her as off tank vs off support but cool vid I guess
Beep Beep Imma Dragon (1 month ago)
Your Overwatch I ship McCree and Mercy because both seem very Christian
Yondaime flash (15 hours ago)
Just have to say awesome video, and its not that I was using her completely wrong but with this video I do have a better understanding how better to use her situational wise.
Ra Canum (1 day ago)
i like her as an off tank, when id usually run zarya but only have one support, in qp at least anyway, my favourite stun is on lucio, when hes dancing around, untouchable till every one on the enemy team dies and when they do its not rare to have 5 guys trying to shoot him for a good 10 seconds before he finally dies. With brigi its as soon as the fight starts shield bash a few swings hes dead and the tank he was trying to heal is half health from standing next to the swing
SubZeroZone420 (3 days ago)
I really dont think her name is Brig-ee-ta its bridge-it.
Zayd Kazi (3 days ago)
So I have a question. Would Brigitte be able to replace Lucio in quad tank comps? Well Moira can't really be replaced, as the tanks need her massive healing, and also Moira gets immense ultimate charge off of healing tanks. Lucio's use in quad tank is mainly his speed boost, and his aoe healing and mobility make him hard to kill. The aoe healing also adds to the overall healing and better props up the tanks. Brigitte, however has no speed boost. However, shield bash, 250 hp, repair kit, and ESPECIALLY her passive really compensate for that. Plus her ultimate give the whole team up to 150 armor if I'm correct. She wants to brawl, so she'd fit perfectly in quad tank. Another reason is because of her exceptionally well pairing with Reinhardt. Please reply with all your opinions. Tbh idk why I wrote this whole comment lmao.
Ethan Hoffart (8 days ago)
I really love playing Baguette. Love chewing Tracers up. Quick tip if you wipe a team on final point Volskaya go and hide right next to the spawn door, you can knock people off the map with her whip shot as they walk out. Picked up a play of the game by knocking a Rein off and then the Orisa 5 seconds later
Aaron Kempster (9 days ago)
Standby for heavy nerfs
Joshua Terry (10 days ago)
Wait, say her name again.
Chihiro Kikuchi (12 days ago)
Oh thank god ive been playing her right xD
軍醫Pastel (13 days ago)
3:15 moira's relatable
Tanky Tyler (14 days ago)
so the main thing I have learned from this videos is the way the Swedish pronounce her name drives me up a wall and that I also hate the English and German ways of pronouncing and now feel that anyone who names there child Brigitte deserves to be punished and sentenced to 200,000 lashing with a wet noodle then be punched for 22 hours by a continuing rotation of care bares and cabbage patch kids
Dane Evans (15 days ago)
I'm not playing comp until she is released
Vegetable Father (15 days ago)
Don’t forget the true killer combo. Mace, shield bash, mace, mace, ranged flail. Kills any 200 hp character. Since you can cancel the mace animation into shield bash it comes out super quick. And you can do the same with the long range flail thing.
Taichou Obvious (17 days ago)
Brawl? You mean random spam on objective? Fuck these low skill high reward heros!
froZn991 (18 days ago)
Its pronounced Bree-git-te (like in "git gud") not Bree-gee-tte
Reed Keplinger (19 days ago)
Anyone else use brigettes ultimate and feel like it’s revenge from for honor or is that just me
Yoda Man (19 days ago)
so youre saying that shes only useful under very specific conditions. the same complaint pl have about symmetra? inc class change.
Happie (20 days ago)
Screw it, Blizzard. Just bring back Bastion's shield in turret form.
Billy Junior Beresnak (21 days ago)
Gabriel Ouellette (22 days ago)
learn to pronounce Brigitte you homo
Eleyon TheGamer (22 days ago)
After 15 hours in Brigitte, I'm here to give some of my own tips on playing Brigitte! 1: (Toss Repair Packs often) Though the video notes as how you should be trying to have Inspire active at all times and this isn't wrong, the main issue with most Brigitte players is they lose themselves in the fight and forget to throw those much more crucial Repair Packs. Funny enough even in the video he notes how clutch the Repair Pack is in that fight and the fact that the Brigitte stops to toss those out is what is really great Brigitte play. Let's talk Inspire, most don't know how it works. Inspire activates a heal that has a 5 second duration. Each hit resets this duration. Inspire does not actually heal upon each connected hit. This 5 second heal will do a set amount over that 5 seconds. So, for example. You kill someone with Brigitte while at full health but bend a corner just after and take damage. You will still be healed as you're still in that 5 second window for Inspire. Point is, toss those Repair Packs often! 2: (Ult Use) Often her ult is compared to Lucio's and that's not far off, there is a key difference though that will actually make their uses quite different. Sound Barrier is instant whereas Rally takes time to build up and give that full effect. Rally will give 15 armor every .5 seconds for 10 seconds total. It's thus best used in 3 situations. One: when you are on the way to making a push. During the walk, activate Rally and try to time it so that by the time you're on the payload/capture point you have about 5-4 seconds left of Rally and have applied max armor to the team. Two: Activate Rally after a successful point capture or payload battle to armor everyone up for the next push or defense. Three: Rally as soon as you enter a fight. Rally cannot be used late like Transcendence or Sound Barrier to save yourself. You will die and waste the ult is you're using it late. Best to come into a fight and instantly use Rally or to use it when you're at about 170ish HP. Using Rally with low HP will result in death, it's not instant, it builds up. Take note guys 3: (Whip Shot and Repair Pack) Now I know I already talked about Repair Packs. This time we'll talk about that in tandem with Whip Shot. Now I know you want to make use of Whip Shot with your shield bash combo and that's great, but there are a few things to note here. Any attack with Brigitte's flail will activate Inspire, as such this will make it where you can team up with Orisa's and hunker down but not seem like you're inactive in the battle because you're not whipping your flail around. Whip Shot is only on a 4 second cooldown so use it to throw in pokes or to lash out at people while you're camped with Orisa scouring the field to toss Repair Packs all the while. Things like this will keep you active in any fight, alongside any tank. 4: (You're a support, not a DPS, not a Tank) Let not the shield fool you friends, you are a support and that shield is there to stop you from being hounded by the flanks. Alot of Brigitte's forget themselves and believe they ARE in fact Rein. Remember who you are. Watch out for those that need repair packs, fight accordingly and even in those fights, don't forget to toss packs. That's all, sorry it's so long, but hope it helps! Apply it and watch everyone Rally to You! Cheers
Kevin Aghai (22 days ago)
did u put in footage of a teabagging brigitte ? 4:46 ecksdeeeeeee
Larry lawrence (22 days ago)
um that repair kit wasn't clutch please be honest
Pennywise (22 days ago)
When stampylongnose gets bored of minecraft
NeflewitzInc (22 days ago)
I don't normally like your guys' videos but this was pretty good.
Gag1800 (22 days ago)
I've found her to be less effective in defence, although it's entirely possible the way I play defence is the problem or the lack of synergy with more defensive focused heroes. I don't really wind up getting into brawls as much in defence whilst playing her. Regardless I'm really enjoying playing as her and am looking to have as her as a main
Aristocrafied (23 days ago)
John Norquist (24 days ago)
Has anyone ever told you that you sound like one of the voice actors from Dragon Age: Origins?
radred609 (24 days ago)
i really think you're underselling how synergy with winston. she gives him amazing dive capabilities with her repair kit and excelent sustain in prolonged brawls. especially when they compliment each other's shield. and /especially/ if you have another long(ish) range healer like moira or anna
Dairym Muido (25 days ago)
Is this a good team or no? -Brigitte -Reinhardt -Lucio -Zarya -Roadhog (or D.Va) -Reaper (or Tracer) I feel like there should be a character like Hanzo or Widowmaker somewhere in the mix to do heavy damage from afar.
Mike L (25 days ago)
This character is beyond fun, so fun in fact I decided to buy her golden weapon because I enjoy playing her that much. I hope one day you guys don't nerf her into the ground like you seem to do with popular characters
muffemod (25 days ago)
make another video without getting pocket healed by your suck off team
Eazy E (25 days ago)
I do nothing but support with Moira but I love this new chic
ForTheUnion (25 days ago)
L. Eddie Stead (25 days ago)
She is a bit too strong. For a support.
zane (25 days ago)
this vid is somewhat wrong, she works great with orisa or a defensive comp she can trigger her passive all the time by just landing whip shot she doesnt need to be in there face.
Artem T-rex arms Lobov (25 days ago)
Oh great another support that isn't really a support.
Andy Low (26 days ago)
I'm conflicted. I find myself playing a lot of Rein, whom I love as a character. In that sense, I love Brigitte. On the other hand, Winston is my spirit animal and who I am happiest playing, and Brigitte seems such a hard healer for him to deal with.
Rodgers (26 days ago)
Her name is not bri-geeta. Its bri-jet
Pedro Mendonca (26 days ago)
TwilightLink293 (26 days ago)
Can we call the new Deathball, Phalanx instead?
Kyle Couture (26 days ago)
The opening clip is awful, you didnt heal your teamates. You saw a rein charginng and you chose to get out of the way instead of stun him. Stun beats charge. Her cooldowns are so low you should be using your abilities almost everytime you have them especially stun, since they are such low commitment.
Mikael Ólafsson (27 days ago)
dal dora (27 days ago)
probably not huge to note but her basic attacks have more/less aoe in which ever direction she is swinging to. your first swing goes from right to the left so you have slightly more area to hit to the left and less to the right, your second swing which goes from left to right so you have more area coverage to your right side but less on the left this can be easily tested in firing range practice where the 2 enemy bots stand by a wall side by side shooting at your own 2 bots. stand back facing directly between the 2 and hit away seeing that at a certain point your first AA will hit the left bot but not the right and then your second swing does the opposite. not very much but maybe something worthwhile?
BiggyNotSmall (27 days ago)
Beast in mayhem
Luke Pendley (27 days ago)
The biggest problem I found with her is people think she is a main healer and main tank all in one so comp is brigitte and 5 DPS.
Your Friendly Hacker (27 days ago)
Jesus christ plz nerf this bitch
Scorch Gaming (27 days ago)
Poor Mccree :(
Alwasl 888 (27 days ago)
Before: Genji: I need healing Mercy: gets five men Rez :D Now: Genji:R.I.P. mercy:R.I.P.(CHANGE MERCY TO THE OLD ONE PLS :3 )
Diane Rachel (27 days ago)
thanks, very helpful!
Eric Oosenbrug (27 days ago)
Wait -- which support have a "passive playstyle"? @2:43
MFTN2 (27 days ago)
Only problem is that she is so new people keep trying to pick her. If they don't get her they throw the match
Sollicitus (27 days ago)
Great video! I haven't tried Brigitte yet and this is definitely very helpful to understand her :3
Chill (27 days ago)
Ever since she came out I've been playing her
אביאל נח (27 days ago)
omg thank you <3
Serdar Demir (27 days ago)
Is this how they pronounce Brigitte ?
Origami Tesseract (27 days ago)
Her shield bash stun is actually blockable with Orisa's golden form. The problem is her shield bash will prok back before Orisa can harden again. But it leaves her open to alot of damage from Orisa if Orisa can preform that harden ability in time.
Your Biological Daddy (27 days ago)
for ladder if u have a good rein friend i think she will be great but generally for the pro scene or regular solo qeueu it doesnt seem to work at all. people sometimes dont play aggro and just wait for something to happen on its own or the picks wont be good to synergise or the enemy will have a junkrat which often times they do in all ranks and you will be fucked :D. i love her playstyle and her kit and im generally a paladin main in all games that have paladins but i dont think id pick her over moira when she comes out in comp T-T
Martin Asmus (28 days ago)
Thank you very much..I can't wait for her to be in next seasons comp.
Rejected Remnant (28 days ago)
Just so you know, I really like it when you do the videos. You do a good job of breaking down and I quote the vids all the time during hero picking and comp changes. Thanks!
Apollo 12.5 (28 days ago)
8:43 so what your saying is, if you do the thing, and do it right, and dont fuck it up, it works. It just works!
FireMammoth (28 days ago)
get the name correctly at least smh
jaakko vihersalo (28 days ago)
if someone have played heroes of the storm brigitte is similar like the johanna in it
Julius Ceasar (28 days ago)
healer btw
Tabou 110 (28 days ago)
I honestly like her played her for the first and and I find nothing wrong with her but people gonna complain and she's gonna get it
Tabou 110 (28 days ago)
I honestly like her played her for the first and and I find nothing wrong with her but people gonna complain and she's gonna get it
Sir AlcheMist (29 days ago)
Lol you cant even pronounce brigitte right
Sava941 Elrick (29 days ago)
Thx I’m thinking on playing her a lot
HK 3MT (29 days ago)
Any Mercy mains Laughing Our Loud ??
Seamless Gaming (29 days ago)
trying to save overwatch is useless
kingplutoxiao1 (29 days ago)
Genji should be able to deflect her shield bash because he deflect reins swings.
Scott Reidel (29 days ago)
if ally is missing 75 health, does it give 75 health AND 75 Armor?
Scott Reidel (29 days ago)
lmao. im just picturing a Dva bomb that rein is trying to block, and briggite is just like. "boop"
Din (29 days ago)
The premise of your thinking is wrong and you are drawing very incorrect conclusions about her viability. She has a 20 meter ranged ability on a 4 second cooldown that can not only proc inspire from range, but keep 100% uptime on inspire from a range. She does not have to be in melee.
brucewillis2 (30 days ago)
High skill champ.
Sir Rust (30 days ago)
so, my first time watching any of your vids anddddd.... At first I thought you sounded like Simon from the yogscast. Just thought I would put that out there.
Patrick Williams (30 days ago)
Best playstyle? Brand new character, only in PTR and you claim BEST playstyle. Wowzors, the balls on these guys.
Nala Nkadi (1 month ago)
why does the swinging animation look so horrible?
Fishy Justice (1 month ago)
Please be viable please be viable please be viable.
Darius (1 month ago)
RIP Doomfist.
João Cesario (1 month ago)
surprises me they didn't make a Riot Shield Skin for her lol
Robert Jenkins (1 month ago)
So is it "Bridge-it" or "Bruh-geeta?"
Hannes Lundbäck (1 month ago)
i have never loved a overwatch character as much as Briggite
Harrison Jendrusch (1 month ago)
am i the only one who's bothered by the swing animation?
PlasmaRifle40watt (1 month ago)
plays well with rein....proceeds in every video to dive in and not play behind rein shield at all.
Chandler Jackson (1 month ago)
Rein Mains rejoice, a healer that wants to brawl just like we do. The applicability for a death ball goes up dramatically with her kit, not to mention this adds another layer to the Rein mind games. Also she gives another strong pick for people who like rein as she is not to far off from him, as someone who has 100+ hours on rein, I welcome this new character and cant wait to see her in action.
Tobias Ponce (1 month ago)
Tobias Ponce (1 month ago)
PixelFever42 _ (1 month ago)
Lom zo (1 month ago)
Cant w8888
Julius Tolentino (1 month ago)
He sounds like Joseph Garrett..
Klaus Kong (1 month ago)
Really accurate analysis
disky (1 month ago)
I totally get why videos like this exist, for people that are really into the mechanics of Overwatch, professional play and things like that. But for someone who has never really played the game and was just really excited about the character, man, this just sucks all the fun out of it for me and reminds me that this is what the community cares about. I just want to get in and have fun, and not worry that my team is going to hate me for picking the "wrong" character. I guess that's why I don't play hero-based online games.
Daniel Mitchell (1 month ago)
I am looking forward to playing against Orisa, Torbjorn, Symmetra and Brigitte on Defense; say, Lunar colony first point. I bet it will be just wonderful to try and Attack into.
Stephon Cruz (1 month ago)
God, whoever is playing her in the video is bad.
Christian Gaspard (1 month ago)
She's basically a holy paladin
Vega Vega (1 month ago)
This character is going to be nerfed, no doubt about it.
Jalvin Fenrir (1 month ago)
Her name is pronounced just like Bridget. And of course she has reinhart Synergy she's rhinehart's mechanic
Vriska Serket (1 month ago)
First a sym healer, now a rein healer
Dustin La Wheat (1 month ago)
brigitte = reinhardt + lucio, they started doing this kind of thing in heroes of the storm and the game became much less enjoyable in my opinion. Hope they don't start doing that with overwatch too.
Robert Bosshardt (1 month ago)
0:58 That poor McCree.

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