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Dirty Bomb | Highlights, Funny & Random Moments #2

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Dirty Bomb | Some more highlights, random & funny moments in Dirty Bomb. Audio should be a little better than the last one, still trying to make it better for you guys....and of course the 3% girls ;) • https://discord.gg/q9guzcC • http://dirtybomb.com (FREE TO PLAY!) • https://www.twitch.tv/cadgamings • https://twitter.com/CadGamings Please rate, comment, share and subscribe for more Dirty Bomb! Music: Deuces by Kevin MacLeod • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBFnDKp7s_g
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Text Comments (51)
Supernoob 2017 (19 days ago)
hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey wassa wassa wassa wassuuup BITCONEEEEEEEEEECT #CarlosMatos
Tim Mwidau (29 days ago)
6:33 ben je nederlands
Tim Mwidau (28 days ago)
CadGamings nice nieuwe fav dirty bomb youtuber nederlanders moeten elkaar steunen het is al zo'n klein land 😃
CadGamings (28 days ago)
5hawn (1 month ago)
"3% girls" 😂😂
Tarien Britz (1 month ago)
Eyoo BeetleJuice here. Whos played with me?
Daan Verbesselt (1 month ago)
When are you going to upload a new video? Cause you are my favorite YouTuber and i like it verry much to watch your videos.
Moura (1 month ago)
Cad is my friend on steam :)
Ghandi Khalil (1 month ago)
Faceglitch (1 month ago)
Omg that luck with the cobalts 0.0
Cute Potato (1 month ago)
I Feel Like A Useless 🍠
Loffy (1 month ago)
Neil Saliba (1 month ago)
7:14 Didn't see you there you back stebed me I am the fragger/NiLlUuU.
Broneholm (1 month ago)
“Kira ur mum gay”
TG 186 (1 month ago)
2:31 I made the video xD
Devower (1 month ago)
your case luck makes me sick haha
Hydrus BlaZe (1 month ago)
Deez nuts
Haboku (1 month ago)
The hell is your rank >_>
Haboku (1 month ago)
CadGamings I tried to pay close attention to what clip was from ranked :p
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Why? +95% Of this video was CMM gameplay....
Haboku (1 month ago)
Oh fuck, guess I need to come back to ranked if that's what happens in gold 4 D:
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Yes, on Trainyard I think
Kein Name (1 month ago)
I remember playing with you yesterday ;p... I used Redeye, my name was Pub Cancer. Remember me? :D
200 ping (1 month ago)
Pls do more funny moments they are way better
200 ping (1 month ago)
I love killing proxy with their own mines
[DvWr] Sandman (1 month ago)
NOOOO, this was supposed to be the second installment of "get fucking owned compilation". now im sad ;-;
[DvWr] Sandman (1 month ago)
CadGamings (1 month ago)
This is the "let's go" version
Fry Szopen (1 month ago)
I have played with that green power dude. Can confirm he's an arse hole
Burek sa Sirom (1 month ago)
Oh great I opened 5 of the level up cases and got 3 bronzes, silver, and 10 crafting kits. Hecc
Thiago Jaqueta (1 month ago)
> Makes a random funny moments video. > Plays Aura with Knife. > Keeps laughing non-stop while playing. Assassin is the new ShinyWindow confirmed. Kappa.
WarriorGaming (1 month ago)
Is bushwacker any good
CadGamings (1 month ago)
He's pretty good, but imo other engineers are more fun to play. Also when DB goes into version 1.0 Bushwhacker will be free, but players who already have him will get something else.....might be worth to buy him now.
XsnipergirlX (1 month ago)
Oh my... 2 Prime Cases, 2 Cobalts T.T I get stuck with 6 hour credit booster + 2x Weapon Kits. GOD DAMMIT RNG.
Frosty Espresso (1 month ago)
It's ok, I get nothing but loadout cases in mine.
Bastian_K_ (1 month ago)
Shadowplay doesnt work for me when i play Dirty Bomb, it dont makes clips
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Hi, that's weird. I don't know what could cause that, maybe try to play the game in borderless window or windowed mode off.
Bastian_K_ (1 month ago)
Hi Cad
JameszimDB (1 month ago)
Oof no reply but I'm here for you ;)
Strider Official (1 month ago)
:o i also use nvidia for recordings.. Sometimes my overlay just doesnt want to open and i cant use shadowplay does this happen to you?
Strider Official (1 month ago)
MythicalSnake yes but i also checked if db is one of the selected games and it is not you can check it yourself at nvidias site
Strider Official (1 month ago)
MythicalSnake Thank you! It means a lot to have a motivation
Strider Official (1 month ago)
MythicalSnake no it is not i will have a video of a simple guide on how to make your game look vibrant and full of colors be tuned for that
Strider Official (1 month ago)
CadGamings ah very nice thank you for the tip! :) Btw there is now a color mode in nvidia where you can adjust all the colors contrast etc. for your games work only for specific games so i found a way to improve colors in db will make a vid on it soon :)
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Yes, I turned on the desktop recording too. That fixed it for me. The overlay will still not show sometimes, but it will at least still record footage.
Adderall (1 month ago)
Eh i don't have anything smart to say atm.
CadGamings (1 month ago)
Still better than "first"

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