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Dirty Bomb | 6 Kira Stack - Weebstick & Lazor Only

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Dirty Bomb | 6 Kira's in one team, only using the Katana and Laser :D For the most part... Checkout: BeastGaming • https://goo.gl/U8wXJT #DirtyBomb • https://discord.gg/q9guzcC • http://dirtybomb.com (FREE TO PLAY!) • https://www.twitch.tv/cadgamings • https://twitter.com/CadGamings Please rate, comment, share and subscribe for more Dirty Bomb! Music: Deuces by Kevin MacLeod • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBFnDKp7s_g Outro Music: Check Out Chuki Hip-Hop: • https://www.youtube.com/user/CHUKImusic (Instrumental produced by Chuki)
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Text Comments (47)
ruthleshunter (11 days ago)
never thought i would see hentai haven of all things in you channel.
Bob Trydim (11 days ago)
What's with the "Jazzy" background music?
FDY cvc (13 days ago)
Hoza Tala't (13 days ago)
Did you speed up the record or you speed up the game from the settings
Talus Bestermann (13 days ago)
You said dont go to his School im his brother lol im at tue Same School
ReXender TzAr (15 days ago)
So when will you put a video where you fought VS INIT, WIN and AST guys.
moritz wackerle (14 days ago)
ReXender TzAr when you stop using your idiotic punchline
Ricky Petersen (16 days ago)
That was a fun game against you guys, to bad you did not show any clips from the other games we had against you that night, but keep it up, always fun to see. I think I was streaming it as well, can't remember to be honest, swartz out.
CadGamings (16 days ago)
I still need to edit the rest. We played a lot :)
閉鎖的YAZEED (16 days ago)
Hi am big fan and I play lots of dirty bomb. Can you please give me some challange ideas.
moritz wackerle (14 days ago)
閉鎖的YAZEED 3 teabags on every kill before you are allowed to continue
Dilshan Kulathunga (17 days ago)
dude how to you get that end screen in the Game?? (the ranked end screen on normal game play?)
CadGamings (16 days ago)
Play CMM, but is only in US and EU I think
Victor Delibas (17 days ago)
6:28 why do you have 2 different trinket killfeed icons here?
CadGamings (17 days ago)
It's glitched
Noblemight (17 days ago)
If everyone on the team knew how to play Kira, it would be clear what a nightmare this is. This is the kind of barrier that makes new players leave.
SuperJellie (18 days ago)
We played like 5 games against you. Rhino, nader, kira... (I was the SupahJellie guy) I didn't know it was you CadGamings, i thought it was just some random plebs trying to be funny, but it was you... Nice vid btw :D
CadGamings (17 days ago)
Haha, yes it's one of the few ways atm we can still have fun in DB
JameszimDB (18 days ago)
haha iwas in this game, you were dominating me, (always killing me from behind doing something lol) but i got you once with the bat :)
5hawn (18 days ago)
Everything I load the game to play it ruins my mood ...but watching you play it makes it better.
crazy bot (18 days ago)
MAKE bunny chelege only make jumb
NovaSays (18 days ago)
hey I'm n0va_ from that game, was a funny game, I did stream the game too. someone asked what level I am, 167ish... nice vid anyway :)
Leon Lai (18 days ago)
Thank you for another epic video assassin
Helga (18 days ago)
promotting sportsmanship, all DB needs thank you
Henry Scott (18 days ago)
Amazing next level strats you've got here
Adderall (18 days ago)
*6 laser dildos*
Infectedbait (17 days ago)
Oh this was the game James was talking about lmao, also Nova is an elite op btw lol
Adderall (18 days ago)
Oh yeah james, that guy
Anthony Greene (18 days ago)
The last thing they were expecting I'm sure Asides from the Spanish Inquisition of course ;)
Pollution X (18 days ago)
Why the fuck is a YouTube video in better quality than my game
DirtyMightyEra (18 days ago)
Oh crap I remember this match, trying to dodge 6 long ass katanas, no thank you, no more!
XsnipergirlX (18 days ago)
But you're so professional you got the 50+ kills
CadGamings (18 days ago)
Haha well at least you guys won and got a ton of kills :P
Adderall (18 days ago)
DirtyMightyEra hahahah, or just play with us
DirtyMightyEra (18 days ago)
Think I'll stay away from casual for a while
Adderall (18 days ago)
Haha, don't worry more cancerous things are coming your way. https://youtu.be/dAtbJlSxXFQ
Tristan Platon (18 days ago)
When did you guys play? I must have missed this -_- i am @ midnightmuffin btw
Adderall (18 days ago)
No you're not, muffin is not ugly. Im adderall btw
Saurav Shakya (18 days ago)
respect!! being a kira player myself,c just needs one health buff to be the best merc in db
Adderall (18 days ago)
She is good as it is
Matthew Sowers (18 days ago)
BeastGaming (18 days ago)
11/35 now that's some next level KD ratio 😂
BeastGaming (18 days ago)
Fuck I need a mic, thought it was good :/ 😂😂
6 Kiras, getting respect
RAHMAN SHA (18 days ago)
cancer at it's best
BurntCookie (18 days ago)
Hh means heil hitler

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